Fast Deflection increases the Shield recharge rate of a Warframe. It has no effect on the recharge delay.


Rank Effect Cost
0 +15% 4
1 +30% 5
2 +45% 6
3 +60% 7
4 +75% 8
5 +90% 9


  • Can be combined with Fortitude for +170% shield recharge, Vigilante Vigor for +150% shield recharge, or both for a total of +230% shield recharge.
  • Fast Deflection is ideal on Frames with a low health pool and thin armor rating, namely caster frames like Volt, Mag, or Nova who rely heavily on shields to avoid damage.


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 18.2
  • The Fast Deflection Mod has been removed from Conclave, and its effects have been applied to all Conclave players by default.

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