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Eudico FB-9 is the leader of Solaris United and the "loyal Floor Boss" of Nef Anyo. She offers Bounties to the Tenno, limited-time missions out in the Orb Vallis which can be accomplished to earn Solaris United Standing and other rewards as provided in the bounty rewards. She is located just across the elevator door to the Orb Vallis, sitting on a chair and holding a large welding gun.

Players must first complete the Vox Solaris quest before they can access Orb Vallis bounties and earn standing for Solaris United.



Eudico secretly led Solaris United against Nef Anyo under the name of Vox. The rebellion was eventually crushed in an event known as the "Deck 12 Incident" which resulted in the death of many Solaris. Blaming herself responsible, Eudico worked to appease Nef Anyo's mercy as Vox "disappeared."

The Tenno's arrival on Fortuna helps reignite the rebellion, bringing about the return of Vox and Solaris United, with Eudico continuing to spearhead the force in secrecy.

Fortuna FragmentsEdit

Eudico originally founded Solaris United on the day a series of unexpected events has occured, including her mother's death. On that same day, she sold her heart to buy herself a welding gun and create the force. The Business showed up and taught the Solaris members to fight both economically and intelligently, giving them various activities and jobs to ensure they can build a big resistance.

When the Deck 12 Incident happened, however, Eudico became traumatized to the point she cannot sleep whatsoever, and blamed (and still blames) herself for the crushing of the resistance. The only survivors of the incident were her, The Business, Little Duck, Rude Zuud, and a very small amount of Solaris members, workers and vendors.

Eudico's Mem Fragments (Lore)

Eudico's Mem Fragments (Lore)


Trivia Edit

  • Eudico is voiced by Tamara Fritz.
  • Her FB-9 designation probably stands for "Floor Boss of Deck 9".

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