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Electromagnetic Shielding is an Ack&Brunt.png Ack & Brunt-exclusive mod that transfers a percentage of damage and all Status Effects that nearby allies receive to yourself, but only when you are blocking.


Rank Damage
Range Cost
0 +25% 2m 4
1 +30% 4m 5
2 +35% 6m 6
3 +40% 8m 7
4 +45% 10m 8
5 +50% 12m 9


  • When blocking, threads of energy similar to TrinityIcon272.png Trinity's Link130xDark.png Link will extend to all allies in range, using your warframe's energy color.
    • The mod's effect will only link to other players, and not Companions, objectives, or AI-controlled allies.
  • Damage absorbed with the use of Electomagnetic Shielding will be converted into health for IronSkin130xDark.png Iron Skin and WardingHalo130xDark.png Warding Halo.
  • The mod's effective range cannot be modified by Mod TT 20px.png Reach or Mod TT 20px.png Primed Reach.
  • Many abilities may be used without interrupting the link, as long as the Block is held.
  • For reasons unknown, any DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation damage or procs that allies receive will be reduced (and in the proc's case, nullified), but the damage or proc will not be transferred to the user.
    • If an ally is suffering a DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation proc before a link is created, then the user will also suffer the proc once the link takes hold.
  • Damage redirected to you does activate abilities that reflect damage, such as TrinityIcon272.png Trinity's Link130xDark.png Link or MesaIcon272.png Mesa's ShatterShield130xDark.png Shatter Shield.
  • Damage redirected to your Health will trigger Mod TT 20px.png Rage and/orMod TT 20px.png Hunter Adrenaline's energy conversion.



  • This mod, along with the other Executioner mods, are the second set mods to feature non-generic enemies on the mod card, the first being Mod TT 20px.png Vengeful Revenant.
  • Executioner Gorth himself uses an effect similar to the mod, just without needing to be using his melee, the links not being present, and while making himself completely invulnerable.


  • The threads of energy do not appear if an allied Shield Osprey is bolstering your shields.


Patch History[]

Hotfix 18.10.4 (2016-05-02)

  • Added a Range description to the Ack & Brunt Electromagnetic Shielding Mod.

Update 18.10 (2016-04-29)

  • Introduced.