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The trailer starts overlooking some scenery in the Corpus Gas City. We then see an Excalibur get ripped apart using a warframe dissecting frame as seen in the Escape game mode. We then witness Alad V putting up a Mag warframe for auction, claiming that the main components will be diverted to the Zanuka Project. The camera then cuts to a Corpus patrol.The camera focuses on two Crewmen who both get an electrified kunai to the head. A Volt warframe appears then kills multiple crewmen. A Trinity, Banshee, and Rhino warframe then join the fight, each one demonstrating their powers. They all eventually enter where Mag is being held. Alad V turns around, telling the Tenno of his new "Line of robotics" that is even "Hybridized with Warframe components". Alad V then controls Zanuka to attack the Tenno. A struggle ensues but Banshee throws a Glaive at the Zanuka. It dodges the projectile but hits Alad's controller instead, immoblizing Zanuka.The Tenno then attack the dying Robot. Then Volt then uses Overload, filling the room with an electrical aura and arcs, hurting Alad and freeing Mag from the machine. Rhino then rushes to the Zanuka and rips it in half, killing it.

"You savages! By my own hand the Void will devour you!" Alad V cries.

Mag then proceeds to use her powers on Alad and throw him out the window.

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