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Alloy pellets used in Grineer manufacturing.
—In-Game Description

Ferrite is a common component that can be found on Mercury, Earth, Neptune, and Orokin Void. It is usually found in quantities of 50 to 100.

Farming Locations

These are based on opinions and may not be 100% true. These should be viewed as advice for finding the resource until better facts are proven.

Target Planet Name Type Level Tile Set
IconOrokinB.svg Void Teshub Exterminate 10 - 15 Orokin Tower
IconInfestedB.svg Mercury Apollodorus Survival 6 - 11 Grineer Galleon

Blueprints Requiring Ferrite

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Acrid.png Acrid Secondary (150)
Air Support Charges x10 Gear 1,200
Amesha Wings Component (7,250)
Amprex.png Amprex Primary 9,000
Ancient Healer Specter x5 Gear 2,500
Ankyros.png Ankyros Melee 600
AshIcon272.png Ash Chassis Component 1,000
Ash PrimeIcon272.png Ash Prime Systems Component 1,000
Astilla.png Astilla Primary 7,500
Atlas PrimeIcon272.png Atlas Prime Chassis Component 3,600
AtlasIcon272.png Atlas Systems Component 4,600
Atterax Desert-Camo Skin Cosmetic 350
Attica.png Attica Primary 800 (500)
AxidrolAlloy.png Axidrol Alloy x20 Resource 500
BansheeIcon272.png Banshee Chassis Component 900 (1,000)
Banshee PrimeIcon272.png Banshee Prime Systems Component 4,500
BaruukIcon272.png Baruuk Systems Component 2,500
Baza.png Baza Primary 3,500
Bishamo Pauldrons Cosmetic 50,000
Bleeding Dragon Key Gear 250
Bo.png Bo Melee 600
Bronco.png Bronco Secondary 700
Burston.png Burston Primary 600
Burston Solstice Skin Cosmetic 350
Carcinnox Ship Turret (1,000)
Carcinnox Mk I Ship Turret (1,000)
Carcinnox Mk II Ship Turret (1,000)
Cassowar.png Cassowar Melee (3,150)
Castanas.png Castanas Secondary (300)
Caustacyst.png Caustacyst Melee 15,000 (4,000)
CeramicDagger.png Ceramic Dagger Melee 500
Cernos.png Cernos Primary 1,750
Charger Specter x5 Gear 2,500
Chroma PrimeIcon272.png Chroma Prime Systems Component 4,000
Chroma Signal Quest 250
Cipher x1 Gear 400
Cipher x10 Gear 3,600
Cipher x100 Gear 36,000
Clan Key Key 500
Clem Clone x5 Gear 2,500
CopriteAlloy.png Coprite Alloy x20 Resource 400
Corinth Solstice Skin Cosmetic 350
Corrupted Bombard Specter x5 Gear 2,500
Corrupted Lancer Specter x5 Gear 2,500
Cronus.png Cronus Melee 500
Cryophon Ship Turret (250)
Cryophon Mk I Ship Turret (500)
Cryophon Mk II Ship Turret (750)
Cycron.png Cycron Secondary 9,000
DarkDagger.png Dark Dagger Melee 500
DarkSword.png Dark Sword Melee 800
Decaying Dragon Key Gear 250
Dera.png Dera Primary 4,500
Despair.png Despair Secondary 5,000
Detonite Injector.png Detonite Injector Resource (200)
DualEther.png Dual Ether Melee 850
DualHeatSwords.png Dual Heat Swords Melee 1,000
DualSkana.png Dual Skana Melee 850
DualZoren.png Dual Zoren Melee 1,100
Dual Zoren Dagger-Axe Skin Cosmetic 650
Elytron Harness Component 1,000
EmberIcon272.png Ember Chassis Component 1,000
Ember PrimeIcon272.png Ember Prime Chassis Component 1,000
Endura.png Endura Melee (7,500)
EquinoxIcon272.png Equinox Day Aspect Chassis Component 1,000
EquinoxIcon272.png Equinox Day Aspect Neuroptics Component 150
EquinoxPrimeIcon.png Equinox Prime Chassis Component 4,000
EtherDaggers.png Ether Daggers Melee 600
EtherReaper.png Ether Reaper Melee 1,000
EtherSword.png Ether Sword Melee 900
ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur Chassis Component 1,000
Excalibur Mordred Helmet Cosmetic 500
Exergis Shock-Camo Skin Cosmetic 350
Extinguished Dragon Key Gear 250
Falcor Shock-Camo Skin Cosmetic 350
Fang.png Fang Melee 600
Ferrox.png Ferrox Primary (3,500)
FluxRifle.png Flux Rifle Primary 6,000
FrostIcon272.png Frost Chassis Component 1,000
