Welcome to the Proxima Regions! Here you'll find Railjack missions that combine space and on foot combat.

If you own a Railjack, consider visiting the practice node 'Free Flight' on Earth Proxima to practice Piloting and learning your Railjack's layout. If you do not yet own a Railjack, prepare to assist a squad and work together. We all lift together!

—Upon first interacting with the Railjack Navigation menu

Empyrean is a unique game mode introduced in Update 27.0. These missions take place in the vast expanse of space, utilizing Railjack and Archwings to combat enemy spacecraft.

To host a game in Empyrean, players must go to the navigation console on their Railjack, which can be accessed within their Clan Dojo's Dry Dock, in the middle of their Orbiter, or from the menu by pressing Esc  → Board Railjack. Players must complete the Rising Tide quest in order to pilot their own Railjack. However, any player who has completed The Archwing can join in Empyrean missions by selecting an Empyrean node in their Star Chart. The host's Railjack is used during the mission.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Empyrean missions involve the Tenno fighting either Grineer or Corpus in the various proxima regions within the Empyrean star chart. Players utilize their Railjack and Archwing to do a variety of tasks that vary based on faction type and region. Players encounter many different types of enemies including Fighters and Crewships, and players may also have side objectives, such as points of interest or abandoned derelicts, which can grant extra rewards if the mission is completed.

Enemy crewships can be boarded using the Archwing (including being launched from Archwing Slingshot facility within the Railjack). The crewships can be destroyed by either using Forward Artillery from within the Railjack, or by boarding and then destroying its reactor from within. They can alternatively be disabled and/or commandeered by boarding and killing its crew and pilot from within. If destroyed, any Tenno within will automatically be launched back into space on their Archwing. A commandeered crewship will become an active target for enemy gunships.

Both crewships and points of interest will occasionally launch Ramsleds which, if not shot down, will ram into the Railjack and deploy boarding parties of ground Grineer troops. These troops will not only threaten the Tenno aboard the Railjack but also periodically spawn hazards such as fires and hull breaches that if not repaired in time may cause the mission to fail.

Completing the mission will not offer an extraction point that players familiar with ground missions may expect. Instead, once Bonus Rewards above are shown on the screen - the mission is considered complete at that point, and any player in the squad can simply abort the mission (ESC  > Abort Mission), which will display a warning that only progress will be saved, but not any items or resources earned during the mission. However, contrary to the warning, all items and resources will also in fact be added to the player's account. Any one of the remaining players may select another Railjack mission from the Navigation console located in the Railjack's bridge, which includes docking the Railjack back in the hosting player's Dry Dock.

Damage System[edit | edit source]

Main article: Damage#Empyrean

Empyrean gamemode and Railjacks use a slightly altered system of the currently existing damage system. Arch-guns and Arch-melees deal 90.91% (10/11) reduced damage to space enemies (or 9.09% of its arsenal damage) while Railjack Armaments and Tactical mods deal their full listed damage to them before accounting for hit point resistances and vulnerabilities.

Primary physical and elemental damage types have different status effects against space enemies outlined in the chart below. Secondary elemental damage types (DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast, DmgCorrosiveSmall64.png Corrosive, DmgGasSmall64.png Gas, DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic, DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation, and DmgViralSmall64.png Viral) do not have altered status effects and cannot proc against space enemies, but Arch-guns and Arch-melees modded for secondary elementals will still increase total damage.

This system does not apply to on-foot enemies, such as Ramsled boarding parties, and Crewship and Point of Interests personnel, who will take damage and status as per normal.

Damage Type Empyrean-only Status Effects
DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact Concuss
Crew within a gunship have reduced aim and damage for 6 seconds. Additional procs refresh duration.
DmgPunctureSmall64.png Puncture Decompress
Temporarily reduces target ship's shields by ?% and current armor by 10% for 20 seconds. Additional procs stack multiplicatively.
DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash Tear
Target ship receives 7.5% increased damage for 20 seconds. Additional procs stack multiplicatively with itself.
DmgColdSmall64.png Cold Immobilize
Target ship's weapons are disabled and it slows down to a complete stop. Lasts for 6 seconds. Additional procs refresh duration.
DmgElectricitySmall64.png Electricity Scramble
Target ship spirals erratically for 6 seconds, being unable to attack while moving in a straight line. Additional procs refresh duration.
DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat Sear
Target ship receives damage over time for 6 seconds. Additional procs increase damage dealt over time.
DmgToxinSmall64.png Toxin Intoxicate
Target ship attacks any closest enemy and will be attacked in return for 12 seconds. Additional procs refresh duration.

Grineer[edit | edit source]

All Grineer missions are Skirmish missions; an Exterminate-like mission where players must kill enemy fighters and Gokstad Crewships.

At higher levels, Skirmishes will have outposts, called "points of interest", that often threaten the Railjack with armaments or buffing enemy fighters. The crew must send an "Away Team" to board the outpost, sometimes coordinating with the Railjack crew, to remove the outpost from play. Additionally, Grineer points of interest may reward components for OberonIcon272.png Oberon.

Corpus[edit | edit source]

Missions involving the Corpus are a combination of Railjack gameplay and normal grounded missions in a Corpus Ship, which consists of Exterminate, Defense, Volatile, or Orphix.

After completing initial Railjack objectives, such as clearing points of interests or destroying a small number of enemy crewships, all players must dock within the Corpus Ship via Archwing. Once half the squad enters, a 30 second countdown will begin, after which all players will be forcibly teleported into the ship to transition into grounded objectives, which behaves identically to normal missions. During these Corpus Ship segments, the Railjack is invulnerable, but players cannot return to space gameplay or Omni teleport back to the Railjack until the grounded objectives are complete and have reached the extraction point from within the ship.

Points of Interest & Abandoned Derelict Caches[edit | edit source]

Most missions have an abandoned derelict-like structure floating adrift in space. Boarding these structures and then hacking a marked terminal will produce a "Cache" reward at the end of the mission. Intrinsics Piloting Rank 5 will reveal the derelict's location via a white waypoint.

Each Corpus Proxima region contains different variants: Orokin Shield Derelicts are present on Venus Proxima, Ice Mines are present on Neptune Proxima, and Derelict Freightlinkers are present on Pluto Proxima and Corpus Veil Proxima nodes. For Grineer missions, only Veil Proxima nodes have a chance of spawning a derelict and it will not spawn in a mission with a Sentient Anomaly present.

Abandoned Derelicts can reward exclusive items, such as Athodai.png Athodai and PentaCarmine.png Carmine Penta blueprint/parts, IgnisWraith.png Ignis Wraith, Void Relics containing Nyx PrimeIcon272.png Nyx Prime, PrimeHikou.png Hikou Prime, PrimeScindo.png Scindo Prime, Valkyr PrimeIcon272.png Valkyr Prime, CernosPrime.png Cernos Prime, and VenkaPrime.png Venka Prime, and exclusive mods: Mod TT 20px.png Votive Onslaught, Mod TT 20px.png Internal Bleeding, and Mod TT 20px.png Hemorrhage.

If the reward is collected before the mission is marked as complete, the reward will appear as the final Bonus Reward. If, however, the reward is collected after the mission is marked as complete, the reward will be shown on the rewards screen after transitioning from the mission to a dry dock or another mission.

Void Storm[edit | edit source]

Void Storms are unique Void Fissure missions that feature randomly appearing hazards called Void Sinks that deal radial damage, but attacking them before they explode will cause them to disappear. Only foot enemies, including Crewship personnel and Ramsled boarders, can become Corrupted and drop Reactant.

Completing Void Storms, even without bringing in or opening a relic, reward a high amount of Void Traces, SevagothIcon272.png Sevagoth and TnWraithSidearmWeapon.png Epitaph parts, or Radiant Void Relics.

View Void Storm Rewards List

Mission Regions[edit | edit source]

Empyrean Region Map

As of Update 29.10, players gained access to six mission regions: Earth, Saturn, Venus, Neptune, Pluto and Veil Proxima. Earth and Venus proxima is unlocked by default. However, Saturn and Neptune Proxima require rank 3 Intrinsic, while Pluto and Veil proxima requires rank 5 and rank 7 Intrinsic in any category respectively to unlock. Each region has its own set of nodes that will be revealed as the player progresses through the region. These nodes progress in a linear fashion and access to regions is not controlled by Junctions.

Note that these nodes do not count towards the progress of unlocking Arbitrations and The Steel Path.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

All drops within space and inside points of interest are distributed to the entire squad.

Upon completing all of the mission objectives, players will receive the mission rewards. They can then either search the area for additional resources or use the navigation console to begin a new mission or return to the Dry Dock.

As Railjack missions can have multiple separate objectives, the end-of-mission rewards also come in multiple parts. Completing the mission's main objective (or one rotation of it, in case of endless missions) grants a major reward (typically a Component Wreckage, Void Relic, or Endo). Reaching mission completion grants two resource bundles as well. Completing Priority Targets and Points of Interest also give rewards from their own separate reward "Cache" pools. Main objective rewards are node-specific, while other loot tables are identical in a given region (except for the Veil Proxima, where Grineer and Corpus nodes have different tables).


Extra resource bundles rewarded on mission completion. Players receive two items on this list.

Carbides64.png 200 Carbides 28.57%
Titanium64.png 200 Titanium 28.57%
Asterite64.png 5 Asterite 14.29%
GallosRods64.png 5 Gallos Rods 14.29%
Komms64.png Komms 7.14%
Nullstones64.png Nullstones 7.14%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

1st cache is rewarded for completing points of interest. 2nd cache is rewarded for activating terminals on Abandoned Derelict Caches.

First Cache Second Cache
Endo64.png 100 Endo 20%
Systems.png Oberon Systems Blueprint 10%
Endo64.png 150 Endo 10%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso N11 Relic 6%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith B8 Relic 5.99%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith D4 Relic 5.99%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith G3 Relic 5.99%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith I1 Relic 5.99%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith P5 Relic 5.99%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith T4 Relic 5.99%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith T5 Relic 5.99%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Particle Ram 4.03%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Shatter Burst 4.03%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Tether 4.03%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Endo64.png 100 Endo 14.63%
Endo64.png 150 Endo 9.76%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Engines Mk I 7.32%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Plating Mk I 7.32%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Reactor Mk I 7.32%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Shield Array Mk I 7.32%
Blueprint2.svg Vidar Engines Mk I 7.32%
Blueprint2.svg Vidar Plating Mk I 7.32%
Blueprint2.svg Vidar Reactor Mk I 7.32%
Blueprint2.svg Vidar Shield Array Mk I 7.32%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith B8 Relic 2.44%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith D4 Relic 2.44%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith G3 Relic 2.44%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith I1 Relic 2.44%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith P5 Relic 2.44%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith T4 Relic 2.44%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith T5 Relic 2.44%


Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Rotation A Rotation B Rotation C
Endo64.png 100 Endo 40% Endo64.png 100 Endo 35.29% Endo64.png 150 Endo 31.58%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Engines Mk I 20% Blueprint2.svg Lavan Plating Mk I 17.65% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Plating Mk I 15.79%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Reactor Mk I 20% Blueprint2.svg Lavan Shield Array Mk I 17.65% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Reactor Mk I 15.79%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith B8 Relic 6.67% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Engines Mk I 17.65% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Shield Array Mk I 15.79%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith D4 Relic 6.67% VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith P5 Relic 5.88% Systems.png Ash Systems Blueprint 10.53%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith G3 Relic 6.67% VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith T5 Relic 5.88% VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith I1 Relic 5.26%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith T4 Relic 5.26%


Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Extra resource bundles rewarded on mission completion. Players receive two items on this list.

CubicDiodes64.png 200 Cubic Diodes 28.57%
Titanium64.png 200 Titanium 28.57%
Asterite64.png 5 Asterite 14.29%
Isos64.png 5 Isos 14.29%
AucruxCapacitors64.png Aucrux Capacitors 7.14%
Nullstones64.png Nullstones 7.14%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

1st cache is rewarded for completing points of interest. 2nd cache is rewarded for activating terminals on Abandoned Derelict Caches.

First Cache Second Cache
Endo64.png 100 Endo 26.09% Endo64.png 100 Endo 19.35%
Endo64.png 150 Endo 17.39% Endo64.png 150 Endo 12.9%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Particle Ram 8.7% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Hemorrhage 9.68%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Shatter Burst 8.7% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Internal Bleeding 9.68%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Tether 8.7% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Votive Onslaught 9.68%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith B8 Relic 4.35% VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith C7 Relic 9.68%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith D4 Relic 4.35% VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso N11 Relic 9.68%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith G3 Relic 4.35% Barrel Athodai Barrel 6.45%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith I1 Relic 4.35% Blueprint2.svg Athodai Blueprint 6.45%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith P5 Relic 4.35% Receiver Athodai Receiver 6.45%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith T4 Relic 4.35%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith T5 Relic 4.35%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Extra resource bundles rewarded on mission completion. Players receive two items on this list.

Carbides64.png 200 Carbides 28.57%
Titanium64.png 200 Titanium 28.57%
Asterite64.png 5 Asterite 14.29%
GallosRods64.png 5 Gallos Rods 14.29%
Komms64.png Komms 7.14%
Nullstones64.png Nullstones 7.14%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

1st cache is rewarded for completing points of interest. 2nd cache is rewarded for activating terminals on Abandoned Derelict Caches.

First Cache Second Cache
Endo64.png 300 Endo 20%
Chassis.png Oberon Chassis Blueprint 10%
Endo64.png 450 Endo 10%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith C7 Relic 6%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso C6 Relic 5.99%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso D6 Relic 5.99%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso I1 Relic 5.99%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso K3 Relic 5.99%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso P2 Relic 5.99%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso P4 Relic 5.99%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso T4 Relic 5.99%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Blackout Pulse 4.03%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Countermeasures 4.03%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Munitions Vortex 4.03%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Endo64.png 200 Endo 14.46%
Endo64.png 300 Endo 9.64%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Engines Mk II 7.23%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Plating Mk II 7.23%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Reactor Mk II 7.23%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Shield Array Mk II 7.23%
Blueprint2.svg Vidar Engines Mk II 7.23%
Blueprint2.svg Vidar Plating Mk II 7.23%
Blueprint2.svg Vidar Reactor Mk II 7.23%
Blueprint2.svg Vidar Shield Array Mk II 7.23%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso C6 Relic 2.41%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso D6 Relic 2.41%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso I1 Relic 2.41%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso K3 Relic 2.41%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso P2 Relic 2.41%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso P4 Relic 2.41%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso T4 Relic 2.41%
RivenSliver64.png 2 Riven Sliver 1.2%


Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Rotation A Rotation B Rotation C
Endo64.png 200 Endo 40% Endo64.png 200 Endo 34.29% Endo64.png 450 Endo 30.77%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Engines Mk II 20% Blueprint2.svg Lavan Plating Mk II 17.14% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Plating Mk II 15.38%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Reactor Mk II 20% Blueprint2.svg Lavan Shield Array Mk II 17.14% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Reactor Mk II 15.38%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso C6 Relic 6.67% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Engines Mk II 17.14% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Shield Array Mk II 15.38%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso I1 Relic 6.67% VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso K3 Relic 5.71% Helmet.png Ash Neuroptics Blueprint 10.26%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso P4 Relic 6.67% VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso P2 Relic 5.71% VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso D6 Relic 5.13%
RivenSliver64.png Riven Sliver 2.86% VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso T4 Relic 5.13%
RivenSliver64.png 2 Riven Sliver 2.56%


Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Extra resource bundles rewarded on mission completion. Players receive two items on this list.

CubicDiodes64.png 200 Cubic Diodes 28.57%
Titanium64.png 200 Titanium 28.57%
Asterite64.png 5 Asterite 14.29%
Isos64.png 5 Isos 14.29%
AucruxCapacitors64.png Aucrux Capacitors 7.14%
Nullstones64.png Nullstones 7.14%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

1st cache is rewarded for completing points of interest. 2nd cache is rewarded for activating terminals on Abandoned Derelict Caches.

First Cache Second Cache
Endo64.png 200 Endo 26.09% Endo64.png 200 Endo 18.18%
Endo64.png 300 Endo 17.39% Endo64.png 300 Endo 12.12%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Blackout Pulse 8.7% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Hemorrhage 9.09%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Countermeasures 8.7% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Internal Bleeding 9.09%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Munitions Vortex 8.7% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Votive Onslaught 9.09%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso C6 Relic 4.35% VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith C7 Relic 9.09%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso D6 Relic 4.35% VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso N11 Relic 9.09%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso I1 Relic 4.35% Blueprint2.svg Nautilus Blueprint 6.06%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso K3 Relic 4.35% Chassis.png Nautilus Carapace 6.06%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso P2 Relic 4.35% Helmet.png Nautilus Cerebrum 6.06%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso P4 Relic 4.35% Systems.png Nautilus Systems 6.06%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso T4 Relic 4.35%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Rotation A Rotation B Rotation C
Endo64.png 300 Endo 40% Endo64.png 300 Endo 30.3% Endo64.png 450 Endo 30.77%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Engines Mk III 20% Blueprint2.svg Lavan Plating Mk III 18.18% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Plating Mk III 15.38%
Blueprint2.svg Lavan Reactor Mk III 20% Blueprint2.svg Lavan Shield Array Mk III 18.18% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Reactor Mk I 15.38%
VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo N13 Relic 6.67% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Engines Mk III 18.18% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Shield Array Mk I 15.38%
VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo N14 Relic 6.67% VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo P2 Relic 6.06% Chassis.png Ash Chassis Blueprint 10.26%
VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo T2 Relic 6.67% VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo Z7 Relic 6.06% VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo B7 Relic 5.13%
RivenSliver64.png Riven Sliver 3.03% VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo N15 Relic 5.13%
RivenSliver64.png 2 Riven Sliver 2.56%


Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Extra resource bundles rewarded on mission completion. Players receive two items on this list.

CubicDiodes64.png 200 Cubic Diodes 28.57%
Titanium64.png 200 Titanium 28.57%
Asterite64.png 5 Asterite 14.29%
Isos64.png 5 Isos 14.29%
AucruxCapacitors64.png Aucrux Capacitors 7.14%
Nullstones64.png Nullstones 7.14%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

1st cache is rewarded for completing points of interest. 2nd cache is rewarded for activating terminals on Abandoned Derelict Caches.

First Cache Second Cache
Endo64.png 300 Endo 26.09% Endo64.png 400 Endo 18.18%
Endo64.png 450 Endo 17.39% Endo64.png 600 Endo 12.12%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Blackout Pulse 8.7% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Hemorrhage 9.09%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Countermeasures 8.7% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Internal Bleeding 9.09%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Munitions Vortex 8.7% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Votive Onslaught 9.09%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso C6 Relic 4.35% VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi S8 Relic 9.09%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso D6 Relic 4.35% VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi V10 Relic 9.09%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso I1 Relic 4.35% Barrel Carmine Penta Barrel 6.06%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso K3 Relic 4.35% Blueprint2.svg Carmine Penta Blueprint 6.06%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso P2 Relic 4.35% Receiver Carmine Penta Receiver 6.06%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso P4 Relic 4.35% Stock Carmine Penta Stock 6.06%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso T4 Relic 4.35%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Extra resource bundles rewarded on mission completion. Players receive two items on this list.

Carbides64.png 200 Carbides 28.57%
Titanium64.png 200 Titanium 28.57%
Asterite64.png 5 Asterite 14.29%
GallosRods64.png 5 Gallos Rods 14.29%
Komms64.png Komms 7.14%
Nullstones64.png Nullstones 7.14%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

1st cache is rewarded for completing points of interest. 2nd cache is rewarded for activating terminals on Abandoned Derelict Caches.

First Cache Second Cache
Endo64.png 400 Endo 20% Endo64.png 450 Endo 17.39%
Helmet.png Oberon Neuroptics Blueprint 10% Endo64.png 1200 Endo 13.04%
Endo64.png 600 Endo 10% Blueprint2.svg Ignis Wraith Blueprint 8.7%
VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi S8 Relic 4.8% Blueprint2.svg Spectra Vandal Blueprint 8.7%
VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi V10 Relic 4.8% Endo64.png 450 Endo 8.7%
VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo B7 Relic 4.8% Barrel Spectra Vandal Barrel 6.52%
VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo N13 Relic 4.8% Stock Spectra Vandal Chassis 6.52%
VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo N14 Relic 4.8% Receiver Spectra Vandal Handle 6.52%
VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo N15 Relic 4.8% VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi S8 Relic 6.52%
VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo P2 Relic 4.8% VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi V10 Relic 6.52%
VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo T2 Relic 4.8% VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo V9 Relic 6.52%
VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo V9 Relic 4.8% Endo64.png 600 Endo 4.35%
VoidProjectionsSilverD.png Neo Z7 Relic 4.8%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Phoenix Blaze 4%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Seeker Volley 4%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Void Hole 4%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Rotation A Rotation B Rotation C
Endo64.png 400 Endo 42.86% Endo64.png 400 Endo 34.29% Endo64.png 600 Endo 34.29%
Blueprint2.svg Vidar Engines Mk III 21.43% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Plating Mk III 17.14% Blueprint2.svg Zetki Plating Mk III 17.14%
Blueprint2.svg Vidar Reactor Mk III 21.43% Blueprint2.svg Vidar Shield Array Mk III 17.14% Blueprint2.svg Zetki Reactor Mk III 17.14%
VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi A11 Relic 5.71% Blueprint2.svg Zetki Engines Mk III 17.14% Blueprint2.svg Zetki Shield Array Mk III 17.14%
VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi A13 Relic 4.29% VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi W2 Relic 5.71% VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi C6 Relic 5.71%
VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi O5 Relic 4.29% VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi Z1 Relic 5.71% VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi T6 Relic 5.71%
RivenSliver64.png 3 Riven Sliver 2.86% RivenSliver64.png 3 Riven Sliver 2.86%


Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Extra resource bundles rewarded on mission completion. Players receive two items on this list.

