Fatal Attraction is a mod that allows Djinn to lure enemies into close range before dealing a radial blast of damage.


Rank Min. # of Enemies Kill Range Attraction Range Blast DamageDmgBlastSmall64.png Blast Damage Cost
0 5 3.5m 10m 100 2
1 4 4m 12m 125 3
2 3 4.5m 14m 150 4
3 2 5m 16m 180 5
4 2 5.5m 18m 200 6
5 2 6m 20m 250 7


  • It does not pull the enemies close like MagMagIcon272.png Mag's PullPull130xDark.png Pull, but rather causes them to harmlessly walk towards the sentinel, preventing them from using their weaponry.
  • Has a 5 second attraction period. If there are not enough enemies within kill range once the period's up, the ability will not activate and it will proceed to cooldown.
    • During this attraction period, all enemies are drawn to the Sentinel.
  • Guaranteed Corrosive DamageDmgCorrosiveSmall64.png Corrosive proc upon activation. Deals damage and apply one proc every second for 5 seconds. The base damage is closer to 330 than 250 (as of Hotfix 29.9.1 (2021-02-24)), 20% of this damage is done every second.
  • Has a 30 second cooldown.
  • Gives the Sentinel no experience for activating this ability.
  • Since Sentinel can gain ally buffs. Fatal Attraction damage can be further enhanced with RhinoRhinoIcon272.png Rhino's RoarRoar130xDark.png Roar.
  • The mod will not activate unless nearby enemies are alerted and player is not invisible. If the mod activates and the player change the conditions such as distance to enemies or their visibility, Fatal Attraction will be cancelled.
  • Has synergies with the Gazal MacheteDjinnMachete.png Gazal Machete;
    • Anytime Djinn casts Fatal Attraction, the Gazal Machete gains additional +??% Corrosive DamageDmgCorrosiveSmall64.png Corrosive damage for 30 seconds.
    • Kills done by the Gazal Machete will empower Fatal Attraction, dealing additional Corrosive DamageDmgCorrosiveSmall64.png Corrosive damage on the radial blast. Gazal kill counts does not seem to have a timer on them. Kill count either get spent when Fatal Attraction dealt damage or lost when Djinn dies.
    • There is no way to display Fatal Attraction damage or Gazal kill count on screen (player can only assume its damage by checking enemy health).
    • Max kill count seems to be 7 for a total damage of approximately 2800.


  • Enemies just outside the radius will occasionally fire directly at Djinn during the charging, instantly destroying it or causing massive damage in a short time. Enemies don't normally target sentinels directly, but this mod assures that some will.


Patch History[]

Hotfix 23.0.8 (2018-07-09)

  • Made optimizations to Djinn's Fatal Attraction precept.

Update 18.0 (2015-12-03)

  • Djinn's Fatal Attraction precept has been substantially improved:
    • As before, Djinn starts by mesmerizing all enemies in range and lures them towards the player; if it succeeds in attracting enough prey into striking-distance it sprays an acid attack that does damage over time and eats away at enemy armor while they writhe in pain.
    • With the improvements made to the Fatal Attraction precept it is now much more effective at incapacitating enemies and gets more efficient as players eliminate mesmerized enemies.
    • Mesmerized enemies no longer shoot at the Djinn while walking closer.
    • Mesmerized enemies are highlighted so that it's easier see when they're vulnerable.
    • Killing mesmerized enemies will extend the lure cycle up to a maximum of 7.5 seconds.
    • If the lure cycle ends without enough enemies in range to trigger the acid-spray the cooldown time is scaled by the percentage of mesmerized enemies left alive.
    • Enemies now snap out of being mesmerized early only when they are damaged.
    • Djinn will only start luring if there are enough enemies around to also trigger the acid-spray.
    • If all potential enemies or at least 5 enemies have moved into striking-distance then the lure will end early and the Djinn will spray acid.
    • The acid spray now does a guaranteed corrosive damage proc to eat away at enemy armor.
    • Fatal Attraction's range at higher-ranks has been slightly reduced to make it easier to eliminate all targets and get the minimum cooldown.
    • Each enemy can only be affected by one Fatal Attraction once.
    • It no longer works on Corpus Nullifiers, Bosses or enemies immune to mind-control.

Update 10.0 (2013-09-13)

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 23.0.8 (2018-07-09)

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