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Exodia Contagion is an Arcane Enhancement for Zaws that unleashes a projectile of Infested energy upon performing an aerial melee attack while aim gliding after a bullet jump or double jump. Increasing the Enhancement's Rank gives the projectile additional damage if it travels 30 meters before it contacts an enemy or a surface.


Rank Damage (after 30m) Explosion radius
0 100% 10m
1 200% 10m
2 300% 10m
3 400% 10m



  • Upon performing a mid-air attack while Aim Gliding after bullet jumping or double jumping, an infested projectile will be launched towards the player's target.
  • Base projectile damage, critical chance, critical damage, and status chance depends on the Zaw's Stat and equipped mods on the Zaw.
  • Has multiple damage instances; projectile direct-hit, explosion and direct-hit DoT
    • Projectile direct-hit does 2x the Zaw's damage, with a damage distribution of 33% DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact, 33% DmgPunctureSmall64.png Puncture, and 33% DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash damage.
    • The explosion does 5x the Zaw's damage, with a damage distribution of 100% DmgViralSmall64.png Viral damage.
    • The direct-hit DoT does 1x the Zaw's damage, with a damage distribution of 100% DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast damage.
  • Explosion has a forced DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact proc.
  • Direct hits on enemies makes the projectile stick to them, dealing damage and inflicting a forced DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact proc each second for 4 seconds, after which it explodes on the 5th second.
    • If an enemy is instantly killed by the direct-hit instance of damage before the explosion, the projectile will continue travelling, as if going though air, and will only explode after hitting the level geometry or an enemy which survives the direct-hit. This is more noticeable when scoring headshots.
  • The projectile can proc Mod TT 20px.png Berserker Fury.
  • The projectile can proc Mod TT 20px.png Shattering Impact on a direct hit, however it will not proc on the explosion.
  • The projectile can be launched with a heavy attack by sliding in the air while heavy attacking. It does not gain any additional damage when launched in this way.
    • The effects of Mod TT 20px.png Killing Blow apply, same with any crit mod that has a 2x bonus on heavy attacks. (e.g. Mod TT 20px.png True Steel)
    • "On heavy attack" mod effects apply on direct hits and the explosion (e.g. Life Strike, Dispatch Overdrive and Carnis Mandible)
    • Windup speed does not change the projectile timing, but does shorten the attack animation.
    • Bug: For the explosion to count as a heavy attack, you need to be in the heavy attack animation when the explosion hits enemies. Which means you have to be close enough so the projectile hits before the animation ends. OR you can use a normal attack, and right before the projectile explodes use a heavy attack to ground slam for example.
  • The damage from the projectile is affected by stealth damage multipliers.
  • The damage of the projectile is increased by 0% / 100% / 200% / 300% plus (combo level - 1) / 4 after traveling 30 meters, indicated by a small burst of energy at that point.
    • Damage increase depends on the rank of the Arcane.
  • The projectile can be controlled by IvaraIcon272.png Ivara's Navigator130xDark.png Navigator ability, but the projectile will disappear in the air a few seconds after hitting an enemy or VoltIcon272.png Volt's ElectricShield130xDark.png Electric Shield if the ability is still in use.
    • If controlled by Navigator, the projectile will not gain the damage bonus after traveling 30m unless controlled after it has traveled 30m.
  • The projectile will not be redirected by MagIcon272.png Mag's Magnetize130xDark.png Magnetize ability.
  • The damage is increased by Madurai's Void Strike.
  • The speed of the projectile is affected by attack speed mods and buffs.
    • The base attack speed of the Zaw has no influence on the projectile speed of Exodia Contagion.
  • Projectile hits do not count towards the Melee Combo Counter.
  • The projectile is not affected by range mods.
  • The range of the explosion is an 8-meter radius.
  • The projectile is affected by gravity but is otherwise not range-limited.
  • Kills from the projectile still count as Melee kills for the purposes of relevant Nightwave missions.



  • The projectile launched takes on the appearance of the Zaw's Strike, which will embed itself on the first surface it hits before disappearing after a few seconds.
    • If a skin is equipped, it will take on the appearance of the full weapon (minus the sheath for Nikanas).
  • Installing this arcane (or Exodia Epidemic) on a Zaw will give the Zaw's Links an infested visual appearance.
  • Unlike other Exodia Arcanes, Exodia Contagion depicts a symbol, instead of inscription.
  • Prior to Update 24.6 (2019-04-04), Exodia Contagion was purchasable as a blueprint with the following requirements to build:
Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 1 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 10
MarketIcon.png Market Price: N/A Blueprint2.svg Blueprints Price: ReputationBlackx64.png 500 + Credits64.png 1,500


  • Occasionally the projectile will not disappear after the second explosion.
  • If fired on certain surfaces like small pools of water on Earth, the projectile will vanish on contact and not explode afterwards.
  • Currently, Condition Overload affects the damage of the direct-hit of the projectile.


Patch History[]

Update 30.5 (2021-07-06)

  • A restriction was added to the Exodia Contagion Arcane for Zaws, where it can only activate once while you remain in the air. To use Contagion again you must touch the ground.

Update 29.5 (2020-11-19)

  • Fixed Exodia Contagion no longer inheriting base critical chance, critical damage, and status chance from equipped Zaw.
  • (Undocumented) Fixed clients not dealing Blast damage on the initial explosion.

Update 28.3 (2020-08-12)

  • (Undocumented) Projectile does not inherit base critical chance, critical damage, and status chance stats from equipped Zaw. Now has a fixed 20% critical chance and 2.0x critical multiplier. Projectile no longer explodes on final tick.

Hotfix 27.4.2 (2020-05-04)

  • Fixed Exodia Contagion’s projectiles being invisible when a Skin is equipped.

Update 27.4 (2020-05-01)

  • Fixed Exodia Contagion projectiles ignoring Limbo’s Rift status of enemies/the player, letting it hit enemies across the Rift.
    • This allowed for Limbo to attack from a position of invulnerability, where normally damage cannot cross the Rift unless it’s a Warframe ability of some kind. We intentionally did not fix this until after the Scarlet Spear event, but it is a bug.
  • Fixed Volt's Shield causing Exodia Contagion's projectile to never explode.

Update 27.3 (2020-03-24)

  • Fixed Exodia Contagion not triggering if your weapon is out of Ammo.

Update 24.6 (2019-04-04)

  • Replaced Arcane Blueprints with Arcanes in Operational Supply Offerings meaning that Arcanes no longer need to be built.
    • Players that had previous Arcane Blueprints in Inventory were crafted on patch login for free.

Update 24.4 (2019-03-08)

  • Exodia Contagion now requires you to be Aim Gliding to launch the Infested energy projectile.

Hotfix 24.0.7 (2018-11-15)

  • Fixed Zaws not applying negative damage modifiers to projectiles launched from the Exodia Contagion Arcane.

Update 22.20 (2018-05-17)

  • Exodia Contagion’s Infested projectile 30 meter damage multiplier now also takes into account your combo multiplier.

Update 22.19 (2018-05-02)

  • Fixed Exodia Contagion's interaction with Covert Lethality, resulting in the +100 damage being applied to the projectile damage multiplier instead of the base projectile damage.

Update 22.6 (2017-12-07)

  • Fixed the range increase from Iron Vault scaling with Exodia Contagion.

Update 22.4 (2017-11-23)

  • Fixed Ivara’s Navigator causing Exodia Contagion projectiles to get stuck floating in the air.
  • Fixed not being able to control Exodia Contagion projectiles with Ivara’s Navigator (enjoy, DK).

Update 22.3 (2017-11-15)

  • Introduced

Last updated: Update 22.19 (2018-05-02)