Use this key to enter Nihil's Oubliette and fight him again. Requires Nihil's Oubliette to be placed in the Orbiter.

—In-Game Description

Enter Nihil's Oubliette is a one-time use Key item used to fight Nihil following the end of Nightwave Series 3: The Glassmaker. It can be purchased from Nightwave Offerings for Nora3Cred64.png60, and can be traded between players. Note that Nightwave Offerings are rotated on a weekly basis, so this item may not be available on a succeeding week.

To use the Key, the player must interact with a Nihil's Oubliette decoration installed on their Orbiter, which is obtained from defeating Nihil during Series 3 or purchased from Nightwave Offerings for Nora3Cred64.png60. Alternatively, they can also use the "Enter Nihil's Oubliette" mission node that appears in the Void while in possession of the key.

Completing this fight will award the Vitrica.png Vitrica to players who did not originally fight Nihil during Series 3. Continued refights will reward a Riven Mod.

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Hotfix 29.9.1

  • Updated the Nihil Bosskey description to include details on its limited use and reward table.

Hotfix 29.8.1

  • Introduced

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