AmbuFireBlast FireBlast Fire Blast
Slams the ground for high damage in a small radius and creates a high-damaging ring of fire.
Strength:Moderate (Damage)
Range:3 Meters (Fire)
5 Meters (Knockdown)

  • Ambulas slams the ground to create a ring of fire that is 3 meters radius wide and 1 meter thick, high fire damage and a knockdown is dealt for those caught in it.
    • Damage scales with level.
    • The Knockdown and Fire phase are two separate damage, if targets are close enough, they will be damaged with both.
  • This ability will usually be used immediately after using Pull130xDark Pull. This combo creates a sure-go for pulled enemies to be caught in fire.

Tips & Tricks
  • Relatively small radius for fire damage.

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