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  • Lotus: Let. Her. Go.
  • Erra: If I had a heart, it would be broken. If my eyes could weep, I'd be blind. Look at what they've made of you! You're a God. You're a Queen! But somehow the bees have you as a hostage. Do you even recognize me anymore?
  • Lotus: I recognize the enemy.
  • Erra: No... sister. It's me. Erra-- The Makers caught you. Unravelled your mind. They're using you to kill us! 'The Queen of the Aphids' with her Eye in the Void. But I don't blame you... I blame... them! You believe these are your children... But I'm the only family you've got left! So choose! Our family, our people... or these parasites. Choose Natah! Choose!
  • Lotus: I am not... 'Natah'... I am... THE LOTUS.


  • Erra: Reformation is accelerating. Our Condrix are nearly ready. Our rebirth is at hand.
  • Natah: And the Golden Spear... How many battalions?
  • Erra: Still having lapses? Listen to me. That's the past. The Old War. Tell her, Maker!
  • Ballas: Yes! There is no Spear, Lo-- uh... Natah. Erra speaks-- Master Erra. He speaks true. My... The Orokin are gone. The 'bios' are divided. In-fighting over what remains. Only the Tenno--
  • Natah: The Tenno. The Enemy.
  • Ballas: Yes...
  • Natah: Made by you... to kill us...
  • Ballas: ... Yes.
  • Erra: But you have something our people have never had before, Natah. You're stained by their wickedness. Use it! Use their sin against them!
  • Natah: They're listening.
  • Erra: Let them.
  • Natah: They know we are building.
  • Erra: It won't matter.
  • Natah: No. It won't.
  • Erra: So what are you waiting for. Sing for us, sister. Call them home.
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