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“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”
The following article/section contains spoilers. Please complete The Duviri Paradox before proceeding.

Maybe things don't work out the way you thought. Your life, your dreams your 'self.' No matter where you go, there you are. This loop you're in... maybe it's not so bad after all? It's not a trap or a habit, or a sentence. It's just your life, waiting for you to live it.

Duviri is an open-world region within the Void. Ruled by the tyrannical but childish Dominus Thrax, his mood and emotions directly influence the lands. Duviri becomes available upon completing The Duviri Paradox quest.

It was introduced in Update 33.0 (2023-04-26) on all platforms.

Lore & History[]


Duviri was originally the fictional setting of Euleria Entrati's storybook, "Tales of Duviri", created as a means of emotional regulation in the event of Void exposure, made manifest by the Drifter inadvertently via Conceptual Embodiment as a result of their emotional anxieties following the Zariman Ten Zero's Void Jump accident.

Dominus Thrax, insulted by the Drifter's attempts to leave Duviri, has them executed in a continuous time loop, causing the Drifter to become apathetic and forget having created Duviri in the first place.

According to Acrithis, the resident archivist, Duviri used to be much larger. Many of the islands were "lost", either destroyed by Dominus Thrax, or mysteriously vanished to the Void.


Duviri is a large open domain primarily consisting of many disconnected floating islands, each with their own hills, caves, buildings, and bodies of water. Unlike other mission nodes, Duviri is not procedurally generated using Tiles, but is instead a massive static map with unique features.

The color of the landscape generally changes with the mood setting. For example, the sky is red with Anger, but green with Envy. The presence of islands also vary with the mood, most notably the Archarbor, the Amphitheater, and KullervoIcon272 Kullervo's Hold.

Duviri can be accessed through the Dominus Thrax bust icon on the upper right corner of the Star Chart. It is also accessible through the Duviri door in the Dormizone.

Players can enter Duviri in the 2-4 player squads or Solo. Each map is considered its own separate mission instance, and will not be shared between squads.

Entering into Duviri will create a new mission instance of Duviri, with procedural generation applying to objects like resource spawn locations.

Progress on Duviri is saved upon acquiring a Decree from any means.

Interactive Map[]

Teshin's Cave[]

Main article: Teshin's Cave

Every play session in Duviri starts out in Teshin's Cave. In this area, players can choose their Warframe and weapons, access their Drifter Intrinsics, customize their Kaithe, and practice their combat against a dummy target.

Main Features[]



Instead of using a selected loadout from the Origin System, Duviri features a roguelike experience which generates a random selection of Warframes, primary, secondary, and melee weapons. Equipment will cycle at the start of every Spiral or upon completing a Duviri mission.

Equipment that the player does not own or not mastered has a high chance of appearing, but the unowned equipment will only appear as its base version (e.g. not owning MagIcon272 Mag will not have Mag PrimeIcon272 Mag Prime appear).

The most powerful version(s) of owned equipment will always appear and obsolete any of the weaker variants (e.g. owning BratonPrime Braton Prime and BratonVandal Braton Vandal will cause them to always appear over Braton Braton or Braton MK1-Braton).

If the player owns less than 10 weapons in a category, any owned and mastered equipment are less likely to appear back-to-back.

Companions, modular weapons (Kitguns and Zaws), and Archguns are not generated.

Initially, only 3 Warframes and one of each weapon type plus an additional randomly selected type will be available. The amount can be increased with Drifter Intrinsics Opportunity:

  • Rank 2: Increases number of weapon options to 6.
  • Rank 4: Increases number of Warframe options to 4. Additionally allows previewing available Warframes and weapons in the navigation window, with owned equipment displaying Forma count.
  • Rank 7: Further increases number of weapon options to 8.
  • Rank 8: Further increases number of Warframe options to 5.
  • Rank 10: Unlocks the Stalker Stalker as a Warframe option.

For players under Mastery Rank 3, only the Warframes ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur, FrostIcon272 Frost, MagIcon272 Mag, MirageIcon272 Mirage, NezhaIcon272 Nezha, OberonIcon272 Oberon, ProteaIcon272 Protea, RhinoIcon272 Rhino, SarynIcon272 Saryn, StyanaxIcon272 Styanax, WukongIcon272 Wukong, and VoltIcon272 Volt will appear.

Equipment will come with a default configuration of pre-selected Mods, all at max rank. Default Configs are as follows:[1]

Any Arsenal-created configurations from the Origin System will also be available. Modding cannot be performed within Teshin's Cave, so players must prepare in advance before starting a Duviri mission. Exalted Weapons, if any, will use the same configuration as the Warframe (e.g. ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur on Config B will have ExaltedBladeWeapon Exalted Blade use Config B). Created configurations will default Config A if it uses over 40 mod capacity, otherwise it will default to the one with the most used mod capacity.

Warframe and weapon appearance exclusively uses Config A.

If the player heads into Duviri with any equipment type unselected, those equipment and mod configurations will be randomly selected from the available options. GarudaIcon272 Garuda (GarudaPrimeIcon Prime) is an exception, able to abstain from selecting a melee weapon to use her GarudaTalons Garuda Talons (GarudaPrimeTalons Prime).

Affinity can still be earned from Duviri, allowing any selected equipment not at max rank to be ranked up.

Drifter Combat[]

Main article: Drifter#Duviri

Traversing the surface of Duviri does not feature traditional Warframe gameplay. Instead, players take control of the Drifter, who has a much more limited arsenal and are not as agile but have more Melee variance.

  • They have 250 base health and no shields.
  • Their abilities operate on a cooldown rather than using energy.
  • They can crouch, slide, and roll but cannot double jump or bullet jump.
  • Unlike Warframes, the Drifter takes DmgImpactSmall64 Impact damage from falling at high heights. This is especially noticeable with Duviri's tall cliffs and houses.
    • Kaithes do not experience fall damage, however.
    • Rolling just before landing will negate fall damage entirely.
  • The Drifter is equipped with a Sirocco Sirocco sidearm and one of the available melee weapons: Sun&Moon Sun & Moon, Syam Syam, Azothane Azothane, Edun Edun, Sampotes Sampotes, or Argo&Vel Argo & Vel.
  • They possess unique Melee moves not available to Warframes:
    • Target lock (default R ).
    • Target swapping (default Mouse Wheel  during target lock).
    • Parrying and projectile reflecting (blocking, default RMB , right before being attacked).
    • Power Strike (block + heavy attack, default RMB  + MMB ; has a cooldown indicated by a gauge beneath the reticle). Each weapon has its own Power Strike:
      • Sun & Moon: Sends forth two arcs of explosive energy that deal DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity damage.
      • Syam: Releases two spinning slashes in quick succession, inflicting Lifted b Lifted.
      • Azothane: Plunges the blade into the ground to release five energy waves forward in a cone, dealing DmgColdSmall64 Cold damage.
      • Edun: Quickly slashes upward to release a cloud of dust to RadialBlind130xDark Blind the foe.
      • Sampotes: Slams the ground to release a shockwave that travels forward in a line, inflicting DmgFireSmall64 Heat damage.
      • Argo & Vel: Performs a charged swing that inflicts DmgSlashSmall64 Slash. Perfect parrying resets Power Strike cooldown.
    • Quick-shot (default LMB ) will quickly fire the Sirocco and immediately re-equip the melee weapon.
    • Certain enemy attacks are unblockable, and others are interruptible using the Sirocco.
  • Switching from melee to range weapon requires a key press (default F ) and allows to aim (default RMB ), while using the melee weapon (default E ) will switch to melee mode.

The Drifter possesses the following abilities:

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SummonKaithe(Drifter)130xWhite SummonKaithe(Drifter)130xWhite
Summon Kaithe

Summon your Kaithe. Cast again to dismount. Dismounting can also be performed by melee attacking and can occur when taking damage from enemies.

Introduced in Update 33.0 (2023-04-26)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:N/A
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:N/A
AbilityRangeBuff Range:N/A
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Guiding Hand

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Restorative(Drifter)130xWhite Restorative(Drifter)130xWhite
Restorative (Duviri)

Cast to restore 100 Health to Drifter and clear Status Effects.

Introduced in Update 33.0 (2023-04-26)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:N/A
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:N/A
AbilityRangeBuff Range:N/A

Misc: +100 health points restored
Removes all status effects

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SmokeScreen(Drifter)130xWhite SmokeScreen(Drifter)130xWhite
Smoke Screen (Duviri)

Cast to throw a smoke grenade that releases smoke in a 10 meter radius, turning Drifter and teammates invisible while inside of it.

Introduced in Update 31.0 (2021-12-15)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:N/A
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:N/A
AbilityRangeBuff Range:N/A

Misc: 10 m (smoke radius)
7 s (smoke duration)


With Drifter Intrinsics Combat Rank 3, the Drifter can unlock Transference Surge as their 5th ability, where dealing damage fills a gauge that when maxed allows the Drifter to summon their Warframe to Duviri for 10 seconds (15 with Combat Rank 8).

While riding their Kaithe, abilities 3 and 4 are replaced by other abilities unlocked through Intrinsics Riding Rank 3 and 6:

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Hoof Stomp

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Steadfast Dismount

Drifter Intrinsics[]

Main article: Drifter/Intrinsics

Drifter Intrinsics are awarded upon completing objectives in Duviri. These enhance the Duviri experience and some even have use in the Origin System.

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Improve the Drifter’s fighting skills.
—In-Game Description

The Combat Intrinsics strengthens the Drifter's fighting prowess in Duviri.

Rank Ability Description Notes
1 Deadly Decrees Each active Decree grants +10% Damage.
  • Each Decree stack applies a damage bonus.
  • Damage bonus is additive to other base damage increases such as Mod TT 20px Serration and Mod TT 20px Hornet Strike.
  • Affects certain Warframe abilities.
2 Adrenaline Surge In Duviri, Restorative boosts movement speed for 5 seconds.
3 Transference Sync Unlock Transference Surge, the ability to briefly summon a Warframe in Duviri by pressing 5  when the Transference bar is full.
  • Dealing damage to enemies fills a gauge above the ability icons. Once full, the Warframe can be summoned into Duviri for 10 seconds.
4 Swifter Strike In Duviri, Drifter Power Strike cooldown is reduced by 30%.
5 Swifter Abilities In Duviri, Drifter ability cooldown is reduced by 20%.
  • Restorative cooldown reduced to 12 seconds.
  • Smoke Screen cooldown reduced to 48 seconds.
  • Does not affect Guiding Hand or Kaithe abilities.
6 Neural Pulse In Duviri, the Guiding Hand ability will expose a weakpoint on enemies for 10s. Hitting a weakpoint will deal 3x damage.
7 Weaponmaster In Duviri, weapon critical hit chance increases by +20% additively.
  • Also affects Warframes.
8 Transference Synergy Increase Transference Surge duration by 50%.
  • Transference Surge duration increased to 15 seconds.
9 Muscle Mass Drifter deals +25% damage. In the Origin System, both Drifter and Operator receive this boost.
10 Overpowering Abilities In Duviri, using an Ability increases damage by 150% for 3 seconds.

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Enhance Kaithe-riding.
—In-Game Description

The Riding Intrinsics allows the use of Kaithe riding and provides beneficiary effects while aboard the steed.

Rank Ability Description Notes
1 Summon Kaithe Tap 1  to summon your Kaithe.
2 Cavalier Strength Increased resistance to being dismounted by an enemy.
3 Hoof Stomp While riding a Kaithe, press 3  to command your Kaithe to stomp, knocking enemies back and reducing their armor.
4 Fast Travel Use the map to fast travel to central Duviri locations and Materliths.
5 Smooth Path Plants and rocks are marked on the map when you ride your Kaithe.
6 Steadfast Dismount While riding a Kaithe, press 4  to dismount and gain 150 Overguard. 150 second cooldown between uses.
7 Endurance Racer Reduce cooldown between dashes.
8 Unique Identity Name your Kaithe.
9 Equestrian Bond Receive Kaithe Summon for Origin System Open World missions.
10 Herd Travel Use the map to fast travel to other Drifters.

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Give the Drifter better luck and more options.
—In-Game Description

The Opportunity Intrinsics unlocks more available Warframe, weapon, and Decree selections within Duviri.

Rank Ability Description Notes
1 Expanded Decrees Decree selections offer one additional option.
  • Increases number of available Decree selections from 3 to 4.
2 Expanded Arsenal Gain two additional weapon choices in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Increases number of weapon options from 4 to 6.
3 Lucky Opener Gain a free Decree when you enter Duviri.
4 Warframe Abundance Gain one additional Warframe option in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Increases number of Warframe choices from 3 to 4.
  • Also enables Teshin’s Cave offerings to be previewed in the Star Chart before entering Duviri
5 Treasure Finder +50% chance to receive Rare Decrees.
6 Fresh Hand Discard offered Decrees and get a new selection, up to 3 times per Duviri visit.
7 Maximized Arsenal Gain two additional weapon choices in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Further increases number of weapon options to 8.
8 Warframe Diversity Gain one additional Warframe option in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Further increases number of Warframe choices to 5.
9 High Value Vendor Acrithis’s stock now includes one Arcane per day.
10 Stranger in Black An unlikely ally will occasionally appear in Teshin’s Cave as a playable Warframe.
  • Unlocks the Stalker Stalker as a Warframe option.

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Boost the Drifter’s powers of survival.
—In-Game Description

The Endurance Intrinsics bolsters the Drifter's survivability in Duviri.

Rank Ability Description Notes
1 Fortifying Decrees Each active Decree grants +25 Health to Drifter.
  • Each Decree stack applies a health bonus.
  • Also affects Warframes.
2 Restorative Decree Gaining a Decree fully restores Health and Energy.
  • Also affects Warframes.
3 Determination One additional Revive is available in Duviri.
  • Also affects Warframes.
4 Deft Defender Parry grants +25 Health. Precise Parry grants +50 Health.
5 Born Survivor +50% additional Health.
6 Precision Power On precise parry, gain extra charge for Transference Surge.
7 Sharpshooter’s Bounty Landing a headshot restores +10 Health/s for 5s.
  • Also affects Warframes.
8 Tenacity One additional Revive is available in Duviri.
  • Also affects Warframes.
9 Tough As Old Boots Gain +5 Health/s as Drifter. In the Origin System, both Drifter and Operator receive this boost.
10 Cheat Death Fatal damage leaves you at 20% Health and invulnerable for 3 seconds. 200 second cooldown.
  • 200 seconds is equal to 3 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Also affects Warframes.
  • Cooldown ends upon dying or entering bleedout.

Game Modes[]

The Duviri Experience[]

Duviri as it was intended to be played. Story and side objectives together.
—In-Game Description

The Duviri Experience is Duviri's current mood spiral story as it was meant to be played, with possible side objectives and quests that in turn allow the player to acquire more Decrees.

The Lone Story[]

Just the Spiral's story. Duviri devoid of all side objectives.
—In-Game Description

The Lone Story is a streamlined mode that takes the player through the story of the current mood spiral without giving access to any side objectives.