Frost PrimeIcon272.png Frost Prime Chassis Component 1,000
Furax.png Furax Melee 600
Furis.png Furis Secondary 750
Galatine Solstice Skin Cosmetic 350
Galvacord.png Galvacord Melee 3,600
Glaive.png Glaive Melee 5,000
Glazio Mk I Ship Turret (1,000)
Glazio Mk II Ship Turret (1,250)
Glazio Mk III Ship Turret (1,500)
Gorgon.png Gorgon Primary 5,000
GrendelIcon272.png Grendel Neuroptics Component 3,500
Grinlok.png Grinlok Primary 5,000 (400)
Grinlok Desert-Camo Skin Cosmetic 350
Guandao.png Guandao Melee 2,500 (4,500)
Guandao Solstice Skin Cosmetic 350
Guandao Synoid Skin Cosmetic 350
Gunsen.png Gunsen Melee (11,500)
Halikar.png Halikar Melee 4,800
HarrowIcon272.png Harrow Systems Component 25,000
Hate.png Hate Melee 5,000
HeatDagger.png Heat Dagger Melee 500
HeatSword.png Heat Sword Melee 500
Hek Desert-Camo Skin Cosmetic 350
Helios Sentinel 5,000 (750)
Hobbled Dragon Key Gear 250
Hydroid PrimeIcon272.png Hydroid Prime Chassis Component 6,750
Hystrix.png Hystrix Secondary 9,750
Ignis.png Ignis Primary 5,000 (400)
Ignis Solstice Skin Cosmetic 350
IgnisWraith.png Ignis Wraith Primary 10,000
Imperator.png Imperator Arch-Gun 1,500
InarosPrimeIcon272.png Inaros Prime Systems Component 4,300
Infested Catalyst x5 Gear 2,300 (21,500)
Itzal Harness Component 700 (5,500)
Itzal Wings Component 900 (6,400)
Ivara PrimeIcon272.png Ivara Prime Systems Component 3,200
JatKittag.png Jat Kittag Melee (350)
JatKusar.png Jat Kusar Melee (10,000)
Javlok.png Javlok Primary (4,000)
JawSword.png Jaw Sword Melee 500
Kama.png Kama Melee 1,200
Karak Desert-Camo Skin Cosmetic 350
Kesheg.png Kesheg Melee 6,000 (13,000)
Kestrel.png Kestrel Melee 4,800
KhoraIcon272.png Khora Systems Component 11,500
Kogake.png Kogake Melee 1,200
Kohmak.png Kohmak Secondary 5,000 (400)
Komorex.png Komorex Primary 6,200
Kronen.png Kronen Melee 1,500
Kunai.png Kunai Secondary 3,000
Lacera.png Lacera Melee (600)
Laith Mk I Ship Turret (1,000)
Laith Mk II Ship Turret (1,250)
Laith Mk III Ship Turret (1,500)
Landing Craft Foundry Segment Orbiter Segment 3,000
Lanka.png Lanka Primary (500)
Lecta.png Lecta Melee 1,000
Lenz Solstice Skin Cosmetic 350
LimboIcon272.png Limbo Chassis Component 1,000
Limbo Magrite Helmet Cosmetic 600
LokiIcon272.png Loki Chassis Component 1,000
Loki PrimeIcon272.png Loki Prime Systems Component 1,000
Luminous Dye x10 Gear 10
MagIcon272.png Mag Chassis Component 1,000
Mag PrimeIcon272.png Mag Prime Chassis Component 1,000
Magistar.png Magistar Melee 750
Magnus.png Magnus Secondary 100
Mantis Engines Component 7,500
Marelok Desert-Camo Skin Cosmetic 350
MesaPrimeIcon272.png Mesa Prime Neuroptics Component 1,250
Milati Ship Ordnance (750)
Milati Mk I Ship Ordnance (1,000)
Milati Mk II Ship Ordnance (1,250)
MirageIcon272.png Mirage Chassis Component 2,500
Mirage PrimeIcon272.png Mirage Prime Neuroptics Component 18,000
Mire.png Mire Melee 1,000
MOA Specter x5 Gear 2,500
Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Key Key 750
MutalistQuanta.png Mutalist Quanta Primary (800)
NamiSkyla.png Nami Skyla Melee (500)
NamiSolo.png Nami Solo Melee 1,500
NekrosIcon272.png Nekros Chassis Component 1,000
Nekros PrimeIcon272.png Nekros Prime Chassis Component 18,000
NezhaIcon272.png Nezha Chassis Component 3,200
NezhaPrimeIcon272.png Nezha Prime Systems Component 4,300
NezhaIcon272.png Nezha Systems Component 5,000
Ninkondi.png Ninkondi Melee 4,000
NovaIcon272.png Nova Chassis Component 1,000
Nova PrimeIcon272.png Nova Prime Systems Component 600
NyxIcon272.png Nyx Chassis Component 1,000
Obex.png Obex Melee 700
Octavia PrimeIcon272.png Octavia Prime Chassis Component 4,250
Odonata Harness Component 1,000
Odonata Prime Systems Component 500
Ogris.png Ogris Primary (500)
Ohma.png Ohma Melee 15,000