CubicDiodes64.png 200 Cubic Diodes 28.57%
Titanium64.png 200 Titanium 28.57%
Asterite64.png 5 Asterite 14.29%
Isos64.png 5 Isos 14.29%
AucruxCapacitors64.png Aucrux Capacitors 7.14%
Nullstones64.png Nullstones 7.14%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

1st cache is rewarded for completing points of interest. 2nd cache is rewarded for activating terminals on Abandoned Derelict Caches.

First Cache Second Cache
Endo64.png 300 Endo 26.09% Endo64.png 400 Endo 18.18%
Endo64.png 450 Endo 17.39% Endo64.png 600 Endo 12.12%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Blackout Pulse 8.7% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Hemorrhage 9.09%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Countermeasures 8.7% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Internal Bleeding 9.09%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Munitions Vortex 8.7% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Votive Onslaught 9.09%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso C6 Relic 4.35% VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi S8 Relic 9.09%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso D6 Relic 4.35% VoidProjectionsGoldD.png Axi V10 Relic 9.09%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso I1 Relic 4.35% Barrel Carmine Penta Barrel 6.06%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso K3 Relic 4.35% Blueprint2.svg Carmine Penta Blueprint 6.06%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso P2 Relic 4.35% Receiver Carmine Penta Receiver 6.06%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso P4 Relic 4.35% Stock Carmine Penta Stock 6.06%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD.png Meso T4 Relic 4.35%

Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Specters of any kind deployed will persist throughout missions, and even remain upon entering the Dry Dock. However, their level will be limited to the enemy level of the mission they were spawned with, and can only assist in repelling boarders. They can be told to wait in specific locations to fortify areas as well.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • When traveling to the Dry Dock after completing a mission, the player may become stuck in an infinite loading screen, where only the tactical menu is functional. The only option is to manually close the game.
  • Weapon skins may become disabled after returning to a Railjack from free flight with the Archwing.
  • A specific destroyable loot spawn will bug if the explosive in the center is destroyed, causing all nearby loot to it to not be siphoned and must be physically touched to pick up (see media). Be sure to get within range and pick up surrounding loot before shooting the explosive.
  • If the mission includes having to disable a ship destroyer asteroid base, the giant laser may continue to fire even after the base is destroyed, and this causes considerable constant damage to nearby Railjacks and at an extended range.
  • Rarely, Gokstad Crewships may be destroyed with normal Railjack weaponry, vanishing without the normal explosion associated with a reactor meltdown.
  • Player arch-guns and arch-melee may become permanently bugged and show up even when the player is on a ship or Railjack, visually blending in with their character and/or normal weapons. The only fix is to return to drydock or leave the mission though this is only visual.
  • Specters created with the CSHeliocor.png Synoid Heliocor can be forced to stay alive permanently by being in a different loading 'zone' than where the Specter was created, specifically loading zone bases that you must infiltrate and the Railjack itself. As long as you are not in the same zone when the timer runs out, they will not die and instead roam around until killed or you create another specter.
    • If you create a Specter out of a Grineer boarding party then leave the ship into another loading zone area (such as a Crewship or base) there is a chance that they will still be alive on your ship as a permanent companion. (see images)
  • Charging Vauban's Tesla Nervos as the player is loading the Dry Dock (from a returning mission) will cause a hard crash to desktop.
  • On the objective to disable a Pulse Turbine, the door to the final console to hack to finish the objective may become bugged and unable to be opened, with debris around the door as if you already exploded the systems by hacking the console. If this happens the entire mission is not completable and you must abort and lose progress.
    • Host migrations may fix the door and allow you to enter, though the objective may still be marked anyways as uncompleted as well as other strange bugs such as giant objective markers or containers marked with huge symbols on the map.
    • Another tactic requires having Loki teleporting at the other side of the door using a specter or an enemy trapped behind. With a specter, the player must stick to the door and launch the "pokeball" so it ends up behind it.
      • Mind that Loki's teleportation can only work if its target can be locked. Meaning it has to stick to the door as well.
      • That makes the Ancient Eximus Specters the best kind of specters to choose as they tend to bend through the door every so often.
    • Occasionally, if a fire starts in the Railjack and is still burning when an Empyrean Mission ends, the fire will remain present, which makes it possible for a player to die in the Clan Dojo. If the player dies in the Clan Dojo, they will be unable to revive or do anything. The only way to fix this is to return to the Orbiter or restart the game.

Media[edit | edit source]

Hotfix 30.2.2

  • Removed Cephalon Cy Research from Clans and moved Blueprint to the in-game Market for Credits.
  • Fixed inability to start another Railjack mission after returning to the Relay Dry Dock
  • Fixed the Recovered Wreckage button in the configure Railjack console in the Dry Dock being misplaced in certain languages.

Hotfix 30.2.1

  • Fixed Railjack Pulse Turbine doors not opening for either Host or Client.
  • Fixed a script error when viewing the Plexus

Update 30.2


Tenno are currently limited to holding 30 pieces of Railjack Wreckage. Wreckage limits as they currently stand can impact the flow of Railjack missions -- if you are one to play long sessions of Railjack missions in a row, you might have experienced this yourself - you cannot play missions until you manage your inventory. To prevent the interruption of having to scrap Wreckage every few missions, Wreckage is changing in a fundamental way:

All Wreckage of the same type (ex: Zekti MKIII Engines) will exist in one pool, without taking up Scrap Wreckage slots. If you wish to use that Wreckage for Repairs, Fusion, etc., you will be able to “Identify” the Wreckage to move it from that pool, taking up a Scrap Wreckage slot. The unique characteristics of that Wreckage will be revealed upon Identification.

This way you can continue to gather these resources in the background as you play, and choose how to use them once you’re back in your Dry Dock.

So let’s break this down a bit!

You and your Crew are ready to return to the Dry Dock after planet-hopping in your Railjack. Along the way you’ve collected a handful of Recovered Wreckage; Wreckage with no unique stats yet.

Back in the Dry Dock you notice a new icon/option in the Components/Armaments screen titled ‘SCRAP RECOVERED WRECKAGE’.

Here contains the Recovered Wreckage you just earned that has yet to be INSPECTED. Here you can own an infinite number of Recovered Wreckage which are nicely bundled together by their Types (Lavan Talyn Mk I, etc). These possess no unique stats in this state until you choose to Inspect them. In the Recovered Wreckage screen you can easily Scrap at a glance.

You see a Reactor in your Recovered Wreckage that piques your curiosity: what’re its unique stats? Back in the Components screen you locate your Recovered Reactor and choose to Inspect it to discover its unique stats. This action is free and immediate. Once Inspected you can choose to either Repair, Scrap, or Continue to add it to your Wreckage inventory.

*Please note that logic for assigning unique stats remains unchanged - for example Mk I Armaments didn’t possess unique stats before this change, and they still won’t.

Once you’ve reached the max Wreckage (30/30), you’ll notice that Recovered Wreckage can no longer be Inspected until you free up space in your Wreckage inventory. While you may be at the Wreckage limit, this no longer impacts your gameplay, as all Wreckage earned while on Railjack missions is put into your infinite Recovered Wreckage inventory!

Railjack Changes & Fixes:
  • Added a button to the Crew screen to ‘HIDE ALL’ UI elements for those wanting to get a screenshot of your lineup!
  • Improved the visual FXs in the Corpus Railjack Defense tileset.
  • Improved enemy pacing in Corpus Railjack Exterminate missions to feel more appropriate for the tileset size and difficulty.
  • Fixed a functionality loss when using the Omni to recall and the Archwing Slingshot at the same time.
  • Fixed a Client crash related to the Host Recalling out of the Corpus Freightlinker.
  • Fixed a crash when being punted back to the Operator in the Orphix gamemode.
  • Fixed early Crewship meltdown not swapping the player inside back to their Warframe before booting them to space, which could result in a slew of issues when punted out as the Operator.
  • Fixed a possible crash when firing the Railjack Forward Artillery.
  • Fixed inability to start a Railjack mission from Navigation in a Relay that doesn’t have a Dry Dock.
  • Fixed entering Orbiter Railjack console as Operator resulting in a second Warframe mesh appearing and animations/context actions breaking.
  • Fixed spamming X while attempting to exit the Railjack as the Operator resulting in the screen turning black and keeping you inside the Railjack.
  • Fixed Reactant pickups lingering after each squadmate had collected the full amount during a Void Storm mission.
  • Fixed Unairu's Wisp buff not applying in Railjack missions.
  • Fixed Crew members missing their heads when viewed in the Turret (and missing any attachments you added).
  • Fixed another case where Crew members were invisible when joining in progress.
  • Fixed (again) Sevagoth not going into Shadow form after death if Sevagoth previously died in Archwing.
  • Fixed a case where you could see Sevagoth’s Death Well during the ‘Sleeping in the Cold Below’ phase of Call of the Tempestarii.
  • Fixed Crew ‘Contracts’ button moving around at different aspect ratios.
  • Fixed numerous script errors that could occur during a Void Storm.

Hotfix 30.1.1

  • Added the Nautilus Blueprint and Components to Rotation B and C of Corpus Railjack Defense on Neptune. This was added to give endless-mission minded players a way to acquire the Sentinel without having to only do non-endless missions.
  • Changed how Fire Hazards impact Railjack Armaments: instead of making Forward Artillery and Ordnance require 2 charges per shot they now lock-on at half-speed.
    • Regular Turrets are left unchanged with Heat Accretion cool down being half-speed when your Railjack has a Fire Hazard.
  • Railjack Drifting sound is no longer restarted as long as you keep Drifting.
  • You can now press P (Mission Progress) when using Pilot or Gunnery actions in the Railjack.
  • Fixed a functionality loss when attempting to Hire Crew from Ticker when you’re at the maximum Crew capacity of 33.
  • Fixed Clients never getting Corrupted enemies if the Host isn’t encountering corruptible enemies in Void Storm missions. This was most commonly seen when the Host would stay on the Railjack while Clients boarded Crewships, POIs, Capital Ships, etc.
  • Fixed Electrical Hazard HUD scramble FX lingering perpetually if a Crew mate Repaired the Hazard while you were in your Necramech.
  • Fixed not being awarded the final Arcane for completing the 36th Orphix.
  • Fixed pressing P (Mission Progress) as Railjack mission success End of Mission is triggered resulting in the squad menu being hidden and inability to select any Railjack nodes.
  • Fixed getting put back into the Crewship after being punted to space due to the Crewships meltdown.
  • Fixed Turret becoming unusable if a player enters it and aborts the mission.
  • Fixed broken camera angles occurring after being Teleported into the Corpus Capital Ship while you were in the Archwing Slingshot.
  • Fixed Archwing Slingshotting to a Grineer Railjack Point of Interest resulting in colliding with the POI mesh.
  • Fixed launching the Necramech from the Archwing Slingshot via well timed Transference.
  • Fixed Void Sink spawn discrepancies if the Host was in a different location than the other squadmates.
  • Fixed Onslaught Matrix not stacking properly when used in a Squad.
  • Fixed inability to swap a Crew mates weapon if you assigned them to the Role they are currently assigned to.
  • Fixed Railjack Blink (Rank 10 in Piloting) claiming to be bound to LB by default, but is actually bound to A for controllers.
  • Fixed Mission Progress Credits appearing to be multiplied exponentially when entering a Railjack turret while having the mission progress screen open. This is a visual bug only.
  • Fixed Aurex Vertec enemy backpacks having incorrect textures that also read ‘Walnut’. They really wanted you to know what color their backpacks were.
  • Fixed waypoint issues within the Corpus Ice Mines.
  • Fixed waypoints missing their borders in the Call of the Tempestarii Spy phase.
  • Fixed some spot-loads related to the Railjack Plexus.
  • Fixed overly loud alarm sounds in Corpus Railjack Loot Dungeons.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when a Crewship is destroyed right as a player Archwing Slingshots into it.
  • Fixed a script error when a Crewship was destroyed.

Update 30.1

  • Fixed Point of Interest/Loot Dungeon rewards not appearing with UI fanfare at the time of Mission Success.This fixes the UI fanfare appearing as you were warping away from the mission, which could cause confusion as to if you even received your reward.
  • Fixed resetting Crew Competency points kicking you out of the Train screen.
  • Fixed the Configure Railjack UI persisting while viewing the Mods Tutorial.

Hotfix 30.0.8

  • Reduced the visual dominance and frequency of Void Storms and Void Sinks: This was highly requested player feedback! The visual noise of Void Storms was proving to be quite distracting and difficult to manage. We have made the following changes to improve your ability to focus on objectives and not overwhelming visual distractions.
    • Decreased the strength of the camera shake and increased the time between shakes (ultimately making shakes occur far less).
    • Fixed condition that prevented Void Sinks from overflowing over the max setting per level.
    • Reduced the intensity of the visual effects while you are within the explosion radius of a Void Sink, and made the visual directional so that now you can tell which direction the threat is.
    • Reduced the maximum number of active Void Sinks that can exist if you are playing Solo.
    • Dramatically decreased the number of Void Sinks that can spawn inside either Railjack or POIs/Capital Ships/Crewships.
    • Void Sinks and Void Storms now stop spawning after mission completion to prevent players/Railjack from dying post mission.
  • Added ‘Reload’ as a bindable option in the ‘Customize Controller’ Railjack options.
    • We also fixed the Gunnery Rank 9 ‘Flush Heat Sinks’ Intrinsic not working on Reload after resetting Railjack controller bindings to default.
  • Reduced the brightness of the Elite Harpi’s dash move.
  • Reduced the frequency of defensive electrical shocks while you’re attacking a Priority Target during Corpus Railjack missions (even more when it’s also a Void Storm!)
  • Reduced spawn rate of anti-hacking rings when multiple players are inside the Point of Interest in Corpus Railjack.
  • The Void Fissure and Void Storm World State Window has been split up to negate having to scroll extensively through the list. Void Fissure WSW will remain on the normal Star Chart and Void Storm WSW has been moved to the Railjack Star Chart.
  • Fixed a functionality loss if in Sevagoth preadeath Shadow form while on an enemy Crewship that explodes.
  • Fixed being unable to activate Particle Ram, Tether, and Shatter Burst Battle Mods while using a controller.
  • Fixed Client becoming stuck on Railjack loading screen during join in progress if the Host enters the Corpus Capital Ship at the perfect time.
  • Fixed being unable to complete the ‘Install Cephalon Cy’ stage of the Rising Tide Quest if you had played a Railjack mission hosted by someone who already owns a Railjack.
  • Fixed custom HUD elements of warframes not being visible on loading into a new Railjack mission if they were using a railjack seat during loading tunnel.
  • Fixed Sentient Anomaly missions overriding a chosen Void Storm mission in the Veil Proxima if they are sharing the same node.
  • Fixed context action missing for Clients to enter Railjack from Dry Dock after returning from a successful Railjack mission.
  • Fixed using Recall Warp right when the Corpus Airlock teleport timer hits 0 causing multiple issues, including players getting stuck in the Airlock area.
    • Recall Warp will now be disabled once Cy’s transmission countdown begins, similar to what we do with Commander missions to avoid future issues.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones behaving oddly when cast before exiting the Railjack and then reentering.
  • Fixed a bug that could break a number of Railjack encounters if you entered a loading tunnel as the Operator.
  • Fixed cases of missing Railjack load tunnel FX.
  • Fixed missing HUD if you launched your Railjack from your Orbiter as your Operator.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if a TERRA EMBATTOR MOA were killed as it was winding up a mortar attack.

Hotfix 30.0.7

  • The Forward Artillery weapon swapping mechanic has been given its aforementioned support functionality! When pressing (F) to ‘Switch Weapon’, you can now use the Turret Armaments while in the Forward Artillery seat! This functionality has been given a proper UI pass as well as sounds.
  • Fixed a crash when a Client joins a Railjack mission while the current players are on-board the Corpus Capital Ship.
  • Fixed a crash if Void Sinks triggered too early.
  • Fixed Clients becoming stuck in the loading screen if a Host migration occurred when other players were in Archwing, Necramech, and Operator mode.
  • Fixed Clients joining a Void Storm in progress being prompted to select a Lith Relic for a Neptune Void Storm instead of a Neo Relic.
  • Fixed Crew Appearance weapon Skin choices not saving.
  • Fixed a script error when using an ‘On Call’ Crew member.

Hotfix 30.0.6

  • Fixed a functionality loss and game freeze when exiting the Railjack as a cinematic starts.
  • Fixed a functionality loss when comparing Armaments/Components with a controller in the Railjack configuration screen.
  • Fixed Clients not seeing Crew mates if they joined while the mission was in progress and the Crew mate was on the Turret.
  • Fixed Railjack enemies not triggering Void Sinks.
  • Fixed the "Reset Skills" button not resetting the Crew member's Competency points when using a controller.
  • Fixed a script error when loading into a Void Storm just before it expired.

Hotfix 30.0.5

  • Fixed a common crash caused by the last hotfix related to Fissures.
  • Fixed erroneous prompts in the Crew UI with a Controller.

Hotfix 30.0.4

  • Void Sinks will no longer damage Railjack Crew or Companions (or Defense objectives, etc).
  • Fixed being permanently stuck in a Void Tunnel if you start a mission from a Dojo, but choose to go to a Relay.
  • Fixed missions not properly starting and the Railjack being in a dormant state if a Client does an incomplete load due to having a slower PC than the Host.

Hotfix 30.0.3

  • Fixed a loss of functionality associated with existing the Railjack right as a Cinematic starts.
  • Fixed black screen on clients after attempting to enter Corpus Freightlinker after one or more tugs were ejected.
  • Fixed crash when entering Railjack (potentially) and when boarding/leaving a Crewship.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving Void Storm mission.
  • Fixed an issue with overlay and Tactical maps not working if you are using the ‘Large’ map view.
  • Fixed getting on the pilot seat before fully entering the mission displaying the Warframe ability HUD.
  • Fixed issues with Corpus Crewship engines and doors not properly lighting.

Hotfix 30.0.2

  • Lensflare on Tempestarii Railjack skin will now update when hovering over customizations.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to launch a solo Railjack mission as client.
  • Fixed FX spam in Void Storms (potentially).
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur from aborting a Railjack mission.

Hotfix 30.0.1

  • Crewship Health Bars now disappear once a given Crewship is in the destruction phase so you know when to stop shooting.
  • Fixed a Script Error caused by Void Storms. This would cause crazy bursts of colour and stacking effects, and should be resolved now.
  • Fixed an issue with Component Stat changes reverting when opening the Railjack Mod Configs.
  • Fixed a Crash associated with Void Storms.
  • Fixed a Crash related to a Cy transmission.
  • Fixed script crash while returning to Dojo just as mission is starting / while streaming into mission.
  • Fixed boarders showing up at the Dry Dock after aborting an Orphix mission.
  • Fixed a script error when starting a Void Storm mission that's just about to expire.
  • Fixed Grineer Crewship pilot weapon not having any muzzle flashes when fired from pilot seat and no external firing positions in space.

Update 30.0


A storm's a brewin', Tenno. But where there’s risk, there’s Ghostly reward! Void Storms have been detected rolling through the Proxima. Supercharged with Void energy, boarding parties and Point of Interest enemies caught in these conditions are subject to Void Fissures - perfect for Void Relic opening! As the storm brews outside, brace yourself for Void Sinks on board your Railjack. These Void Sinks can deal damage to your Warframe if touched - shoot them to destroy!

Bring your Railjack Crew or your squad to open Relics, earn Intrinsics, and grofit with rewards! On top of your earned Relic reward, Void Storms offer their own goodies upon completion. May the Void be ever in your favor!

Void Storm missions can be selected in both the Railjack Star Chart and the Void Fissure tab of the World State Window.

Railjack Proximas and their corresponding Relics:

Earth Proxima: Lith Relics: Play here to open Lith Relics and earn their Rewards!
Earth Proxima Void Storm Rewards: Notable rewards in addition to your Relic items include pieces of Sevagoth’s Signature Sidearm ‘Epitaph’!