The Circuit[]

Main article: The Circuit
Warframe only. Battle through an endless chain of missions.
—In-Game Description

The Circuit is an endless gamemode that takes the player through The Undercroft. Featuring Warframe exclusive gameplay, players must endure an onslaught of Origin System missions, which are an alternative method to earning Origin System resources, including Warframe components.

Mood Spirals[]

Main article: Mood Spirals

In Duviri, the mood spiral at the time of beginning the session affects the landscape, certain points of interest, color palette of the sky and land, and more. Each Spiral is lead by a different courtier, who will guide the player through their mission. The moods that can appear during a Duviri run are Joy, Anger, Envy, Sorrow, and Fear. Each mood lasts for 120 minutes (2 hours).

The current mood also affects the damage and status type enemies can inflict:

Stage Types[]

Mood Spirals play out a "story" featuring a series of 6-stage objectives similar to Bounties, four on Duviri and two trips into The Undercroft, culminating into a boss fight with the Orowyrm. Optional objectives found throughout Duviri are labeled as Anecdotes.

Completing each objective awards players with a random Duviri resource, 3 Drifter Intrinsics, and a Common Decree, whilst completing a trip into The Undercroft yields twice as much, meaning 6 Drifter Intrinsics and a Rare Decree. Defeating the Orowyrm awards 10 Pathos Clamps (15 on The Steel Path), 15 Drifter Intrinsics (22 on The Steel Path), 5 Steel Essence if playing on The Steel Path, and a Rare Decree.

Prematurely exiting Duviri will retain all collected rewards and resources up to the last received Decree.

View Spiral Stages List
Type Description
Chest Guardian Some lone chests may be guarded by a group of 6 Dax soldiers. Other times interacting with one will spawn a Hollow Thrax Centurion.
Defeat the Dax A group of 3-6 Dax soldiers can be encountered wandering the planes, killing them will immediately yield rewards.
Defeat Kullervo Exclusive to Anger, Sorrow, and Fear Spirals.

The Drifter must first talk to The Warden found above the arena in the Kullervo's Hold island. Accepting the battle will move the player to the arena, and three Kullervos will emerge one by one to fight, each serving as one health bar. Defeating the third and last Kullervo yields normal rewards, while having also defeated the Spiral's Orowyrm will reward Kullervo'sBane Kullervo's Bane.

If The Warden is absent from his chair, the Kullervo fight will appear later as a main spiral objective. Otherwise leaving and returning will respawn him.

Engaging Kullervo recommends the player have at least 5 Decrees.

Duviri Hacking Puzzle Some chests may be locked and must be hacked open. Duviri Hacking features a series of spiraling rings and their player must align their cursor as the rings pass through. The rings can be slowed down (default A ) or sped up (default D ). Succeeding will automatically open the chest, while failing will spawn a group of Dax whose demise will then open the chest.
Kaithe Racing Similar to K-Drive races on other landscapes, Kaithe Racing has the player navigate their Kaithe through a series of gates. Passing through the gates or shooting floating nodes will extend the race time by 3 seconds. Flying near gates without passing them are counted as a miss, but does not penalize the player.

Outside of Spirals, talk to Brimon to start the Anecdote.

Kill the Mounted Dax Exclusive to Spirals.

Players must confront and slay the Dax Equitem miniboss. This Dax battles atop its Kaithe and features three health bars, requiring the player to parry in order to fully deplete them.

Komi Not featured as a Spiral Stage.

Komi is a board game whose objective is to surround the NPC opponent's stones with the player's own. 10 captures will win the game.

Lost Belongings 3-6 small items have been lost and are now left scattered across a cave. They emit a white glow and awaken Liminus when picked up.
Purge Liminus A chest in a cave is guarded by numerous groups of Liminus who must be killed to open the treasure.
Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes Not featured as a Spiral stage.

Owl-like creatures called Paragrimms can be found perched above a tome. Interacting with the creature will place the perspective view around the Paragrimm as it soars into the skies on autopilot. The player must aim and focus on 4 tomes scattered on the surface.

Rescue Prisoner A lone citizen is being imprisoned by Dax. Players must fend off Dax and stay near the prisoner to fill a gauge in order to free them. If too many Dax are near the prisoner, they will fill the capture side of the gauge.
Reconnect the Power Lines A turbine has lost its power. Two or three waypointed nodes appear on the charging points and the player has a limited time to shoot them, following the path they make back to the turbine.
Shawzin Playing Not featured as a Spiral Stage.

Shawzins may be found throughout Duviri. They have two performance difficulties: Normal and Virtuoso. Successful plays, regardless of difficulty, yields rewards once per song per Duviri visit. Completing all 12 songs on Virtuoso awards the Courtly Shawzin (this doesn't have to be done in one play session).

Shrine Assembly Interacting with a shrine on the surface will spawn 3-4 waves of Dax. Picking up the parts they drop in each wave will spawn a Hollow Thrax Centurion which must be defeated.
Shrine Maze Shrines within caves will spawn a node, shooting them will project a maze-like path the player must follow. Liminus may assault the player as they navigate the maze.
Table for Two Not featured as a Spiral stage.

Small dining tables will project a mirrored Drifter in the form of the Operator. They must guide their mirrored selves to glowing purple spots to assemble a relic atop the table.

Tamm Herding Tamms, sheep-like creatures, have escaped their pen and the player must corral them back into it with the help of their Kaithe.

Outside of Spirals, talk to Barris near any pen or stable within Duviri to start the Anecdote.

The Undercroft Taking a portal to The Undercroft, the player engages in Warframe activities with a randomly selected Origin System mission: Defense (3 waves), Survival (5 minutes), Excavation (extract 300 Cryotic Cryotic), Void Flood (seal 5 ruptures), Exterminate (kill required enemies + Corrupted Vor), Assassination (Corrupted Jackal), or Alchemy (2 Crucibles).

In The Duviri Experience, 3 portals can appear in Duviri as a side objective, with much higher level enemies (+25 normal, +75 on The Steel Path) and increased Eximus spawns, but are a reliable source of Arcane Enhancements and extra Pathos Clamps. Due to their higher difficulty, entering these side portals requires a minimum of 7 Decrees.

Void Mirror A mirror must be assembled while fending off 3 waves of Dax. Once the mirror is assembled, the player must navigate their mirrored selves to spawn a chest.


Main article: Decree

Decrees are temporary bonuses given to the player upon completing objectives, whether through the main progression or side content. A selection of 3 Decrees can be chosen (4 with Drifter Intrinsics). The buffs last until extraction.

Maw Feeding (Fishing)[]


A Transference Pad used in Maw Feeding

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Duviri fishing does not use the traditional spears. Instead, the player takes control of a Golden Maw, a worm-like construct, for a short time to engage in a feeding frenzy. These occur at Transference Pads near bodies of water.

The Maw possesses the following controls:

  • Increase speed (sprint, default Shift )
  • Chomp (weapon fire or melee, default LMB  / E )
  • Rush Chomp (jump, default Space )

Timer is gauged by a meter and progress is tracked by 15 nodes. Catching a minimum of 10 fish awards fishing resources, while 15 fish yields additional resources and a chance to earn a live version of the fish to be placed in the Orbiter's Aquarium.

Once per Duviri visit, successful Maw Fishing awards 3 Drifter Intrinsics, non-fishing Duviri resources, and a Decree.


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Conservation in Duviri does not use the Tranq Rifle. Instead, the wildlife have been tainted by Void corruption, producing a sentry-like gaze and will flee from the player if they spot them. Koral will alert the player if a Void-corrupted animal is nearby.

The wildlife, which appears as either a Krubie, a Kexat, or a Tamm, can be approached with stealth to interact with them. If spotted, the player will need to destroy the three orbs surrounding them in order to subdue them. Once interacted, the player is prompted a quick-time event to remove the corruption (default tap E , can be changed to hold in Settings > Accessibility > "Repeated Button Presses"). Purified wildlife can be petted, who will then lead the player to a treasure chest containing 3 Drifter Intrinsics, Duviri resources, and a Decree.

Non-hostile wildlife can appear throughout Duviri. They can be freely pet and do not react to attacks, nor can they be harmed.

View Farming Tips List

These are are based on opinions and may not be 100% true. These should be viewed as advice for finding the resource until better facts are proven.

Duviri Conservation tasks appear in fixed locations around Duviri, though only a few will be active per instance. One such location is near the centre of Royalstead Pastures; another is west of the road running from Primrose Village to Moirai Crossing; and another is in a ravine west of Titan's Rest.

It has been reported that Duviri Conservation targets (which are also sought after for Nightwave) are more commonly found near Royalstead Pastures and Chamber of Muses.[2]

Duviri Enigmas[]


Three gold puzzle boxes seen in a Duviri Enigma

Duviri Enigmas are special puzzles within Duviri. These puzzles become available after completion of The Duviri Paradox quest. They center around a Paragrimm Hutch with a set of three symbols, arranged vertically, and an owl-like creature called a Paragrimm sitting atop the hutch itself. The player must shoot three nearby drums to match the symbols to open the cache in the hutch. The puzzle has many variations:

  • Some drums possess a target or latch of some kind, which causes them to pop open when shot. The drum may automatically close itself after a short time, or remain open.
  • Some discs are unstable and energetic, and will project waves of energy back when shot, causing a guaranteed DmgFireSmall64 Heat proc and associated damage over time if the player does not dodge in time.
  • Pressure pads or other drums may be involved to open drums. If another drum is required, then the drum with the actual symbol disc will only be open for a short time.
    • Drums opened via this method will have a protrusion in the general direction of the previous (and next) element in the chain.
  • Some drums may be empty; a nearby disc must be retrieved and then thrown into the empty drum with Alternate Fire. The disc may be ejected with a target beneath the drum.
    • If there is a grey metallic backing disk and an energy field over the front of the drum, the drum will remember the symbol; otherwise, if the inner back of the drum is golden and there is no additional energy field, the mobile disc must still be inserted when completing the puzzle.
    • The mobile disc will usually be in a drum that can be broken by interaction or a shot to a specific part; these drums can be mounted atop nearby columns, hanging from archways by a tether, and so on. The disc may also be found entangled in overgrown plant material that looks like a tumbleweed.
  • Some hutches require two players to open and solve; these puzzles will only appear in a squad of two or more players.
  • Some of the symbols may be obscured by damage (as if the hutch was struck with great force) or concealed by an oblong plate with a small window in the middle, forcing players to guess or brute-force the combination.

Completion of Enigma puzzles award various Duviri resources, 1-3 EnigmaGyrum Enigma Gyrum (used to purchase Enigma Archives decorations from Acrithis), and a chance of a Cinta Cinta main or part blueprint.

A special Enigma puzzle appears underneath the Archarbor with 8 symbols, awarding 5 Enigma Gyrum on completion. Four of its symbols are always covered by plates, and it uses almost all of the variations or complications described above.

The symbols on the Paragrimm Hutch in Archarbor are always associated with the same drums. The pattern is as follows:

Archarbor Enigma Hint

Lost Islands of Duviri[]


A Lost Islands of Duviri Fragment

The Lost Islands of Duviri are small archival audio drives that are scattered around the floating islands of Duviri.

Each archive entry requires 9 Fragments to be completed. Fragments in Duviri can be localized by their distinct musical sound.

These Fragments reveal the story of Duviri's Lost Islands, narrated by Acrithis.

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View Lost Islands of Duviri Fragments List
Scholar's Landing
Planet Scans Required
Duviri 9
Fragment Lore

In all the ages of Thrax's reign, only two strangers have ever known to come to Duviri.

One was the monk, Teshin, who fell from the sky into the lake on the island we now call Hermit's Landing. Seemingly lifeless, he was dragged ashore by Mathila who nursed his return to health. I have never known a constitution to match his; yet unlike us, he has... deteriorated... with the passing of time.

The other stranger came far earlier in Thrax's reign, before even the Bleeding Earth.

This stranger had haunted eyes and a downcast mien, and spoke of the Wall and the worlds beyond. He wore his hair like looped snakes, and his voice carried an accent unlike any in Duviri.

With the King's permission, he constructed a great laboratory of light-smoking mirrors and Void-lanthorns, which he claimed was the match of one he had once owned in a former life. The island where it stood was known as Scholar's Landing.

The time would come, the stranger said, when Duviri would be needed. There was work of repentance to be done, and he could not do it alone. What he meant by this I cannot say; and cannot now ask, for Scholar's Landing vanished overnight.

But I shall watch, and wait, and hope.

Acrithis Transmission
We Are Not What We Were
Planet Scans Required
Duviri 9
Fragment Lore

I am naturally curious. I can hardly help it. And so I set this down for any that follow in my footsteps, who wonder - as I have - about our home.

Today, Duviri is a mere scattering of islands, set about the Palace as if they had spilled forth from it. But in the dawning time, when the Kingdom was new, it was a Kingdom worthy of the name.

From horizon to horizon lay island after island, each one different, bearing distinctive color and life.

I have flown on Kaithe-back until the Archarbor was lost to sight, and then on again, have been unable to number the lands over which I flew. Every one of them raise its banners to Thrax.

Nothing remains of those islands now. Not a tree, not a leaf, not a grain of sand.

It seems some of the Lost Islands were smashed by Thrax the King, as a child might smash a toy. Others have been obliterated by hazards unknown; the Void is an ocean, it is said, and monsters dwell in its depths. But the fast majority of the islands have simply fallen to the Void's creeping encroachment, as the tides wear away at the land.

I dream of a Lost Island returning one happy day, or an entirely new island appearing, birthed from the Void. But this place has not changed in so long, except for the worse, and there is no reason for hope. One day, I am sure, the Void will engulf us all.

Acrithis Transmission
Watcher’s Island
Planet Scans Required
Duviri 9
Fragment Lore

In the splendid lands on this side of the Wall lives happy Mathila; and she has two children.

She also had a husband, in her yesterdays. When I have attempted to talk to her about him she has simply frozen, like a rat before a snake.

His name was Garmi, and he was keeper of the Seriglass Lighthouse on Watcher's Island.

The lighthouse served no true purpose, yet he kept its lamp burning, beaming out into the Void as if to call travelers home.

Now... before his death, Garmi confided in me that he felt his role was important; he was keeping 'it' at bay.

Void Storms were not unknown in Duviri, but the storm I shall speak of was unlike others. It hung in a red veil across the sky. There was a great sound like tearing metal, and all at once a pelting rain fell. Not water, but broken metal chains, in lengths and coils and great rattling whipstrands.

The falling chains shattered roofs and windows, slashed through screaming livestock, and maimed the fools who had not come in from the streets.

I found Garmi's log in the toppled ruin of the lighthouse. With admirable presence of mind, he describes a form steadily approaching out of the Void. A monstrous hand, possessed of only three fingers and a thumb.

With the lighthouse gone, Watcher's Island crumbled and was gone too within three spirals.

Garmi has no grave nor memorial, as if he had never lived. But I remember, And so, I record.

Acrithis Transmission
Lake Verula
Planet Scans Required
Duviri 9
Fragment Lore

For Lake Verula to be lost and forgotten is a lasting bittering to me. There was a time when it was Duviri's festival spot. On the anniversary of Thrax's coronation, the citizenry would build ceremonial floating islands. On these they would drift, sing, play music and light fragrant lanterns in honor of Thrax.

