The ghostly minions of Parvos Granum within his timeless prison-realm.

Errant Specter is an enemy first introduced in Update 28.0 (2020-06-11). Specters mimicking the appearance of Treasurers, they constantly multiply in the Granum Void.


  • They are able to shoot a ranged beam that can stagger the player. They can also charge to tackle the player similar to a Vomvalyst.
  • When they are killed, they leave behind a unit named Specter Particles that can be destroyed with the Xoris Xoris to gain charges for its upgraded mid-air explosive attack. Specter Particles are always some number of levels lower than the Errant Specter that spawned them.
    • Note it is the destruction of the Errant Specter, not the Specter Particle, that increments the player's kills.
  • Specter Particles can combine with each other to respawn an Errant Specter 15 levels higher than newly spawned Errant Specters, with no apparent upper limit. This does not subtract from the player's kills and only prevents the player from charging the Xoris.
  • The starting level of Errant Specters is fixed according to the rank of Granum Void:
    • Rank 1 (Normal) Void will spawn level 10 Errant Specters.
    • Rank 2 (Extended) Void will spawn level 25 Errant Specters.
    • Rank 3 (Nightmare) Void will spawn level 50 Errant Specters.


  • During Invasion missions, if supporting the Corpus, Errant Specters will be allied to you so you cannot kill them.



  • The specters' left hand is composed entirely of golden energy, referencing Parvos Granum's golden hand prosthetic.
  • Interestingly their health is composed of the Infested health type, rather than Corpus Flesh of the Treasurer enemy they are based off of.
    • Even more interesting is the fact the particles released have Alloy Armor and Machinery health and armor types.