Equilibrium is a mod that restores additional Energy when collecting Health Orbs, and additional Health when collecting Energy Orbs. Converted orbs are denoted by a AmmoMutation symbol.


Rank Efficiency Cost
0 10% 4
1 20% 5
2 30% 6
3 40% 7
4 50% 8
5 60% 9
6 70% 10
7 80% 11
8 90% 12
9 100% 13
10 110% 14


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Rank Efficiency Cost
0 8% 4
1 16% 5
2 24% 6
3 32% 7


  • Health and Energy Orbs cannot be collected –and therefore converted– while at maximum Health or Energy respectively.
  • The final converted restoration is rounded down. For example, with a rank 10 Equilibrium, collecting a Health Orb worth 25 Health will restore 27 Energy, rather than 27.5 Energy.
  • Health converted from Energy Orbs will not heal Companions.
  • ArcaneEnergize64x Arcane Energize and Zenurik's Energy Pulse does not apply to energy from converted health orbs. Likewise, ArcanePulse64x Arcane Pulse do not apply to health from converted energy orbs.
  • As of Hotfix, Equilibrium can be acquired from Mod Packs and Transmutation.
  • Equilibrium stacks with Equinox's passive ability, which converts 10% of Health Orbs into Energy and vice versa, up to a total of 120% efficiency.


  • Equipping a Companion that is prone to taking damage, such as Kubrows or Djinn, will enable Health Orbs to be collected even if the Warframe itself is at maximum health, allowing them to be converted into energy more readily.


  • This mod was awarded to players who survived at least 10 minutes in the Survival Weekend Event.
  • The Orbs in the mod picture show the pre-Update 16.0 Health and Energy Orb designs, which were simpler and not as animated as they are now.


Patch History

Update 17.0
  • Fixed the Equilibrium Mod not showing the correct popup notification icons.


  • Equilibrium and all Ammo Mutation mods have been added into Mod packs and Transmutation tables.

Hotfix 9.7.3

  • Scaled Equilibrium mod results to reflect amount of health or energy picked up.

Hotfix 9.7.2

  • Added content and rewards for the completion of the Survival Weekend Event.

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