Opticor.png Opticor Primary (500)
Orthos.png Orthos Melee 850
PangolinSword.png Pangolin Sword Melee 750
Pennant.png Pennant Melee 5,300
Penta.png Penta Primary 1,200
Personal Quarters Segment Orbiter Segment 3,000
PlasmaSword.png Plasma Sword Melee 500
Plinx Shock-Camo Skin Cosmetic 350
ProteaIcon272.png Protea Systems Component 13,400
Pulsar Mk I Ship Turret (1,000)
Pulsar Mk II Ship Turret (1,250)
Pupacyst.png Pupacyst Melee (3,750)
Pyrana Synoid Skin Cosmetic 350
Railjack Engine Cowling Component 750
Railjack Tail Section Component 750
RhinoIcon272.png Rhino Chassis Component 1,000
Rhino PrimeIcon272.png Rhino Prime Chassis Component 1,000
Rhino PrimeIcon272.png Rhino Prime Systems Component 500
Roller Specter x5 Gear 2,500
Rubico Synoid Skin Cosmetic 350
SarynIcon272.png Saryn Chassis Component 1,000
Saryn PrimeIcon272.png Saryn Prime Systems Component 4,000
Scimitar Engines Component 7,500
Scimitar Fuselage Component 8,000
Scindo Solstice Skin Cosmetic 350
Scorched Beacon Quest 250
Scourge.png Scourge Primary (7,250)
Scrubber Trophy Decoration 2,000
Shaku.png Shaku Melee (17,500)
Shield Osprey Specter x5 Gear 2,500
Shtung Grip Zaw 850
Sigma Plating Mk I Ship Component (1,000)
Sigma Plating Mk II Ship Component (1,500)
Sigma Plating Mk III Ship Component (2,000)
Sigma Shield Array Mk I Ship Component (300)
Sigma Shield Array Mk II Ship Component (450)
Silva&Aegis.png Silva & Aegis Melee 1,200 (500)
Simulor.png Simulor Primary 1,200
Spectra.png Spectra Secondary 5,000
Spira.png Spira Secondary 2,500
Squad Ammo Restore (Medium) x1 Gear 600 (400)
Squad Ammo Restore (Medium) x10 Gear (400)
Squad Ammo Restore (Small) x1 Gear 200
Squad Energy Restore (Medium) x1 Gear 600
Squad Energy Restore (Small) x1 Gear 250
Squad Health Restore (Medium) x1 Gear 500
Squad Health Restore (Small) x1 Gear 300
Squad Shield Restore (Large) x10 Gear 2,500
Squad Shield Restore (Large) x100 Gear 25,000
Squad Shield Restore (Medium) x1 Gear 600
Squad Shield Restore (Small) x1 Gear 400
Staticor.png Staticor Secondary 9,000
Stradavar.png Stradavar Primary 15,000
Stubba.png Stubba Secondary 4,485
Supra.png Supra Primary (500)
Sydon.png Sydon Melee (16,500)
Talons.png Talons Secondary 1,500 (650)
Talyn Mk I Ship Turret (1,000)
Talyn Mk II Ship Turret (1,250)
Talyn Mk III Ship Turret (1,500)
Tatsu Solstice Skin Cosmetic 350
Taxon Sentinel 500
Tetra.png Tetra Primary 900
Titan Extractor Extractor 300
TitaniaIcon272.png Titania Chassis Component 3,000
TitaniaPrimeIcon272.png Titania Prime Systems Component 4,300
Tonbo.png Tonbo Melee 2,000 (500)
Tonkor Desert-Camo Skin Cosmetic 350
TrinityIcon272.png Trinity Chassis Component 1,000
TwinKrohkur.png Twin Krohkur Melee (3,250)
TwinRogga.png Twin Rogga Secondary 15,000
Tycho Seeker Mk I Ship Ordnance (500)
Tycho Seeker Mk II Ship Ordnance (750)
ValkyrIcon272.png Valkyr Chassis Component 900
Valkyr PrimeIcon272.png Valkyr Prime Chassis Component 18,000
Vapor Specter x10 Gear 5,000
Vasto.png Vasto Secondary 700
Vauban Armistice Helmet Cosmetic 500
VaubanIcon272.png Vauban Chassis Component 1,000
Veldt.png Veldt Primary 7,250
Viper.png Viper Secondary 600
VoltIcon272.png Volt Chassis Component 1,000 (1,000)
Vort Mk I Ship Turret (1,000)
Vort Mk II Ship Turret (1,250)
Vort Mk III Ship Turret (1,500)
WukongIcon272.png Wukong Warframe (25,000)
WukongIcon272.png Wukong Chassis Component 900 (1,000)
Wukong PrimeIcon272.png Wukong Prime Systems Component 3,800
Xaku Kintsu Helmet Cosmetic 500
Xiphos Fuselage Component 8,000
ZephyrIcon272.png Zephyr Chassis Component (1,000)
Zephyr PrimeIcon272.png Zephyr Prime Chassis Component 3,600
Total 685,745 (+220,100)
Research Ghost Clan x1   Shadow Clan x3   Storm Clan x10   Mountain Clan x30   Moon Clan x100