Venus Proxima: Lith Relics: Play here to open Lith Relics and earn their Rewards!
Venus Proxima Void Storm Rewards: Notable rewards in addition to your Relic items include pieces of Sevagoth’s Signature Sidearm ‘Epitaph’!

Saturn Proxima: Meso Relics: Play here to open Meso Relics and earn their rewards!
Saturn Proxima Void Storm Rewards: Notable rewards in addition to your Relic items include pieces of Sevagoth’s Signature Sidearm ‘Epitaph’.

Neptune Proxima: Neo Relics: Play here to open Neo Relics and earn their rewards!
Neptune Proxima Void Storm Rewards: Notable rewards in addition to your Relic items include pieces of Sevagoth the Warframe!

Pluto Proxima: Axi Relics: Play here to open Axi Relics and earn their rewards!
Pluto Proxima Void Storm Rewards: Notable rewards in addition to your Relic items include pieces of Sevagoth the Warframe!

Veil Proxima: Axi Relics: Play here to open Axi Relics and earn their rewards!
Veil Proxima Void Storm Rewards: Notable rewards in addition to your Relic items include pieces of Sevagoth the Warframe!

How do Void Storm rewards work?

Void Storm missions are directly similar to Void Fissure missions, where you’re tasked with completing the objective while also collecting enough Reactant.

All on-foot enemies are subject to becoming Corrupted from Void Fissures. Boarding parties, Point of Interest enemies, Crewship enemies, etc once Corrupted can all drop Reactant needed to open your Relic. Reactant is a shared pickup for Void Storms! Since Railjack requires Tenno to coordinate across multiple environments simultaneously, we felt that having shared Reactant pickups would help squads open Relics in a co-op friendly way.

Upon mission completion, you’ll be rewarded with your earned Relic reward, as well as an added item from the Void Storm drop table itself.

Railjack Changes & Fixes:
  • Increased Affinity reward for each Orphix to scale between 1,000 to max of 2,000 at level 60.
  • Railjack Earth Proximas Iota Temple, Ogal Cluster, Korm's Belt, and Bendar Cluster now have a guaranteed Point of Interest.
    • Point of Interests are needed for Void Storm gameplay to ensure Void Fissures spawn to collect Reactant.
  • Sigils can now be equipped on Crew mates via their Appearance screen.
  • Added more unique Railjack Crew descriptions.
  • Fixed endless Affinity gain from Crew Repairs by sitting in a mission and allowing the Railjack to take damage while your Crew cleans up. Affinity granting Repairs from Crew mates now has a cap of 20 per mission.
  • Fixed Corpus Railjack Fighters endlessly spawning, resulting in exploitive farming.
  • Fixed the new Railjack Armaments (Glazio, Laith, Talyn & Vort) at any Tier only returning 25 Endo when Scrapped.
    • Upon login, players who sold the Glazio, Laith, Talyn, or Vort Armaments will receive the respective Endo difference per Tier up to a maximum of 40,000 Endo returned (roughly equal to 200 Armaments Scrapped). Our reasoning for the cap correlates to the Corpus Fighter spawn exploit that was used to endlessly acquire items, including Armaments.
  • Fixed Host migration while streaming into a Railjack mission resulting in an infinite load tunnel
  • Fixed Necramech’s not counting as being inside the Capital Ship airlock, which is needed to continue the mission.
  • Fixed various functionality issues related to being outside the Railjack as the Operator.
  • Fixed enemies not spawning and Capital Ship Turrets not firing during the weak point destruction phase of the Volatile mission.
  • Fixed objective marker for Point of Interests occasionally remaining active after completing it.
  • Fixed missing Railjack loading tunnel and incorrect skybox for Clients who load in faster than the Host.
  • Fixed On-call Crew members not attacking or repositioning when in Melee range of an enemy.
  • Fixed Railjack Crew assigned to the Pilot position not staying near the Corpus Capital Ship after approaching it and having to destroy the scan points.
  • Fixed becoming stuck in the Railjack load tunnel when attempting to start a Sanctuary Onslaught mission while in the Railjack Star Chart.
  • Fixed Clients experiencing the screenshake and sound effect of Void Hole when cast by the Host.
  • Fixed Necramechs not despawning in the Railjack when returning to the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed description for Railjack Drift Maneuver on controller being incorrect.
    • Instead of reading “press & hold LS to drift” it now properly reads “Tap LB while boosting to drift".
  • Fixed momentary black screen occurring when viewing your Companion loadout while in the Arsenal in the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed issue where the names of Elite Corpus fighters in Veil Proxima were appearing as TARO instead of ORM.
  • Fixed getting pushed out of the Corpus Crewship and into Archwing when standing under a moving elevator within the Crewship.
  • Fixed Clients not seeing the visual dash FX of Corpus Elite Fighters.
  • Fixed Aurax Polaris & Aurax Culveri Moas counting for "Demolyst Killed" in the End of Mission player stats screen from Corpus Railjack missions.
  • Fixed Crew mate Transmissions affecting other NPC Transmissions.
  • Fixed the Railjack Gox always colliding with itself and causing a direction change when moving fast enough forward.
  • Fixed Sentinels equipped with Vacuum sucking in items that can’t be used when Piloting the Railjack.
  • Fixed Primary/Secondary crosshair being overlapped with the Melee crosshair in the Dojo after returning to the Drydock from a Railjack.
  • Fixed Intrinsics text in the End of Mission screen being squished together.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur in rare cases when returning to the Relay Dry Dock.
  • Fixed a rare script error that could occur if you entered the Railjack loading tunnel just as Stalker or a group of Syndicate Assassins arrived.
  • Fixed a script error when a Client interacts with the Plexus on the Hosts Orbiter.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur when aborting from specific types of Railjack encounter.

Hotfix 29.10.10

  • Fixed a crash when transitioning between Railjack to Archwing.
  • Fixed Glazio, Laith, Talyn and Vort Armaments not displaying when sorting Railjack Armaments by the Zetki manufacturer.

Hotfix 29.10.9

  • Fixed not receiving shared loot in Railjack on-foot areas (POIs, Crewships, etc.) if picked up by Necramechs.
  • Fixed being stuck in your Necramech floating in space if you were in a Grineer/Corpus Crewship when it exploded.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in certain Railjack encounters with range-based auras (Orvin-Haarc, Venus for example).
  • Fixed Tether Battle Mod having max stats at Rank 0.
    • This also fixes stat values increasing and decreasing sporadically in the Fusion screen while upgrading the mod.
  • Fixed Tactical Menu Teleporting while entering Railjack Turret locking Warframe in place after being Teleported and rendering the Turret unusable.
  • Fixes towards Client getting stuck in Archwing Slingshot due to lag.
  • Fixed the new Armaments that were released in Update 29.10.0 not appearing when filtered by house type (Zekti, Vidar, Lavan) at the ‘Configure Railjack’ panel.
  • Fixed the Stanchion Corpus ship missing its engines at the bottom.
  • Fixed old textures appearing on Corpus ships in Proxima regions.

Hotfix 29.10.8

  • Fixed inability to earn any Intrinsic points while being in the Necramech/Operator in Railjack missions.
  • Railjack Ability UI (Battle Mods, etc) is now usable when in the Artillery!
  • HUD custom colors now apply to Railjack/Archwing reticles and Railjack enemies!
  • Enemy Crewship Health bar will now disappear as it explodes so players know not to shoot it anymore.
    • Working on a fix for Clients.
  • Adjust the Gox arm aiming speeds to be significantly slowed (purely visually) so the arms do not twitch when attempting to lead a target that has very fast acceleration (eg. Archwing).
  • Fixed ability to use the Tactical Menu Teleporting function to return to your Railjack while inside a Corpus Capital Ship.
  • Players must extract from Corpus Capital Ships in order to successfully complete it. Using the Tactical Menu Teleport isn’t intentional for this scenario, and resulted in failing your mission and an End of Mission screen hardlock.
  • Fixed a functionality loss occurring when attempting to equip a Railjack Crew member if you had a lot of Converted Kuva Lichs.
  • Fixed ability to gain Energy/lose Energy when the Pause Menu is up and the game is paused (Solo mode).
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when joining a Railjack mission in progress.
  • Fixed Point of Interest/Loot Dungeons handing out the same rewards when running consecutive Railjack missions without returning to the Dojo in between.
  • Fixed specific scenarios where the Host may not be able to vote if Client chooses the node in Railjack.
  • Fixed Shipkiller Platform continuing to track and shoot the Railjack after mission completion.
  • Fixed Railjack Battle and Tactical callouts not updating when swapping between controller / mouse & keyboard.
  • Fixed (again) Crew Equip, Train, etc options not obeying Menu Scale changes.
  • Fixed some incorrect Steel Meridian aligned Crew idle animations.
  • Fixed specific Kuva Liches having a “Passive” in the Crew Equip screen.
  • Nerfed harmless script error that would occur when flying away from a Defense objective in a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed a script error related to Railjack enemy patrol behaviour.
  • Fixed script error that could occur if you got out of the Railjack Slingshot immediately on entering.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur if you pressed the Dry Dock console at exactly the right moment while the Railjack you were invited to started to launch.

Hotfix 29.10.7

  • Fixed functionality loss when failing the Falling Glory node.
  • Fixed inability to Mod your Plexus until you own a Railjack.
    • The intended flow here is when you complete The Archwing Quest and are awarded your Plexus, you can Mod it and join others on their Railjack missions to help out until you get yourself a Railjack. You’ll now be able to Mod it, but won't be able to see Railjack stats unless you actually own one, as the Plexus doesn’t have any Railjack data to pull from yet.
  • Fixed the reward script for Grineer Railjack Missile Platforms and Shipkiller Platforms firing up to 7 times for one completed Point of Interest. Visually the reward popup UI only appeared once, but then later on at the End of Mission screen you would see a reward duplication up to 7 times in some cases.
  • Fixed Railjack remaining invulnerable when ‘Aborting to Dry Dock’ inside the Capital Ship airlock and launching a new mission.
  • Fixed a few more cases of Onslaught Matrix/Protective Shots Mods stacking.
  • Fixed attempting to search for a Mod in the Plexus by using the Left Stick on a controller not activating the search bar.
  • Fixed newer Corpus Railjack Armament Wreckage reward UI not doing the fancy left side “slide out” notification when picked up.
  • Fixed a script error that would occur when entering Railjack loading tunnel and leaving certain types of Corpus hazards behind.
  • Fixed a script error occurring when attempting to pilot an enemy Crewship.
  • Improved load-times in Railjack missions and optimized memory usage.

Hotfix 29.10.6

  • Fixed progression stop when attempting to do Railjack missions in succession, which resulted in main mission objectives not spawning.
  • Potential fix for never ending Railjack space tunnel when loading a Railjack mission from the Dojo with slow hard drives.
  • Fixed receiving the Corpus “Loot Cave” rewards when using the ‘Return to Dojo’ option without actually completing the mission.
  • Fixed a functionality loss when activating the Railjack Forge while in Zephyr’s Tail Wind Hover.
  • Forge context action will now be hidden while your Hovering.
  • Fixed Crew doing way more than 27% extra damage when using Worm's Torrent, Granum's Nemesis, or Sentient Scalpel Mod.
  • Fixed Onslaught Matrix/Protective Shots Mods stacking when you repeatedly equip it in the Plexus.
  • Fixed Railjack Mod rewards appearing cut off in the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed a script error when using the Archwing Slingshot.

Hotfix 29.10.5

  • Added a new Railjack ‘Wear & Tear’ slider to the Customizations options for the interior! Similar to the Wear & Tear slider for the exterior of the Railjack, this slider adjusts the level of erosion that the interior reflects. In addition, we’ve added a coloring option for the exposed metal erosion (similar to the Orbiter Interior Wear & Tear)!
  • Railjack Pause menu now offers a "Return to Dojo" option that returns you to the Dry Dock instead of "Abort Mission" which would rudely kick you straight back to your Orbiter.
  • Added respective Kuva Lich ability information to the Kuva Lich details tooltip and the Crew selection screen Lich tooltip.
  • Updated various Capital Corpus Ships Missile Volley effects to be more Corpus-y.
  • Fixed crashes related to enemy Crewships.
  • Fixed a Railjack mission join-in-progress crash.
  • Fixed a crash in the Tactical Menu when the spectated player disconnects.
  • Fixed a rare crash if you had Corpus Ice Sleds and Boarding parties happen at the same time.
  • Fixed End of Mission screen getting stuck if you left a Railjack Defense mission and travelled directly to another Railjack mission (i.e. didn't return to Dry Dock in between).
  • Fixed the Corpus Capital Ship entrance door context action disappearing if you didn’t make it before Cy started his airlock countdown. This resulted in other squadmates being unable to enter the Capital Ship after the countdown - they can now come join the party!
  • Fixed getting teleported back to the Railjack during Cys airlock countdown in the Capital Ship.
  • Fixed Clients unable to Pilot the Railjack if the Host is Piloting it while they join-in-progress.
  • Fixed Clients unable to vote for the next Railjack mission after just completing a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed Client Railjack Ammo not receiving full ammo load at mission start if you launch a Railjack mission from Orbiter as a squad.
  • Fixed when Hildryn exits and re-enters the Railjack with Larkspur equipped as her Archwing Weapon, the max Artillery/Missile count will increase by 300, allowing the accumulated missiles to increase past their intended cap.
  • Fixed players without a Railjack being able to launch Railjack missions from Orbiter Star Chart.
  • Fixed cases of Crew member transmissions getting mixed on for Crew members of the same Syndicate alignment.
  • Fixed the ‘Reset Defaults’ button on the Crew appearance screen not resetting the equipment and only resetting the color.
  • Fixed Crew attachment selection being inconsistent for second chosen limb (Right Arm after Left Arm, etc).
  • Fixed Red Veil aligned Crew members not holding their daggers in the Crew selection screen.
  • Fixed Crew Equip, Train, Equip etc options not obeying Menu Scale changes.
  • Fixed Railjack Plating not being indicated as equipped which can lead to accidentally Scraping it. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1253287-update-29100-bug-hunting-megathread-read-first-post/page/27/

Hotfix 29.10.4

  • Moved Crew member VO upon Hire to play when you equip them for your team as opposed to when you initially Hire them from Ticker to have them not get drowned out or cut off.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the level changed while having the Dojo Room Selection or Railjack Tactical Menu open.
  • Fixed crashing when entering a Wormhole on Pluto.
  • Fixed crash when using certain Warframe Abilities during Dry Dock transition.
  • Fixed Affinity from Railjack missions can be reapplied by enter/exiting Free Flight.
  • Fixed Crew members being invisible for Clients if they joined-in-progress while they were in Turrets. Also fixed Clients joining-in-progress and not being able to get into Turrets after ordering the Crew member out of the Turret.
  • Fixed Plexus missing from your Profile stats.
  • Fixed Client's Railjack colors getting overridden by Host's when using the Railjack Dry Dock consoles.
  • Fixed a script error related to Capital Ship spawning.

Hotfix 29.10.3

  • Added new objective marker icon for Optional Railjack objectives to help differentiate them from core mission objectives.
  • The Railjack Tactical Menu teleport markers now display their respective location names (Bridge, Forge, etc).
  • Reduced the exploding FX alive time for the Crewship interior to prevent possibly leaking FX and constant screen shaking.
  • Increased camera zoom and rotations on the Corpus Crewship.
  • Fixed rare DirectX 12 crash occurring when viewing the Intrinsics screen.
  • Fixed a rare crash related to loading into a Railjack mission and a Crewship spawned.
  • Fixed crashing upon having Crew members Repair at the same time that the Railjack reaches Critical Breach failure.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when using the Archwing Slingshot.
  • Fixed crashing during the Railjack space loading tunnel.
  • Fixed a functionality loss that could happen if the player aborted mid-mounting of a Turret.
  • Fixed Corpus Gox and Weaver Railjack enemies not dropping their Wreckage rewards if killed by the Railjack. If Gox was killed by a player in Archwing the reward was given successfully.
    • This also fixes the actual reward drop not having the proper purple marker.
  • Fixed Onslaught Matrix stacking when you repeatedly equip it in the Plexus.
  • Fixed Ordnance and Forward Artillery becoming locked up and not firing due to Fire Hazards on the Railjack.
  • Fixed Client Railjack Ammo not receiving full ammo load at mission start if you launch a mission from the Dojo
    • Not yet resolved for launching a mission from the Orbiter.
  • Fixed double Host migrations resulting in the remaining players to be teleported to the Capital Ship as the Operator.
  • Fixed Channeled Warframe Abilities (Oberon’s Renewal, etc) gaining Energy through Energy regeneration through Zenurik Energizing Dash or Energy Siphon. As per the norm, Energy regeneration is blocked if you are Channeling an Ability.
  • Fixed Forward Artillery parts disappearing when mounted.
  • Fixed Carcinnox, Cryophon, and Laith shooting with about half the frequency of its potential when manned by a Crew member.
  • Fixed being in your Necramech when Transferring to your Operator right as you exited the Railjack.
  • Fixed Railjack piloted by a Crew member staying stationary in Multiplayer if some players are on the Railjack and others are outside
  • Fixed Railjack Crew members still talking after they’ve died.
  • Fixed ability to activate Railjack Battle Mods while in the space loading tunnel.
  • Fixed Railjack stats using the wrong Damage types when equipped with the Orgone Tuning Matrix.
  • Fixed some Crew members aligned with Perrin Sequence having their default Bo weapon sticking through their body.
  • Fixed the Tactical Menu Crew Role selection not filling the screen when using reduced Menu Scale.
  • Fixed Crew role option appearing for Kiva Lich crewmates in the Tactical Menu.
  • Fixed Railjack Turrets not showing dynamic Energy cost for Battle Mods.
  • Fixed Railjack node ‘Arc Silver’ missing the small diamond marker in the Star Chart.
  • Fixed missing UI when 2 different Railjack objectives are happening at the same time.
  • Fixed Research 'prerequisite' label not being localized.
  • Fixed a script error that would occur when entering the Railjack space loading tunnel and leaving certain types of Corpus hazards behind.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to pilot an enemy Corpus Crewship.
  • Fixed a rare script error occurring when returning to the Dry Dock as a Client.

Hotfix 29.10.2

  • Made numerous fixes to Corpus Railjack Defense missions:
    • Fixed cases of not receiving Defense mission rewards in Corpus Railjack.
    • Fixed “loot dungeon” rewards not being earned if you grabbed them after completing the Defense objective.
    • Fixed cases of not seeing the rewards banner after a successful Defense gameplay.
    • Fixed inability to leave the Defense mission after you’ve extracted and were back in "Free Roam" mode.
    • Fixed an endless loading screen when attempting to pick a new Railjack node after selecting to extract the Defense mission.
      • Missed Fix from 29.10.1.
    • Swapped VIDAR REACTOR MK I to MK III to VIDAR SHIELD ARRAY MK I to MK III in Pluto Defense rewards.
  • Removed the ability to migrate from Dojo to Relay otherwise the squad can split leaving Host in Dry Dock and Client in loading space tunnel.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when boarding the Railjack from Archwing.
  • Potential fix for a crash that could occur when mounting or dismounting the Railjack Turrets as a Client
  • Fixed not being teleported into the Capital Ship when using Tactical Teleport via Tactical Map.
  • Fixed ability to fly Corpus Crewships out of the Railjack level.
  • Fixed Railjack Armament FX when in Turret mode.
  • Fixed Vacuumed Resources by the Railjack appearing very large when viewed from the Turret.
  • Fixed all Ordnance Armaments having the same Ammo capacity.
  • Fixed Corpus Railjack lightning storm sound triggering more than once.
  • Fixed Nekros resurrecting Gox enemies when using Shadows of the Dead.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur in rare cases when flying a Railjack to a Dojo Dry Dock.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that would occur if you were using Wisp's Sol Gate during the Railjack loading space tunnel.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that would occur if you were using Volt's Speed during the Railjack loading space tunnel.
  • Fixed a couple script errors that resulted in the Tactical Map locking up.
  • Fixed a script error when starting the Capital Ship objective.

