Exalted Weapons are special weapons exclusive to certain Warframes that can only be summoned and used upon activating their corresponding Warframe's fourth ability. Exalted Weapons will take the place of any equipped weapon for as long as the corresponding ability is active.

The stats and performances of these weapons are affected by mods equipped on the weapons themselves and also by certain mods equipped on the Warframe, such as Ability Duration mods, depending on the weapon. Certain mods, such as Weapon Augments, cannot be equipped on Exalted Weapons and Riven Mods are not generated for them. These weapons do not utilize ammunition and instead consume energy, either per shot or continuously, while active. To see which specific mods affect which weapon, visit their ability pages.

All Exalted Weapons come pre-built with an Orokin Catalyst, regardless of whether the Warframe has an equipped Orokin Reactor or not, and can be Polarized with Forma.

List of Exalted WeaponsEdit


  • Exalted Weapons can be used and will benefit from equipped mods in weapon-specific Sortie missions.
  • Damage dealt by Exalted Weapons depends on the rank of the weapon's ability. The weapon's rank only affects mods capacity.
  • While Exalted Weapons gain rank, they do not contribute towards a player's Mastery Rank.
  • While Set Mods can be equipped on Exalted Weapons, they do not benefit from, nor contribute to the set bonuses.