Last updated: Update 29.10 (2021-03-19)


By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinum64.png 30 for 3000 Ferrite.
—In-Game Description

Beginning in Update 9.0 (2013-07-13), materials could be purchased directly from the market for PlatinumLarge.png Platinum.

Gathering Tips

These should be viewed as advice for finding the materials until better facts are proven.

Doing Steel Path for Ferrite is NOT recommended, seeing as the kills/minute are greatly diminished compared to the other great missions, where you can run around, focus on opening containers, with not a care in the world - Which is a great benefit when it comes to common materials.

  • Probably one of the best ways to farm Ferrite is Apollodorus, Mercury (Level 6-10, Survival). You can easily, with a Nekros, stay in the mission for 10 mins, go for all the containers (With a Mod TT 20px.png Master Thief ) and get over 4k Ferrite (20-25k per hour), and extract right after you receive the B rotation-reward (Or even before then, if you so desire).
  • M Prime, Mercury (Level 7-9, Crossfire Exterminate) is a great place to farm Ferrite. It will yield around 2,5k-3k Ferrite (~18-19k per hour). Break open all the containers and open all the lockers to achieve maximum possible yield. Mod TT 20px.png Master Thief will be of help in achieving as much loot as possible.
  • Terminus, Mercury (Level 8-10, Crossfire Sabotage) is another great place to farm Ferrite. Open every container and locker, and you should end up with about 4k Ferrite per mission (~18k per hour).
  • Teshub, Void (Level 10-15, Exterminate) can yield 2.5k-5k Ferrite (~14k-30k per hour), when all crates and lockers are looted. However, this method bears the drawback of taking a lengthy amount of time to complete each mission, due to the big tile set (12+ minutes).
  • Ani, Void (Level 20-25, Survival) is also a good place to go to get Ferrite (~14k per hour), but still takes a lengthy time to complete.


  • Ferrite's icon is a reused graphic for Gallium, the difference being that the Ferrite icon is a dull grey while the Gallium icon is bright silver with a blueish tinge
    • As a result the Corpus letters stamped on the icon Corpus G.svgCorpus A.svg transcribe to Ga, the chemical symbol of Gallium, instead of actually spelling Corpus F.svgCorpus E.svg or Fe as for Ferrum/Iron.
  • Ferrite is a scientific name for alpha-iron or pure iron. It is used in carbon-iron alloys.