Hotfix 29.10.1

  • Added a new Profile > Railjack option that now holds Board Railjack, Intrinsics, and Plexus menus.
  • Added spawn/despawn sounds to "On Call" Crew.
  • Added clarifying information to the Scouring Warheads and Waveband Disruptor Mods to indicate their respective equippable weapons (Ordnance for Warheads and Turret for Waveband).
  • Added clarifying information to the Command Intrinsic Rank 8 that Kuva Lich Crew members are Defenders only (at least, uh, for now. We’re reading the feedback).
  • Replaced Tactical Map ‘Issue Order’ button for Crew mates with a visual button to promote visibility and quicker accessibility.
  • Tweaked Cephalon Suda Crew member animation FX and emissives to reflect their style.
  • Removed newly retired Dirac from Sentient and Orokin Containers and replaced it with Endo.
    • We’ll be looking to run a script to swap said Resources for those that got some. Will update at a later date after we check some more places just in case!
  • Improved objective marking for Corpus Capital Ships to not show 24/7.
  • Fixed functionality loss when Archwing Slingshotting through a Wormhole on Pluto.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Crew screen.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to return to a Railjack mission with Crew members after the game disconnected.
  • Fixed a crash related to applying upgrades while in a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed missing enemy spawns when traversing to a Veil Proxima node after completing a Corpus Proxima mission.
  • Fixed Host migration breaking Corpus Capital Ship objectives.
  • Fixed the left most Crew members ‘Appearance’ button not functioning at its best.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich Crew members having misaligned Kuva Bramma arrows.
    • Also fixes for non-Crew Kuva Liches.
  • Fixed wonky Tactical Map Kuva Lich role icon.
  • Fixed incorrect controller button callout for Crew role selection in the Tactical Map.
  • Fixed Derelict Freightlinker timers/objectives displaying for squadmates that are outside of the Freightlinker.
  • Fixed Necramech triggering Defense alarm sounds every time they come into proximity of the Defense objective.
  • Fixed some Corpus Railjack enemies not attacking the Defense target.
  • Fixed Corpus Cannon Batteries on Ice Mines unable to fire throughout their whole range of motion.
  • Fixed Archwing Slingshotting towards a Corpus Crewship resulting in either entering the Crewship with your Archwing equipped or going directly through the ship.
  • Fixed Crew members not spawning with a 'default' weapon when used in regular missions via the Crew On Call gear item.
  • Fixed Critical Breach muffled sound overlay persisting if you venture out of the Railjack.
  • Fixed the Critical Breach muffled sound overlay persisting permanently for the duration of the mission if the Repair is done while you’re outside the Railjack.
  • Fixed Female Crew members using Male portrait icons when previewing Crew members in Dry Dock screen.
  • Fixed a script error when selecting to ‘Auto Install’ in the Plexus with no Primary weapon equipped.
  • Fixed a script error occurring if you happened to hover over the Crew Skills button in the Training screen at the same moment you backed out.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if you were dismounting a Turret at the exact moment you entered a loading tunnel.
  • Fixed a script error when customizing Railjack Crew suit colors.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when aborting or failing a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed a script error that would occur when entering a loading tunnel and leaving certain types of Corpus hazards behind.
  • Fixed a script error when using an On Call Crew member at the exact moment you died.

Update 29.7

  • Fixed Railjack Navigation map not releasing drag functionality when a dialog appears resulting in odd camera movements.

Hotfix 29.6.8

  • Fixed inability to use Railjack navigation if the mission failed.

Hotfix 29.6.5

  • Fixed Railjack objectives and enemies not spawning if Client player is in Pilot seat during load-in.
  • Fixed functionality loss if you clicked on a Chat Link to open an item or market page while loading back to the Dojo from a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed Railjack Crewship gun turrets targeting Penumbra clocked Itzal players.
  • Fixed ‘Return to Railjack’ persisting on screen in Railjack missions.
  • Fixed numerous script errors related to mounting/dismounting/using Railjack Side Turrets.

Hotfix 29.5.7

  • Running out of Railjack Boost stamina will now clear the Boost state to address Boost not recharging once depleted.
  • Fixed an invisible wall in the Railjack’s mesh.

Hotfix 29.5.6

  • Improved the Railjack Inventory Slot flow for more exposure and overall clarity:
    • Changed Wreckage Capacity count to use an icon instead of text + scrap button: hover to see text and click to open scrap window.
    • Added an additional button for combined Components and Armaments (constructed Wreckage) to show Components & Armaments Capacity and allow you to Scrap multiple at the same time using the dedicated Scrap window.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to use the Railjack Pilot context action during a level transition.

Update 29.5

  • Disabled the health marker on Grineer Crewships in Railjack missions when the reactor is destroyed.
    • We made this change so that there is less confusion to those outside of the Crewship on whether or not it is still an active/valid target.
  • Fixed a small memory leak that could occur when piloting a Railjack.
  • Fixed simultaneously opening the pause menu and selecting options while boarding the Railjack causing your Warframe to become frozen in the pause menu animation.
  • Fixed Railjack turret handles getting stuck in Client’s arms when they use the Tactical Menu to teleport to another player.
  • Fixed Titania appearing absolutely gigantic when using Omni Tool to return to Railjack in Razorwing after blowing up enemy ship, as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/ea4m8a/titania_is_so_big_so_i_stuck_inside_a_ship/
  • Fixed a tile not rendering in the Railjack boss room for Kasio's Rest.
  • Fixed Railjack Wreckage being marked as under repair even if you didn’t contribute anything.
  • Fixed squad information not appearing in HUD even if enabled in Options when operating a Railjack turret.
  • Fixed players on Railjack getting pulled into Archwing when others are retreating from a Grineer Crewship.
  • Fixed Enemy Ship indicators showing up in the Options menu in Railjack.
  • Fixed choosing “none” as a companion in the Railjack Arsenal causing the camera to clip into the Arsenal itself. This also fixes the same thing happening when switching back and forth from the companion tab.
  • Fixed issues with text in the Railjack’s Tactical Map when using a Warframe that has Helminth abilities.
  • Fixed Railjack Sungem Akin appearing as the default Railjack skin when viewed from the Orbiter. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1231000-railjack-skins-dont-apply-from-inside-your-railjack/
  • Fixed Kasio’s Rest Railjack Asteroid Base not actually firing missiles at you.

Hotfix 29.3.1

  • Fixed inability to use Navigation after accessing Railjack via the Pause Menu while in Navigation.

Hotfix 29.2.4

  • Optimized a small memory leak that would occur in certain Railjack missions.
  • Fixed a functionality loss when Upgrading the Railjack Grid then going back while looking at the tooltip.

Hotfix 29.1.2

  • Fixed Railjack Avionics not being displayed correctly in the EoM screen.

Update 29.1

  • Fixing a script error with the Railjack Tactical Menu.

Hotfix 29.0.6

  • Xaku’s Gaze ability has been added to the Railjack Tactical Menu.

Hotfix 29.0.1

  • Fixed a script error in the Railjack Navigation screen.

Hotfix 28.3.2

  • Fixed some invalid characters when renaming the Railjack in different languages.

Update 28.3

  • Fixed Projectile Armaments (like Apoc) not gaining the damage bonus from the Hyperstrike Avionic.
  • Fixed Valence Fusion failing between Tier 2 Armaments with a "perfect" stat roll and a Tier 3 Armament with a lesser stat roll.
  • Fixed Client player able to start a Railjack mission after being invited to the Host’s Orbiter.
  • Fixed the "Kill Asteroid Base Commander" POI on Saturn spawning Kosma enemies instead of Gyre enemies.
  • Fixed placeholder text appearing while piloting Railjack with the Tactical Menu open.
  • Fixed Avionics not stacking in the end of mission screen rewards.
  • Fixed being able to open the Orbiter Equipment screen when in the Railjack.
  • Fixed script error you could encounter when returning to Dry Dock from Railjack mission.

Hotfix 28.1.1

  • Fixed inability to use Railjack Battle Avionics when using a controller. The following has been reverted in order to fix:
    • Fixed right-D-pad equipping Omni-tool (or doing nothing in regular Archwing missions) instead of cycling to the next Warframe/Archwing ability.
  • Fixes towards Omni-tool binding sometimes not working correctly when using a controller.
  • Fixed the Railjack HUD sometimes showing "<SECONDARY_FIRE>" on the bottom-left instead of the button that Ordnance is bound to.
  • Fixed an issue reported here where the binding for equipping the Omni-tool was missing when playing with a controller if you had customized your bindings prior to the release of Railjack. Players on PC may have to manually restore the bindings.
  • Fixed simultaneously pressing ESC+Interact action allowing you to Decorate the Railjack.

Update 28.1

  • Fixed Maxima and Hull Weave Avionics missing from respective Earth Proxima and Veil Proxima enemies.
  • Fixed the Archwing Slingshot breaking after the first use if it was used to board a Crewship.
  • Fixed spawning thousands of meters away from your Railjack if you Transfer back into your Warframe after launching a Railjack mission as the Operator.
  • Fixed getting stuck in Orbiter/Railjack walls when entering the Arsenal as the Operator.
  • Fixed viewing Railjack Components/Armaments and switching tabs after making a selection not properly deselecting the selected item, resulting in the Valence Fusion and Scrap buttons disappearing.
  • Fixed the Avionics screen showing the incorrect callout for "remove" when using a controller.
  • Fixed right-D-pad equipping Omni-tool (or doing nothing in regular Archwing missions) instead of cycling to the next Warframe/Archwing ability.

Hotfix 28.0.6

  • Fixed opening any kind of Chat link while on the Railjack Configure screen causing UI overlaps.

Hotfix 28.0.5

  • General stability changes towards Railjack missions when a Host migration occurs. This touches on issues related to Crewships not spawning after a Host migration, and crashing when a Crewship spawning triggers a Host migration.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when destroying Fighters.
  • Fixed Railjack doors sometimes preventing you from moving through unless you move back and approach them again.
  • Fixed a script error related to Scrapping Railjack Wreckage.

Hotfix 28.0.2

  • Fixes towards incorrect fog rendering when viewing skyboxes from your Railjack.

Update 28.0

  • Increased the amount of invested currency that is refunded for the following:
    • Scrapping ranked Avionics refund more of the invested Dirac (75% just like Mods).
  • Added “Join Any Crew” option to search for Open Squads in active Railjack missions that you can join in a given Proxima. If there are no open squads, a pop-up will prompt you to try again or launch a new session from your personal Railjack.
    • We’ve added this feature to save time and keep you from needing to hover over node by node to see if there are active squads on them.
  • Added a ‘Scrap Wreckage’ button to the Railjack Components/ Armaments screens. This removes the step of having to manually go into your Inventory in order view a complete list of Wreckage to Scrap when over the Wreckage limit.
  • Fire hazards that spawn on the Railjack will now directly damage the Ship/Hull directly, instead of getting split between Hull and Shields. This means that even if you have full Shields you'll start taking damage directly to your Railjack if you leave a fire unattended.
  • Fixed loss of functionality when performing a Finisher while inside a Crewship when it explodes.
  • Fixes towards inability to use the Archwing Slingshot if two Client players spam the interaction at the same time during a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed a case where the End of Mission screen would pop in for a split second when transitioning from a Railjack mission to Dojo.
  • Fixed being able to launch Railjack missions from an incomplete Dry Dock (still in construction through Rising Tide) after Host migrating from a mission joined as Clients.
    • This also fixes a related issue of infinite loading tunnels when returning to Dojo after host migration.
  • Fixed Wreckage Capacity not immediately being updated until after exiting and then coming back after using Valence Fusion with Wreckage as one of the components.
  • Fixed Railjack Armament stats not displaying properly when viewing the full Railjack stats.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality when viewing the Nightwave screen when a squad member returns the Railjack to the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed some Railjack POIs having a delayed reaction to your presence (i.e not firing Super Weapon, firing Ram Sleds, etc),
  • Fixed being placed next to a POI (if there is one) when skipping the Crewship Archwing exit cutscene.
  • Fixed Railjack mesh collapsing when loading into Dry Dock after mission in the “Configure Railjack” panel.
  • Fixed a crash when aborting a Railjack mission after another player had also aborted.

Hotfix 27.5.6

  • Fixed inability to Pilot the Railjack downwards if you're Piloting using your Operator with a controller.
  • Fixed the End of Mission screen popping in for a split second when transitioning from a Railjack mission to the Dry Dock.

Hotfix 27.5.3

  • Fixed some Railjack Battle Avionics not firing where the reticle is aimed for Clients.
  • Fixed the default Railjack Skin not being first in the Railjack Skin list.

Hotfix 27.5.2

  • Fixed inability to exit the Railjack for a while after returning to the Dry Dock from a Railjack mission.

Update 27.5.0

  • Fixed inability to tag items in Chat when using the Chat window while on a Railjack Turret.

Hotfix 27.4.4

  • Changed the Valence Fusion popup if you have no compatible Fusion items but you do have Wreckage partially funded, this popup will indicate that you cannot use partially funded Wreckage for Valence Fusion (you can of course get refunded for cancelling the repair and then Valence Fusion will work).
  • Void Mode will now be disabled when Operators use a Railjack Turret.
  • Fixed Scrapping unrepaired Wreckage displaying that you gained the wrong Resources. When Scrapping unrepaired Wreckage the UI should only show you that you obtained Dirac.
  • Fixed another case of Fire Malfunctions not damaging the Railjack in higher level missions.
  • Fixed Radial explosions from weapons (Penta, etc) not doing damage to Crewship Reactors.
  • Fixed the Join Warp feature not bringing your Pet Companion with you.
  • Fixed (for real this time) Cruising Speed Avionic not applying its 80% increase for Railjack speed when more than 3000m away from any enemy ships.
  • Fixed using a Forging Bay as the Operator not correctly tracking which Forge you were trying to use, causing Forges to appear “Busy” when they really weren’t.
  • Fixed weird Operator animations when using the Forward Artillery on the Railjack.
  • Fixed ‘Countermeasures’ and ‘Fiery Phoenix’ Avionics descriptions not matching their updated functionality.
  • Fixed a script error when launching a Railjack mission from the Dojo Navigation.

Hotfix 27.4.3

  • Your Pet Companions will now teleport alongside you when transitioning between different regions in a Railjack mission (ie Omni Recall, Archwing Slingshot, boarding a Crewship via Archwing, etc).
    • This addresses feedback that Pet Companions could take many seconds to catch up, or if it's bleeding out, won't catch up at all, thus dying frequently. This also fixes Pet Companions sometimes dying on an exploding Crewship that you’ve already departed from.
    • A lingering issue we’re chasing is the Join Warp feature not bringing your Pet Companion with you.
  • Fixed a functionality loss when Recalling back to the Railjack while performing a finisher.
  • Fixed Cruising Speed Avionic not applying its 80% increase for Railjack speed when more than 3000m away from any enemy ships.
  • Fixed base of the Railjack Wing Turret appearing to float in front of the Client player when mounting said Wing Turret.

Hotfix 27.4.2

  • Fixed Clients using Join Warp (Rank 10 Tactical) teleporting ten-thousands of meters away instead of next to the squad member they are trying to teleport to.
  • Fixed Particle Ram FX flickering if you weren’t the person flying the ship.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if you were viewing the Railjack Tactical Menu while en route to the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed Seeker Volley having no drop location - it now drops from Kosma Taktis.
  • Fixed killing Crewship Engines not affecting crew count before the ship has been boarded.
  • Fixed a crash associated with Crewships.
  • Fixed Garuda not being able to Melee after leaving and re-entering Railjacks.

Hotfix 27.4.1

  • Quadrupled the XP gain from removing Railjack Hazards:
    • Fire Hazard: From 600 to 2400
    • Electricity Hazard: From 600 to 2400
    • Ice Hazard: From 600 to 2400
    • Hull Breach: From 600 to 2400
    • Hull Rupture: From 1000 to 4000
  • Changed confirmation text when Valence Fusing Railjack components to be clearer.
    • It now reads ‘Choose a stat’ instead of ‘Choose which stat to fuse’.
  • Fixed Railjack Fire Hazards not causing correct damage to the Railjack. You should feel Fire Hazards (max 1 at a time) hitting a lot harder to your Railjack now as intended.
  • Fixed Cruising Speed Avionic stacking its effect if you equip/unequip it repeatedly in the Loadout screen.
  • Fixed sometimes crashing when casting the Void Hole Battle Avionic.
  • Fixed a script error when using Valence Fusion in the Railjack Configure panel.
  • Fixed a script error when initiating a Railjack mission right when someone else is Contributing in the Dojo.
  • Fixed a script error when Upgrading Avionics.

Update 27.4

Railjack Revisited (Part 1)

Tenno! We are continuing our Warframe Revised update pattern - this time with a focus on Railjack. Earlier this year we released ‘Warframe Revised’ which touched a lot of Warframe, but also included a big batch of bug fixes for Railjack. Now it’s time to dive deeper into key areas: Pacing, Balance, and Tools of the Trade. Not included in this Revisit: Intrinsics, Missions, and other areas. These are bigger undertakings for later Parts, but expect more revisions to come (to Malfunctions too)!

In Part 1, we are revising Pacing, Balance, and Tools because these 3 make up the foundation of all Railjack gameplay: what’s the pace of Railjack missions? How hard are you hitting enemies (and vice versa)? What are your tools for the trade? This update provides new answers to all of these questions in a new foundation to the Railjack you’ve known since launch. The key intention behind this Railjack Revisited update is to make Railjack better paced and more fun, while also being more rewarding for your time.

You may notice some items listed below are striked-through! Over the weekend, we posted a Dev Workshop of these changes, also ran our first ever Public Test Cluster, where Tenno could playtest these Railjack changes before they went live. As we iterated on the feedback gathered, we wanted to show this in our update notes: if we iterated on a change following feedback, we have listed the original planned change with strike-through for the sake of comparison! The notes that follow are the Dev implementation of that feedback, which are now live! Whether you participated in the Public Test Cluster or shared your thoughts on the Dev Workshop, thank you again for providing thoughtful feedback on these Railjack changes prior to release, we look forward to more opportunities to do the same.

General Changes:
  • Doubled the Railjack’s innate loot-pickup (Vacuum) Range.
    • We’ve also improved the way that Vacuums pull items towards the player and the Railjack. The maximum amount of time it takes for the pick-up to reach the player should be a little more consistent now (about 0.75 seconds in most cases).
  • The Sentient Anomaly in the Veil Proxima now has no downtime - it rotates every 30 minutes to a different node with no downtime in between.
  • Changing the pacing and general feel of all Railjack Piloting and movement to be less reliant on the optimal strategy of “Single strafe Boost then Repeat”:
    • Doubled the Railjack’s base Speed.
    • Lowered Boost Speed by 75%
    • Increased the Boost Speed cost of dodge.
    • Increased Boost Drain
  • Made scale a factor in damage reduction and bonuses. This means Archwings and their weapons will do more damage to ships, while also taking less damage from them.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the sensitivities of the emplacement positions (side turrets now match the pilot turret)
  • Doubled Revolite crafting yield from 50 to 100.
  • Tripled values of Titanium and Asterite resource drops.
  • Grineer on-foot enemies now drop Archwing Mods, and Captains drop Operation and Dual Stat Archwing Mods.
  • Added an Omni Tool binding when using a controller! The default binding is RB + Right Directional-Pad button, to customize go into your Options > Controls > Customize Controller > Ability Menu > Bind ‘Equip Omni’.
    • The Omni Tool will only be equipped using this shortcut option if it is in the Gear Wheel!
  • The Omni tool will now slot into the first available slot in the Gear Wheel when given to players instead of being appended to the end.
  • Removed unnecessary ability to use the Omni tool outside of Railjack missions.
  • Railjack sessions now lock after 5 minutes or if 50% of the Fighters have died - similar to normal sessions.
  • Removed the whirly spin move of one of the Sentient fighters. He was having just a little bit too much fun and the other Sentients were just not having any of his funny business.
  • Updated the look of the Taktis Grineer Fighter ships.
  • Made slight visual updates to the search bar in the Avionics screen.
  • When transitioning between Railjack missions, your Warframe/Operator Health/Shields will be restored as well as any Vazarin instant Revives.
  • Railjack Missions now reward more Credits at End of Mission to tie some of the main currencies into the reward structure more heavily.
    • Earth Proxima Missions reward 30,000 - 45,000 Credits depending on the node.
    • Saturn Proxima Missions reward 50,000 - 75,000 Credits depending on the node.
    • Veil Proxima Missions reward 80,000 - 150,000 Credits depending on the node.
Ship Combat Changes:
  • Changed all Health, Shield and Armour to use the new Tenno versions introduced in Warframe Revised.
  • Halved the Health and Armour of all Grineer Fighters.
  • Randomized the amount of Fighters required to be killed during the Extermination portion of the Skirmish mission so it’s not always the same.
  • Decreased the amount of time between landing the killing shot to the enemy explosion on Fighters (0.1 - 1 sec) down from (1-3) seconds. The effect of this will be not only a quicker pace, but also a quicker time to spawn any drops.
  • Decreased Railjack Shield Recharge delay from 5 to 3 seconds. Shield Recharge delay remains at 5 second based on Public Test results.
    • Railjack Weapon heat build up changes:
    • Apoc - Sigma/Lavan/Vidar heat build up reduced from 20 to 12. Zetki from 40 to 20
    • Carcinoxx - Sigma/Lavan/Vidar heat build up reduced from 10 to 8. Zetki from 20 to 12
    • Cryophon - Zetki from 400 to 350
    • Photor - Sigma/Lavan/Vidar heat build up reduced from 10 to 8. Zetki from 20 to 12
  • Railjack Weapon changes:
    • Milati Multi Missile
      • Reload speed increased from 5 secs to 2 secs
      • Projectile speed increased from 250 to 400
    • Pulsar damage increased:
      • Sigma/Lavan/Vidar
        • MK 0 - 43 to 52
        • MK 1 - 78 to 94
        • MK 2 - 133 to 160
        • MK 3 - 213 to 256
      • Zetki
        • MK 1 - 117 to 141
        • MK 2 - 200 to 240
        • MK 3 - 320 to 384
On-Foot Combat Changes:
  • Reduced the Health of all on-foot Grineer Railjack enemies by half.
  • Removed scaled damage controllers from all on-foot Grineer Railjack enemies.
Pacing Changes:
  • Added Caps for the amount of simultaneous Railjack Hazards (Fire, Electric, and Breaches). Your Railjack can only have 1 of each Hazard active at a time.
  • Made each RJ Hazard type more harmful to the ship. Made each RJ Hazard type even more, MORE harmful to the Railjack based on Public Test results.
  • Reduce Railjack Speed and Damage when Railjack is in “Catastrophic Failure” mode.
  • Increased the amount of Omni Revolite required to remove hazard events, but increased the XP gained.
  • Increased the number of fighters in all alert stages.
  • Enemies now spawn much closer to the Railjack vs. 1000+ km away.
  • Destroying all engines on a Crewship now disables weapons.
  • Destroying all engines on a Crewship kills half the crew on board.
Archwing Changes / Fixes:
  • Longstanding issues with the usability of Archwing Melee has been fixed.
  • Made numerous changes here based on Public Test results, including further Melee weapon rebalancing.
    • Increased base Melee magnetism range from 100 to 140m
    • Decreased chance of Enemy Fighters performing a maneuver to break away from Melee attacks from 100% to 10%.
    • Increased camera offset from Enemy Fighters from 25 to 30m to help show action.
  • Archwing Melee Range Mods now affect aim assist lock-on range.
  • Archwing Gun stats normalized - space combat now uses ground “Heavy Weapon” stats.
  • UI Lead indicator has been added to relevant Archwing Guns.
Systemic Changes:
  • The Kuva Lich ‘Valence Fusion’ has been added for built Armaments and Components. Introducing RAILJACK VALENCE FUSION - players can now fuse duplicate built or unbuilt stats to their favorite built parts, boosting them. Based on Public Test Cluster feedback, this no longer requires built Armaments and Components to Valence Fuse: Wreckage can be used, with a resource cost (Max 40%!). Built Armaments and Components can also be used and consumed, with a Dirac cost.
    • Requires Dirac to perform if VALENCE FUSION occurs for built Armaments and Components.
    • Requires Resources and Credits if VALENCE FUSION occurs for Wreckage of Armaments and Components.
    • Combining matching tiers gives 10% boost in stats
    • Combining lower tiers gives 5% boost in stats.
    • Two tiers removed (MK3 with MK1) is 2% boost
    • You can only VALENCE FUSE the same House and type of Armaments and Components across all MKs - much like Kuva Lich Weapons. Also Sigma equipment (your starting equipment or purchased from the Dojo) cannot be upgraded in this way.
Affinity and Intrinsic Gain Changes:
  • Doubled Affinity-to-Intrinsic Point conversion. You will now gain Intrinsics 2x faster.
  • Increased the earned Affinity on killing Elite Fighters and Outriders.
Avionics Changes:

When it comes to Avionics changes, there’s an overarching goal: Simplify Avionic management.

  • Each Integrated Avionic Type will now only exist with a single Manufacturer rather than three Manufacturer flavors. What this means is that there won’t be 3x variants of the same Avionic.
  • Consolidated Avionics have had their Avionic Capacity Drain altered so that on average the Integrated Avionics now consume 20% less. This ensures players can more comfortably fit the builds they want in the new consolidated system based on Feedback from the Public Test Cluster.
  • The ‘retired’ Integrated Avionics will be removed from players inventory via a script on login.
  • The remaining Integrated Avionic for each Type will take on the values of the previously highest valued Avionic of its Type.
  • ALL Dirac used to upgrade Integrated Avionics will be refunded. This applies to both retired and remaining Avionics.
  • ALL remaining Integrated Avionics will have their Upgrades drained.
  • Added ‘Incomplete’ tab/category to the Avionics screen in the ‘Configure Railjack’ panel, Mods Segment screen, and the Codex.
    • Avionics, Mods, and Arcanes that are not owned are marked as ‘preview’ in this category and those that you own but have not ranked to Max are also in this category.
  • You can now Chat Link Avionics!
Battle Avionic Refresh:
Munitions Vortex
  • Reverted to ‘as is’ based on Public Test results, albeit with brand new FX for understanding scale / effect of Avionic.
  • Vortex is now attached to the front of your Railjack
  • Increased Vortex radius from 30 to 60
  • Increased radius from 150 to 200
  • Initial use cost of 5 Flux Energy, double cost if used again within 4 secs up to a cap of 40 energy (5/10/20/40)
Blackout Pulse
  • Display range stat on all marked targets while projectile is in flight
  • Increased radius from 100 to 200
  • Increased damage from 250 to 500
Particle Ram
  • Requires forward velocity to be active
  • Increased speed of projectile when its launched
  • Increased length of projectile so targets stay within the damage field as long as they did before with slower projectile
  • 50% more Damage during a Vector Maneuver
  • 100% more damage when launching the Particle Ram
  • Now accepts Energy colour.
Shatter Burst
  • Display range stat on all marked targets while projectile is in flight
  • Range increased from 120 to 200
  • Damage increased from 500 to 1000
  • Radius increased from 60 to 80
  • Fall off decreased from 100% to 50%
Void Hole
  • Decreased duration from 25 to 12 secs
  • Increased attraction strength
Fiery Phoenix
  • Decreased energy drain from 5 to 2.5 per sec
Seeker Volley
  • Increased damage from 1000 to 1600
  • Increased Critical Chance from 20 to 40%
  • Increased speed from 120 to 260
Tactical Avionic:
Fire Suppression
  • Changed the Fire Suppression Tactical Avionic to always fix only one Hazard, and upgrading the rank reduces the cooldown.
    • Previously the only reason you would have upgraded this avionic was to handle more Hazards at once, but now your Railjack can only have 1 Hazard at a time. Reducing the cooldown instead still gives you a reason to rank it up.

Find these new Avionics from Earth, Saturn, or Veil Proximia Grineer Fighters to enhance your Railjack (these values are with Max Rank Avionic and Max Grid Rank):

Deep Hold (Lavan)

Increase Forge Capacity by 60%.

Cruising Speed (Zetki)

Increase Speed by 80% when no enemies within 3000m.

Quicklock (Lavan)

Decrease Ordnance Lock-on time by 75%.

Artillery Cheap Shot (Zetki)

Forward Artillery has a 50% chance to not consume Dome Charges.

Ordnance Cheap Shot (Lavan)

Ordnance weapons have a 50% chance to not consume Munitions.

Turret Velocity (Vidar)

Increase Turret Range by 25.3%. Increase Turret Projectile Speed by 55%.

Railjack Fixes
  • Fixed attempting to exit the Railjack right when the Host selects another mission to warp to resulting in the left-behind player dying and sometimes unable to Revive.
  • Fixed lingering Revo Reducer buff after equipping and unequipping the Revo Reducer Avionic until they complete a mission or leave their Dojo.
  • Fixed cases where the doors in the Railjack would have collision and prevent players from passing through them.
  • Fixed inability to load into the Dojo via Railjack Navigation.
  • Fixed Railjack Reactors that have the “50 Shield per unused Avionics Capacity” perk not applying the perk when first loading into a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed Clients having a 5 minute Arch-Gun Deployer cooldown if you were outside the Railjack when a Host migration occurred.
  • Fixes towards an inescapable black screen if you were inside a Crewship as the Operator when it exploded.
  • Fixed Client's inability to destroy a Grineer Crewship with the Forward Artillery if the Crewship was near disabled.
  • Fixed ‘Reflex Aim’s’ snap aiming not properly targeting the ships from a split Gyrex.
    • The target lead indicators will now follow the ships split from the Gyrex, but since radial damage does not hurt them, ‘Target Sync’ will not lock-on to them. This was set this way so that players do not waste their Munitions.
  • Fixed Chroma Elemental Ward issue where casting it on yourself through the Railjack Tactical Map, then overriding it with your own cast causing the bonuses from the Tactical Map cast to never expire.
  • Fixed a functionality loss when using Transference while transitioning through a loading tunnel (Void tunnel).
  • Fixed Clients out in space that experience a Host migration, resulting in an ability to take your Heavy Weapon into the Railjack and POIs as a regular ground weapon (Primary).
  • Fixed being placed inside an Artillery and falling through the level to escape if you used Join Warp on a player on said Artillery.
  • Fixed your Warframe’s body not moving with camera aim when using the Railjack’s Forward Artillery.
  • Fixed using Transference when Piloting or using side Turrets in Railack as Operator causing it to cast the first slotted Battle Avionic.
  • Fixed Clients loading into an untextured level when sitting in the Archwing Slingshot during a Host Migration.
  • Fixed Focus Convergence Orb markers appearing in Space instead of inside the ship when piloting Railjack.
  • Fixed starting a second Railjack mission preventing Melee Finishers from working until respawned.
  • Made multiple fixes for jittery and weird cloth physics when hanging out in the Railjack. This also fixes issues of rigid cloth after dismounting from the Pilot seat.
  • Fixed Clients loading into Railjack missions from Dry Dock after accepting an invitation from Host getting stuck in infinite loading.
  • Fixed issue where Clients would get stuck in the Forward Artillery and above the intended area in the Railjack when entering and exiting the Forward Artillery back to back.
  • More fixes towards players finding themselves in all kinds of brokenness when using Archwing Slingshot on a Crewship that had just been destroyed.
  • Fixed elements of the Tactical Menu map disappearing in certain aspect ratios.
  • Fixed Clients getting left behind when starting a second Railjack mission from the Dry Dock and Hosts getting stuck in infinite load.
  • Fixed objective markers sometimes not showing after subsequent Railjack runs as Host.
  • Fixed fighter/Crewship objective markers reappearing after migration when they had already been completed.
  • Fixed Operator faces getting all messed up when piloting Railjack. Space fighters are thankful they no longer have to witness that horror anymore.
  • Fixed meltdown projector showing for players that are still inside the Crewship.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to Railjack for Clients invited to someone’s Orbiter including:
    • Fixed an issue where using "Board Railjack" / "Return to Orbiter" from the top menu while not close to the action itself would fail to execute it.
    • Fixed an issue where Clients would spawn in a "random" spot on the Railjack instead of in the bridge like the Host does if they were still in the Orbiter.
  • Fixed the Railjack Sungem and Caballero skins having the Ordnance and Nose Turret weapons clipping with parts of the Railjack/Skin.
  • Fixed the waypoints for Commanders in Railjack missions not having distance information.
  • Fixed Dragon Key debuff indicator appearing as a red dot in the HUD when Piloting the Railjack.
  • Fixed purchasing a Glyph to equip on your Railjack only applying the icon, but not setting the selected item. This resulted in the Glyph slot name not updating and selecting to equip a new Glyph would auto focus the old Glyph you had before the purchase.
  • Fixed teammate buttons in the Railjack Tactical Menu overlapping the location text.
  • Fixed super long Railjack names overwhelming the Railjack HUD.
  • Fixed UI becoming unresponsive after opening the Nightwave screen as the Operator when returning to the Dry Dock from a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed Elemental Resistance Avionics not Ranking up properly.
  • Fixed accessing the Railjack Arsenal from the Orbiter leading to camera placement issues.

Hotfix 27.3.16

  • Fixed inability to access the Tactical Menu while Piloting or using side Turrets the Railjack with a controller as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1180095-unable-to-open-tactical-menu-while-piloting-railjack-with-controller-investigating/page/3/
  • Another fix towards getting stuck on a black screen when using the Archwing Slingshot into an exploding Crewship and then trying to leave.
  • Fixed the Intrinsics screens not showing the correct button callout for keyboard users when you view the descriptions.
  • Fixed a script error leading to broken/missing Railjack HUD when Piloting or using Turrets after loading into a Railjack mission as a Client (or following Host migration).


  • Fixed a script error with Baruuk's Lull ability when used with Railjack Ability Kinesis.

Hotfix 27.3.15

  • Made the hit notification sounds clearer when making contact with an enemy fighter.
  • Fixed UI becoming unresponsive if the ‘view mission progress’ screen was open while transitioning to another Railjack level or Dry Dock.

Hotfix 27.3.14

  • Another fix towards "Tactical Efficiency" (Tactical Rank 6) not modifying the Flux Energy cost of using some Battle Avionics.
  • Fixed a script error with Limbo's Rift Torrent Augment that could occur if Rift Surge was cast after a Railjack warp.

Hotfix 27.3.13

  • Fixed "on hit" Arcanes triggering when using Railjack weapons.
  • Fixed a script error when refreshing the Railjack Armaments screen after Scrapping some Wreckage.
  • Fixed a script error when moving at the speed of light through a Void tunnel.
  • Fixed a script error when exiting a Crewship and going into Archwing.
  • Fixed a script error when firing the Forward Artillery.

Hotfix 27.3.12

  • Fixed Randomizing Railjack Glyph through the "Randomize All" option not applying the new Glyph until Railjack Configuration menu is exited.
  • Fixed a script error when deactivating the Fiery Phoenix Avionic.

Hotfix 27.3.11

  • Fixed Heat Accretion stat comparison appearing backwards.
  • Fixed a script error when a Boarding Party comes knockin.
  • Fixed a script error when transitioning through the Void tunnel.
  • “Reset Defaults” and “Randomize All” buttons in Railjack cosmetics screen now resets the camera to the overview when viewing the exterior. This makes more sense as these buttons apply changes to the entire ship, and also fixes an issue where if you were focused on the decal or name then the position would be wrong after changing the Railjack skin.

Hotfix 27.3.10

  • Removed the mention of ‘Archwing Catapult maneuvers’ from the Engineering Intrinsics description due to none of its Ranks relating to the Archwing Slingshot. You can find Archwing Slingshot improvements under the Gunnery Intrinsic!

Hotfix 27.3.9

  • Fixed a case of not receiving your collected items (Avionics, Resources, etc) in Railjack missions until you head back to the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed the Orokin Derelict showing "Missile Platform" as the name when you aim at it in a Railjack mission.

Hotfix 27.3.8

  • Fixed Sentient Exterminate objective randomly starting on POI hints.
  • Fixed Vidar Reactors Mk III missing their component modifiers for Warframe clients that are not in English.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur if you joined a Railjack mission at exactly the wrong moment.

Hotfix 27.3.7

  • Fixed unreleased Railjack node being selectable in the Star Chart, resulting in endless loading cause it doesn’t actually exist and it was all a dream.

Hotfix 27.3.4

  • Fixed Ramsleds trying to initiate a Boarding Party after the mission is complete.
  • Fixed a script error when entering a Crewship via Archwing Slingshot.

Hotfix 27.3.3

  • Fixed Heat Accretion stat comparison not working in the Railjack Configure panel.
  • Fixed a script error when encountering the Sentient Anomaly POI.

Update 27.3

  • Added Battle and Tactical Avionic categories in the Avionics Upgrade screen.
  • Crewship boarding will be denied when the meltdown timer has 3 seconds remaining.
    • This is to avoid multiple issues with being put into a broken state due to the boarding cinematic competing with the Crewship exploding/attempting to teleport you out.
  • Removed the hanger door of the Grineer POI with the ‘Steal the Destroyer’ objective to resolve issues of the door not opening. When in doubt take it out!
  • Upon returning back to the Railjack after exiting through the Archwing Cannon, you’ll now be spawned at the back of the Railjack bridge instead of near the Forging Bay.
  • Enemies that you’re focused on while in a Turret will now display their Status Effect stacks.
  • Fixed Exo Skold Crewships in the Veil Proxima dropping Mk I Armaments. They will now drop MK III Armaments as intended.
  • Fixed the UI in the Super Weapon Platform not updating after the Radiator is destroyed for Clients.
  • Fixed inability to disengage bombs placed by Grineer Boarding Parties if a Host migration occurs during a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed incorrect Archwing movement animations if you exit the Railjack while Bullet Jumping (Moving left will play the forward animation, moving forward will play the moving right animation, etc).
  • Fixed a bug where the screenshake from a Grineer Crewship reactor meltdown would linger forever if it was active when the Crewship exploded.
  • Fixed Grineer fighters attacking the Derelict POI in Veil Proxima missions.
  • Fixed Vidar Reactors Mk III missing their component modifiers. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1172940-vidar-reactors-mk3-lost-their-component-modifiers-fix-pending/
  • Fixed Tactical Menu not displaying correct Battle Avionic values that have had their Grid Upgraded in the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed case of Crewships sometimes staying completely still.
  • Fixed seeing black boxes when in Turret AR mode.
  • Fixed Railjack fighters sometimes going out of level bounds while in combat.
  • Fixed the ‘Forge All’ button having no effect or sound.
  • Fixed having to click the ‘Railjack Crew’ button twice when selecting it from Dojo Navigation.
  • Fixed Railjack name text lingering behind when joining another player’s squad and loading into their Dry Dock.
  • Fixed missing looping sounds for Ramsleds in the Saturn Proxima and Veil Proxima.
  • Fixed a script error when casting the Railjack Void Hole ability.

Hotfix 27.2.2

  • Reduced brightness on the Dome Charge FX.
  • Fixed a crash when aborting a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed Clients able to stack Railjack upgrades (Engine Boost, Shield Capacity, etc) by exiting and then re-entering the Railjack Configure panel in the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed the Sentient Anomaly Exterminate objective appearing in the UI again after completing it.
  • Fixed the Archwing Cannon clipping into the camera view.
  • Fixed a script error related to encountering a Crewship.
  • Fixes toward Railjack Battle Avionic ‘Void Hole’ visual appearance with Deferred Rendering enabled.
  • Fixed inboxed Avionics not showing up properly (Prime Time bug!).

Hotfix 27.2.1

  • Fixed inability to complete the Sentient Anomaly mission due to objective resetting.
  • Fixed Clients Piloting the Railjack not seeing enemy damage direction arrows.
  • Fixed Railjack Battle Avionic icons appearing white in mission.
  • Fixed a script error when dismounting the Archwing Cannon in Railjack.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to Scrap a selected Armament.
  • Fixed a script error after Scrapping Wreckage.
  • Removed unreleased (also unplayable) Railjack node.
  • Removed a placeholder Beacon mesh from the Sentient Anomaly tileset.

Update 27.2

Railjack Onboarding Changes

The Rising Tide Quest gives you your very own Railjack, but the barrier to entry is - conclusively with months of stats - too high. We are releasing a revised series of Blueprints (BP) in the Quest that sees costs reduced between 66% - 75% for Railjack parts, and building time reduced to 6 hours each.

There are 3 situations players may find themselves in:

  1. Haven’t started Rising Tide. Anyone just beginning will have fully new reduced BP costs.
  2. Has started Rising Tide. Anyone with any progress at all gets 1x Rush Repair Drone, and will transition to new costs on the next Stage. Any old costs will be refunded.
  3. Rising Tide Complete. Anyone with a complete quest gets 2x Rush Repair Drone. All cost differences will be refunded.

Upon Review, stats show truly the only people that saw Rising Tide to completion were our veterans, which was originally our intent to design content for veteran players. However, to sustain the cost of future development and events like Scarlet Spear, accessibility is key and we have to adjust the barriers to entry for Railjack. For those who were early adopters, 2x Rush Repair Drones will be given out. Anyone with the Rising Tide Quest active will receive 1x Rush Repair Drone. For those unfamiliar with Rush Repair Drones: these items can only be acquired via rare drop in the Veil Proxima, as they allow you to instantly complete a given Armament or Component.