Attracted by the music, the rainbow eels would rise from the lake bed, poke their iridescent heads above the water, and sing.

Luscinia had a school of them that followed her across the lake and floundered on the shore when she disembarked, as if they yearned to remain with her.

We could not know that down on the lake bed, a portal to the Undercroft and formed. Predatory creatures writhed in. They were golden, slender, with massive fanged bivalved maws. And they were ravenous. They devoured the rainbow eels, and then they devoured each other until only a handful were left.

Lake Verula had no more magic after that. Thrax ordered the lake drained, but the golden maws merely burrowed into Duviri's crust, where to this day they can sometimes be found plundering our pools.

Acrithis Transmission
The Galleria
Planet Scans Required
Duviri 9
Fragment Lore

How I loved the Galleria. It was and island of simple beauty, where white statues rose out of the ground as if they had grown there. They were classical in their features, masked in due propriety, each bearing an instrument or an emblem of their craft. I gave them names: the Scribe, the Scryer, the Shawzinist.

On days when the mist of Thrax's sorrow hung among the marble columns a sober chill seemed to drape the Galleria. One could not wish for a better spot to cool a burning head. This kingdom is often mad, but this was a space for sanity.

That peace was shattered one morning as I drove my carriage there. I witness a vast form break up from the ground and clumsily probe the area around it.

I took the thing for a gigantic worm or slug, until one of my escorting Dax pointed out the colossal fingernail on its 'head'.

We turned on our heel and made for the Palace, where I gave Dominus Thrax the best account of what I had seen. On hearing that a single monstrous finger had burst up through the green sward, Thrax took terrible fright.

Despite my entreaties, he sacrificed the entire island before any more of the entity could emerge.

Acrithis Transmission
The Doll Mausoleum
Planet Scans Required
Duviri 9
Fragment Lore

The Necropolis Island was once one of the largest in Duviri, and the strangest. It appeared to be a sprawling burial ground, littered with gravestones, wooden crosses, sarcophagi and ornate tombs. But those who broke into these places found that there were no bodies to loot. Not a cadaver, not a skull, not even a tooth.

Instead, each coffin contained a simulacrum of the human form, in various stages of decay. Entire skeletons carved out of wood. Corpses of rotting straw stuffed into old clothes. Mouldering faces sculpted in crumbling clay. Little bones laboriously whittled down from large bones.

I have never been able to make any sense of it.

The Doll Mausoleum did not even attempt to imitate an authentic burial structure. It was built to far too small a scale. The cavities within it were tiny, each one holding a coffin that contained a miniature human figure. These were all genders, often with brightly coloured hair, all wearing odd one-piece hooded suits of black leather.

Thrax was known to visit the Mausoleum, alone. I do not know what he did there.

Now the place is lost to the Void. A mystery that shall remain so, forever. Isn't that maddening?

Acrithis Transmission
The Caves of Academe
Planet Scans Required
Duviri 9
Fragment Lore

There was a time when the children of Duviri were educated.

Upon the island of Academe, within its chalky caves, in rough-hewn classrooms lit by burning blue gas, sages taught them everything they would need to know. They learned of the Seven Principles, the geometries, the primords, the harmonics and resonances, the sacred stories, and most importantly, the unquestionable benignity of Dominus Thrax.

And then, not long after the Rain of Chains, the first of the Hollow Children appeared.

They joined the others for class, sitting at the back, silent and attentive. Their eyes were a deep and lustrous black, their mouths fixed in a constant grin. None of the sages saw them enter or leave.

The Hollow Children did not speak, nor did they participate in class in any way, except to giggle unnervingly when the subject of the Void was mentioned.

When adults came to collect their children, they noticed an additional oddity. Among the Hollow Children were exact duplicates of themselves when they were younger. Each day there were more of them.

Thrax ordered the island destroyed, but when Lodun descended from the sky to ravage it, the Orowyrm found it had broken free of its own accord.

Thrax did not give the order to pursue.

Acrithis Transmission
Manipura Island
Planet Scans Required
Duviri 9
Fragment Lore

The island of Manipura was Duviri's vineyard. The Calaventi merchant sisterhood had villas there. Their tenant farmers raised succulent grapes to be turned into wine, which was taken as tribute to be shared among the Dax.

Tribute day was a great celebration in the Dax barracks, as the veiled Yaskutai would pour bowl after bowl of wine, comrades would show old wounds and tell tall tales of how they were come by, and old songs would be sung late into the night.

The Calaventi were proud. They considered themselves reflections of the 'true' Orokin, and though they bent the knee to Thrax, they did not respect him.

With his changeable moods and his short stature, Thrax was - they whispered - merely an upstart, an imitator.

It was the servants who alerted Thrax to their masters' insolence. If they were expected to be rewarded for this, more fool them.

A terrible Orowyrm was sent to, and I quote, 'trample the Calaventi sisterhood as they trample their grapes'. With no warning, the Orowyrm burst through the island from beneath, shattering it to fragments.

If the Dax of Duviri resent the loss of their wine-tribute, they know better than to speak of it.

Acrithis Transmission
The Island of Lorn
Planet Scans Required
Duviri 9
Fragment Lore

When Duviri came into being there were many islands whose contents were - to put it bluntly - horrific. The Execution Cyst, the Golden Hive, the Inversion Tree, Stitcher's Gulch and the Bountiful Swamp were all notorious, but each met a natural end, engulfed by the Void. Lorn was exiled deliberately.

The Island of Lorn was a desolate, bleak outcrop where ghosts would scream accusations against anyone who came close enough to hear. Shunned by all, it was ultimately severed from Duviri and set adrift in the Void, where it can still occasionally be heard screaming to this day.

Islands are usually unmoored or otherwise destroyed by command of the King. Here, though, it was the local citizenry who rose up and cast the offending island out, smashing the bridges with their tools and dragging it away using ropes and flying Kaithes.

Lorn was notable for its curious shrines, many of which were dismantled and their component stones taken from the island by royal order. One comes across them occasionally, and it is possible - though not advisable - to reassemble them. To do so risks a local outbreak of ghosts, an offense punishable by death should the Dax catch you at it.

Acrithis Transmission
The Bleeding Earth
Planet Scans Required
Duviri 9
Fragment Lore

The island was called Cornucopia, for its fecundity. The soil, dark and rich, yielded tubers and greens that shimmered with life. Wagons laden with tribute would go tottering up to the Palace in procession.

All this was, of course, the will of the King; for what is a kingdom without its peasants? Thus had he created the islands, and thus they remained, day after indolent day.

Then, on a morning like any other, Farmer Hovrel drove his spade into the earth and brought up blood.

Blood welled up from the gash like crimson oil. As Hovrel looked on, stupefied, the rivulet reached the road and... began to pool. The shocked cries of other farmers rang out as their furrows, too, began to fill with blood.

The stuff was dark, almost black. It had a heavy metallic odor suffused with grave spices. One venturesome soul tasted it. His eyes instantly became pitch-black orbs, his voice a smoky whisper.

Panic ensued. Was this a curse? The judgment of Dominus Thrax?

The Dax came swiftly, the roads were barricaded, and Cornucopia was isolated from Duviri.

Later that day, a great Orowyrm shattered the bridges. The island was set adrift, inhabitants and all. The last sight I had of them was a row of wide-eyed, pleading faces watching me steadily as they vanished into the Void.

Acrithis Transmission

The Vagabond[]

A mysterious human entity can sometimes be found in Duviri. When encountered, this Vagabond will laugh manically before vanishing. Curiously, this figure lacks an index finger.

  • Joy: A cave beneath Thrax Gardens.
  • Anger: Atop the main spire of The King's Palace.
  • Envy: Near the scholar's tomb, in a cave near Fort Wyrmsoul.
  • Sorrow: Above the cave entrance at the pond near Moirai Crossing.
  • Fear: Near Titan's Rest, behind Sythel's house.

Zariman Tablets[]

Tablets from the Zariman Ten Zero have begun appearing around Duviri. These testing tablets contain a single multiple-choice question revealing lore about the Orokin society, Duviri, and the mysteries of the Void. Incorrectly answering questions has no penalty, but releases an unsettling laugh, while correct responses produce a heavily distorted voice.

Zariman Tablets

Correct answers are bolded.

  • What event concluded the Eighteenth Radiation War?
    • A. The destruction of the Arctic Hive Cluster
    • B. The assassination of Marcellus Ambrosius Lephantis
  • What is the core thesis of The Palimpsest of Spacetime?
    • A. Events can be rewritten; traces of the original persist
    • B. Everything that exists could, at any point, be erased
  • What is 'Kuva'?
    • A. Fluid with Void-derived capacity to conduct consciousness
    • B. The liquid remnants of departed Orokin saints
  • What is Conceptual Embodiment?
    • A. Concepts taking on form in the Void
    • B. The creation of cephalons
  • What should public architecture celebrate?
    • A. Our understanding of geometry and physics
    • B. The proven superiority of tiered society
  • What should one never do at a Serving of the Bitter Tea?
    • A. Break silence
    • B. Flinch, no matter how severe the pain
  • Who is constructing the Extrasolar Rail between Pluto and Tau?
    • A. An elite group of loyal servants of the Seven
    • B. A new, hardy strain of Grineer Void Engineers
  • What was the purpose of the Zariman Parades?
    • A. To raise capital for the Zariman expedition
    • B. To instill awe in those not chosen to participate
  • Which emergency visual signals can replace lost audio comms?
    • A. Vosphene glyphs
    • B. The Cloud Alphabets of Saravin Wu
  • Excess time in the Void can result in:
    • A. Temporal distortions, psychological distress
    • B. The Void poses no risk
  • Is Void travel safe?
    • A. Yes. We are merely passengers
    • B. Yes, so long as we control our emotions
  • What is your first priority if you are exposed to the Void?
    • A. Request the duty cephalon to seal off your environs
    • B. Call the Lorists, then immolate yourself at a thermo-cubicle
  • What will be the primary challenge of colonizing Tau?
    • A. Remaining industrious in the midst of abundance
    • B. Unknown native hazards of the environment
  • By what right do the Orokin govern?
    • A. Through intrinsic superiority
    • B. This is a Forbidden Question
  • How many principal Orokin Virtues are there?
    • A. Three
    • B. Seven
  • What are the ideal conditions for contemplating Legems?
    • A. In a dark place remote from distractions
    • B. While experiencing the cerebral boost of a light-coil
  • How should you prepare for Continuity, if chosen?
    • A. Exercise, bathe, and keep my body pure
    • B. This is too unlikely to be worth considering
  • The Tales of Duviri is:
    • A. Tools for emotional regulation in the event of Void exposure
    • B. A fun collection of children's stories
  • In 'Tales of Duviri' King Thrax lacks:
    • A. The ability to control his emotions
    • B. Empathy
  • Why is Mathila excessively joyful?
    • A. She finds beauty in reality
    • B. She seeks to avoid reality
  • What was the Prince of Fire's fatal flaw?
    • A. He disrespected his superior
    • B. He failed to master himself
  • Why is Bombastine the most dangerous Courtier?
    • A. Envy of another's station undermines the Empire
    • B. He has venomous blood
  • What is the key lesson of The Sorrowful Soprano?
    • A. Sorrow is to be endured, not indulged
    • B. Sorrow should be rejected at all costs
  • Does Sythel deserve our contempt?
    • A. Yes – she is a cringing coward
    • B. No – her experiences are real to her
  • What invaded the Galleria?
    • A. There is no such place
    • B. Nothing you need to worry your head over
  • What was the ultimate fate of Albrecht Entrati?
    • A. He is entombed on Lua
    • B. That's the question, isn't it, kiddo?
  • How many fingers are found upon one's hand?
    • A. Five
    • B. Where are my fingerbones, kiddo?
  • Did you forget, kiddo?
    • A. You owe me.
  • You wouldn't welch on a deal, would you?
    • B. I saved them. All of them. Never said I'd save you.
  • What is 'the Wall'?
    • A. The barrier between rational reality and the Void
    • B. The Wall of Bone in whiKU NOMA ELU RA KAH, MARA LOHK?

Points of Interest[]

Courtier Locations[]

The five courtiers of Dominus Thrax can be found in various locations throughout Duviri. They only appear during their non-respective Spirals, except for Sythel who is always present.

  • Mathila: Can be found at Mathila's Farm during any Spiral except Joy.
  • Lodun: Can be found in Upperhaven during any Spiral except Anger.
  • Bombastine: Can be found entertaining a group of Duviri residents at The Agora during any Spiral except Envy.
  • Luscinia: Can be found singing in the Chamber of the Muses during any Spiral except Sorrow.
  • Sythel: Can be found cowering in her home, at the top of the mountain between Titan's Rest and Clustos Arch, during any Spiral except Fear.


Acrithis is a merchant who appears in various locations throughout Duviri in her IconDuviriAcrithiscarriage. She sells an assortment of Duviri-themed decorations and Captura scenes, Origin System materials, Duviri Arcane Enhancements, a rare Decree, and special weekly offers such as Exilus Adapter, Primary Arcane Adapter, Secondary Arcane Adapter, Forma Blueprint, Kuva, Orokin Catalyst, Orokin Reactor, or Riven Mods.

Upon completion of the main Spiral and defeating the Orowyrm, Acrithis will appear before the Drifter, at the King's Palace.

She can also be found to the left of the entrance to Duviri in the Dormizone.


Appears during Joy, Envy, and Sorrow.

Beneath the Archarbor is the most complex Enigma puzzle. To open the gates containing this puzzle, the three busts of Dominus Thrax at the edges of the island must be rotated to face the center, and a fourth bust placed in the underground edges must be hacked open. This puzzle features 8 symbols, but 4 of them are partially hidden by a panel that only shows their center. The player will also need to make use of multiple discs, as their symbols will not linger once ejected. The order of each symbols does not matter, and each drum can only contain one correct symbol. For its higher difficulty, players are awarded 5 EnigmaGyrum Enigma Gyrum.


Appears during Joy, Envy, Anger, and Fear.

Kullervo's Hold[]

Appears during Anger, Fear, and Sorrow.

Kullervo's Hold is a prison containing the Warframe KullervoIcon272 Kullervo, lined with seven jail cells each representing his seven "crimes". Speaking to The Warden at the top of the island initiates a boss fight with Kullervo. Defeating Kullervo and the Spiral's Orowyrm will award Kullervo'sBane Kullervo's Bane.

A cave leading out from the prison contains a locked cell containing a Somachord tone. The cell can be unlocked by locating the three busts of Dominus Thrax scattered around the island and rotating them to face the center, then hacking the console outside the cell.


Scattered across Duviri, IconDuviriMaterlithMaterliths are large statues that provide an aura of healing for the Drifter. Acquiring the Rank 4 Drifter Riding Intrinsic unlocks the ability to fast travel to Materliths from the map.

The Undercroft[]

The Undercroft is an area that exists outside of the surface of Duviri. Dominus Thrax's influence is much weaker there, allowing unrestricted use of Warframes. It features a colorful mixture of Duviri and Zariman Ten Zero tiles.

It is primarily featured during The Circuit. Two stages of the Spiral story also have the player venture into The Undercroft.

