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The Ravenous Golden Maw Continued: Waking up in the Orbiter once more, the Operator finds that they have retained the new powers they have unlocked, including their Void Beam no longer having a restriction. Wanting to get their Warframe back, and with Ordis telling them that the Fortress has moved once again, the Operator performs a Transference with player input to teleport themselves to their Warframe.

With the Warframe and Operator now together within the Queen's chambers, the Queen order their Kuva Guardians to attack the Tenno. The Kuva Guardians are immune to Warframe attacks, and Warframe powers are nullified inside the chamber, along with the player being unable to use their Primary and Secondary weapons, or any Gear. In order to fight the Guardians, the Tenno must utilize their Operator's void powers to destroy them by stepping out of their Warframe using their Transference ability. Each Kuva Guardian can be killed via the following steps:

The Kuva Guardian must first be stunned with a Void Blast. Once the Kuva Guardian is kneeling on the ground with an orange glow around them, players must Void Dash through the Guardian to disarm them of their staves. Finally, once the Kuva Guardian starts to use their Twin Rogga pistols, players can now deal damage to them using Void Beam or Warframe. The Operator can take damage, but cannot be killed; if the Operator's health is depleted, they are immediately returned to the Warframe, and can be re-summoned afterwards. Each Operator's death depletes Warframe's total health though, so it's still possible to fail this way.

On killing the first Kuva Guardian, Teshin will point out the weakness to the Queen's systems: the large, red braids hanging around their throne. Killing each set of Kuva Guardians will make the braids vulnerable to attack, indicated by their glyphs glowing red, and thus allowing them to be destroyed with the Operator's Void Beams.

After the player destroys the braids, the Elder Queen will order Teshin to attack the Tenno. Unlike the Kuva Guardians, Teshin is capable of restraining the Operator via his Orvius glaive weapon, rendering the Operator helpless. However, Teshin is vulnerable to the Warframe's melee attacks.

Once the player has defeated Teshin, the Queen will try to attack the Tenno with a beam weapon. For this part, players only have to wait for the Queen to drop her shield to fire the beam weapon, and then use Void Dash against the Queen. With the Queen's Kuva Scepter in hand, another dialogue choice will be given to the player, which will affect the cutscene that follows:

[Sun] Let her rot [Neutral] I will do it [Moon] Kill her Regardless of which choice the player makes, they regain contact with the Lotus, and are then ordered to extraction while fighting off any Grineer still present.

Upon their return to the ship, Ordis asks the player if they can still use Transference, prompting the player to perform Transference to switch to using their Operator. A short argument erupts between the Lotus and the Operator over Margulis' actions with the Tenno, before Ordis interrupts with reports of an active Old War beacon. Players can initiate investigating the beacon by activating the Orbiter's navigation console.

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