Railjack Changes & Fixes
  • (Undocumented) Vidar armaments and variants of Photors now apply the 30-60% damage buff to specific damage types (from 15-30% to each type).
  • Added a new Crewship in Veil Proxima missions: Exo Skold Crewship! It is a variant of the Gokstad but it has an impenetrable shield - you’ll have to get crafty to figure out how to take it down, Tenno.
  • Added a ‘Forge All’ button on the Railjack Payload screen in the Dry Dock.
  • Avionics Screen no longer uses ‘Hold to Confirm’.
  • Intrinsics Screen no longer uses ‘Hold to Confirm’.
  • Avionics that are over capacity will now appear as “disabled” instead of being outright removed.
  • In a continued effort to avoid getting downed in Railjack situations you can’t control:
    • 4 seconds of invulnerability will be given when entering a Crewship via the Archwing Slingshot.
    • 2 seconds of invulnerability will be given when using context actions and the Omni Recall.
  • Disabled migrations during Railjack level transitioning (Void tunnel) to avoid putting new Host in completely broken states.
  • Disabled ability to enter the Archwing Slingshot while in a level transition (Void tunnel) due to loading into the Railjack mission in many broken states.
  • Improved Railjack Grineer Fighter variety across all 3 Proxima regions.
    • The way the levels were set up on the various Grineer Fighters, some of the nodes had level ranges that were too high for all the varieties to appear (The Elite varieties on Earth never spawned for example). So we re-adjusted the level ranges for the various Grineer fighters (Kosma, Gyre, Exo) across all 3 regions, so that there was a better spread of the different fighter types across the nodes. In other words, the lower level nodes of a region will spawn the basic fighter types and then as the difficulty of the nodes progress the Elites are slowly introduced.
  • When a Railjack mission completes, downed/dead players will be Revived and all Revives will be reset. Allowing you and your squad to continue on your Railjack journey instead of having to return to the Dry Dock.
    • This fixes staying stuck in spectator mode in all Railjack missions if all Revives have been used up.
  • Quick Meleeing with the Omni tool in hand will no longer unequip the Omni. This is now consistent with other Gear items, like Fishing/Mining.
  • In an effort to increase stat exposure and reduce clickthrough scenarios, we’ve made some changes to how Railjack Armament stats are displayed:
    • Railjack Armament stats now show up below the description in the info popup without having to navigate to the second tab.
    • Upon selecting an Armament that is not equipped, the UI will display it’s comparison stats with your current equipped weapon side by side.
  • You can now scrap as much Wreckage as desired when prompted due to being at max capacity before missions instead of just the minimum amount.
    • We found it quite cumbersome to have to go back to the Railjack Configure panel in the Dry Dock to clear out your Wreckage inventory over and over again. The previous implementation forced players to run into this prompt often and could cause them to fail loading into a mission (or worse causing instant migrations if Host). This new implementation prevents this issue from occurring and gives more freedom on how much Wreckage to clear outside of the Configure panel.
  • Enemy Crewships will now take on the Health and Armor values of the player’s Railjack when hijacked.
    • Shield values do not apply here as Grineer enemies do not have Shields.
  • The Forward Artillery will now fire on release instead of auto firing immediately after charge is complete.
    • After 3 seconds of holding the charge, the Cannon will auto fire. This brief time allows you to have more control over where you want that cannon fire to land.
  • Added “Sigma” category to sort through Sigma series Components and Armaments in your Railjack Configure panel.
  • Improved the wing cam when using the Tactical Map - it should be much more instant when transitioning!
  • Increased Railjack’s Energy tube material brightness to make it a bit more obvious with darker tints.
  • Changed material tinting across all Railjack Skins so that it matches and is more consistent with the base Railjack.
  • Improved the Crewship meltdown FX so that it is more obvious from the exterior.
  • Avionics that are incompatible with the selected Grid slot will be auto listed at the bottom and appear greyed out to avoid confusion as to why it can’t be equipped.
  • Armaments/Components that are equipped in the selected slot are now marked as "equipped", Armaments/Components equipped in other slots are still marked as "equipped on X". This directly correlates to the below fix:
  • Improved performance of enemy fighter markers in Railjack missions.
  • Fixed Railjack Clients crashing aboard the Missile Platform after destroying the core.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality for Clients upon loading into a Railjack mission.
    • More specifically, this issue would result in the Client appearing to skate around instead of walk, hold an invisible weapon, and getting completely stuck when mounting a Turret.
  • Fixed progression stopping bug if a Host migration occurred after the first radiator has been exposed on a Pulse Turbine POI, and players then proceed to destroy the exposed radiators.
    • After the Host migration, both radiators would be visible and vulnerable, at which destroying both of them would leave the mission broken due to having nothing to destroy after hacking the second console for the second radiator.
  • Fixed loading into a Railjack mission from friends Orbiter leaves Client screen black.
  • Fixed Clients having no Archwing if the Railjack mission was launched after being invited to an Orbiter. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1163690-nsw-bug-collection-as-of-2705/
  • Fixed falling in an endless void after using the Archwing Slingshot as a Client into an exploding Crewship and attempting to leave the ship.
  • Fixed Clients experiencing infinite loading when attempting to load into the Dojo from the Star Chart with the Host.
  • Fixed an edge case where performing a finisher at the moment the Crewship reached metldown punting you back to the Railjack in a very dead state.
  • Fixed an edge case where using a Turret or doing a finisher in a Crewship when the Omni tool's countdown expired could leave you in a broken state and not recalling you.
  • Fixed Railjack Breaches sometimes being unrepairable when joining an active mission.
  • Fixed inability to use certain Intrinsics during a Railjack mission as the Operator. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1168903-operator-as-rj-pilot-doesnt-have-access-to-intrinsics-abilities/
  • Fixed Clients sometimes not being able to activate Railjack Battle Avionics.
  • Fixed ability to gain Railjack Flux Energy for free from killing enemies with a Battle Avionic.
  • Fixed the Intrinsic skill "Tactical Efficiency" (Tactical Rank 6) not modifying the Flux Energy cost of using Battle Avionics in a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed the Intrinsic skill “Reflex Aim” (Gunnery Rank 10) not snapping the player's targeting reticle to the nearest enemy lead if using a Railjack hit-scan laser weapon.
  • Fixed inability to use Archwing Sprint if you were crouching/sliding as you exited the Railjack.
  • Fixed max Ranked Railjack ‘Tether’ Avionic not tethering up to 6 enemies as intended.
  • Fixed more cases of the never ending tunnel (Willy Wonka flashbacks am I right?) when loading into Railjack missions after 2 players select different nodes at the same time.
  • Fixed missing markers for Command Link when Piloting or using a Turret.
  • Fixed the reticle getting stuck on the right side of the screen when you aim down sights while Piloting with Rank 10 Gunnery.
  • Fixed Railjack Turrets aiming towards the Tether Avionic projectile when cast, causing them to point in weird directions
  • Fixed Ramsled boarded enemies remaining frozen in place after casting the Tactical Avionic ‘Intruder Stasis’ even after they’ve died. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1160044-railjack-intruder-stasis/
  • Fixed Ramsleds not getting affected by Status Effects.
  • Fixed an issue where Heat Avionics were not being applied correctly.
  • Fixed description for ‘Void Cloak’ in The Tactical Menu not displaying the correct cooldown time if Tactical Rank is 7+.
  • Fixed being able to close the Tactical Menu with its hotkey during “Recall Warp” which caused further attempts to use “Recall Warp” to no longer function.
  • Fixed gaining max Health and Shields, Power Strength and presumably any other Archwing-specific bonuses while using Titania’s Razorwing mode in Railjack.
    • This is due to the Intrinsic Ranks that grant Archwing bonuses (Vigilant Archwing, Vengeful Archwing, etc). These only apply to your true Archwing, not tiny fairy mode.
  • Fixed projectile speeds of certain Armaments causing bandwidth issues for Clients.
  • Fixed getting stuck on alt camera angle while piloting Railjack. This also fixes the issue of losing HUD when swapping back to Piloting view after being at an alt angle.
  • Fixed Void Hole appearing offset if activated by a Client who is Piloting the Railjack.
  • Fixed being equipped with your Parazon or completely unarmed if you use the Crafting Forge in your Railjack while your Omni Tool or Scanner is equipped.
  • Fixed several issues when entering the transportation tubes in the Sentient Anomaly:
    • Fixed automatic weapons continuously firing while traveling in the tube.
    • Fixed issues with staying in the tube if attempting to move around in all kinds of directions.
    • Fixed Operators in Void Mode speed running in the tube (gotta go fast?).
    • Fixed issues with getting stuck in the Pause menu while traveling in the tube.
  • Fixed inability to use Transference after spamming Transference while trying to exit the Railjack.
  • Fixed crash when using Transference at the same time as entering the Railjack Slingshot.
  • Fixed loading into the Archwing Slingshot with an Arch Gun active, causing players to fire the Arch Gun instead of hurling their Warframes out of the Slingshot.
  • Fixed Companion Pets sometimes being gigantic on the Railjack.
  • Fixed your Warframe having disjointed hips when Bullet Jumping into the Forward Artillery.
  • Fixed cases of the Asteroid Base being invisible in Railjack unless you had geometry detail set to High.
  • Fixed Avionic and Salvage pickup markers at times not showing distance values.
  • Fixed inconsistent Crewship meltdown timers if you had numerous Crewships in meltdown mode.
  • Fixed being put in a broken state when attempting to execute a Crewship pilot at the same time as the Crewship enters meltdown mode.
  • Fixed some edge cases where players could get stuck when trying to pilot an enemy Crewship that is in meltdown mode.
  • Fixed a rare case where your weapons function as Unmodded when boarding an enemy Crewship as a Client.
  • Fixed projectiles from stolen Crewship looping around in a circle before disappearing.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if you executed the pilot of an enemy Crewship just as it was exploding.
  • Fixed the Exo Skold Crewship not using the Crewship marker shape.
  • Fixed mission objective UI appearing and overlapping the Options menu when you pause the game while using a Turret in the Railjack or stolen Crewship.
  • Fixed projectile Armaments like the Apoc or Cryophon ignoring the gigantic rocks in front of enemies and damaging them anyways.
  • Fixed a ‘Hold to Revive’ prompt appearing outside the top of the Railjack during a Catastrophic Failure. Allowing you to actually revive the Railjack’s Health with that apparently very effective green hand gas.
  • Fixed various collision issues in the Railjack that allowed Titania to exit the railjack while in Razorwing.
  • Fixed missile-distraction abilities from Odonata and Elytron being ineffective against missiles that stop tracking halfway in Railjack missions. This notably affects the long-range Grineer Crewship missiles (not the shorter range cannons, which aren't homing).
  • Fixed scaling issue with the Imperator Vandal’s muzzle smoke FX in Railjack missions.
  • Fixed Railjack Glyphs sometimes appearing when inside the Archwing Slingshot.
  • Fixed not seeing your custom (and probably so cool and not a pun) Railjack name when viewing the Railjack while in Archwing.
  • Fixed a copy of your Warframe being created after selecting the Dry Dock as Operator and Transferring back to Warframe. This also fixes issues of having a bunch of sentient Excalibur Umbras running around.
  • More fixes towards broken Dry Docks when some players have different progression into the Rising Tide Quest.
  • Potential fix towards Clients unable to exit the Railjack once back in the Dry Dock from a mission.
  • Fixed Operators taking on the color scheme of the Railjack interior after exiting any of the turrets in the Railjack.
  • Fixed Clients not seeing Host’s Railjack customizations (colors and Skin).
  • More fixes towards scrolling back to top issue when contributing or rushing a Railjack weapon or component. Now when you contribute or rush the window will remain where the item is as to not force you to search for it again.
  • Fixed Railjack Configure UI screen overlapping with the Trading window when invited and accepting to trade in the Dojos. This also fixes being unable to accept invites while on the Intrinsics menu.
  • Fixed an issue where a "Select All" option was appearing in the Railjack Scrap menu, but had no functionality.
  • Fixed a black shadow replacing one of the Wreckage icons when selecting MR tabs in the Railjack Configure panel.
  • Fixed Wreckage having to be deselected and reselected to show available options after you previously Contributed to it.
  • Fixed Scrapping equipped Reactor causing issues with re-equipping Avionics that were auto-unequipped to fit back under capacity.
  • Fixed selecting ‘Ask Me Later’ on the over capacity Wreckage prompt causing a long delay.
  • Fixed missing warning when attempting to Trade an already equipped Avionic.
  • Fixed some cases where the Grid in the Railjack Configure panel would show less elements than intended.
  • Fixed inability to use the ‘Change Loadout’ button functionality in the Railjack Navigation screen when anchored in the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed Rank checkmarks in the Intrinsic Details list not automatically updating after you’ve Ranked up.
  • Fixed the new chosen colours of your Railjack not saving if you go into the Payload screen right after changing colours.
  • Fixed Client players UI Theme color persisting on screen if said player is viewing the Payload, Avionic or Intrinsics screen when the Host launches a mission.
  • Fixed Platinum price of Glyphs/Railjack Skin displaying when hovering over the already purchased and selected Glyph/Railjack Skin in the Customization screen.
  • Fixed Railjack Customization UI lingering after purchasing and equipping a Railjack Skin.
  • Fixed selecting the Companion loadout in the Railjack Arsenal starting from a black screen and moving to the Companion station in the Dojo.
  • Fixed Dry Dock docking clamps disappearing at certain angles form viewed from inside the top level of the Railjack.
  • Fixed Codex missing descriptions for the Exo Raider, Exo Raider Carver, and Exo Raider Eviscerator.
  • Fixed missing localization when loading into the “Railjack Key Mission” in the Rising Tide Quest. It is now properly localized to “INVESTIGATE COORDINATES ON LUA”.
  • Fixed a script error as well as a case where some of the effects of the Forward Artillery gun in Railjack lingered forever if you started and stopped charging it very rapidly.
  • Fixed the banners in the Dry Dock near the entrances not using the Clan Emblem.
  • Made fixes towards POI marker inconsistencies.
  • Potential fix for a script error that occured when collecting loot in a Railjack POI.
  • Fixed script error with host migration after exiting Railjack.
  • Fixed unlocalized Avionics.
  • Fixed a couple cases of Grineer Mines being unlocalized.
Railjack Controller Changes & Fixes
  • Added two new Railjack pilot control options that, when set, the look input will only turn the Railjack and will not affect your crosshair. To enable/disable go to Options > Controls > Scroll down to “Railjack”:
    • Pilot Centered Crosshair (Mouse)
    • Pilot Centered Crosshair (Controller)
      • You are already familiar with the enabled state of this option as it was the previous default and only crosshair option when using a controller. Now, when you disable this option when using a controller, the left stick will move your Railjack (forward/back/side to side), and the right stick will now allow you to freely move the reticle across the screen.
  • Increased the smooth time for non-centered reticles while piloting/using turrets in the Railjack with a controller.
  • Fixed missing bumper functionality when cycling through Components and Armaments categories in the Configure Railjack panel when using a controller.
  • Fixed both the "on" and "off" state of the Railjack Ability Menu not getting bound to the Custom Ability Menu keybind when using a controller. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1167262-railjack-keybind-missing/
  • Fixed an issue where rebinding the Ability Menu in the Railjack tab controller options would allow you to open it with the new binding, but force you to use the default binding to close it. Rebinding the Ability Menu will now use the new binding to open and close it.
  • Fixed customizing your Railjack controller controls always showing them as their default button regardless of the changes.
  • Fixed “Vector Maneuver” and “Drift Maneuver” not functioning as intended (only boosting) when using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where performing a Dodge while piloting Railjack with a controller would only ever cause it to lunge downwards.
  • Fixed seeing <SECONDARY_FIRE> when piloting the Railjack after selecting Controller Icon Set as autodetect with a Playstation controller.
  • Fixed Blink not working with controller users who have never customized their controls (ie. using defaults).
  • Fixed custom Railjack controller bindings not applying to hijacked Crewship turrets.
  • Fixed ability to endlessly descend the Railjack by holding down the controller bumpers while Piloting.
  • Fixed “Search” and “Show Ranked” being bound to the same button when using a controller, causing priority issues on selecting in the Avionics screen.
  • Fixed an issue where “Move Up/Down” couldn’t be rebound in Railjack controller options.
  • Fixed excessive “rise/fall” sound triggering when Piloting Railjack with a controller.
  • Fixed script error when equipping Armaments onto your Railjack when using a controller.

Hotfix 27.1.2

  • Fixed the Avionic Upgrade window auto scrolling up after Upgrading an Avionic, instead of leaving you in the position you were in prior.
  • Fixed seeing ‘[HC] Vidar Fire Suppress’ when using the Tactical Intrinsic Ability Fire Suppression when your Railjack has both fire and electrical damage.
  • Fixed a script error in the Sentient Anomaly mission.

Hotfix 27.1.1

  • The Railjack Payload screen will now show the total Ordnance Ammo you have in your account when you're in the Dry Dock, to make it clear that you aren't wasting anything if you craft more than your Railjack can carry.
  • Fixed ability to spawn Crewships almost indefinitely, resulting in exploitive Intrinsic farming.
  • Fixed getting a black screen after exiting the Railjack while Transferring to the Operator at the same time.
  • Fixed inability to Scrap the Fiery Phoenix Battle Avionic due to the description exceeding the screen limits.
  • Fixed an invisible blocking volume when a Clan Hall is placed just below the Drydock
  • Fixes towards a script error after returning to the Dry Dock from a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed a lengthy hitch when switching Loadouts in the Railjack Navigation panel.

Update 27.1

  • Omni tool is now available as a Gear item in your Inventory (Archwing Quest completion required)! This allows you to place the Omni tool in your preferred Gear spot for quick access!
    • If you forget to equip the Omni tool in your Gear upon entering a Railjack mission it will still be given to you for the mission.
  • Increased maximum power for Zekti Predator Avionic to 80%, from 72%
    • This Avionic was slightly under-performing its cheaper Vidar equivalent.
  • ‘Show Equipped’ will now show ranked Avionics that are equipped even when ‘Show Ranked’ is disabled.
  • Hijacked Crewships now start the reactor meltdown sequence when they reach zero health.
  • Ordnance weapon icons now become translucent while in cooldown, and will reflect a timer icon to better indicate it’s current cooldown state.
  • Changed Railjack Engine Component rating stats from Kilometers Per Hour to Meters Per Second to be consistent in the equipped stats.
  • Fixed Railjack Speed stat showing a higher number than your in-game movement speed.
    • This fix needs some explanation. First of all, a bit of trivia, Railjack operates at a different scale than the rest of Warframe. Perhaps some of you have seen space-time breaking down in the form of truly enormous cats... The Speed that was being shown in the drydock in your ship Stats was in the wrong scale and gave numbers that were inaccurate. This also caused the bonus given by your engine, displayed in kilometers-per-hour, to be wrong: an engine might say that it gave an extra 30km per hour, but give far far more than that in the Stats if you did the math to convert. This has been fixed so that: 1) your Stats now show the correct Speed for Railjack's world scale, and, 2) your engines are rated in meters per second which matches up to the Stats. While it may look like your ship's Speed stat in the drydock has gone down significantly, please try flying around in missions and see how your ship handles. This only fixes how the UI reports the numbers in your Stats. No change to how fast your ship actually moves is intended, and if your ship doesn't fly at the meters-per-second shown in the Stats then it should be carefully measured and reported as a bug.
  • Fixed the Railjack Forward Artillery not damaging Crewships past their engines. You should find that the Forward Artillery hits harder and your shot isn’t wasted on just destroying the Crewship engines!
  • Fixed Crewships not recovering after becoming disabled by your Railjack guns.
  • Fixed Railjack Host being able to use Navigation before the mission is complete and Clients inability to use Navigation at all when launched from the Dry Dock.
    • For clarification, the correct functionality is Host and Client can use Railjack Navigation after mission complete and neither can use Navigation before mission complete.
  • Fixed enemy Captains spawning in the “Asteroid Base Commander” POI and Commanders spawning in the "Kill the Galleon Captain" POI.
  • Fixed Galvarc Missile Launcher not functioning for Clients.
  • Fixed Fiery Phoenix not becoming disabled when Flux Energy reaches 0.
  • Fixed full ranked Flow Burn not being upgraded further when placed into a max rank Grid.
  • Fixed Battle Avionics remaining disabled for Clients after Railjack is repaired from Critical Breach.
  • Fixed Dome Charges being consumed when a Client enters the Forward Artillery, regardless of actually firing the BFG.
  • Fixed issue where Clients would see Forward Artillery reload multiple times while waiting for Host to put Dome Charges in the weapon.
  • Fixed Clients not seeing Shatter Burst Battle Avionic explosion FX.
  • Fixed Clients not seeing the missile created by Shatter Burst/Void Hole.
  • Fixed being left out in space if you were aboard a Crewship when it despawns due to mission completion.
  • Fixed cases of losing the Railjack Forge UI if you attempted to activate it while sliding.
  • Fixed Railjack Ammunition and supplies that were spent during a mission not saving at the end of mission.
  • Fixed losing custom Railjack Skin/Colors if a Host migration occurred and you were the last remaining player.
  • Fixed Railjack Avionic/Salvage pickups sometimes not showing distance markers.
  • Fixed the camera breaking when Warping to another player while in the Archwing Slingshot.
  • Fixed Tactical Menu Chase Camera to better reflect the view of the player’s camera.
  • Fixed Dry Dock creating a blocking volume in a room that is built below it.
  • Fixed issues with selecting Veil/Saturn Proxima nodes when using the controller.
  • Fixed cooldown bar on Railjack Ordnance burst-fire weapons emptying and not start filling until after the laser's done firing, instead of when you initially fire.
  • Fixed Railjack Tactical Avionics cooldown tooltip information not applying Intrinsic cooldown reductions from Tactical Response and Swift Tactics.
  • Fixed Void Cloak cooldown timer not updating when viewing in the Tactical Menu.
  • Fixed Upgraded Avionics not showing their proper description and stats, such as being Ranked vs Unranked.
  • Improved performance of the Railjack cannons.
  • Improved performance when using the Imperator Vandal in Railjack.
  • Optimized the Omni tool to fix a hitch when equipping it.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to HUD performance, especially on Railjack.
  • Made a micro-optimization to UI performance, including while piloting the Railjack.
  • Made a micro-optimization Railjack POI once sub-objectives have been completed.
  • Made a micro-optimization to a script that handles fire breaking out on a Railjack.