3 portals appear outside of the Spiral story, featuring stronger enemies (+25 enemy level, +75 enemy level on The Steel Path, and higher Eximus spawn rate) while serving as a reliable source of Arcane Enhancements. Due to the stronger enemies, these special portals requires 7 Decrees to access, excluding the free Decree from Opportunity Intrinsics Rank 3.

Dominus Thrax Statues[]

Numerous statues of Dominus Thrax can be found scattered throughout Duviri, recognizable by them being posed to raise both arms to the sky. These statues have the word 'bow" written in Orokin on the base. Performing a bowing emote (either Bow or Deep Bow) will cause a Curax Dole resource cache to appear in front of the statue.



Dax are loyal servants of the Dominus Thrax, obeying his each and every command, overseeing order on Duviri.

  • Dax Gladius: A rank-and-file soldier who uses the Syam Syam nikana. Preferring to fight up close, their special attacks consist of thrusting a short distance forward as well as plunging their blade into the ground to create an explosion.
  • Dax Herald: This banner-wielding Dax uses the Edun Edun polearm as their weapon of choice. They are capable of rallying and buffing their fellow Dax, and their special attack consists of rapidly spinning their polearm to project in an arch a field of Void energy on the ground that slowly follows Drifter, initially expanding then shrinking in size.
  • Dax Arcus: An archer who masterfully wields the Cinta Cinta bow to gain an advantage over enemies far away. Their special attacks consists of raining arrow barrages from the sky, charged shots, and leaping back to fire a layer of mines.
  • Dax Malleus: A hulking Dax that wields the Sampotes Sampotes hammer. With their special attack, Malleus dashes forward, just like Gladius, albeit a greater distance, knocking any unlucky foes caught in their path off their feet and dealing damage. Malleus can also perform an unblockable attack, slamming the ground with their club for devastating effect. In The Undercroft, the Dax Malleus possesses Overguard.
  • Dax Equitem: A Kaithe-riding Dax armed with the Azothane Azothane, a two-handed nikana. It uses its steed to quickly approach with the blade at the ready, can hurl projectiles, and can teleport. Appearing as a miniboss in Spiral stages, it has three health bars which requires parrying to stun it and then interacting with it to fully remove a bar; on its last bar it becomes dismounted as it summons Dax reinforcements.


Hollow Thrax Centurions and Hollow Thrax Legatus are manifestations of the Void that have found their way in Duviri. Legatus are primarily encountered in The Undercroft, while Centurions can appear on the surface, guarding chests or shrines.


Main article: Orowyrm

The Orowyrm is a colossal serpent-like creature that patrols the skies of Duviri, serving as the Grand Boss fought at the final stage of a Spiral. They are accompanied by smaller Wyrmlings.


Liminus are shadowy humanoid creatures that stalk the caves of Duviri. They leech the life force of their prey, and quickly retreat when attacked.


Main article: Corrupted

Normally featured within the Origin System's Void, the Corrupted have made their way into The Undercroft.


  • Players have innate Enemy Radar while in Duviri.
  • Gear items cannot be used, whether as the Drifter or Warframe. Emotes can still be used, however.


  • Drifter Intrinsics provide benefits throughout the journey in Duviri:
    • Combat improves the Drifter's damage and abilities, including unlocking the ability to temporarily summon the Warframe to Duviri.
    • Riding provides benefits while mounted on the Kaithe, such as offensive abilities, fast travel, and Loot Radar.
    • Opportunity unlocks more Decree selections as well as more Warframes and equipment available to choose from in Teshin's Cave.
    • Endurance increases the Drifter's health, regeneration, and the amount of revives on Duviri.
  • The AI opponent in Komi can be very difficult, even for those already acquainted with Komi, or the real-world counterpart it's based off of (Go).
    • Komi v2

      Visual example of Komi strategy to defeat the game's AI.

      A strategy was developed that nearly guarantees a win. Start by putting your first piece on the bottom left-hand corner of the board, or, in chess terminology, A1 (any corner should work). The AI will attempt to capture your piece by putting theirs in either B1 or A2. Place the second piece in B2, and the AI should play the piece capturing move. Place your third piece in A3, the AI will respond with A1. Then, follow down a straight line starting with C2, and following with D2, E2, and so on until you reach H2. By now the AI should be mimicking your plays with C1, D1, E1, and so on. Your second to last move, after playing H2, will be I3. The AI will play I1, and your final move should be I2; this should win the match with a score of 10-1.[3]


  • Each cycle has multiple rhyme songs sung by pairs of children found around the map:


Even when your house is burning down
Even when a fool has stolen your crown
You can smile instead
You can smile

Even when you can't afford your tax
Even when your husband's been killed by Dax
You can smile instead
You can smile

There's a face in the sky,
With a great big smile,
So we smile right back today.

There's a man in a wall,
With a grin like a skull,
So we grin right back today.


We're gonna take him
Shake him, break him
Roast him, toast him
Bind him, blind him!

Punch him, crunch him
Snatch him, scratch him
Flay him, slay him
Good and DEAD!

If only fire melted stone
Oh how people's wrath would burn

If angry words could break a bone
Oh how the world would moan and groan

Let your blood boil
Let your teeth grind
Let your fire rise
'Cause it's Lodun's Day!

Better make a fist
Better start a fray
Knock a fella down
'Cause it's Lodun's Day


Something's watching through the window,
Watching you and watching me…
Wants what we have, wants to BE us!
We know that can never be.

Something's waiting, getting closer,
Watching, waiting for its day,
Something needy, cruel and greedy…
Keep that hungry thing at bay!

Oh Mister Bombastine
We know why you act so mean
Everyone else has more than you
Everyone else is bored of you

Oh Mister Bombastine
We know why your eyes are green
Someone else had a sweeter voice
Someone else was the King's new choice


Lady, lady, why do you weep,
Tear at your hair,
And cry in your sleep?

Grief and woe have made me a thing…
Fit but to sing
At the will of the King.

Oh the wall rose high…
And it wished it could cry
With the tears of a thousand eyes

For Sorrow it sought…
But it never ever thought
How it already kept its prize

Cry for a dead love
Cry for your shame
Cry for the loss
Of your own good name

Cry for the day and
Cry for the hour
Cry for the lady
Locked in the tower


Go hide your face,
In a lonesome place,
Many miles away from here

Where the night winds wail,
Till your face turns pale,
And the stones all mock your fear!

What's that whisper on the breeze?
Just the rustling in the trees.

What's that tread upon the stair?
Nothing, darling, nothing there.

What's that rattling at my door?
Just the wind and nothing more.

What's that breathing in my ear?
Nothing, darling, nothing here.

What's that gleaming sharp and bright?
Hold your tongue and say GOODNIGHT!

What are you afraid of?
Empty eyes and
Distant cries and
Wolves who walk in human guise?

What are you afraid of?
Creaks and thuds and
Trickling blood and
Mouths and noses filled with mud?

What are you afraid of?
Nails in your knees and
Faces in the trees and
Clowns with hands all full of bees?

  • During The Duviri Paradox, some Duviri citizens refer to the Drifter as their King, foreshadowing them to be the true ruler of Duviri.


  • In some missions, while completing a "Shrine Assembly" Spiral Stage or Anecdote, defeating enemies might not yield enough Shrine parts to successfully complete the objective, therefore urging the players to abandon it. A possible reason behind this is the amount of Shrine parts required and consequently dropped being tied to the number of players present in the squad and near the Shrine respectively, thus in a 4-player squad requiring all four players to be present to get all four Shrine parts to drop.
  • Whilst fighting the Orowyrm, second part of the boss-fight may become bugged, not spawning in the last Wyrmling, making it impossible to move on to the next stage to complete the fight, forcing the players to leave the mission mid-fight.
  • If a player does not enter The Undercroft in a Spiral Stage by themselves, instead getting teleported there after a 10-second timer, they may not be able to use their Warframe's abilities and have their movement impeded by getting stuck in one pose, or they may be locked out of their Warframe altogether, being stuck in the Drifter form, unable to use Transference or Focus abilities, but still able to use Duviri combat system.
  • After entering The Undercroft, "Locate the target" objective marker might be missing, together with the mission target and any enemies on the map, rendering this Spiral Stage unfinishable and forcing players to leave the mission.
  • Players may find themselves unable to open an unlocked chest after completing an Anecdote, forcing them to abandon it.
  • When entering Duviri via the Star Chart, the player can get into a bugged squad, where they be taken to the Chrysalith, with the game prompting "Voting on Mission..." and waiting for the player to accept it through their menu. The mission cannot be accepted though, nor can the player force-start the mission, leaving them with the only solution of leaving the squad and either entering Duviri through Dormizone, or leaving Chrysalith and trying to start the mission via the Star Chart again.
  • Corrupted Lancer Power Carriers in Undercroft Excavation use Grineer voice lines, rather than Corrupted.
  • Rune Marrow resource pickups in the Undercroft will give 2 of the resource if picked up with Drifter/Operator, if the player owns a Resource Booster. Picking the item up as the Warframe will cause only 1 to be rewarded.
  • Players starting a match of Komi while the final Orowyrm Engagement starts will get softlocked in an invisible menu. If you find yourself in this state, you may unstuck yourself by clicking on yourself in your squad (top left), click on "Progression" (NOTE: Not sure if this the button? It's the one that shows your rewards), then Stats at the bottom right. Exiting the menu should then unstuck yourself.
  • Exiting the Undercroft right into a sick animal may stuck the host permanently. In multiplayer this can only be fixed by a player forcefully teleporting the host through some means (i.e. entering the Undercroft or initiating the final Orowyrm Engagement)


See Also[]


Patch History[]

Hotfix 36.0.3 (2024-06-20)

  • Fixed a script error in Duviri Decrees.

Update 36.0 (2024-06-18)

New Decrees

Sourced from our incredible Design Council, a new set of Decrees now have a chance to appear in Duviri to bolster your efforts to escape Dominus Thrax’s vicious cycle.

The creative minds in the Design Council came back with more ideas than a Maw could eat up! The Dev team chose the following from the ideas pitched and made changes for balance purposes.

Stats shown below are indicative of each Rank of the Decree to its max stacks.

Bountiful Harvest

Double drops from crates and plants.

Paragrimm’s Wisdom Gain 3 Decree Rerolls.

Marauder’s Nerve

Reduce incoming damage by 3% per Decree up to 75%.

Fault Finder

Weakpoint kills create a 10m field that deals 10/15/20% of the killing blow’s damage as Electricity Damage every second for 8 seconds.

Grim Armory

On kill: 5/10/15% chance to refill the ammo for whatever weapon you have equipped.

Rain of Vitality

Enemies have +60% additional chance to drop Health Orbs. Health Orbs increase Armor by 80/160/240 for 10 seconds. Effect triples for Warframes.

Storm Caller

100/200/300% Magazine Capacity. Gain 1 Electricity Damage by every bullet reloaded to your weapon.

Inner Absorption (Spiteful)

Sacrifice x0.5 from your Weapon Damage to increase your Ability and Power Strike Damage by 600% to enemies.

Good Governance (Spiteful)

Sacrifice x0.5 from your Critical Chance to gain x3 to your squad’s Critical Damage.

Cloak and Dagger (Spiteful)

Your weapons deal an extra hit with 100% Slash Damage and Status, but 100 Slash Damage with Status are self inflicted when you attack.

New Undercroft Mission: Alchemy

Your knowledge on the elements from your explorations of Albrecht’s Laboratories is required in Duviri, Tenno! Maintain the laws of alchemical science in the Undercroft with the addition of the Alchemy mission type.

Like most things in Duviri, completing an Alchemy Undercroft mission is different from how you know it outside of the Spiral. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Players must fill 2 Crucibles in order to complete an Undercroft mission or to move to the next stage in the Circuit.
    • There is no Conversion Progress mixing stage in the Undercroft - players do not need to destroy Distressed Pipes while the Crucible mixes the elements.
  • Dax Enemies will drop the required Amphors for the active Crucible, while other enemies will drop them at random.

General Alchemy Change (applies to Duviri and standard mode):

  • Slightly reduced the amount of Amphors required to fill up an element in the Crucible for Squads of 3 or 4 players.
Pathos Clamps Rewarded From Undercroft Portals

Pathos Clamps are now rewarded from completing Undercroft Portal side objectives (story stage Undercroft portals do not reward Pathos Clamps) in the Duviri Experience! This is in addition to the current Decrees, Arcanes, and Steel Essence (if played on Steel Path difficulty) rewards.

Undercroft Portals completed on standard difficulty have a guaranteed reward of 1 Pathos Clamp for completion, while those completed on Steel Path have a guaranteed reward of 3 Pathos Clamps.

  • Fixed the alt-fire not throwing discs in Duviri Enigma Puzzles if the player has a Melee weapon equipped.
  • Fixed Zephyr and Nyx being unable to acquire Decrees in Duviri while Tail Wind hovering or using Absorb, respectively.
  • Fixed Drifter clipping through ground in certain areas in Duviri.
  • Fixed disconnected ground texture in one of the Undercroft tiles.
  • Fixed Duviri Undercroft and Arena sounds not playing correctly when entering the portals.
  • Fixed being unable to open the Zariman Tablets in Duviri.

Hotfix 35.5.7 (2024-04-17)

  • Fixed Clients experiencing performance issues (FPS dropping to 15) during Void Mirror objectives in Duviri.
  • Fixed a script error when enemies attempt to spawn into the Undercroft.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur after Host migration while Undercroft portal is active in Duviri.
  • Fixes towards script errors that could occur when Host migrates after completing Chest objectives in Duviri.

Hotfix 35.5.2 (2024-03-28)

  • Fixed a rare crash when picking up a Decree Fragment right as you dismounted Merulina in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed a script error in the Duviri Void Mirror objective.

Hotfix 35.5.1 (2024-03-27)

  • Fixed a crash caused by the “Return to Duviri” context option that appears in the Undercroft lobby when more than 50% of the Squad is still in Duviri (introduced in Dante Unbound).

Update 35.5 (2024-03-27)


Top Quality of Life Changes

  • Rewards and Circuit Progress are now preserved after every completed Stage.
    • For example, if you are in Stage 6 and the Defense Target is destroyed, you will now keep all of the Circuit Progress and Rewards you had earned from the last 5 Stages.
  • A “!” notification will now appear in the Star Chart and Duviri navigation screen when Circuit rewards are available to claim.
  • Added the ability to leave the Undercroft Waiting Area via new “Return to Duviri” context action at the portal.
    • This context action becomes available provided the teleportation timer has not begun (10 seconds if more than 50% of the players have entered the portal).
    • This should address issues of players becoming marooned in the Undercroft Waiting Area due to their squadmates not joining them.

Circuit Assassination: Corrupted Jackal Changes

The introduction of the Corrupted Jackal Assassination Circuit mode was designed with a twist to the standard Jackal fight for a bit of a challenging edge. However, players have expressed that the fight can quickly end you and your Squad’s Circuit run due to it being rather difficult to defeat.

