FireballModx256.png Fireball130xWhite.png
Charge and release a fiery projectile that ignites enemies on contact.
Strength:150 / 275 / 300 / 400 (DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat damage on impact)
50 / 100 / 125 / 150 (DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat area damage)
Duration:1.5 s (combo window)
Range:2 - 2.4 m (radius)
Misc:100% (DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat status chance on impact)
50% (DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat status chance in area)
8.0x (combo damage multiplier cap)
+1%/s (heat generation rate bonus for Immolation)
2x (Damage multiplier on enemies afflicted by a DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat proc)
100 - 500% (Damage increase on charge)

  • Ember launches a fiery projectile that inflicts 150 / 275 / 300 / 400 DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat damage on impact with a 100% status chance. The projectile also inflicts 50 / 100 / 125 / 150 DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat damage in a 2 meter area of effect around the target with a 50% status chance.
    • All damage is affected by Ability Strength, TheoremDemulcent64x.png Theorem Demulcent, and ArcaneArachne64x.png Arcane Arachne.
    • The blast radius is affected by Ability Range.
    • The combo window is affected by Ability Duration
    • Area damage affects the initial target, does not decrease with distance, and can also perform headshots.
    • The Heat status procs deal 50% of initial damage on that target per tick.
    • The area damage on initial target can trigger a second heat status proc, for 50% of the area damage hit per tick.
  • Enemies affected by a DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat proc take 2x damage from Fireball.
  • Casting another Fireball within the combo window multiplies both the initial damage and the DoT by the combo number, doubles the combo counter (with a maximum of 8x) and resets the combo window.
  • Fireball can be charged before launch.
    • Charging Fireball increases its damage by 100 - 500%, in addition to increasing the range to 2.4 meters.
      • Damage increase is affected by Immolation130xDark.png Immolation's heat level, and charge level, but not Ability Strength.
      • Damage increase is additive to combo level, and is shown when charging Fireball while above a 2x combo.
    • A charge circle will be displayed when charging, showing the progress of the charge.
    • A full charge takes 2.5 seconds.
      • Charge rate is affected by mods that increase casting speed (e.g. Mod TT 20px.png Natural Talent). The charge rate can be reduced to a minimum cap of 1.5 seconds.
  • Fireball may be cast multiple times on the same target, with cast stacking its damage over time.
  • Projectile has flight time and will continue to travel until it hits a solid object or enemy.
  • Ability Synergy:
    • Each cast of Fireball increases Immolation130xDark.png Immolation's heat generation by 1% per second.
    • Immolation reduces Fireball's charge rate based on the amount of heat stored.
  • Will not disrupt Shade's cloak.
  • Casting Fireball is a One-Handed Action that allows the player to perform attacks, movement and parkour Maneuvers.
  • Has a delay of 0.5 seconds between uses.

Main article: Fireball Frenzy

Fireball Frenzy is a Warframe Augment Mod for EmberIcon272.png Ember that allows Fireball130xDark.png Fireball to, instead of charging, be held on cast, creating a wave of energy traveling outward from the user that temporarily grants the caster and nearby allies additional DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat damage to all attacks.

Rank DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat Damage Duration Range Cost
0 50% 28s 15m 6
1 65% 32s 15m 7
2 80% 36s 15m 8
3 100% 40s 15m 9

Tips & Tricks
  • Can be used as a cheap form of crowd control.
  • Modding for high efficiency through the use of Mod TT 20px.png Fleeting Expertise can allow for this ability to be spammed, quickly building up the combo multiplier and damage over time.

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