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If I had a heart, it would be broken. If my eyes could weep, I'd be blind. Look what they've made of you. You're a god. You're a queen! But somehow, the bees have you as a hostage. Do you even recognize me anymore?
—Erra to the Lotus

Erra is a high ranking Sentient. Son of Hunhow, and older[citation needed] brother of Natah, he made his first appearance in The New War Trailer during TennoCon 2019, and officially appeared in the Erra cinematic quest.



Late in the Old War, Erra led an assault on Lua alongside another Sentient, presumably Hunhow. He reached a cave full of Reservoirs, where he grabbed a still living Dax by her head. When the Lotus, surrounded by six Tenno ordered him to let her go, Erra was devastated at seeing her current self now siding with the enemy, and tried to make her remember who she used to be as Natah and return to his people's side. He failed, and the Tenno attacked him using Void Beams, making him scream in agony.

In the present, Erra and Natah reunite, as he holds Ballas on a leash. He informs her of how much the system has changed since she was "unraveled". Natah calls Ballas out for having created the Tenno. Erra asks his sister to sing for her people, to bring them back home, which she does.

The Maker[]

Erra is telling Natah that their mother is gone and urges her to finish the war as she still has her fire. Natah notes that she remembers ordering the Tenno to attack Erra and he was apparently destroyed. Erra objects and states that she remembers wrong and will need time to completely heal from what the Makers had done to her. Natah points at leashed Ballas and asks if he is one of the Makers.

Erra suddenly grabs and throws Natah at the pedestal behind him, where she is trapped in a field of energy of unknown purpose. Erra tells her once more to finish the war and drops the leash from his hand. Revealing that his imprisonment was a deception, Ballas stands as both he and Erra then silently watch Natah.

The New War[]

As the Sentients begin invading the Origin System with a Murex appearing above Cetus and crashing into the Unum's Tower, Erra stands before an Ostron child and removes their Excalibur mask, telling them not to be afraid. He later approaches Kahl-175 in the Plains of Eidolon after his attempt to bomb a Condrix mysteriously fails to detonate, also telling him not to be afraid.

As Ballas tortures the Lotus by forcing her to watch Teshin succumb to a Narmer Veil, Erra fights Teshin as he tries to resist. After Teshin forcefully removes the veil, Erra grabs him by the head and deems him a lost cause, killing him by snapping his neck. Erra is then shot by the Operator, who looks on in horror at the turn of events. Erra silently watches as Ballas banishes the Lotus and the Operator to the Void.

Without the Tenno, the Sentients have won. The Origin System is now ruled by Ballas's Narmer empire with Erra as his second-in-command. Erra's Archons, hybridized Sentient-Warframe abominations named Boreal, Amar, and Nira, served to instill fear in dissent and ensure loyalty throughout the system. The Drifter works against Narmer, teaming up with Hunhow to restore the Lotus and the Operator. Hunhow unsuccessfully tries to convince his son that Ballas is just using him and that he is acting no better than a Dax in servitude to Orokin, rebuffing that Narmer has allowed peace and prosperity for the Sentients and swearing they will reclaim the Lotus and return her as Natah.

After the death of two Archons, the partial restoration of the Lotus, and the Operator's return, Ballas senses the Tenno and is enraged. Erra attempts to placate him, stating that he has won and that every living thing in the Origin System, biological or not, worships him. Ballas however, sees this as hollow victory, as he believes that every denizen of the Sol System all wish for "that piss-warm comfort of being told what to think." Knowing that he cannot control the Tenno, Ballas orders Erra to recall the Sentient fleet and plots to control the Lotus to kill her child.

After Ballas announces his plan to use the Sentient Mothership Praghasa to feed on the sun to destroy the Origin System and sacrifice his Narmer empire to fuel the ship to escape to the Tau System, Erra realizes Ballas intends to doom the Sentients and defects. As soon as the Tenno dock onto Praghasa, Erra destroys a Typholyst and holds up his hands to surrender. Instructing the Tenno to follow him, he guides them to the third and final Archon in hopes it will fully restore the Lotus, only to sacrifice himself to hold up debris before being seemingly crushed.


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Although The New War has ended since the death of Ballas, the threat of Narmer did not completely fade away. Erra himself was weaponized into an Archon, his head replaced by that of a demonic goat.


  • Erra is voiced by Antonio Greco.
  • The name probably comes from Erra, an Akkadian plague god known from an 'epos' of the eighth century BCE.
  • When Erra first appeared in The New War trailer, there was no mention regarding his name or who he is.
  • Unlike most Sentients, Erra has eyebrow-like structures in his head, which change position depending on his emotions. He also walks, as opposed to levitating like most smaller Sentients do including Natah.
  • Erra always refers to the Tenno as insects, calling them bees in a flashback during Erra and aphids during The Maker.
    • Oddly, while aphids don't have queens in their life cycle, Erra calls Natah "Queen of the aphids".
  • Erra is the third notable Sentient to ally with the Tenno, after Natah and (possibly for a time being) Hunhow.