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We call that Wyrm 'Fass'. Don't worry about him, though. He's got bigger problems than you.

Fass is a gigantic Infested worm seen in the sky of the Cambion Drift. He represents the "day" cycle of the Landscape, and is stuck in an eternal battle with his sister Vome for which there can be no victor.


Fass appears as a very tall, Infested snake-like creature. He closely resembles his sister Vome, the differences being that he is male and has an orange glowing orb inside the skeletal cage-like structure on his back, while Vome is female and has a blue glowing orb. Fass also lacks the webbing formations between the claw-like spines that line the upper part of his body.

Cambion Drift Day-Night Cycle[]

The Cambion Drift's day-night cycle is represented by Fass and Vome, rather than day and night. Depending on which is present, the Landscape changes considerably, ranging from type of Fish spawning to Necramech and Infested behavior. Trapped in an endless cycle, these wyrms constantly destroy each other with obliterating lasers, only to regenerate and exact revenge.

In the case of Fass, the amount of Infested enemies present and their aggression are increased, Vome Residue is littered across the Landscape, and Necramechs are found deactivated (and able to be piloted with Transference). This phase of the cycle lasts for 100 minutes.



When Vome is in the skybox (when Vome kills Fass), there will be small zones of orange energy scattered across the Cambion Drift. Entering these zones will scramble the HUD, similar to a DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic proc, and slow the player's speed down. Multiple orange glowing containers will spawn inside each zone and can be destroyed to acquire Fass Residue.

Note that if one stays in the Cambion Drift for long enough, there may be Fass Residue on the map even though Fass is active.


  • His namesake comes from the Requiem word for "Chaos".
  • When Fass is injured by Vome, he explodes due to his glowing orb detonating. It is unclear if this occurs because these orbs are highly volatile by default or if the delayed explosion is an innate effect of Vome's attacks.

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