Most Mastery-rewarding items can be directly bought, built, or researched. However the following items had a limited distribution period or were removed from circulation entirely.

Item Count Mastery
Market Retired 2 6,000
Founders Pack 3 12,000
Event Reward 6 18,000
Void Trader 19 63,000
Prime Vault 42 177,000
Total: 72 276,000

Market Retired

Acquisition: Events or Special Alerts

These items were once available from the Market but have since been removed. They cannot be traded, but may rarely appear as rewards for Events or Tactical Alerts.

Item Count Mastery
Snipetron Primary 3,000
Machete Melee 3,000
Total: 2 6,000

Founders Pack

Acquisition: None

These items were part of the Founders Program, rewarding those who donated during the crucial early stages of the game. They cannot be traded and will never be offered again.

Item Count Mastery
Excalibur Prime Warframe 6,000
Lato Prime Secondary 3,000
Skana Prime Melee 3,000
Total: 3 12,000

Event Reward

Acquisition: Events, Special Alerts, or Celebrations

These items can appear as rewards for Events, Tactical Alerts, or celebratory periods. They cannot be traded, except for parts and blueprints of the Gorgon Wraith and the blueprint of the Ignis Wraith.

Item Count Mastery
Gorgon Wraith Primary 3,000
Dex Furis Secondary 3,000
Dex Dakra Melee 3,000
Dex Sybaris Primary 3,000
Ignis Wraith* Primary 3,000
Zylok Secondary 3,000
Total: 6 18,000
* Ignis Wraith research was also awarded during The Pacifism Defect to the top 10% highest-scoring clans, allowing its blueprint to be replicated indefinitely as long as at least one of the awarded clans remains active.

Void Trader

Acquisition: Purchase or Trade

These items can occasionally appear with Baro Ki'Teer's merchandise. Unranked weapons and the Sands of Inaros blueprint can be traded.

Item Count Mastery
Mara Detron Secondary 3,000
Prisma Gorgon Primary 3,000
Prisma Veritux Melee 3,000
Prisma Skana Melee 3,000
Prisma Grakata Primary 3,000
Prisma Dual Cleavers Melee 3,000
Prisma Obex Melee 3,000
Prova Vandal Melee 3,000
Machete Wraith Melee 3,000
Prisma Tetra Primary 3,000
Prisma Shade Companion 6,000
Prisma Burst Laser* Sentinel Weapon 3,000
Inaros Warframe 6,000
Quanta Vandal Primary 3,000
Aklex Prime Secondary 3,000
Vulkar Wraith Primary 3,000
Viper Wraith Secondary 3,000
Prisma Angstrum Secondary 3,000
Prisma Twin Gremlins Secondary 3,000
Total: 19 63,000
* Prisma Burst Laser is included with Prisma Shade and cannot be obtained separately.
† Inaros cannot be purchased directly. His parts can be obtained through the Sands of Inaros quest, which is exclusively sold by Baro Ki'Teer.
‡ Aklex Prime cannot be purchased directly. Its parts can be obtained through Axi A2 Relics, which are exclusively sold by Baro Ki'Teer.

Prime Vault

Acquisition: Legacy Relics, Trade, or Prime Vault Access

Relics containing their parts have been placed in the Prime Vault, no longer appearing in drop tables. However their parts and relics can be traded or used normally. Occasionally the Prime Vault is unsealed for a limited time, accompanied by a special Prime Vault Access.

Item Count Mastery
Frost Prime Warframe 6,000
Latron Prime Primary 3,000
Reaper Prime Melee 3,000
Mag Prime Warframe 6,000
Boar Prime Primary 3,000
Dakra Prime Melee 3,000
Ember Prime Warframe 6,000
Sicarus Prime Secondary 3,000
Glaive Prime Melee 3,000
Rhino Prime Warframe 6,000
Boltor Prime Primary 3,000
Ankyros Prime Melee 3,000
Loki Prime Warframe 6,000
Bo Prime Melee 3,000
Wyrm Prime Companion 6,000
Prime Laser Rifle* Sentinel Weapon 3,000
Nyx Prime Warframe 6,000
Hikou Prime Secondary 3,000
Scindo Prime Melee 3,000
Nova Prime Warframe 6,000
Soma Prime Primary 3,000
Vasto Prime Secondary 3,000
Volt Prime Warframe 6,000
Odonata Prime Archwing 6,000
Ash Prime Warframe 6,000
Vectis Prime Primary 3,000
Carrier Prime Companion 6,000
Sweeper Prime Sentinel Weapon 3,000
Trinity Prime Warframe 6,000
Dual Kamas Prime Melee 3,000
Saryn Prime Warframe 6,000
Nikana Prime Melee 3,000
Spira Prime Secondary 3,000
Vauban Prime Warframe 6,000
Fragor Prime Melee 3,000
Akstiletto Prime Secondary 3,000
Nekros Prime Warframe 6,000
Galatine Prime Melee 3,000
Tigris Prime Primary 3,000
Valkyr Prime Warframe 6,000
Cernos Prime Primary 3,000
Venka Prime Melee 3,000
Total: 42 177,000
* Prime Laser Rifle is included with Wyrm Prime and cannot be obtained separately.
† Sweeper Prime is included with Carrier Prime and cannot be obtained separately.