Emotes allow a Warframe to perform visible actions using their body for purposes of communication. They can be accessed and activated through the in-game Gear menu (default Q ). While players can only equip 10 different emotes at a time, emotes can be customized in the Gear menu, allowing for different combinations of desired emotes to be used in a mission. Emotes are purely visual, and have no other effect in gameplay.

List of known Gestures

The following are the known list of actions that a Warframe can perform using the Emotes feature:

Apart from these emotes, Warframes can also perform Nartas, which are longer and more complex movement routines that are essentially Katas

Another type of Emote that can be performed are Handshakes, which are emotes performed simultaneously between two players. In order to perform a Handshake, a player must first perform the Handshake emote, which will set them up. Once set up, another player can perform the Handshake emote on the player already set up to initiate the actual Handshake action. Apart from the normal Handshake gesture, each of the seven Syndicates also possess their own different Handshakes.


  • Emotes can only be cancelled by either pausing and resuming the game, or using another emote.
  • Longer emotes such as Meditate or Nartas can prevent knockdown effects.


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