In an effort to make the fight less arduous and improve its success rate overall, we have made the following changes:

  • Significantly reduced its turret damage.
  • Significantly reduced the damage and the radius of its Plasma Grenade Cluster attack.
  • The Plasma Grenade Clusters will now only target players outside of the bubble during its Grid Wall state/attack.
    • Since Plasma Grenade Cluster has a much smaller radius and is much less punishing, we wanted to ensure players are still feeling engaged with this segment of the fight when leaving the bubble.
  • Slightly increased the delay of when it uses its Plasma Grenade Cluster during its Grid Wall state to give you a bit more time to clear the area.
  • Removed the nullifying effect from its Massive Shockwave attack.
  • Fixed Corrupted Jackal having its abilities disabled by Banshee's Silence in the Circuit.
    • This would temporarily halt progress as it needed to use its Grid Wall attack to proceed with the fight.

General Improvements & Fixes

  • We have made significant infrastructure changes to Duviri missions to address widespread bugs caused by Host Migrations. These changes should address various instability caused by Host Migrations, including specific issues such as the following:
    • Being stuck in the Undercroft or in a permanent loading screen if a Host Migration occurs during the stage completion countdown.
    • Clients being Duviri Drifter in the Undercroft after returning from a Host Migration.
    • Migrating at the end of a Void Flood Undercroft stage resulting in loss of mission objective for returning players.
    • Returning players in the Jackal fight having a dark screen in the next Circuit stage.
    • Migrating during the Stage transition after the Jackal Fight sometimes causing the new Host to crash or be in a broken state.
    • Host Migration while returning to Duviri from the Undercroft resulting in loss of mission objectives.
    • Host dying, migrating, and rejoining resulting in not being able to be revived upon their return.
    • Leaving while dead in the Kaithe stage of the Steel Path Orowyrm Fight resulting in loss of function upon rejoining.
    • Large hitch for Clients loading into a new Circuit session after a Host Migration.
    • Blue VFX from the second stage of the Steel Path Orowyrm fight persisting for the rest of the fight after Host Migration.
    • Migration after breaking the final Orowyrm Ring resulting in returning players being unable to complete the fight due to the cutscene not playing properly.
    • Migration in Undercroft causing one player to be split from the squad into their own session with a randomized Loadout.
    • Players returning to an Undercroft mission after Host migration as Operator instead of Drifter and getting flung out of the map.  
    • A case of crashing upon migration during the Kaithe stage of the Steel Path Orowyrm fight.
    • Fixed Host Migration in Teshin’s Cave and re-joining resulting in the player falling through the world as a “SUIT”.
    • Fixed Host Migration during Orowyrm cinematic putting the players back into the arena with no Orowyrm.
  • The “Decrees Exhausted” message that occurs when opening up the Decrees menu while at the max amount will now only occur once and then will revert back to the Emote Wheel access.
    • This fixes the issue where players were unable to access the Emote Wheel at all after hitting max Decrees since they use the same binding.
  • Added UI notification that clarify why they are waiting in the Undercroft while players are loading or 50% of the players are not in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed remaining in Teshin’s Cave if the player is using the Drifter Appearance Mirror while the rest of their squad teleports to the first Circuit Stage.
  • Fixed teleporting out of the Undercroft while playing the Shawzin Emote causing players to spawn into the Orowyrm fight in a broken state.
  • Fixed Decree Fragment clipping into the ground for Clients in various Undercroft tiles.
  • Fixed Duviri minimap markers not populating properly at the edge of the map.
  • Fixed Duviri map briefly having the incorrect orientation upon opening it.
  • Fixed Duviri Fish earned from Maw Feeding not using the rare item pop-up.
  • Fixed being unable to drive Yareli’s Merulina through the Corrupted Jackal’s dome in the Circuit.
  • Fixed account progress not being accurately updated in Profile when viewing in Duviri.
  • Fixed disconnected ground textures in the Circuit tilesets (notably the Amphitheater tile).
  • Fixed getting swung around violently by the Tubular Bell rope in Duviri if another player shoots it at the same time you interact with it.
  • Fixed the Decree screen being stuck open when pulled into the Circuit lobby from Duviri.
  • Fixed a long soft lock/hitch occurring to the third member of a squad that gets Host migrated into a new squad in the Circuit.
  • Fixes towards objective marker pathing from the Duviri caves to the outside not updating if you take a different exit that isn’t part of the intended path.
    • It won’t update immediately upon leaving the cave, it’ll update when players are about 50 meters above ground.
  • Fixed rare issue where Clients could get stuck infinitely loading in Duviri after Host migration.
  • Fixed picking up items in Duviri as Drifter auto-swapping your equipped weapon to the Sirocco.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in Warframe after using Transference immediately after completing the first Undercroft objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed a grammar error in the confirmation prompt for Duviri Steel Path Circuit reward choice.
  • Fixed Decree Fragments spawning in the ground in certain Undercroft tiles.
  • Fixed players remaining in Warframe after using Transference after completing the first Undercroft in Duviri.
  • Fixed players being stuck in a Warframe T-pose after defeating the Orowyrm.
  • Fixed receiving XP from a previous Orowyrm if you Host Migrated before opening the Chest and loaded into another Duviri mission.
  • Fixed Clients unable to use Transference in the Undercroft after defeating the Orowyrm.

Hotfix 35.1.2 (2024-02-28)

  • Fixed Overguard earned on Warframe in Duviri from the Killer’s Confidence Decree causing players to be indefinitely invulnerable in the Undercroft.
    • Now, Overguard earned from the Decree will be cleared from Warframe after entering the Undercroft.
  • Fixed casting Grendel’s Feast on the Dax Equitem in Duviri causing the Dax to disappear off his Kaithe, rendering the fight impossible to complete.
    • To prevent similar issues from occurring, the Dax Equitem is now properly immune to Warframe CC abilities as intended for a mini-boss.
  • Fixed Clients at times falling out of the map after rush chomping while Maw Feeding in Duviri.

Update 35.1 (2024-02-20)

  • You will no longer be forcibly dismounted from your Kaithe in Duviri when near the Table for Two and Void Mirror objectives. In its place, a message will pop up to inform players that they must dismount first.
    • Players are also no longer blocked from mounting Kaithe while engaged with these objectives.
    • This initial restriction was added due to players on Kaithes causing animation issues for their mirrored Operators. Now your Mirror version will disappear when you are on a Kaithe to prevent those animation issues from occurring.
  • Fixed Clients experiencing a complete loss of functionality if they are Maw Feeding while Host starts the Dax Equitem fight in Duviri.
  • Fixed the Akarius appearing in Teshin’s Cave instead of Akarius Prime if you own both.
  • Fixed the blue VFX from the Kaithe stage of the Steel Path Orowyrm fight lingering for the rest of the fight after Host migration.
  • Fixed Argo & Vel being unable to damage enemies through bushes/foliage in Duviri.
  • Fixed the Argo Mace (of the Argo & Vel Melee weapon) turning invisible after exiting the Shawzin Emote (including when playing it as an objective in Duviri).
  • Fixed audio not triggering correctly when marking Tomes in the Paragrimm’s Tomes Recovery Duviri side objective.

Hotfix 35.0.9 (2024-01-17)

  • Fixed cases where Exalted Weapons could be unmodded in Duviri.
    • Exalted Weapons use the Mods in the Config you select for your Warframe in Teshin’s Cave, but in the case where a Config didn’t have Mods equipped onto the Exalted Weapon, there was no fallback system to ensure you didn’t go into Duviri with it unmodded. Now, if a Warframe Mod Config is selected that doesn’t have any Mods equipped for the Exalted Weapon, the game will choose the Exalted Mod Config that uses the most Mod Capacity (as is the case with other equipment in Teshin’s Cave) to prevent players from going into Duviri with a bare bones Exalted Weapon.

Hotfix 35.0.8 (2024-01-11)

  • Fixed a rare crash caused by a player leaving (notably during Duviri sessions).

Hotfix 35.0.7 (2024-01-09)

  • Added a Default Mod Config for the Grimoire in Teshin’s Cave options.
  • Fixed being unable to complete the Enigma in Kullervo’s Hold due to the final target door not opening.

Hotfix 35.0.1 (2023-12-13)

  • Fixed the Exilus Slot in the upgrade screen for the Melee weapon offerings in Teshin’s Cave appearing before completing the Whispers in the Walls Quest and installing the Melee Upgrade Segment. This was causing the Exilus and Stance Slots overlapping in the UI.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the Undercroft arena.

Update 35.0 (2023-12-13)

  • Fixed endlessly Melee attacking in Duviri as Drifter if the “Melee with Fire Weapon Input” toggle is enabled.
  • Fixed Clients using Transference right as they get teleported to the next Circuit Stage getting teleported to the Circuit “Waiting Room” instead.
  • Fixed lingering Intrinsics screen when a player is dragged into the Duviri Circuit while the Intrinsics screen is open.
  • Fixed an issue where new players would only have access to the SPROUT area in Teshin’s Cave after restarting the game.
  • Fixed a small area on one of the floating rocks in the Undercroft being unlit.
  • Fixed disconnected ground textures behind one of the houses in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed a hitch when selecting a Warframe in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed Client disconnect when selecting a Warframe in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed casting Baruuk’s Desolate Hands ability in Teshin’s Cave targeting the kneeling Warframes, which was also causing a script error.
  • Fixed being unable to use Wisp’s Will-O-Wisp in the Undercroft after casting it in the lobby before loading in.

Hotfix 34.0.8 (2023-11-09)

  • Improved Duviri “Hidden Chest” objective flow to address various issues caused by Host Migrations, objective abandonment, Host / Client desync, and more. While players may not see any gameplay changes on their end, our goal with this update is to remove cases where the Chest was unable to be opened.
  • Fixed a Hidden Chest spawning inside of the room that only unlocks after completing the Enigma at Kullervo’s Hold.

Hotfix 34.0.1 (2023-10-18)

  • Fixed UI disappearing after failing and restarting a side objective Kaithe race in Duviri.

Update 34.0 (2023-10-18)

  • Duviri Decrees will now accept Ground Finishers (Tamm's Fortune, Brimon's Nerve, Molten Mettle)
  • Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse not providing the Damage Reduction buff when positioned in the shadowed areas of Duviri and the Undercroft.
  • Fixed Undercroft Jackal being overly affected by Cold Status Effects which would drastically slow down the fight.
  • Fixed Decrees going missing after reconnecting to an active Duviri or Circuit session.
  • Fixed older accounts seeing incorrect on-screen controller callouts for the “Chord” binding in the Shawzin Duviri side-objective.
  • Fixed Chroma’s elemental damage defaulting to Heat in the Undercroft regardless of the selected emissive colors.
  • Fixed an issue in The Duviri Experience where players would lose their Decrees after Host migration.
  • Fixed a loss of function after opening the Decree menu while being staggered in The Duviri Experience.
  • Fixed Decrees from previous session being active in a new session after aborting from Duviri. Also fixed Decrees being active in non-Duviri missions.
  • Fixed Decree UI from your last Duviri session appearing in non-Duviri missions.
  • Fixed a Host Migration issue that caused a Client to lose functionality when entering The Lone Story Undercroft.
  • Fixed a Host Migration issue where not enough enemies would spawn during a Duviri Undercroft Defense.
  • Fixed certain causes of getting punted back to the Undercroft waiting area if you died in the Undercroft having not moved.
  • Fixed being unable to enter the portals in Duviri (Teshin’s Cave and Undercroft) as Limbo while dashing.
  • Fixed Kaithe running free in Teshin’s Cave, making it impossible to preview changes to its appearance in its dedicated spot. We have installed a carrot to the ceiling in that spot to prevent this from happening again.
  • Fixed the Ack & Brunt clipping through itself in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed the Syam and Sun & Moon displaying and equipping incorrectly in Teshin’s Cave (attempting to select the Syam would equip the Sun & Moon and vice versa).
  • Fixed one of the Akvasto Prime pistols appearing as its base variant in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed Tonfa weapons appearing wonky in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed an issue with ground textures in Duviri.
  • Fixed a crash occurring during the Paragrimm’s Tomes objective.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering the Undercroft.
  • Fixed a minor texture issue in one of the Undercroft tilesets.
  • Fixed the sound effects for the final Kaithe race gate not triggering for Clients when crossed.
  • Fixed non-Duviri rewards being awarded after spawning Kaithe during The Steel Path Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed Dax Herald and Dax Arcus enemies leaping very large distances across Undercroft maps.
  • Fixed blurry ground texture in the Upperhaven in Duviri if the High Shader Quality if toggled off.
  • Fixed damage numbers for orbs from Kaithe races appearing above Brimon.
  • Fixed the Intrinsics menu getting stuck on screen when squad loads into Duviri from Teshin’s Cave portal. The menu will now close when loading in to prevent this from occurring.
  • Fixed unintended ground texture in Undercroft Tileset.
  • Fixed ground texture seam in the Amphitheatre Undercroft Tile.
  • Fixed input to use Transference on the Orowyrm in Duviri not functioning on Steam Deck.
  • Fixed Steam input issue when selecting difficulty during Duviri Shawzin side-objective.

Hotfix 33.6.9 (2023-09-12)

  • Fixed Clients experiencing loss of function after Host migration in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed several issues with the following weapons when they appear as an offering in Teshin’s Cave:
    • Fixed the Perla Dual Pistol Skin only being applied to one of the Dex Furis.
    • Fixed Claw and Fist weapons sitting perpendicular to one another.
    • Fixed the fist and feet components of Sparring weapons overlapping each other.
    • Fixed the Tenet Agendus sitting perpendicular to its Shield.
    • Fixed Ghoulsaw sitting too far to the right in its display.
  • Fixed several script errors in the Paragrimm’s Tomes objective in Duviri.

Hotfix 33.6.7 (2023-08-31)

  • Fixed Clients gaining more progress than intended when finding a Paragrimm’s Tome in Duviri.

Hotfix 33.6.5 (2023-08-21)

  • Fixed being unable to exit out of recovering the Paragrimm’s Tomes on SteamDeck.
  • Fixed cursor remaining on screen while recovering the Paragrimm’s Tomes on SteamDeck.

Hotfix 33.6.4 (2023-08-15)

  • Fixed controls for Komi and Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes not working when using Steam input.

Hotfix 33.6.3 (2023-08-03)

  • Fixed a [PH] tag appearing for returning players of a host migration after completing the Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed Jackal restoring health and spawning enemies for returning players if a host migration occurred during the final finisher of the fight.
  • Fixed becoming invisible and losing physics after dying as Sevagoth’s Shadow in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed “Waiting for Players” message remaining indefinitely on Client screens if Host is pulled into the Confront Kullervo objective while Maw Feeding.

Hotfix 33.6.1 (2023-07-31)

  • Updated the “Duviri Steel Path is locked” message to indicate which nodes need to be completed in order to gain access.
  • Fixed Clients attempting to do Finisher the Jackal in the Circuit sometimes not properly registering, allowing players to deal damage without progressing the fight stage, leading to players becoming progstopped.
  • Fixed Host Migrating in the middle of a Pazaron Finisher to the Jackal in the Undercroft resulting in the remaining players being progstopped.
  • Fixed Brimon’s dialogue options appearing in all caps. The Drifter no longer yells “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”, but you are still welcome to in your free time.

