Emotes allow a Warframe to perform visible actions using their body for purposes of communication. They can be accessed and activated through the ingame Gear menu (default Q ). Emotes are purely visual, and have no other effect in gameplay.

List of known Gestures


The following are the known list of actions that a Warframe can perform using the Emotes feature:

  • Agree - The Warframe nods its head once.
  • Bow - The Warframe slightly bows with its head and body.
  • Deep Bow - The Warframe clasps its hands in supplication, then completely bows its torso down to its abdomen.
  • Boast - The Warframe squats while flexing its arms on its side, then extends its arms in front to perform a kata.
  • Disagree - The Warframe dismissively waves its right arm to the side.
  • Meditate - The Warframe levitates above the ground and assumes a meditative Lotus position.
  • Follow - The Warframe waves their hand toward them, signifying a Tenno to follow.
  • Wave - The Warframe casually raises their hand, waving their forearm and fingers.

Apart from these emotes, Warframes can also perform Nartas, which are longer and more complex movement routines that are essentially Katas. Warframes can perform three different Nartas as of current:

  • Solstice Narta
  • Aquarid Narta
  • Eclipse Narta
    • Note: The Eclipse Narta is unable to be used as of Update 15.5.7


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