The facade has cracked and you are beheld by the truth.

—In-Game Description

Sunder is an alternative helmet for Excalibur Umbra.

Players receive the helmet in their inbox after completing the The Sacrifice quest.


To equip your newly bought or crafted helmet, go into the "Arsenal" page, then click on 'Appearance' tab, the Helmet will be the first item in the section labeled 'Physique'.


  • The Excalibur Umbra Sunder Helmet is a battle-damaged version of the regular Excalibur Umbra helmet.
  • The Excalibur Umbra Sunder Helmet is the first alternate helmet that is obtained from a quest instead of from the Market.
  • This helmet appears in the The Sacrifice quest during the cutscene which plays after players have crafted Excalibur Umbra in their Foundry and try to equip him in their Arsenal for the first time.

Patch History

Update 23.0
  • Introduced along with Excalibur Umbra and The Sacrifice.
Last updated: Hotfix 23.0.5
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