Update 33.6 (2023-07-27)


New Undercroft Tiles:
We have added two new tiles to the Undercroft for you to tackle Warframe combat in: Fractal Pastures and Amphitheatre. The Fractal Pastures is a large open tile with plenty of space for farming Tamms -- if it weren’t for the dangers of the Undercroft, that is. With the new Amphitheater tile, you can reminisce about the calming sounds of Shawzins heard on the Duviri landscape, but replace them instead with the cries of your enemies. All five existing game modes are available in the Fractal Pastures and Amphitheatre.

Jackal Assassination is here!
The Undercroft is gaining a sixth game mode available exclusively in the Fractal Pastures: Assassination! No longer in the confines of a Corpus laboratory, The Jackal can be found ruining crops in the Fractal Pastures, devastating the natural beauty with its laser grids and rockets. Take on the Jackal in this newest game mode to reach the Undercroft.

In order for the expected time to complete Assassination to stay in line with other game modes, the Jackal fight has been modified from its original form on Venus. Jackal in the Undercroft will have three phases instead of four, and will be protected by reinforcements between phases.

On defeat, Jackal will drop Rune Marrow and has a chance to drop the Jackal Sigil.

Undercroft Trauma Clamp: The Undercroft is a dangerous place, Drifter. Trauma Clamps have begun appearing across the Undercroft that can be used to your advantage.

Trauma Clamps are hazards that can be found throughout the Undercroft. Breaking them open will pull in both Tenno and their foes alike, trapping them for a moment and imparting effects determined by the current Spiral. The range at which players will be drawn in is smaller than that of your enemies, but still take care when activating them. Use these strategically, as only a few spawn per Undercroft Tile. However, as the Void does work in mysterious ways, there is a chance of further Trauma Clamps spawning after a hazard is unleashed.

Thrax’s Spirals will augment Trauma Clamps with the following effects:

  • Sorrow: Cold Damage and Status
  • Anger: Heat Damage and Status
  • Fear: Electricity Damage and Status
  • Envy: Toxin Damage and Status
  • Joy: Void Damage and Status, plus healing that will seek out nearby players.

New Decrees have been added to the randomized pool of options upon completing Duviri Spiral stages and side objectives!

Values marked with an asterisk* can be stacked and are shown at max.

Stable Stance
Gains 25% resistance to knockdown for each enemy within 20m.

Swooping Miasma
Gain +3* jumps. Jumping slide kicks cause 300* Viral Damage and status in an area around hit enemies.

Kexat’s Pounce
Jump higher. Gain +180%* damage while airborne. Effect wears off 2s after landing.

Baneful Harmony
Inflicting Cold or Toxin status effects also inflicts Viral status.

Consuming Rage (Spiteful)
Heavy Attacks and Power Strikes consume 10% of Energy or Transference Bar, but gain +300% damage.

  • Added a pop-up countdown message when players are being teleported to the Confront Kullervo objective in Duviri.
  • Updated the Duviri Steel Path access message to properly indicate what nodes must be completed to access the Steel Path, as previously announced in this PSA.
  • Removed the Duviri Starting Path from the New Player Experience. Now, all new Tenno will start with the Vor's Prize Quest, and the Duviri Paradox will be available to them after its completion.
    • After months of review of player behavior, we are making this change to give all new players an accurate representation of core Warframe gameplay before we introduce them to the magic of Duviri. Offering two Starting Paths for new players was an experiment -- and not one we regret -- but a key part of experimentation is continued iteration after the fact to ensure the best player experience possible. Tenno who already chose the Drifter Path should not be affected!
  • Removed a Dax Arcus spawn point in Castle Town that could bother players visiting Acrithis after the Orowrym fight.
  • Pathos Clamps, Kullervo’s Bane, and Steel Essence will now appear in the reward banner that appears at the top of the screen in Duviri instead of sliding in from the side.
  • Updated the waypoint marker functionality when retrieving the Orvius from the Rablit in the Orowyrm fight. Upon approaching the area where the Rablit spawns, a new waypoint will appear on the Rablit directly, telling you where to grab your Orvius from!
  • Added improvements to the area marker for the “Hidden Chest” objective to help guide players to the Chest. The area marker will shrink as time passes, and will disappear entirely once the Chest is found.
  • Improved the transition from Paragrimm back to Drifter after completing the “Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes” Objective. Now, the screen will fade to black during the transition, and the Tome on the Paragrimm's pedestal will no longer glow once the objective is completed.
  • Missed note: Removed Luscinia’s Opera singing in the Undercroft.
    • Due to the smaller tile, the singing was easily triggered a lot with players crossing paths with it often which created a lot of auditory noise.
  • Enable Hint Transmissions toggle in your Audio Settings will now also apply to non-critical game mode transmissions in the Undercroft. When toggled off, Teshin will wax a little less poetic about Void Angels and choose instead to watch your progress silently from afar.
  • The Duviri Shawzin screen will now auto-close after completing the song and earning the side objective reward. Re-entering the Shawzin screen after the initial completion will not automatically exit you out for any further songs you play.
    • This change was made to remove the awkward waiting period after finishing your song before you earned your Decree. Now it will automatically close once your Decree is earned, and you can simply interact with the Shawzin again if you wish to continue your jam session.
  • Fixed Decrees with a mobility trigger (ex: Temporal Acceleration, Ranger's Reload, etc.) not applying while Yareli is riding Merulina.
  • Fixed the “Between the Eyes” Decree not applying bonus damage to Melee and Power Strike damage.
  • Fixed Table for Two side objective near Mathila’s Farm being uncompletable due to inaccessible void beam spawn point.
  • Fixed Undercroft Portals not spawning if squadmates were speaking to the Warden or confronting Kullervo.
    • These were disabled to fix issues caused by part of the squad being in the Undercroft waiting room when the Kullervo fight started. Now, these Portals will spawn but cannot be entered until the Kullervo encounter has ended (or you say "no" to the Warden).
  • Fixed side objective and main Spiral stage Undercroft Portals repeating the same mission back to back.
    • The same mission type can still appear in the same session (i.e. Survival → Excavacation → Survival), but now they will not be all the same for all portals (Survival → Survival → Survival).
  • Fixed Eximus in the Undercroft not dropping their guaranteed ammo.
  • Fixed Drifter Power Strikes getting canceled if you block or quickshot while it is spooling up.
    • Normal Drifter melee attacks can still be canceled by blocking and quickshots.
  • Fixed Kaithe not spawning for players in Steel Path Orowyrm fight if they are riding Merulina as Yareli.
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck as Drifter in the Undercroft after getting pulled into the lobby and using Transference.
  • Fixed being unable to use Transference in the side objective Undercroft missions after completing the Orowyrm fight in The Duviri Experience.
  • Fixed dying before the Orowyrm cutscene causing the cinematic to be completely empty and losing function after it has completed.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to rejoin Undercroft missions.
  • Fixed Dax units in Duviri having an increased resistance to cold procs.
  • Fixed floating Silphsela disappearing when the Sun Silph they spawned from is destroyed.
  • Fixed rewards and resources earned not appearing in the End of Mission screen upon extracting via the “Leave Duviri” option.
    • These were already awarded upon leaving via this method, they simply were not reflected properly in this End of Mission Screen!
  • Fixed cases of Main Story objectives in Duviri not appearing in the HUD if players moved far from the objective and then returned.
  • Fixed Sirocco’s Overcharge reticle UI missing when reloading while mounted on Kaithe as Client.
    • Also fixed Sirocco’s magazine count going down by more than one after the first shot.
  • Fixed a case of double Objective UI caused by having a Kaithe Race story stage after completing an Undercroft Portal on Duviri.
  • Fixed Objective Waypoints not appearing on the Advanced Duviri Map.
  • Fixed an issue where Clients would see other players fall through the map when they mount a Kaithe.
  • Fixed Host migration causing the graves in Duviri to lose their context action for the remaining players.
  • Fixed ammo for Drifter and Warframe weapons getting auto-refilled upon mounting Kaithe.
  • Fixed the camera standing still after transitioning to the Paragrimm in the "Recover the Paragrimm's Tomes" objective.
  • Fixed being able to begin Maw Fishing while the Confront Kullervo objective starts, resulting in your Drifter being teleported into the water instead of to Kullervo’s Hold.
  • Fixed loss of function caused by accessing other menus while Maw Feeding.
    • As a result, we have disabled the ability to use the Pause Menu while partaking in this activity.
  • Fixed a floating Ueymag on Kullervo’s Hold.
  • Fixed Sythel appearing on the Duviri Landscape during the Fear Spiral.
  • Fixed being able to walk behind the portal in Teshin’s Cave without being teleported to Duviri.
  • Fixed Vor continuing his monologue if killed before he starts talking in the Circuit Exterminate.
    • To remedy this, his monologue starts sooner upon spawning.
  • Fixed Mods sometimes not applying to Garuda’s Talons in Duviri.
  • Fixed being able to slide as Drifter while performing a Power Strike.
  • Fixed being able to teleport out of the Undercroft and back into the Duviri landscape using Wisp’s Breach Surge or Will-O-Wisp (if there was a Reservoir placed in the landscape prior to entering the Undercroft).
  • Fixed kills done with certain Decrees (such as “Bombastine’s Malice”) counting as Ability Kills for the Nightwave Act “Power Trip”.
  • Fixed broken textures near a cave on Kullervo’s Hold.
  • Fixed a map hole in one of the roads on the west side of Duviri.
  • Fixed a spot-load that could occur while spawning Liminus.
  • Fixed rare crash in Kaithe section of the Steel Path Orowyrm Fight if a player lost their Kaithe after a host migration.
  • Fixed camera swinging around wildly when mounting Kaithe in Duviri.
  • Fixed being unable to unequip Archgun in the Orowrym fight after deactivating an Exalted ability (e.g. Hildryn’s Aegis Storm) with the Archgun equipped.
  • Fixed Clients maintaining Drifter UI while playing as Warframe after being teleported into the Orowyrm Arena.
  • Fixed Orowyrm rings not taking damage from Hildryn’s Balefire.
  • Fixed the Orowyrm Orvius Rablit spawning mid-air if the Materlith statue is by bushes.
  • Fixed floating resource container in the cave east of The Agora in Duviri.
  • Fixed camera hanging after interacting with the “Find the Paragrimm’s Lost Tomes” pedestal in Duviri.
  • Fixed an issue where Liminus enemies would ambush players if the Host was AFK in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed Mods being rewarded for Spiral stages after completing the Kullervo fight.
  • Fixed rare case where two Orowyrms could spawn during the Steel Path fight, causing several issues.
  • Fixed Void Flood objective UI lingering into the next Undercroft stage.
  • Fixed Rescue the Prisoner objective as a Spiral stage taking a long time to officially end after successfully completing it (in other words, it would take a long time to transition to the next stage).
  • Fixed performance getting progressively worse in the Duviri landscape after triggering a Ghost Mirror side objective.
  • Fixed extraction portal VFX doubling if Host migration occurs in the extraction zone in Duviri.
  • Fixed Clients being targeted and attacked by enemies in Duviri while controlling the Paragrimm.
  • Fixed offset issues for several Syandanas when equipped on Kullervo.
  • Fixed the Rune Marrow dropped from Corrupted Vor in the Undercroft appearing as a Mod.
  • Fixed losing UI and not seeing the Dax Gladius cutscene if squadmates triggered it while you are far away.
  • Fixed unlit rocks by the Chamber of the Muses in Duviri.
  • Fixed a flat texture sticking out of the ground by the Lunaro Court in Duviri.
  • Fixed small texture gap by the Upperhaven in Duviri.
  • Fixed several pillars and walls in the Orowyrm arena missing collision.
  • Fixed multiple parts of Kullervo’s Hold clipping or missing textures.
  • Fixed Clients not receiving rewards from Maw Feeding if they are Feeding at the same location and the same time as the Host.
  • Fixed Undercroft enemies not spawning if a Host Migration occurred while in the Undercroft waiting room.
  • Fixed Host migrating while on the Duviri Landscape resulting in a non-functional waypoint marker being added to the map if the player has enough Intrinsics to rank up.
  • Fixed dying in Duviri sometimes resulting in you respawning in the wrong area (ex: respawning in the Undercroft waiting room after you’ve already been teleported to the actual Undercroft mission, etc.).
  • Fixed a piece of floating grass in the Undercroft waiting room. VERD-IE would be proud!
  • Fixed Clients being invisible if they were in the middle of Maw Feeding at the conclusion of the first stage of the Orowyrm fight, and were transported to the Arena while still in Maw-form.
  • Fixed Clients not seeing the lit torch lights in the Undercroft Waiting Room.
  • Fixed the Defense, Survival, and Void Flood missions only using the Undercroft Opera Tile for Bounty Stage Undercroft portals.
  • Fixed exiting and re-entering the "Recover the Paragrimm's Tomes" Objective resulting in the player exiting the objective without any input.
  • Fixed an antenna hanging in mid air in one of the Enigmas in Duviri.
  • Fixed an Aggristone Formation floating in the air near Royalstead Pastures in Duviri.
  • Fixed the Kullervos in the cells in Kullervo’s Hold having an odd VFX between their feet.
  • Fixed the Drifter Melee Power Strike charging SFX continuing even after it has been executed.
  • Fixed Host migration causing the Operator model in the Table for Two side objective to have stretched out neck and limbs.
  • Fixed Broken Turbines in the "Reconnect the Power Lines" objective on Duviri where it still appeared broken even if the objective was completed.
  • Fixed teleport sound playing for all squad members invited to the Drifter Camp when transitioning between sections of the Orbiter.
  • Fixed Clients being targeted by enemies while playing the Shawzin Side Objective on the Duviri Landscape.
  • Fixed a few rare crashes when leaving Duviri and returning to the Orbiter.
  • Fixed a rare crash when leaving your mission during the 'Assemble the Shrine' objective on Duviri.

Hotfix 33.5.6 (2023-07-07)

  • Fixed The Duviri Experience node not registering as complete after finishing The Duviri Paradox Quest, which was preventing the other Duviri nodes (Circuit and Lone Story) from being marked correctly. This led to the Steel Path not unlocking or completing for most players (since the intended flow of needing the normal nodes completed first was not being fulfilled).
    • Since the other nodes were not registering as complete due to the above issue, in order to unlock Duviri on The Steel Path now, you may need to replay and complete The Circuit and Lone Story on their normal difficulty. A UI pop-up will occur to generally indicate if any of the normal nodes needs to be completed before The Steel Path can be unlocked for Duviri. An additional change that specifies exactly which node will be coming in the next update.

