Exalted Weapons are special weapons exclusive to certain Warframes that can only be summoned and used upon activating their corresponding Warframe's ability (with the exception of GarudaMeleeClaws Garuda's Talons). Exalted Weapons will take the place of any equipped weapon for as long as the corresponding ability is active.

The stats and performances of these weapons are affected by mods equipped on the weapons themselves and also by certain mods equipped on the Warframe, such as Ability Duration mods, depending on the weapon. Certain mods, such as Weapon Augments, cannot be equipped on Exalted Weapons and Riven Mods are not generated for them. These weapons do not utilize ammunition and instead consume energy, either per shot or continuously, while active. To see which specific mods affect which weapon, visit their ability pages.

All Exalted Weapons come pre-built with an Orokin Catalyst, regardless of whether the Warframe has an equipped Orokin Reactor or not, and can be Polarized with Forma.

List of Exalted WeaponsEdit




  • Kills with Exalted Weapons grant 100% of their Affinity to the respective Warframe, as they count as ability kills.
    • Exalted Weapons always gain the same amount of Affinity as their Warframe, but level faster due to the lower Affinity requirements for weapons.
    • Focus Lenses cannot be installed on Exalted Weapons, but they feed a Warframe's Lens as described.
  • While Exalted Weapons gain rank, they do not contribute towards a player's Mastery Rank.
  • Exalted Weapons can be used and will benefit from equipped mods in weapon-specific Sortie missions.
  • Damage dealt by Exalted Weapons depends on the rank of the weapon's ability. The weapon's rank only affects mod capacity.
  • While Set Mods can be equipped on Exalted Weapons, they do not benefit from, nor contribute to the set bonuses.
  • Melee Combo Counter Mods (except Mod TT 20pxDrifting Contact), Acolyte Mods (e.g. Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds), and Amalgam Mods cannot be equipped on Exalted Weapons.
  • Equipping Xoris Xoris alongside an Exalted Weapon ability will reset their melee combo counter.
  • Riven Mods are not generated for Exalted Weapons.
  • Stance Forma cannot be applied to Exalted Weapons.
    • Garuda's Talons are an exception to this, however it receives no benefit due to all available Claw stances sharing the same polarity.
  • Although not a weapon, Venari130xDark Venari functions as an active "exalted" Companion for KhoraIcon272 Khora that is separately moddable.
  • Exalted Weapons can trigger Arcane Enhancements' effects, however ArcaneArachne64x Arcane Arachne does not affect Exalted Weapons.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 28.3

  • Fixed switching back and forth between Melee weapon and Exalted Melee weapon causing the Arsenal stats to stack indefinitely.

Hotfix 28.2.1

  • Fixed inability to Melee block with your Exalted weapon until the normal weapon's combo times out.

Update 28.1

Xoris Interaction Changes

Certain Warframe Abilities and Exalted weapons will now reset the Melee Combo Counter only if the Xoris is being used. The overwhelming Damage output of certain Warframe Abilities was not our intention with an infinite Melee Combo weapon, and the conversation of ‘Xoris or you’re doing it wrong’ is greatly restrictive in terms of player choice.

Warframe Abilities / Exalted Warframe weapons affected by this are:

  • Baruuk Serene Storm
  • Excalibur Exalted Blade
  • Valkyr Talons
  • Wukong Iron Staff

The full breakdown can be read here.

Hotfix 27.4.2

  • Removed Stance Forma eligibility on Exalted weapons due to Stance Forma providing no benefit to these weapons.

Update 24.6

  • Amalgam Mods can no longer be equipped on Exalted weapons.

Update 24.4

Let The Gun & Blade Flow

Swap between your gun and melee at the press of a button, no holstering required!


Notable Keybind changes:

  • Your left mouse button is gun fire, always, instantly.
  • Your right mouse button is now aim, always, instantly.
Additional Information and Changes
  • Exalted weapons will also benefit from the uninterrupted swaps! Be aware that Energy will still drain, even when swapping between weapons!
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