Dhunam loved to hurt things. As a Grineer officer, he inflicted pain at any possible opportunity. So when he heard about Tyl Regor's experimental body augmentations, he clamored to become a subject. He didn't care about side effects, anything to become stronger.

The experiment left him sluggish and unresponsive. Weak of voice, he whispered for death. Instead, Regor ordered him beaten. The pain brought Dhurnam to life. He became a beast, eviscerating the unfortunate things sent to hurt him. Regor was pleased.

But the experiment was only a partial success. Without pain, Dhurnam grew weak again. Unfit for regular duty, the pits of Rathuum became his new home. The only place where he could find the steady diet of torment and suffering needed to survive.

Executioner Dhurnam is present in Arena level 60 and 85.

  • Dhurnam wields Twin Heks and a Brokk, throws flashbang grenades and can Switch Teleport.
  • Dropping to 25% Health causes Dhurnam to go into a frenzy and jog much faster.


  • Despite the Codex stating that he has 100 shield, 125 cloned flesh, and 200 alloy armor at base, he actually has 600 shield, 600 cloned flesh, and 300 alloy armor at base

Patch History[]

Update: Lunaro (2016-06-15)

  • Executioner Dhurnam added to Level 60 and Level 85 Arenas.
    • Dhurnam wields Dual Heks and a Brokk, throws flashbang grenades and can Switch Teleport.
    • When you drop him down to 25% Health he goes into a frenzy and jogs much faster.