Electro Pulse is a mod that allows the Diriga sentinel to repeatedly stun a single enemy within range using Electricity b Electricity status effect.

It will lock on to targets within 10m and will track them until they're killed or they get farther than 15m away. After it loses a target there is a short cooldown time before it will activate this precept again.

It is not a 'perfect' incapacitation; although it renews the electrocution every third of a second there is still a small window where enemies can attack or use abilities.

Although it deals no damage it can be very useful against attackers in close quarters.

Stats Edit

Rank Cooldown Range Cost
0 10s 15m 2
1 9s 15m 3
2 8s 15m 4
3 7s 15m 5
4 6s 15m 6
5 5s 15m 7


  • Enemies will be able to fire a few shots off or use an ability between stun animations.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 17.9
  • The cooldown on the Electro Pulse Mod will now decrease with increased Mod Rank.

Update 17.3

  • Introduced

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