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About Investigate the Reservoir on Lua:

Landing on Lua, the Lotus narrates how they are now in the place where Margulis tried to save the Tenno, stating that all Tenno were born there. As the Operator tries to clarify whether they were truly born there, the Lotus relates that they were the only things saved from the Zariman as the Orokin tried to rectify their mistake. Detecting an unusual signature within the vicinity, the Lotus asks the Tenno to investigate.

Deeper in the facility, the Tenno will encounter a shadowy being that can seemingly teleport, with the Operator reporting that they think the intruder is Teshin. Confused as to Teshin's presence, the Lotus asks the Tenno to track him down, seeing as how he is heading towards the reservoir.

Through a transmission, Teshin asks the Tenno, whom he refers to as a "child", to leave as the matter at hand doesn't concern them. Annoyed at Teshin's behavior, the Operator asks what he is doing. When the Tenno finally catches up to Teshin, they see him in the reservoir performing an unknown task, and hearing a female voice asking Teshin to bring something to them. Asking as to the identity of the female voice, Teshin reveals it to be "the queens", which the Operator immediately recognizes as the Grineer's Twin Queens. Teshin draws his sword to the Warframe's neck when the Tenno gets too close, warning them that they are not as safe behind the Warframes as they think, and that Teshin will fight them if they attempt to follow him. He then casts a decoy Specter of himself as he escapes, while the place begins to fill with Corrupted.

The Operator asks the Lotus to track Teshin, who replies that Teshin's Specters are masking his signature. The Lotus, having once thought the Grineer Queens as just a myth propagated by Grineer Command, asks the Operator if Teshin should do this alone. With the Operator still annoyed at Teshin's condescending behavior towards them, the Operator states that they will not be told what to do by Teshin, and asks the Lotus to track Teshin down once they've dealt with the Specters.

Players at this point must pursue one of Teshin's Specters, which appear as a violet energy decoy of him, and then take him down. Unlike most Capture targets, Teshin's Specter will fight back if threatened, engaging the player in melee combat. Once Teshin's Specter has been successfully taken down, players must then quickly capture it via a Capture Target prompt, since unlike regular Targets those specters will stand back up. After the player accomplishes this, the Lotus will ask the Tenno to extract, having locked on to Teshin's route.

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