  • Possible fix for a crash that could occur when joining a mission right as someone picked up some loot in a Crewship.
  • Fixed UI bug where the End of Mission screen would display 2 Anomaly Shards, even though you received 1 upon completing the Sentient Anomaly POI.
    • For further clarification, the Anomaly Shard is given when you complete the Sentient Anomaly POI, not an End of Mission reward for completing the entire mission itself (Fighters, Crewships, etc).
  • Fixed getting an Anomaly Shard on subsequent runs without having to complete the Sentient Anomaly POI.
  • Fixed Crewships having no behavioural defense against leaving the Railjack level bounds and disappearing completely (now they will scoot back into the combat zone).
  • Fixed Arch-Gun reload sounds not working when in Railjack POIs.

Hotfix 27.0.12

Railjack Additions, Changes & Fixes
  • Sharing is caring! Loot gathered when on-foot in a Point of Interest, Crewship, and from killing a Boarding Party are now shared between the whole squad, so you don’t individually need to go collect the loot if you’re busy Piloting, Engineering, etc!
    • This excludes Health, Ammo, and Energy pickups. Also, AFK players do not get the items shared and cannot pick them up later.
  • Minor Breaches, Fires, and Electrical traps now restore Railjack Health once again when a Catastrophic Failure breach is active!
    • The Health return was removed in Hotfix 27.0.10 due to being used to manipulate Railjack invulnerability.
  • Added tips to the "Configure Railjack" screen in the Dojo. Simply hover over the "i" icon in the bottom right corner to learn more about each category!
  • Avionics and Wreckage dropped in Railjack missions will now display a distance marker!
    • The distance marker will appear when the Avionic or Wreckage is near the center of the screen, regardless of how far it is!
  • Updated the ‘Components and Armaments Slots’ description to clarify that they do not apply to Wreckage, only Repaired Wreckage.
  • Made a micro-optimization to the Railjack UI.
    • For those wondering: Micro-optimizations means small adjustments were made to improve performance without any changes to the game’s behavior. So you shouldn’t see anything change except that game runs a little faster!
  • Made a micro-optimization to a common function used by Railjack game-code.
  • Made a micro-optimization to numerous Railjack missions.
  • Made a micro-optimization to Railjack lighting.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to HUD marker performance, especially on Railjack.
  • Fixed a crash when the Host aborted from a completed Railjack mission.
  • Fixed a rare crash if you were connecting to a squad while another player was dealing damage with a Railjack weapon.
  • Fixed a crash when fighting Sentients in the Sentient Anomaly POI.
  • More fixes towards broken Dry Docks when some players have different progression into the Rising Tide quest.
  • Fixed cases of Turrets being inoperable if a Host migrates while they were operating it.
  • Fixed Client bodies disappearing, Railjack turning into just black walls, and more bad states if they were operating a Turret when the Host migrates.
  • Fixed Clients dying and being Revived when operating a Turret resulting in the Railjack disappearing.
  • Fixed Clients crashing if the Host migrated during a Critical Breach.
  • Fixes toward Railjack Fast Travel not working properly while operating a Turret.
    • Some issues still persist that we are investigating!
  • Fixed Wing Turrets moving their positions each time a Client mounts them.
  • Fixed exiting the Railjack with Hildryn’s Balefire active defaulting you to Unarmed with no Arch-Gun.
  • Fixed weird camera rotations after launching out of the Archwing Slingshot.
  • Fixed the Quick Progress screen not being usable after the first node transition in Railjack.
  • Fixed Lavan Elemental Reduction Avionics gain nothing from being Upgraded to Rank 1 unless on an Upgraded Grid.
  • Fixed Sentient Cores displaying the wrong marker after being picked up.
  • Fixed a couple issues of hangar doors on the Missile Platform not opening for Clients.
  • Fixed a script error when an enemy Crewship deploys their healing bubble.
  • Fixed a script error in the Railjack UI.
Controller Fixes

Fixed inability to use any Piloting maneuvers due to left stick being bound to zoom, effectively ignoring callouts in Intrinsic details screen. Fixed the Upgrade screen for Avionics in the Dry Dock missing button callouts for Upgrading when using a controller. Fixed LTHUMB button worked to activate the Search box even when the picker wasn't visible in the Avionics screen. Fixed the Left/Right bumpers not functioning in the Avionics Upgrade Screen. Fixed the Sort menu not working in any of the Avionics screens. Fixed becoming stuck in the Avionics screen and having to restart the game. Fixed inability to exit the Avionic Grid Upgrade screen if you place your virtual cursor over a Grid.


  • Fixed the Avionics screen breaking when selecting ‘Scrap.


  • Fixed a script error when clicking the Wreckage Scrap button.


  • Fixed a script error when using the Void Hole Battle Avionic.

Hotfix 27.0.11

The Great Reactor Buffings

Just like you and your buff New Year resolutions, we’re here with some of ours (although maybe not as buff as yours - you’re looking great we must say).

Introducing global buffs for all Reactor types found in the wild. Any existing gear you have will simply be adjusted for Avionics capacity, which will automatically be a buff in all cases (note: the Vidar III’s range has been compressed significantly from a 30 -100 range to the new 90 -100 range, but we will not give you lower adjustments if you had a Vidar III Reactor with Avionics capacity values in the 90 -100 range before this change).

Lavan Reactor Mk I: Avionic Capacity now 20 to 30 (from 10 to 20)
Lavan Reactor Mk II: Avionic Capacity now 50 to 60 (from 10 to 40)
Lavan Reactor Mk III: Avionic Capacity now 80 to 90 (from 20 to 70)

Vidar Reactor Mk I: Avionic Capacity now 30 to 40 (from 10 to 25)
Vidar Reactor Mk II: Avionic Capacity now 60 to 70 (from 20 to 50)
Vidar Reactor Mk III: Avionic Capacity now 90 to 100 (from 30 to 100)

Zetki Reactor Mk I: Avionic Capacity now 10 to 20 (from 5 to 10)
Zetki Reactor Mk II: Avionic Capacity now 40 to 50 (from 5 to 30)
Zetki Reactor Mk III: Avionic Capacity now 70 to 80 (from 10 to 50)

With these changes, it’s important to note how we got from Point A to B. When initially setting up the Avionics values of these rewards, we did not forsee the depth of the frustration the ranges caused, but in hindsight we should have. Thanks to your feedback, we are able to confidently make broad and major buffs across the board.

Tenebrous Ephemera Removal and Future Acquisition

TEMPORARILY removed the Tenebrous Ephemera as a drop from Reinforced Sentient Containers aboard the Sentient Anomaly in Veil Proxima. The drop method is causing numerous issues in terms of connectivity stability and player frustration. We’re going to be changing the acquisition method that won’t involve a direct drop rate in a near future Hotfix/Update, and will instead be closer to a token system (complete X Anomaly missions to buy Ephemera from a vendor).

  • The Tenebrous Ephemera will be coming back as soon as possible in a better acquisition method
Railjack Additions, Changes, and Fixes
  • Affinity gained from all Omni tool Repairs and Forge actions aboard the Railjack is now shared with the squad!
    • Previously, only the player who performed the Repair with the Omni tool/Forge action gained Affinity. Now, when any individual completes tasks with the Omni tool or Forge, the Affinity will be shared across all members. This is not restricted to those onboard the Railjack - those flying around in your Archwing or taking out Crewships will also benefit. The goal here is to have the efforts of one benefit all and ultimately help each other earn Intrinsics for shared activities that keep the Railjack afloat.
  • Wreckage limit has been changed to match the existing Riven method in terms of how the limit behaves to the player. Instead of Wreckage being auto-scrapped when over the limit, a prompt will appear upon returning to the Dry Dock that indicates the over limit Wreckage must be dealt with before you can start another Railjack mission.
  • Wreckage Repairs that are partially funded or waiting for completion (timer not expired yet) can now be cancelled! Resources funded will be returned and the Wreckage will remain in your Inventory to be Repaired or Scrapped later.
    • U27Repair.jpg
      • Keep in mind this doesn’t change the 80% refund from Scrapping Repaired Wreckage.
  • Changed base Avionics so they all have at least one rank to address difficulty knowing which ones you can scrap and which ones you can't, due to the ‘no ranks’ Avionics stacking with all other unrankeds:
    • Lavan Ablative Shell
    • Lavan Heat Sink
    • Lavan Last Stand
    • Lavan Thermatic
    • Lavan Phasic Weave
    • Lavan Predator
    • Lavan Winged Force
    • Lavan Winged Steel
    • Vidar Last Stand
  • To accomodate for the base Avionic change above, other Avionics have been changed:
    • Vidar Predator: Higher base stat and higher drain
    • Vidar Winged Steel: Lower drain
    • Vidar Winged Force: Lower drain
  • Numerous UI changes in the name of organization and clarity have been made to the Railjack Research and Configure screens:
    • Added MK category tabs to the Railjack Research screen to better sort and display your growing Inventory of Research.
    • Added Categories, Search Bar, and Sort options to the Railjack Components and Armaments screens.
    • Added a ‘Show Equipped’ and ‘Show Ranked’ option in the Avionics Scrap screen.
    • Battle and Tactical Avionic Grids now have Grid category icons to mark which is which.
      • In addition, when picking a Battle Grid, we now reinforce which Grid you are selecting/viewing Avionics for by showing the category name and icon.
  • Hull Breach that are active when the mission succeeds will be fixed automatically.
    • This addresses missions failing after having already succeeded the mission due to players unable to fix the Hull Breach in time.
  • Increased the Range of Winged Cyclone, Winged Force, Winged Steel, and Winged Storm to 1000m.
    • This also fixes these Archwing based Avionics for Railjack also affecting the Railjack itself.
  • Increased the mount animation speed for the Archwing Slingshot and Wing Turrets.
  • Toned down the FX for both the Particle Ram and Fiery Phoenix Battle Avionic when aboard the Railjack.
    • This change is being made due to plenty of feedback requesting less visibility-inhibiting FX.
  • To further increase the visibility when a Forge is available for use in the Railjack, the two screens and orange circle above, and activation button will glow when it’s ready and appear off then it’s busy.
    • Forge.jpg
  • Reduced the brightness of the Crewship healing bubble burst FX.
  • Changed the Railjack entrance UI marker to use the same blue as the Railjack marker in-mission.
  • Refining in the Forge Bay with a controller now requires you to click and hold X for 1 second instead of simply clicking X.
    • This addresses accidental Refining due to mashing X to open the Forge window.
  • The ‘Open Squads’ line now appears at the bottom of the Star Chart Railjack node mission info popup for consistency.
    • Depending on the node, it was previously buried in between the Requirements or Rewards lines.
  • Fixed not gaining Intrinsics after mission completion.
    • An example of this situation would be if the mission succeeded while a Boarding Party was still aboard, but not fully dealt with until after the mission success popup.
  • Fixed a case of loading a Railjack mission forever due to some players having different progression into the Rising Tide quest.
  • Fixed Clients being stuck in a permanent streaming tunnel if they were in Dojo and Host in Liset.
  • Fixed cases of exiting the Archwing Slingshot resulting in a black screen.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in Railjack if you were inside an enemy Crewship when it's destroyed.
  • Fixed Flux Energy that was in the capacity provided by Hyperflux Avionic being lost between Railjack sessions.
  • Fixed the stat value of Flux Capacity on Reactors showing higher than actual stats.
    • We're using Round To value of 10 instead of 1, so some values were showing higher than they should be (37.x would show as 40).
  • Fixed Rhino’s Roar ability buffing Battle Avionics on the Railjack.
    • Warframe abilities are not intended to increase the performance of the Railjack.
  • Fixed the Shatter Burst Battle Avionic not displaying damage numbers when it affects enemies.
  • Fixed being in Operator mode in the Dry Dock and then starting a Railjack mission resulting in your Operator being in it’s non-combat Dojo state.
  • Fixed pressing the ‘Reset Defaults’ button in the Railjack Customization screen punting you back to the Railjack Components screen.
  • Fixed Scrap button for Repaired Wreckage having the same text as for unrepaired Wreckage.
  • Fixed Last Stand Avionics descriptions showing incorrect upgrade numbers.
  • Fixed Wing Turrets on the Railjack sometimes disappearing in AR mode.
  • Fixed swapping around Battle Avionics in the Dry Dock sometimes resulting in misordered Battle Avionics in your Railjack mission.
  • Fixed placeholder text in the Tactical Menu when viewed while in a Missile Platform.
  • Fixed overzealous particle sizes on the Naberus, Corposant Prime, and Spore Ephemeras when in Archwing.
  • Fixed inability to interact with Chat when viewing the Railjack Research screen with a controller.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich transmissions playing while in the Railjack Star Chart.
  • Fixed a script error when using the Archwing Slingshot.
  • Fixed a script error when using the Forward Artillery.
  • Fixed a script error when transitioning to and from the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed a script error when boarding a Crewship.
  • Fixed network race conditions that could cause a crash when playing Railjack.
  • Fixed super bright lighting during the exit cinematic of some Point of Interests.

Hotfix 27.0.10

Railjack Additions, Changes, and Fixes
  • Players will now have ~3 seconds of invulnerability when exiting the Railjack or a Point of Interest!
    • This window allows for a moment to escape from the incoming damage aimed close to your location so you don’t fall victim to a one-shot death.
  • Increased the refund from Scrapping repaired Wreckage to 80% from 50%.
    • A welcomed increase from feedback that still maintains the risk vs reward of repairing Wreckage, hence why is it not a 100% return.
  • Repairing a minor Railjack Breach/Fire/Electrical when a Catastrophic Failure breach is active will no longer give Health back to the Railjack.
    • This addresses numerous cases of Railjack invulnerability abuse by manipulating the Catastrophic Failure breach timer. We’re looking at other ways to allow Health on minor Breach repairs/fires/electrical during a Catastrophic Failure without opening the door to this misuse.
  • Wreckage capacity now appears in the equip screen for Components and Armaments, allowing you to see how many you currently own while Scrapping.
  • Distance values on Railjack enemies will now be displayed once their name is visible.
  • Upgraded art quality for certain Grineer Installations in Railjack missions.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to the Railjack HUD.
  • Fixed inability to destroy enemy Crewships that have been hijacked.
  • Fixed the wide door in the Pulse Turbine not opening for Clients.
  • Fixed being placed outside of the Railjack level when loading into a Railjack mission from your Orbiter as the Operator.
  • Fixed control settings such as mouse sensitivity being set to non-Railjack settings when a Crewship is destroyed.
    • This was most noticeable when Piloting the Railjack during the Crewship explosion, as sensitivity would abruptly change until the Pilot seat was dismounted.
  • Fixed cases of Armament Wreckage unique stats not showing. This was due to the physical Armament not being equipped on the side of the *Railjack, which then considered it not equipped.
  • Fixed Carcinnox Armaments displaying incorrect Falloff ranges in the Dry Dock stats.
  • Fixed the Munition Ammo count UI in the Railjack displaying 1 more capacity than you actually have (ie 30/31).
  • Fixed Railjack Forge not applying yield multipliers (Engineer Intrinsic bonus) to displayed craft amounts.
  • Fixes towards Ram Sleds occurring during a transition to the Dojo after completing a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed hazard markers (Fire, Electricity, Fast Travel) inside the Railjack appearing in the wrong locations when viewed in the Tactical Menu while on the Pilot seat or side Turrets.
  • Fixed missing Railjack enemy UI after exiting/returning/exiting the Railjack.
  • Fixed incorrect minimap overlay when failing a Railjack mission and returning to the Dojo.
  • Fixed Railjack enemies displaying a Rank of 00.
  • Fixed a crash while transitioning levels in the Railjack.
  • Fixed a script error that can occur when exiting the Archwing Slingshot after opening the pause menu, which caused a persistent black screen.
    • Some camera issues still persist that we’re investigating.
  • Fixed some Mods displaying under the Items section on the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed Reliquary Drive appearing to have the ‘vacant’ text even after completing the Key quest.
  • Fixed unlocalized Railjack recall text.

Hotfix 27.0.9

Railjack Additions, Changes, and Fixes
Halved Fighter Armor

Enemy Fighters in Railjack have too much armor - meaning your Railjack weapons just don’t feel great in the time it takes to kill an enemy. All Fighter Armor values have been halved, with a slight boost in health for non-elites to compensate.

Armor value changes:

  • Flak: 300 to 150
  • Elite Flak: 350 to 175
  • Taktis: 250 to 125
  • Elite Taktis: 350 to 175
  • Cutter: 250 to 125
  • Elite Cutter: 300 to 150
  • Outrider: 800 to 300
  • Elite Outrider: 800 to 400

Health value changes:

  • Flak health: 250 to 375
  • Taktis health: 200 to 300
  • Cutter health: 200 to 300

Our intent is to make Railjack weapons more effective on their own. As such, Rhino’s Roar and Saryn’s Toxic Lash no longer unintentionally affect Railjack weapons, as per [DE]Marcus’ post here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1159587-rail-jack-crewship-strategies-dome-charges/

All Battle Avionics are now potential drops from Elite fighters in Deep Space. Also, with new permanent markers on Avionics, you’ll now ensure none go unclaimed, because you’ll see them!
Battle Avionics rarity was exacerbated by the units they dropped on - adding drops to Elite fighters should increase your chances of acquiring one. We want to see the effects of these new drops before making additional changes.

Munitions Vortex
  • Elite Exo Taktis
  • Elite Gyre Taktis
  • Elite Exo Taktis
  • Elite Kosma Cutter
  • Elite Gyre Cutter
Blackout Pulse
  • Elite Exo Taktis
  • Elite Exo Flak
Particle Ram
  • Elite Exo Cutter
Shatter Burst
  • Elite Exo Flak
Seeker Volley
  • Elite Exo Cutter
Void Hole
  • Elite Exo Flak
    • Adding Void Hole to Elite Exo Flaks should make it significantly easier to acquire due to their spawn rates, but we will continue to watch all the drops in case they need further changes.
Fiery Phoenix
  • Elite Exo Cutter
Weapon & Proc Adjustments

The idea of ‘one damage type to rule them all’ is one we want to avoid in Railjack’s early days. We are rebalancing aspects of certain Damage types to ensure there’s balanced choices. The Armor changes in conjunction with this means this is a combined effort of finding the right place for all damage types, not just one leader. Please bear with us as we navigate this particular space - with your help, hopefully everyone will get to put their favourites from their Arsenal to use!

  • Decreased the effectiveness of the Particle proc but increased its Duration
    • Reduced to 7.5% damage bonus per hit, still stacks, and lasts 20 seconds. The exponential growth and short duration meant this was far more beneficial to rapid-fire guns than anything else.
  • Increased the effectiveness of the Incendiary proc but decreased its Duration
    • Double the damage per tick but half the duration; same total damage but in less time to feel more relevant.
  • Pulsar series
    • Increased base damage
    • Increased fall off range
      • These extremely precise weapons were having trouble competing with the other options available. Increased damage by about 10% and increased effective range should help give them a more viable role.
  • Photor series
    • Increased fall off range
      • Extra range and these also benefit indirectly from the improvement to Incendiary status.
  • Cryophon series
    • Reduced damage and increased fall off range
      • Reducing the armor values of enemies made these capable of killing every enemy in a single hit, this brings them back in line with the intended time to kill. Please bear in mind we are actively watching player stats and collecting feedback, and are willing to iterate on balance.
  • Zetki House
    • Reduced Heat Accretion for all Zetki weapon variants apart from Cryophon
      • This house trades more heat for more damage, but it felt like they were TOO hot for the amount of extra damage you got. Compared to the baseline weapons, Zetki now offers 50% more damage for double heat instead of quadruple heat.
Rush Repair Drone Removed from Market

We are removing the option to buy the Rush Repair Drone and leaving it only as a reward earned at the end of mission (no longer an in-world drop due to security concerns). We are doing this based on feedback that as a purchasing option it feels too unfair of an advantage. While it technically abides by our rule of ‘Pay for Time’, it bypasses a huge segment of the Railjack resource value. You can still pay to rush Repairs once you’ve contributed resources, but you can no longer outright bypass the entire experience by purchasing the item from the market. We will continue to use Rush Repair Drones as a reward - just not as a Market item.

Doubled the chance of obtaining Wreckage from End of Mission Rewards

This increase will help you acquire more pieces so you can pick and choose which you want to keep. However, we needed to reduce the chance of obtaining Relics to accommodate the Wreckage increase.

