Show the enemy how much you care with the adorable Eros Arrow Skin. Works with all bows.

—In-Game Description

The Eros Arrow Skin is a special Valentine's Day weapon cosmetic, which replaces the standard arrows of an equipped bow weapon with heart-shaped arrowheads. Unlike other weapon cosmetics, this is a consumable item that only lasts for the duration of the mission.

Once activated, the arrows change appearance, whether in the quiver, nocked in the bow, or in flight. They also leave a visible trail of hearts, which are especially noticeable in flight, though the effect will persist if the arrow embeds itself into an object.

This Valentine's Day-themed skin was released during The Heart Of The Lotus update (Hotfix 15.14.1) for a limited time.

The Eros Arrow Skin can only be acquired during the week of Valentine's Day.

How To UseEdit

  1. Eros Arrow Skins can be purchased in the Market for Credits645,000 each.
  2. Equip the skin in the Gear menu.
  3. Once in a mission, open the Gear popup (default Q ) and select the Eros Skin.


  • Only one skin is consumed per mission.
  • Can be used on the TnoPrmryXbow Attica and RepeatingCrossbow Zhuge, although only the heart-shaped projectile trails are visible.
  • The color of the projectile trail is affected by the weapon's energy color.
  • The Eros Arrow Skin returns on Valentine's Day, as with other holiday content.
  • Does not affect IvaraIcon272 Ivara's ArtemisBow130xDark Artemis Bow. Using Eros Arrows before casting Artemis Bow will not affect it, and the Eros Arrows can not be used/applied while Artemis Bow is active.


  • The skin's design is a reference to Cupid, the roman god of Love, who is often depicted using a bow and arrows with heart-shaped arrowheads. His Greek equivalent is Eros, for which this skin is named.
    • Eros is also one of the four words in Ancient Greek which can be rendered into English as “love”. Eros refers to “intimate love” or romantic love.
  • Between Update 18.7 and Hotfix 18.7.1, this skin instead replaced both the arrow and quiver with a single DESkana Skana, which disappeared after a short period of time. Switching to or from the affected bow would cause the Skana to shoot outwards, and was capable of damaging both enemies and allies alike.


  • The Eros Arrow skin, as seen in the Heart Of The Lotus update.
  • Dread with the Eros Arrow Skin applied
  • The Eros Arrow Skin causes arrows in flight to leave a trail of hearts

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