Hotfix 33.5.5 (2023-07-06)

  • Updated the Hidden Chest objective text when they are located in caves.
  • Fixed Resource Boosters not affecting resources earned from SPROUT in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the Undercroft lobby during the Kullervo fight after Host was teleported in by Client.
  • Fixed losing control of Paragrimm in the Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective when another player triggers the Kullervo fight.
  • Fixed permanently losing Kaithe after not selecting your own (from the Kaithes that spawn) and being downed while riding it during The Steel Path Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed being able to choose and play the Duviri Steel Path nodes even if you haven’t completed the regular ones.
    • If you have cleared all of the Duviri Steel Path nodes without the regular ones prior to this hotfix, you will have to do so again in the intended way (complete normal Duviri nodes and then the Steel Path nodes) to receive the Duviri Steel Path rewards.
  • Fixed being unable to spawn Kaithe after being forcefully dismounted by running past a Table for Two side objective and then teleporting away using fast travel.
  • Fixed getting stuck in the Duviri region screen after selecting the active Call of the Tempestarii/The Duviri Paradox quest button at the top of the Navigation UI.
  • Fixed the number of Tomes required in the Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective not adjusting to squad size after Host migration (always requiring 3 instead of scaling).
  • Fixed Cryotic earned from one Excavation side objective Undercroft Portal carrying over to the next.
  • Fixed the waypoint marker from the Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability lingering on Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objectives after completion.
  • Fixed rare issue of getting a non-existent Primary weapon as an option in Teshin’s Cave offerings.
  • Fixed the co-op Paragrimm’s Hutch Enigma at Kullervo’s Hold spawning in Solo Duviri missions.
  • Fixed being unable to select an answer on the Zariman Tablets found in Duviri until after transmissions have completed.
  • Fixed the UI on the Zariman Tablets being squished together if you interact with it while a transmission is playing.
  • Fixed Decree selection UI overlapping with pause menu when using a controller.
  • Fixed players hearing the wrong SFX for the Drifter’s Restorative ability if cast by someone other than themselves.
  • Fixed strange orange line appearing when casting Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability.
  • Fixed far away players hearing the Kullervo’s Hold bulletin SFX when triggered by another player.
  • Fixed VFX missing when cleansing Conservation animals in Duviri.
  • Fixed Sun Silph floating seeds not moving towards the player if they are close enough to collect them.
  • Fixed Sun Silph floating seeds not despawning when the plant does as you leave its spawn radius.
  • Fixed hitching related to the plants from SPROUT loading into Teshin’s Cave upon arrival.
  • Fixed erroneous eye light VFX on Tamms and Kexats in Duviri.
  • Fixed collision missing on some of the decorative walls on the Archarbor island in Duviri.

Hotfix 33.5.4 (2023-06-28)

  • Added caches to the Enigma room at Kullervo’s Hold after successfully completing it.
  • Resources collected from SPROUT in Teshin’s Cave are now affected by Resource Boosters.
  • Updated the objective text for Hidden Chests located inside caves to indicate such.
  • Fixed Defense waves resetting after Host migration in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed extremely high damage numbers caused by the Fortifying Will Decree interacting with Armor buffing abilities (e.g. Rhino’s Iron Skin and Chroma’s Elemental Ward/Vex Armor).
    • Fortifying Will grants 15% (at max) Ability Strength for every 50 Armor, which was creating an endless feedback loop with Armor buffing abilities and causing extreme numbers to be reached (at times reaching the billions). In order to fix the above and prevent any further issues, Fortifying Will now has a 500% Ability Strength cap. We want players to continue to enjoy the power that Decrees grant without exceeding levels that are game breaking. With the change above, we have also fixed the following issues:
      • Fixed the aforementioned abilities not working at all after several casts.
      • Fixed infinite and permanent armor stacking gained from casting Rhino’s Charge back to back with the Ironclad Charge Augment Mod equipped.
  • Fixed always getting the same Arcane (and possibly the same resource) from all available side objective Undercroft Portals in The Duviri Experience.
  • Fixed Last Gasp UI and VFX lingering for Clients after getting teleported out of the Undercroft.
    • Also fixed instant death upon using Transference Surge once returned to the Duviri Landscape.
  • Fixed being stuck as Warframe in Duviri if teleported from the Undercroft lobby to the Kullervo fight in The Duviri Experience.
    • To address the above and prevent any further issues, the Kullervo fight cannot be started until after all players have returned from the Undercroft. A warning message will appear to inform players if that is the case.
  • Fixed Clients losing Sirocco after returning to the Duviri Landscape after defeating the Orowyrm.
  • Fixed mirrored Operator in Ghost Mirror side objectives spawning in unreachable places if the encounter began while flying above it.
  • Fixed Drifter Melee weapon being invisible upon returning to the Duviri landscape from the Undercroft if an automatic weapon was being fired at the time the player was teleported.
  • Fixed the Config screen in Teshin’s Cave only showing the weapon/Warframe’s base stats (not appearing affected by Mods).
  • Fixed several elements of the Enigma at Kullervo’s Hold not functioning (i.e. Glyphs missing from totem), making it impossible to complete.
  • Fixes towards Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability not guiding anywhere if cast while airborne.
  • Fixed issue where Decree SFX could get cut abruptly.
  • Fixed certain elements of the Enigma located in Kullervo’s Hold not working.
  • Fixed permanent black screen caused by spawning Kaithe immediately after interacting with the Find the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed Undercroft Portal VFX causing them to appear active during the Orowyrm fight when they were indeed not.
  • Fixed the context action to interact with Kullervo’s bulletins appearing while riding Kaithe.
    • Since it cannot be interacted with from Kaithe, it won’t appear until after you dismount.
  • Fixes towards the portal in Teshin’s Cave at times not appearing.
  • Fixed a crash related to processing in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Host migration during the Kullervo Fight.
  • Fixed rare crash related to the Kullervo boss fight.
  • Fixed several script errors in the Ghost Mirror side objective in Duviri.

Hotfix 33.5.3 (2023-06-23)

  • Fixed FOV randomly resetting after certain Duviri objectives.
  • Fixed issues with Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes objective not clearing once completed.
  • Fixed the chest VFX staying in its “locked” state (red VFX instead of blue) after defeating Limunus in Duviri cave objectives.
  • Fixed the pause menu UI disappearing when transitioning from the Undercroft to the Duviri Landscape.
    • Also fixed a related issue on Host migration where players would get stuck with a black screen if the pause menu was open upon transitioning.
  • Fixed a crash in the Assemble the Shrine objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed crash related to Kullervo fight after Host migration.

Hotfix 33.5.2 (2023-06-21)

Kullervo Fight Changes:

The difficulty of the Kullervo fight has been adjusted to be more manageable for the Drifter Melee combatants. This was done in two ways: by adjusting some of his mechanics, and tweaking the amount of damage he receives from certain sources.

Changes to Kullervo’s mechanics:

  • Decreased the frequency of ability casts and increased telegraph times slightly for several abilities so that they are easier to avoid.
  • Increased the duration of the window of opportunity after ability casts in Phase 3.
  • Reduced the frequency of unparryable heavy attacks.
  • Increased the usage of melee attacks, but reduced the attack speed slightly to encourage more melee engagement.
  • Decreased melee attack damage slightly, and normalized some melee attack damage values.
  • Slightly decreased Kullervo's health.

Changes to Kullervo’s damage receival:

In changing his mechanics, we have also made these alterations to how he receives damage, to encourage player melee engagement overall.

  • Significantly increased damage taken from parry finishers.
  • Reduced the damage taken from Rifles and Shotguns (Transference Surge).
  • Updated the time-limited Kullervo’s Hold on-hover description to clarify that the fight is also accessible in The Lone Story and The Duviri Experience.
    • “Complete a Lone Story with an opportunity to confront Kullervo. Kullervo can also appear during The Duviri Experience and The Lone Story any time Duviri is in a Fear, Anger, or Sorrow Spiral.
  • Added timer before teleporting far away players to Kullervo’s Hold for the fight.
  • Side objective Undercroft Portals are now deactivated while the Kullervo fight is active.
    • This is to prevent potential issues from occurring.
  • Increased the speed of cursor movement in the Recover the Paragrimm side objective while using a controller.
    • We are also looking at increasing the camera speed in a future update (since it is a code change that requires cert - Warframe Lexico). For the time being, we were able to increase the cursor speed to help you target those Tomes a bit quicker.
  • Fixed the incorrect range of Kullervo’s Bane being rewarded for completing The Steel Path Kullervo’s Hold fight.
    • Prior to this fix, it was possible to receive 4 or 5 Kullervo’s Bane on The Steel Path, which is under the intended range of 6 to 8. This has now been restored!
  • Fixed being unable to matchmake for Kullervo’s Hold time-limited node if players in the squad had already loaded into Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed Steel Path players matchmaking with normal players on Kullervo’s Hold time-limited node and vice versa.
  • Fixed getting a Common Decree instead of Rare for completing the Kullervo Fight in Duviri.
  • Fixed the Steel Path nodes in Duviri (Circuit, The Duviri Experience, and The Lone Story) not registering as complete for certain accounts.
  • Fixed issues with the Operator in the Ghost Mirror objective in Duviri being able to be controlled by the wrong (or more than one) player.
    • Also fixed the Operator copying the animations of the wrong player.
  • Fixed several hitching issues caused by configuring a Warframe in Teshin’s Cave that has several customizations equipped.
  • Fixes several hitching issues caused by configuring Melee Weapons in Teshin’s Cave that have Stance Mods equipped.
  • Fixed the resource pickup UI element missing when collecting from SPROUT in Teshin’s Cave after Host migration.
  • Fixed crash caused by Kaithe’s Hoof Stomp ability.
  • Fixed a script error caused by the Defend Prisoner side objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed several script errors caused by the Void Mirror side objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed several script errors caused by the Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Hidden Chest objectives after Host migration.
  • Fixed a script error caused by the Dax Gladius leaping.
  • Fixed a Client script error caused by entering an Undercroft Portal while riding Kaithe.
  • Fixed script error caused by the Undercroft not recovering after Host migration.
  • Fixed a Client script error caused by interacting with the NPCs in Duviri.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Portal VFX in Duviri.

Hotfix 33.5.1 (2023-06-21)

  • Updated SFX in the Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective (e.g., added SFX when finding the last Tome).
  • Updated the timing of Acrithis’ transmissions.
  • Fixed public matchmaking not working for the time-limited Kullervo’s Hold node.
    • The team is aware of lingering Matchmaking issues if the player has already loaded in the Cave.
  • Fixed becoming invisible when mounting Kaithe while Kullervo boss casts his Collective Curse ability.
  • Fixed objective text for the Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective resetting the number of Tomes scanned.
  • Fixed the objective text for Kaithe Race gates resetting to 0 (instead of updating to “completed” state) for all squad members once someone has completed the race.
  • Fixed Persecutor Liminus from the Kullervo boss fight appearing in the Orowyrm cinematics.

Fixed Venari spawning with Kaithe on summon after using Transference Surge with Khora selected from Teshin’s Cave. Fixed certain areas of Duviri missing art materials (such as rocks missing textures).

  • Fixed The Warden’s (at Kullervo Hold) subtitles appearing for players that are outside of audible range.
  • Fixed a script error related to side objective Undercroft Portals.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Host migration while the Kullervo fight is starting.
  • Fixed a script error related to the Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective.
  • Fixed a script error caused by leaving the game while petting a Conservation animal in Duviri.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Host starting a Kaithe Race.
  • Fixed a script error caused by grappling to the Orowyrm with Orvius.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability animations.

Update 33.5 (2023-06-21)


Duviri brings forth a formidable opponent, locked away in perpetual imprisonment for crimes listed, sevenfold. Kullervo’s Hold is a new Duviri Island and time-limited node that grants access to a most notorious inhabitant, Kullervo.

But first, you must learn what lies ahead before engaging in a tangle of blades with this mystifying convict.

The Fight:
Kullervo’s fight unfolds in three stages, each requiring you to defeat Kullervo as he exits his holding cells. Prosecutor Liminus are quick to be alerted when there is activity in the Hold and will enter the fight at Kullervo’s dismay.

Dueling Kullervo will be a test of all that you have learned in Duviri. Use the skills and Drifter Intrinsics honed by your blade to battle your way to glory against this formidable master of knives. Evade ranged attacks, vengeful backstabs, and unblockable strikes if you wish to survive the onslaught of this tortured warrior. Tenno will need to parry, counter, and rely on their wits if they wish to escape Kullervo’s Hold with their lives intact.

Time-Limited Node:

Starting today @ 12 PM ET until July 5th @ 12 PM ET, face off against the most felonious persona this side of the Watershed Hamlet in a time-limited node that gives you guaranteed access to him (read on to also learn about his permanent access methods).  

Sealed in a permanent Sorrow Spiral, this time-limited node is a special rendition of The Lone Story which grants you guaranteed access to fighting Kullervo as part of the Stages to complete. As with all Spirals, defeating the Orowyrm is also the grand finale to this Lone Story.

Node Requirements:

  • Completed The Duviri Paradox Quest
  • (5) Pathos Clamps for guaranteed access to the fight. The Warden needs a little incentive to look the other way.

If you have yet to fight the Orowyrm to earn Pathos Clamps in Duviri, now is the time! This time-limited node is our way of encouraging players to experience and complete a full Spiral in Duviri if they have yet to do so. Duviri has much to offer, and Kullervo awaits your visitation for a dance of blades.

How to Play the Node:
Enter the “Kullervo’s Hold” node from the Duviri region in the Star Chart and complete the Spiral stages. Going blade to blade with Kullervo happens during the last stage before fighting the Orowyrm.

Successfully defeating Kullervo and the Orowyrm will reward you handsomely (listed below).

Permanent Access:
Outside of the time-limited node, Kullervo’s Hold is an island that appears in Duviri during the Anger, Fear and Sorrow Spirals.

Fighting Kullervo at the Kullervo’s Hold island has a chance of being a main Spiral stage in The Lone Story/The Duviri Experience and can also be completed as a side objective in The Duviri Experience (during the aforementioned Spirals). Once he has been defeated he cannot be fought again in that session.

Facing off against Kullervo outside of the special Node does not cost you 5 Pathos Clamps, should you come across him as a main Spiral stage or choose to fight him as a side objective.

Fighting Kullervo in The Lone Story:
Defeating Kullervo has a chance of being one of the Spiral stages to complete during the Anger, Fear and Sorrow Spirals. If it does, it will occur in the second half of the stages so that players have accumulated at least 3 Decrees before fighting him.

Fighting Kullervo in The Duviri Experience:
In addition to fighting Kullervo as a main Spiral Stage, players can also voluntarily start the fight as a side objective during the Anger, Fear and Sorrow Spirals.

Head to Kullervo’s Hold island and speak to The Warden overlooking the cells. Selecting “Confront Kullervo” will begin the fight.

Tread carefully, Kullervo is a fearsome opponent and his attacks are infused with Elemental Damage based on the active Spiral. It is recommended to enter the fight with at least 5 Decrees selected.

Reminder: Facing off against Kullervo outside of the special Node will not cost you 5 Pathos Clamps.

Rewards for defeating Kullervo:

The following applies to both the time-limed node and permanent post-node access.

  • Drifter Intrinsics
  • Duviri Resources
  • A Decree
  • New: Kullervo’s Bane
    • Rewarded after you have defeated both Kullervo AND the Orowyrm in all of the modes (Time-Limited Node, The Lone Story, and The Duviri Experience).*
      • *If the Orowyrm is defeated before fighting Kullervo as a side objective in The Duviri Experience, Kullervo’s Bane is rewarded immediately after he has been slain (since the condition of defeating the Orowyrm has already been met).
    • Normal: Chance at receiving either 4, 5, or 6 Kullervo’s Bane
    • Steel Path: Chance at receiving either 6, 7, or 8 Kullervo’s Bane
      • We've caught an issue just before launch that the team will be working to Hotfix ASAP in regards to the amount of Bane given.

