Earth has been long abandoned due to its toxic atmosphere. It is now overgrown with mutated jungle structures that have devoured most of the prior signs of civilization. Infestation and roaming wildlife still inhabit its surface but anything of value was stripped by scavengers generations ago.

—Earth Fragment

Earth (also referred to as Ancient Er by the Ostrons) is a planet that has since been mostly abandoned, its surface mostly overtaken by a large, mutated jungle structure. The Grineer have taken control over this planet, intending to poison the forest and build their empire over it. It is the first planet players can access, and is linked to Mars and Venus Junctions.

Earth is the only planet to feature the Grineer Forest Tileset. Every four hours, the forest tileset will change from day to night, mimicking the day cycles in real life. The change will feature different vegetation that can be scanned for extracts that are used to craft Antitoxins, Apothics and medical regeneration packs, with Sunlight variants during the day and Moonlight variants at night.

The Assassination Target for Earth is Councilor Vay Hek, located in the mission node Oro. Unlike the nodes of bosses on other planets, his node is not able to be accessed until the player is of Mastery Rank 5, which requires progressing way further into the solar system but doesn't require defeating him either. Vay Hek drops the component blueprints and parts of the Hydroid Warframe.

Earth is the first planet to feature a Landscape, introduced in Update 22: the Plains of Eidolon. Rather than featuring a jungle like most of Earth, the Plains consists of a wide, open terrain containing the remains of an ancient battlefield and the ruins of an enormous Sentient. Nearby is the settlement of Cetus, which is home to the Ostrons, a colony of peaceful merchants.

Strata Relay Status
PC PS4 Xbox One
Rebuilt Protected Rebuilt


Grineer Infested Wild Sentient


Target Name Type Level Tile Set
GrineerMissionIcon Cambria Spy 2 - 4 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Cervantes Sabotage 4 - 6 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon E Prime Exterminate 1 - 3 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Erpo Mobile Defense 1 - 6 Free Space
GrineerMissionIcon Eurasia Mobile Defense 3 - 5 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Everest Excavation 1 - 6 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Gaia Interception 1 - 6 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Lith Defense 1 - 6 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Mantle Capture 2 - 4 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Mariana Exterminate 1 - 3 Grineer Sealab
GrineerMissionIcon Pacific Rescue 3 - 6 Grineer Galleon
InfestationMissionIcon Coba Dark Sector Defense 6 - 16 Grineer Forest
InfestationMissionIcon Tikal Dark Sector Excavation 6 - 16 Grineer Forest
VayHekPortrait Oro Assassination
(Councilor Vay Hek)
20 - 25 Grineer Forest


  • Earth is the easiest place to farm Neurodes, with a large amount of low leveled enemies making it excellent for longer farming runs.
  • Earth is the only place where Feral Kubrows, and by extension Kubrow Eggs, can be found since only Earth has Kubrow Dens.
  • There are resources that can only be obtained on the Plains of Eidolon, through deposits, fishing or mining.


  • Before Vor's Prize, Earth had higher level enemies similar to that of Mars, as Mercury was the starting planet instead.
  • Earth never has Invasions or Infestation Outbreaks. No explanation for this has been given by Digital Extremes.
  • Most of the names of Earth's missions are from a variety of Earth-related topics, such as:
  • Despite being previously described as a "desolate, ruined world" Earth has very lush forests, which Vay Hek tried to destroy during The Cicero Crisis. This original description is probably no longer canon.
  • The Strata Relay was the first player hub destroyed on the PC version of Warframe by one of Vay Hek's Balor Fomorians during the Eyes of Blight event.
    • It was also the first Relay to be rebuilt on the PC version of Warframe during The Pyrus Project, nearly three and a half years later.
  • Earth is the earliest planet on which Wildlife can be encountered, as it is home to Feral Kubrows, Condrocs and Kuakas, as well as a variety of fish species.
    • Kubrow Dens can only be encountered on the Grineer Forest tileset, which is only used on Earth currently. This means that Kubrow Eggs can only be obtained on Earth or through Alerts
    • The existence of the Feral Kubrow on the Grineer Forest tileset means also that Earth is the earliest planet on which Kubrow Mods can be obtained.
  • Earth seems to have the largest variety of enemy levels in the game, with most missions being at levels 1-8, Vay Hek's Assassination at 20-25, and The Law of Retribution being at levels 70-80.
    • As of Update 22.14, it's no longer possible to do The Law of Retribution.
  • Earth also has the largest varieties of enemies, with regular, Frontier, Drekar and Tusk Grineer being available on the planet.
  • Earth is the first and only planet to have a day-night cycle, which changes every 4 hours (at 12, 4, 8am, and 12, 4, 8pm Eastern Standard Time)
  • Earth has no Survival missions (as the Grineer Forest tileset does not support the required enclosed environments), they are replaced with Excavation missions.
  • Earth is the first planet to feature a Landscape, called the Plains of Eidolon, which was released in Update 22.
    • Since the release of the Plains of Eidolon Maroo's Bazaar has been relocated to Mars.
    • Earth features a new type of player hub, the Ostron Town of Cetus, which is also an access point to the Plains of Eidolon.
    • The Plains follow a different day/night cycle from the rest of the Earth nodes.


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 22.0

Update 21.0
Earth Remastered:
Return to Warframe’s first planet with a completely new look. Earth Remastered offers improved volumetric lighting, a conversion to PBR materials, and a new vegetation system, which create a mood and atmosphere far more advanced than the original January 2014 update did.

The new lush forests of Earth are yours to explore. This Update turns the formerly good-looking planet into a stunningly lush, beautifully lit, alive, organically structured environment.

Hotfix 19.5.4

  • Changed the default Solar Chart region zoom to Earth instead of Mercury.

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