  • Permanent in-world markers have been added to Avionics and Salvage in Railjack when they drop.
    • This will allow you to always know what remains on the field of battle, and how to navigate accordingly. Adding awareness to the important loot has been a huge request, and this visibility increase should make sure no loot is left behind. Aside, we are reviewing ‘vacuum’ range.
  • Asterite Resource pickups now reward 2x as much Asterite.
    • Asterite costs for Wreckage were going a bit too slowly, so now you will earn it at twice the rate.
  • Your Squad Overlay is now visible when in various Railjack modes (Pilot, Weapon, etc).
    • There’s been consistent expression that ‘seeing my Squad’s status’ is important. We have now ensured it’s visible when piloting / gunning / etc, and we have added some new iconography to show player states.
  • Added ‘Squad Status’ for Railjack Missions in the Squad Overlay.
    • These Icons show what your squadmates are doing, including: pilot, gunner, cannon, Omni Tool, Archwing, at a point of interest, engineering, fighting a boarding team, in slingshot, in Crewship, or just messing around on the Railjack doing nothing specific.
  • Intrinsic points can no longer be gained once all available Intrinsics are maxed out. If you are already above the maximum, your additional points have not been lost.
  • Railjack minimap is now always fully visible.
  • Better centered the Railjack Pilot HUD diamond.
  • Added new force feedback to all Weapons and Missile Launchers.
  • Off-screen space enemy markers in Archwing now show awareness state fill.
  • Fixed some color and alpha settings on off-screen markers in Archwing for better visibility.
  • Increased brightness and thickness of enemy markers in Railjack.
  • Updated the Railjack name placement on all Skins to be better visible.
  • Set the maximum length for Railjack Names to 50 characters - in practice, this is almost an increase. The limit before was set by width along the available real estate. Now we have properly conforming names. .
  • Optimized camera placements overall when customizing Railjack / viewing aspects.
  • The ‘Toggle Interior’ button now has a checkbox to indicate active state.
  • Railjack Health and Shield now show when they are invulnerable (i.e after a Catastrophic Failure Breach).
  • Removed HUD markers from missiles launched by Seeker Volley battle avionic, which also fixed enemy HUD markers disappearing.
  • The player’s view of a Cloaked Railjack (using Void Cloak) is now a more obvious effect.
  • Railjack name shows in ‘edit name’ input box.
  • Railjack name shows in HUD instead of generic ‘Railjack’.
  • Cargo consoles now show a small effect when they are busy and unavailable to use.
  • Controller ‘start’ button now closes tactical menu instead of opening top menu.
  • Slightly zoomed out the tactical map when on the railjack, increased visibility of minimap features.
  • Sorting for Drain will now sort higher Drain to the top.
  • Added Wreckage count to equip screen.
  • Fixed Engines Colour customization not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Railjack stats appearing as the default one when pressing ESC on any part of Components menu.
  • Fixed missing sounds on a certain Archwing fly-in cinematic.
  • Fixed a script error in the Tactical Map.
  • Fixed erroneous ‘Stealth’ component from Railjack gun Huds.
  • Fixed Arrows for Railjack markers pointing the wrong way when you have a scaled HUD.
  • Fixed Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead spawning enemy ships inside Railjacks (lol).
  • Fixed an issue where using the Archwing Slingshot with Melee equipped causes issues.
  • Fixed an issue where you could use menus while in Archwing Slingshot.
  • Fixed the ‘Hijacked’ Grineer Crewship spawning inside geometry.
  • Fixed multiple [HC] tags appearing.
  • Fixed an issue where players entering Grineer Ramsleds could travel unknown places.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Zipline persisting when in Railjack Emplacements.
  • Fixed Railjack audio looping when in Landing Craft.
  • Fixed the Reliquary Void Branches not persisting.
  • Fixed Ballistic and Particle damage icons being swapped in-game.
  • Fixed Railjack Slingshot FX colour not updating properly.
  • Fixed Railjack Weaponry appearing at odd angles for Clients when dismounting.
  • Fixed Clients being permanently dead in Railjacks if they return to a Dojo in the ‘Revive’ screen.
  • Fixed Tactical views of players on Railjack Weaponry not working correctly.
  • Fixed overlapping music on mission complete.
  • Fixed being able to acquire Revolite by methods other than crafting / preparing Payloads.
  • Fixed Archwing death causing players to respawn at the beginning of the mission.
  • Fixed Omni tool equip animation causing loss of functionality when mounting emplacements/piloting.
  • Fixed Omni Tool having an ammo type (which didn’t actually interact with anything).
  • Fixed multiple crashes that could occur when loading into a mission as a client in a Landing Craft.
  • Fixed Omni Tool showing level ‘0’.
  • Fixed being able to exit an emplacement without animations instantly by spamming esc multiple times.
  • Fixed railjack mission complete popup rendering behind the railjack HUD.
  • Fixed grineer Crewship console disabling the shield when exiting the hack without completing.
  • Fixed Crewship healing bubble not being seen or affected by clients.
  • Fixed Sigma Engines displaying incorrect stats.
  • Fixed some weapons showing incorrect icons.
  • Fixed railjack engineering 10 intrinsic not working for clients.
  • Fixed the repair drones not disappearing if someone else repairs the malfunction before the drones finish it.
  • Fixed drifting sound stopping properly when pilot leaves pilot seat during drifting.
  • Fixed bug where Intrinsics could be kept on mission abort, which was never intended.
  • Fixed Archwing bug that would cause Clients to be stuck with normal weapons if they slingshot into a non-Crewship enemy.

Hotfix 27.0.8

Railjack Changes & Fixes
  • Significantly increased the amount of Common Resources awarded by the End of Mission Rewards. This touches on our plans for Economy balancing within Railjack, and should lend a hand to furthering your Wreckage and Payload crafting projects!
  • Crewship projectiles no longer seek after Archwings! They’ll still attempt to fire at you but they will no longer seek and one-hit-KO your Archwing.
  • Fixed inability to enter the ‘Investigate Anomaly’ objective on Ruse War Field.
  • Fixed screen turning completely black when inside a Blackhole, forever searching for that guy from that space movie with the books.
  • Fixed players becoming stuck in an infinite loading tunnel when launching from the Orbiter.
  • Fixed common crash that could occur when a Crewship was destroyed while someone was aboard.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to access the Payload screen during Host migration, or at the start of the mission before it's done loading.
  • Fixed Non-Elite Exo Fighters unable to spawn in Veil Proxima.
  • Fixed Gyre Elites not dropping Avionics.

Hotfix 27.0.7

Railjack Changes & Fixes
  • We’ve added improved visuals towards the Forge Stations in Railjack to better illustrate when a Station is busy. The floor ring located at the base of each Station will now appear lit when the Station is ready for Forging, and will appear unlit when the Station is busy. *This also fixes missing progress circle UI for the Forge Stations to indicate when a Station is busy.
  • Enemy Crewship UI markers will now always be displayed no matter what the range is to fix tedious scouring to find that poor last victim. We are also working on improving flow overall.
  • Fixed missing controller key callouts on the Railjack Tactical Menu. You may notice no callout at all, which means the Tactical Menu is not bound to anything and you must bind it first.
  • Fixed max ranked Battle Forge Railjack Avionic trying to subtract 3.4E+38 seconds (more than the age of the universe) from remaining Forge cooldown time.
  • Fixed Railjack Engines and Reactors displaying as equipped on the wrong part of the Railjack (Engines on Wing Turrets, etc).
  • Fixed activating the Omni gear recall twice in succession resulting in breaking the UI timer, not teleporting you, and inability to use it again.
  • Fixed an unhackable console in a Grineer Galleon Railjack base
  • Fixed End of Mission screen popping up and 2nd mission not starting when you fail a mission in Railjack, return to Dry Dock, and then try to start another mission.
  • Fixes towards crashes occurring from Crewships.
  • Fixed a crash related to Railjack encounters activating during a Host migration.
  • Fixed a script error if Client is going from Dry Dock to a session hosted from the Orbiter.
  • Fixed some Railjack interior textures appearing more ‘Wear & Tear’ than others.

Hotfix 27.0.6

Railjack Changes & Fixes
  • Asteroids now drop multiple Resources! Alongside other Resources, this significantly increase Titanium gains; a prominent feedback request!
  • You may notice a blinking indication on Veil Proxima from time to time. We suggest investigating...
  • Pennant and Quellor Blueprints are now shared pickups; no longer required for all players to manually collect the pickup! Thanks for your patience as we work toward the rest of the on-foot items being picked up.
  • You can now trade Avionics in your Dojo or Maroo’s Bazaar!
  • Increased chance to get common and uncommon Resources from associated crates onboard Crewships and other Points of Interest to aid in your Forging and overall Resource required crafting needs. This increase in commons and uncommons was achieved by directing Rare resources to be space-combat only drops, and having common and uncommon more dominant on-foot.
  • Points of Interest and Crewships that launch Ramsleds will now only do so 4 times. This fixes Crewships launching an infinite amount of Ramsleds to knock at your door.
  • Changed the pips of Avionic Ranks vs Grid Ranks to better illustrate between the two.
  • Added House icons to Avionic names for clarity.
  • The Railjack name text now has its own separate color slot in the ‘Primary Text Color’.
  • Optimizations towards performance when Piloting the Railjack.
  • Removed scannable lore items from the ‘Investigate Anomaly’ objective nodes. They shall return when ready!
  • Added visual variety to the asteroids in Saturn Proxima and Veil Proxima.
  • Ramsleds have been given an upgrade the farther you progress into the Railjack Star Chart! Be on the lookout for shielded variants that will require precise aim and firepower!
  • Revised description for error message about unable to find an open squad:
    • Could not find an Open Squad. Please try again, or launch a new session from your personal Railjack stationed in a Dojo's Dry Dock.
  • Fixed players being blocked from returning to Dry Dock after new Update/Hotfix/Host migration. You’ll now see a nice message telling you to return to the Dry Dock to get your goodies!
  • Fixed incorrect droptable for all enemies in nodes that give you the ‘Investigate Anomaly’ objective.
  • Fixed infinite spawn exploit from the Assassinate target, Blite in Galleon Points of Interest. The cooldown for him to spawn new minions now ramps up over time.
  • Fixes towards cases where the End of Mission screen displays more Intrinsic earned than you actually did.
  • Fixed being in all types of broken states if the Crewship you’re piloting blows up.
  • Fixed Host migration after exposing a radiator in a point of interest (Pulse Turbine, Shipkiller Platform, etc) resulting in an inability to complete the mission.
  • Fixed the Hyperflux Flux Capacity buff not properly applying to the Railjack.
  • Potential fix towards losing Railjack objective markers after a Host migration.
  • Potential fix for the Asteroid Hanger Crewship being stuck, resulting in an inability to complete the mission.
  • Fixed inability to progress past certain doors in the Railjack Missile Platform interior. As reported here:
  • Fixed the shortcut path not opening up for Clients when destroying the Core in the Missile Platform.
  • Fixed for certain weapons still damaging the Elite Kosma Flak through it's shield ability.
  • Fixed Rhino’s Iron Skin FX applying to the Nose/Wing Turrets.
  • Fixed seeing tiny asteroids back in your Orbiter/Dry Dock.
  • Fixed a script error if an encounter triggered during a Host migration.

Hotfix 27.0.5

Avionics Drop Chance Increase + Dirac Resource Drop Change

Dirac is one-size-fits-all resource for Railjack upgrading - from Grid to Avionics. Wreckage can be scrapped for it, Avionics can be scrapped for it, and it can be found virtually everywhere in Railjack missions. Avionics are an important part of your Railjack customization and power experience, and are only found in a few places.

For this round of changes, we are doing the following:

  • Removed Dirac from Grineer Fighter Drop Tables. This now means everywhere else (mission complete, scrapping, point of interest, etc) are the best sources for Dirac. Having Grineer Fighters be the best source for everything was overkill - they now are Avionics and Resource focused.
  • Increased Avionics Drop Chance from 10% to 15% from Grineer Fighters. This means you will come across Avionics more frequently, thus - more chances at ones you don’t have, and more Dirac chances from your duplicates.
  • Increased the Wreckage Dirac Scrap Values across the board by 3x.
    • MK I Wreckage increased from 25 to 75 Dirac.
    • MK II Wreckage increased from 50 to 150 Dirac.
    • MK III Wreckage increased from 75 to 225 Dirac.
    • This also fixed an issue with Clan Engines not all scaling correctly.

Next up on our list is Resources overall, universal Loot Pickup sharing, and more!

Railjack Changes & Fixes:

  • Crewships now have their own unique enemy marker to differentiate them from all other fighters around!
  • Removed (for real this time) Credit Caches from the Railjack rewards, as the ‘bonus rewards’ still included Credits.
  • Elite Kosma Flaks will now only use their shield ability if facing their target.
  • Removed Resource collection sound for all items except: Carbides, Copernics, Cubic Diodes and Pustrels due to a constant stream of that specific sound because it happens for every single pickup. Sound is now reserved for important Forging Resources!
  • Fixed an exploit where Turret encounters would infinitely respawn despite not being intended to (nor Grineer having the means to generate infinite turrets, yet).
  • Fixed inability to complete a Railjack mission with a Pulse Turbine objective if a Host migration occurred, due to vulnerable radiators respawning and breaking the objective.
  • Fixes towards Clients taking a longer time than normal to load back into a Railjack mission after a Host migration has occurred. Clients will typically take longer than the Host to load back in, but hopefully this cuts down the load time a bit.
  • Fixed Armament Wreckage not showing their innate bonuses before and after Repair. The before Repair stats can be seen by selecting the Armament Wreckage and pressing TAB.
  • Fixed unequipping and equipping Railjack Components resulting in their upgrades stacking.
  • Fixed a potential script error with the Missile Platforms in Railjack missions.
  • Fixed a script error when using the Railjack Particle Ram.

Hotfix 27.0.4

Railjack Changes & Fixes
  • Added Railjack Health perks for performing repairs on the Railjack:
    • 15% of max Health for Fire and Electricity Traps
    • 20% of max Health for Ruptures
    • 30% of max Health for Hull Breaches
  • Currently a Hull Breach Repair grants you 10 seconds of Railjack invulnerability. With the added Health perk for Hull Breaches, we’ve tweaked the Railjack Invulnerability time to grant a benefit to those with haste to compensate! Repairing a Hull Breach now grants Railjack invulnerability scaled to the amount of time left on the ‘Catastrophic Failure Imminent' timer. You can get anywhere from 5 - 15 seconds of Railjack invulnerability based on your Hull Breach Repair urgency.
  • Removed Credit Caches from the Railjack reward table! Relics have been added in Railjack missions to compensate for this.
  • Increased the cooldown of the Elite Kosma Flak's Shield ability and fixed the shield not actually blocking damage sometimes.
  • Adjusted hit boxes on the Elite Kosma Flak for improved accuracy.
  • Adjustments to the Archwing Cannon firing animation for a less janky launch.
  • Removed a certain floating prison found in Railjack missions due to numerous collision/sizing issues. It shall return at a later date!
  • Enabled Push-To-Talk in Railjack keyboard bindings.
  • Removed Crewship eligibility from the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed the Sover Strait node missing from Earth Proxima.
  • Fixed attempting to load to the Dry Dock through the Railjack from the Orbiter sometimes causing infinite loading or a crash.
  • Fixed a soft lock when attempting to Repair Wreckage in someone else's Dojo.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to load into a Railjack mission with a Friend.
  • Fixed a crash when returning to the Dry Dock from a failed mission.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting a Shield Array MK III.
  • Fixed having to re-complete the Railjack objectives if there was a Host migration.
  • Fixed getting numerous script errors after completing multiple missions and a Host migration occurred. This could result in objectives breaking or not updating after the migration.
  • Fixed Pilot Intrinsic “Ramming Speed” not functioning.
  • Fixed missing Railjack Health after a Host migration occurred.
  • Fixed the ‘Ramming Speed’ Pilot skill not functioning.
  • Fixes towards infinite Railjack Void tunnel when transitioning from different levels.
  • Fixed being placed in a weird state if you tried to launch out of the Railjack Cannon right after the Host did.
  • Fixed enemy Crewships attempting to fire at things that aren't visible, either due to cover or via being invisible (ie. Itzal).
  • Fixed discrepancies with End of Mission Intrinsics gained sometimes not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed Railjack End of Mission results getting stuck on screen if kept open during return to Dry Dock.
  • Fixes towards Clients not seeing all their gained items on the End of Mission screen when returning to the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed not being awarded the Forging Bay Resources from your Railjack mission upon returning to the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed some Railjack Components not having their upgrades unapplied when the Component is removed.
  • Fixed Shield Arrays with the Shield redirection buff giving the Railjack an infinite buff. This also removes the resistance buff from the shield redirection buff. Wing Turrets still receive the same damage bonus on next shot.
  • Fixed the Avionic Scrap screen not displaying the Ranks of Avionics.
  • Fixed the Avionic Scrap screen perpetually appearing when opening your Inventory screen if you accessed the Scrap screen prior.
  • Fixed turning invisible if you were in another players Railjack Arsenal when the mission started.
  • Fixed Railjack walls appearing invisible when a Ramsled hits you while you're in the Nose Turret AR (Augmented Reprojection) mode.
  • Fixed Warframe ability sounds not playing properly when in a Railjack Turret.
  • Fixed the Dry Dock platform used to enter the Railjack clipping into it if the Caballero Railjack Skin is equipped.
  • Fixed base Components displaying a rank [0]. These are base items that have no rank.
  • Fixed ability to craft more Munition than you can afford in the Payload screen, thus going into the negative values and receiving an error.
  • Fixed Dredger and Outrider projectiles going through collisions.
  • Fixed a script error when the Forward Artillery Cannon is charging while someone is transitioning between the Railjack and Archwing.
  • Fixed cases of the Forward Artillery Cannon becoming stuck when attempting to face your target.
  • Fixed the Forward Artillery Cannon not functioning after a Host migration has occurred.
  • Fixes towards the Railjack appearing very dark (Cy forgot to pay the hydro bill).
  • Fixed seeing the wrong prompt when attempting to further rank up an already max rank Intrinsic.
  • Fixed missing texture in the Tactical Menu minimap when it's opened while returning to the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed duplicate description text for Reactors with the "chance to automatically seal a breach" perk.
  • Fixed Outriders being stuck to Turrets in their Codex diorama.
  • Fixed losing your chosen UI Theme when Piloting a Railjack.
  • Fixed Client audio replication bugs on the Radar Tower in Railjack.
  • Fixes to some Archwing Cannon sounds not playing correctly.
  • Fixed Octavia Abilities not properly ducking ambient and combat music in Railjack.
  • Fixed some overly repetitive Cy transmissions.
  • Fixed missing transmissions for Galleon/Asteroid Base points of interest.
  • Fixed missing descriptions for Chat linked Railjack Resources.
  • Fixed a script error when using the Omni.
  • Fixed a script error when viewing/closing the Tactical Menu.
  • Fixed a script error in the Railjack HUD.
  • Fixed a script error when a Crewship encounter started.
  • Fixed script error that can occur when reviving after dying in a Turret.

Hotfix 27.0.3

  • Corrected Zekti Cryphon stats to their intended values. This fixes the Zekti Cryphon not having stronger damage than the base Cryphon.
  • Tweaked flares and explosion FX of Fighters and Crewships in Railjack missions.
  • Fixed incorrect scale and lighting of a certain prison.
  • Fixed missing collision on some Crewships in Railjak.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to join a player’s Railjack from their Orbiter.
  • Fixed a script crash that could kill your Railjack HUD.
  • Fix for Clients not seeing turret weapon attachment animations in Railjack.

Hotfix 27.0.2

  • Increased the vacuum radius on Archwing and Railjack
    • Railjack 200m to 250m
    • Archwing 25m to 50m
  • Reduced the the hold time to upgrade Avionics by 50%.
  • Made the number of Fresnels and Nullstones that drop match the number dropped by other rare resources.
  • Doubled the amount of End of Mission Railjack commons and slightly increased uncommons.
  • Changed RailJack ‘Form A Crew’ button to also include ‘Select A Mission’ instruction
  • Railjack Avionics, Dirac, and Wreckage can now vacuumed by Archwing.
  • Changed spawning balance near end of Skirmish missions so there are fewer Crewships and Fighters as objectives near completion.
  • Reduced damage multiplier on Crewship engines.
  • Made Crewships more resilient to Archwing fire.

Hotfix 27.0.1

  • Sentients in the Railjack Key retrieval mission no longer drop loot to address farming infinite Resources. This mission is intended to be a one-and-done mission to give you your Railjack Reliquary Key.
  • Fixed not being able to join a Railjack mission from the Star Chart if you hadn't already completed the node.
  • Fixed Intrinsic not showing on the End of Mission screen when returning to Dojo from Railjack.
  • Fixed getting a duplicate Avionic pickup when just picking up one in a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed script error when starting a mission from your Orbiter, proceeding to the Dry Dock instead, and then starting a Railjack mission from Dry Dock and skipping the cinematic.
  • Fixed the Railjack Wing Turrets FX lingering across the game until you restarted.
  • Fixed a crash when on the Railjack Pilot seating during level level transition.
  • Fixed a crash when transitioning to missions from the Railjack.
  • Fixed a crash when failing a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed a crash when in the Intrinsics screen.

Update 27.0

  • Introduced Railjack flight, customization, and progression.

Update 26.1

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 29.3.2

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