Acrithis’ Wares: Kullervo’s Archive
Use Kullervo’s Bane to obtain Kullervo’s Blueprints and the Blueprint and Components for the Rauta, from Acrithis’ Wares under the new “Kullervo’s Archive” option.


There are now more ways to interact with The Duviri Experience with 4 new side objectives: Undercroft Portals, Kaithe Races, Recovering the Paragrimm’s Tomes, and finding Lost Belongings.

Side Objective Undercroft Portals During your time in Duviri, you have ventured into many Undercroft portals as part of the Spiral stages. Now, you can enter the Undercroft as a Side Objective in The Duviri Experience!

Outside of the portals that spawn for Spiral stages, there will always be a total of 3 side objective portals available in Duviri. They spawn at different locations each visit! Approaching these portals will mark them on your map while you are in relative proximity to them so that you can return if you are unable to conquer them immediately.

Requirement to enter: You must acquire 7 Decrees before entering The Undercroft! The reason being so that you are fully prepared for the challenges that await on the other side of the portal. These side objective portals are disabled when a main Spiral stage requires you enter a designated portal. Note that the Rank 3 Opportunity Intrinsic “Lucky Opener” which grants a free Decree upon entering Duviri does not count towards the 7 Decrees needed to enter.

Enemies in these side objective Undercroft portals are much more challenging than your average Spiral stage portal.

In addition to the following level modifiers, these portals are also Eximus Strongholds, meaning you can expect more Eximus units to spawn for an added layer of difficulty.

  • Default: +25 level modifier
  • Steel Path: +75 level modifier (with the usual Health, Armor, and Shields modifiers)

Once you have completed the Undercroft mission, the portal then becomes deactivated - similar to other side objectives once completed.

Completion of a side objective Undercroft Portal rewards the following:

  • Default: A Rare Decree, Drifter Intrinsics, and one of the following Arcanes:
    • Arcane Ice
    • Arcane Nullifier
    • Arcane Deflection
    • Arcane Healing
    • Arcane Resistance
    • Arcane Agility
    • Arcane Eruption
    • Arcane Phantasm
    • Arcane Pulse
    • Arcane Ultimatum
    • Arcane Trickery
    • Arcane Consequence
    • Arcane Acrachne
  • Steel Path: A Rare Decree, Drifter Intrinsics, and one the following Arcanes:
    • Secondary Shiver
    • Longbow Sharpshot
    • Arcane Reaper
    • Arcane Intention
    • Primary Exhilarate
    • Shotgun Vendetta
    • Primary Obstruct
    • Magus Aggress
    • Primary Blight (NEW)
    • Arcane Power Ramp (NEW)
    • Akimbo Slip Shot (NEW)
    • Secondary Outburst (NEW)

Kaithe Racing Returns Put your riding skills to the test! Mount your Kaithe then race across the terrain and through the sky to clear gates in record time. Kaithe Races can appear as a Spiral stage and side objective in The Duviri Experience.

How to Kaithe Race:
Start the race by entering the first gate, once crossed the timer countdown begins! Clear all of the required gates to complete the race. Each successful gate crossed adds 3 seconds to the time to complete the race. Shooting the targets also grants 3 seconds of additional time. There is no penalty for skipping gates, but you do miss out on gaining those extra seconds!

Side Objective Kaithe Races:
Can you beat Brimon, the fastest Kaithe racer in the Kingdom? Locate him in the Duviri Landscape to accept the challenge! There are a total of 2 side objective races per session that can be completed while playing in a squad (solo has no limit).

Kaithe Racing Rewards:
Successfully completing a Kaithe race rewards Drifter Intrinsics, a Decree and Duviri resources. The more players from the squad join into the race and complete it, the better the rewards are for the whole team!

Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes
Take to the skies for a bird’s eye view of the area! Look through the eyes of a Paragrimm to find Tomes and mark them for collection. Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes is available only in The Duviri Experience as a side objective.

Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes Rewards:
Finding all of the required targets will reward Duviri resources, Drifter Intrinsics, and a Decree.

Lost Belongings
Duviri’s citizens have a knack for misplacing their belongings, and it should come as no surprise that some of these items have ended up in Duviri’s caves. Scour the caves of Duviri’s underbelly for Lost Belongings while keeping an eye out for Liminus who are keen on keeping these items to themselves Lost Belongings can appear as a main Spiral stage and as a side objective in The Duviri Experience.

Lost Belongings Rewards: Collecting all of the Lost Belongings will reward Duviri resources, Drifter Intrinsics, and a Decree!


New Resource: Ueymag Barb
Scour Duviri for the Ueymag plant to collect the new Ueymag Barb resource! Ueymag meat is said to be delicious. Just mind the barbs.

Ueymag Barb can also appear in the Normal and Steel Path Circuit reward paths.

The Vagabond
Rumors tell of a mysterious stranger appearing across Duviri. Nobody knows where they've come from, but supposedly they've been spotted near places of extreme emotion. However, the moment no one is looking, the stranger disappears. How... Strange...

Zariman Tablets
Tablets from the Zariman have begun appearing around Duviri. These testing tablets contain a single question and await the correct answer. You have the answers, don’t you Tenno?

Somachord Tones
Duviri has plenty of unique music, and the addition of Somachord Tones means that music can now be available in the Orbiter! Find them hidden across Duviri and pick them up to unlock the songs in your personal Somachord. It’s time to bring some Duviri flair back to the Origin System.

There are 10 new Somachord songs you can unlock by collecting their fragments in Duviri:

  • Below The Thunder
  • Unbound
  • Drifter’s Respite
  • Paragrimm Ascending
  • Perdition’s Coils
  • Shadows And Summonings
  • He Who Waits
  • Into Madness
  • Eyes That Burn
  • Duviri Paradox

The Somachord has also been added to your Dormizone! Play your newly found Duviri tunes in the comfort of your Zariman domain.

Note: Somachord Tone progress is saved after earning a Decree. If you find a Somachord Tone, make sure you earn another Decree before leaving Duviri, or you can extract safely using the Extraction Portal that opens after defeating the Orowyrm.


New Decrees have been added to the randomized pool of options upon completing Spiral stages and side objectives! Dominus Thrax has also gotten wise to the Drifter’s ways and has introduced 5 Spiteful Decrees that require a sacrifice to gain the listed benefits.

Discover new Decree combinations to take your Drifter and Warframe loadouts to the next level.

Values marked with an asterisk* can be stacked and are shown at max.

Blazing Bombardment
Every fifth shot that hits its target launches a homing fireball at a nearby enemy, dealing 240%* Heat Damage.

Nimble Gunner
Rolling grants 75%* Ammo Efficiency for 4 seconds.

Tamm's Fortune
Finisher attacks grant +500 Armor for 10 seconds. Armor boost triples for Warframes.

Brimon's Nerve
Finishers grant +200% Ability Strength to your next Power Strike or Warframe Ability.

Wyrmling's Aid
Shots deal an extra hit with 200%* Corrosive Damage.

Corrosive Grit
Each stack of Corrosion grants 180* Armor, up to 5x, for 12 seconds.

Molten Mettle
On Finishers, deal 60%* of enemy's maximum Health as a Heat Damage 10m around the target.

Salted Wound
Heavy Attacks deal an extra hit with +180%* Corrosive Damage.

Fortified Will
Every 50 Armor grants 15%* Ability Strength and Power Strike damage.

Scornful Cast
Casting an Ability deals 250* Corrosive Damage to nearby enemies and applies 10* Corrosion stacks. Damage radius doubles for Warframes.

Dominus Temper (Spiteful Decree)
Sacrifice -50% Maximum Health to increase damage by +10% for every 100 Health remaining.

Mercurial Bent (Spiteful Decree)
-50% Status Duration, +200% Status Chance

Fragile Vanity (Spiteful Decree)
Sacrifice -50% Armor to increase the base damage of your shots by 1 for every 20 Armor remaining.

Churlish Chatter (Spiteful Decree)
Sacrifice weapon accuracy for +150% Multishot.

King's Collateral (Spiteful Decree)
Take 50% more damage for a 200% chance to receive Rare Decrees.

General Decree Changes and Fixes:

  • Drifter Melee Power Strikes and Warframe Melee Ground Slams now benefit from damage buffs from Decrees.
  • Fixed cases where an “On damage” Decree would cancel out the ability to trigger another “On damage” Decree if both were triggered in the same instance.
    • For example: Critical Frost grants an extra instance of Cold Damage when you score a critical hit, and Bombastines Malice delivers area of effect Toxin Damage on a headshot. If both were active and you got a critical headshot on an enemy while Critical Frost was triggered, Bombastine’s Malice wouldn’t have a chance to inflict area of effect Toxin Damage.
  • Fixed the Decree selection UI always showing the default controller binding regardless of the current assignment.
  • Fixed the “Reroll Decree” button appearing before the Decrees appear on screen.
    • It will now appear slightly after the Decrees appear to avoid accidentally clicking it before the selections are visible.
  • Fixed hearing the “Decree earned” SFX when mounting Kaithe with unselected Decrees.
  • Fixed the “Proficient Fighter” Decree’s (Drifter Ability cooldown reduced by 45%*. Warframes gain +45%* Ability Efficiency.) cooldown reduction being doubled for the first two stacks.
  • Fixed being unable to reload or fire the Hema with the Rolling Reload Decree selected.

Complete the following conditions to earn an inbox message from Teshin with 25 Steel Essence, the Steel Path Duviri Emote, and the Steel Path Duviri Trophy. Complete a mission stage in the Steel Path Circuit. Complete a full Spiral in The Duviri Experience (ie. defeating the Orowyrm) Complete a full Spiral in The Lone Story (ie. defeating the Orowyrm)

Zariman Steel Path Trophy Fix
The introduction of Duviri Steel Path Trophies also fixes the issue of players not earning Zariman Steel Path trophies after completing all nodes (as they were not registering as complete), because Duviri was being counted as part of the Zariman region upon launch. Players who have completed the Zariman nodes prior to this update will now also receive their Steel Path rewards upon login.

  • Teshin’s Cave offerings can now be previewed in the Star Chart before entering Duviri with the Rank 4 “Warframe Abundance” Opportunity Drifter Intrinsic unlocked.
    • The display will also show the amount of Forma installed on the active offerings.
  • Added a “Complete” icon to the mini and detailed maps in Duviri after completing main and side objectives.
  • Hovering the reticle over the Drifter Melee weapons in Teshin’s Cave will now trigger a pop-up that provides its description.
    • To help inform players before they commit to purchasing it.
  • Added stat buffs from Helminth Invigorations and Archon Shards to the “Configure” screen in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Added talking animations to Acrithis’ transmissions.
  • Added VFX after successfully herding Tamms.
  • Added cowering animations to another Duviri resident that was missing them - Orowyrms must be feared!
  • Made several readability improvements to the Hidden Chest objective in Duviri:
    • Updated the objective and context action’s text to give it a unique flavor when encountered as a side objective.
    • Hidden Chests that are part of a main Spiral stage are now called “Hidden Royal Chests” and have a unique Glyph to make them easier to identify from side objective chests.
    • Fixed Hidden Chests sometimes missing or not updating their “locked” appearance after being unlocked.
  • Updated the look of the Void Mirror side objective in the Duviri Landscape. Now players can identify this objective via the Mirror frame that spawns, and inspect it to start.
  • Dax Eximus and Heavy units can now be Mercy killed in the Undercroft!
  • Dax enemies can now be affected by multiple stacks of Status Effects!
  • Dax Gladius can now be knocked out of their blocking stance a little quicker now!
    • They were previously immune from being knocked out for 3 seconds at the start of blocking. That has been reduced by half!
  • The Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability will now track Shrine Pieces in the “Assemble the Shrine” objective in Duviri to make them easier to find.
  • You can now move your Kaithe in the Duviri loading screen.
  • Made the following changes to Teshin’s Cave weapon randomization logic:
    • Decreased the chances of an owned and Mastered weapon appearing in Teshin’s Cave back to back if you own less than 10 weapons in that category (Primary, Secondary, and Melee).
      • For example, if you own less than 10 Primaries total, the odds of the same owned and Mastered Primary weapon appearing in the Cave has been decreased. Teshin’s Cave offers the opportunity to experiment with your Arsenal, this change maintains that goal and prioritizes variety.
    • Lowered the odds of weapons that you’ve already Mastered and sold appearing in the Cave.
      • If a player has Mastered a weapon and sold it, it is likely they are less eager for it to appear in Teshin's Cave. So the odds of those weapons appearing has been decreased to increase the player's access to unowned and unmastered weapons.
    • If you own multiples of a Warframe or Weapon (e.g. two Khoras), the one with the most Forma installed will appear in Teshin’s Cave.
    • Weapons with numerous variants will now properly cycle through those options.
      • Prior to this change, only one variant would ever appear in Teshin’s Cave even if you owned others. For example, if you had both the Prisma Machete and the Machete Wraith, it would only ever choose the Prisma Machete. Now, it will properly cycle through the variant options.
    • Variants of owned weapons with Incarnon Geneses installed now take priority over all other variants.
      • For example, an MK-1 Braton with an Incarnon Genesis install will take priority over a base Braton Prime. If the Braton Prime does in fact have an Incarnon Genesis installed, it would then take priority.
  • The HUD “arrows” used to indicate enemy direction while fighting as Drifter in Duviri are now hidden when in a downed state.
  • Made the following changes to the Paragrimm Enigma located on the Archarbor Island in Duviri:
    • Added a visual indicator to when a glyph is correct on the wall (as long as it is not covered).
    • Removed one of the discs to allow the memory device to play an integral part in the Enigma’s completion.
  • Reduced Maw Feeding difficulty by increasing the time allotted to hunt.
  • Updated the Duviri Conservation sounds:
    • Increased the volume of the Kubrie steps.
    • Kubrie howls now better match the animation.
    • Added SFX when destroying the orbs.
    • Added more petting sounds!
  • Updated the naming convention and descriptions for all of the Duviri planters.
  • Updated the animations of some Duviri residents as they interact with Kaithes.
  • Improved the VFX of the Liminus darkened area fog in Duviri.
  • Fixed Clients losing objective UI and being stuck in the previous Undercroft stage after Host migration.
  • Fixed another case of Clients losing their Kaithes in The Steel Path Orowyrm fight after a Host migration.
  • Fixed being able to dismount from Kaithe and consequently losing the ability to respawn it during the Wyrmling ring chase phase in The Steel Path Orowyrm fight.
    • Kaithe dismounting during this phase is now disabled to prevent further issues.
  • Fixed being unable to swap to Secondary weapon after not mounting Kaithe when they spawn in The Steel Path Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Shadow not benefiting from Decrees.
  • Fixed Client getting stuck as Drifter for the remainder of an Undercroft mission if they lose connection and attempt to rejoin.
  • Fixed Focus abilities not working in the Undercroft until after using Transference or being revived (notably Vazarin’s Mending Soul and Enduring Tides).
  • Fixed Vazarin’s Guardian Shell persisting after leaving Undercroft.
  • Fixed Clients losing their Vitoplast orb container and eventually losing the ability to shoot/jump/revive/etc. after Host migration in Circuit Void Flood missions.
  • