Not much is known about the mysterious Zura. She appeared in the fighting pits with her Hyekka and carved a bloody path through the opposition. The crowd always roars with pleasure when Zura steps into the fighting pits.

Like all other Executioners she seems to have a built in reduction for duration based abilities (based on playtests, not confirmed):

  1. Cast: affected for 25% of the duration
  2. Cast: affected for 15% of the duration
  3. Cast and every following: affected for 2.25% of the duration


  • Zura is Hyekka Master, wandering the arena with her GrineerFlameThrower.png Ignis, throwing firebombs, and summoning Hyekkas to aid her in battle. Her only known unique trick, besides the dodge rolls possessed by all executioners, is a set of GrnClaws.png Ripkas she can employ in melee (in theory; see below).


  • Currently does not seem to attack in melee, despite owning a pair of GrnClaws.png Ripkas. Furthermore, she can't be disarmed.
  • Despite the Codex stating that she has 100 shield, 175 cloned flesh, and 200 alloy armor at base, she actually has 500 shield, 250 cloned flesh, and 75 alloy armor at base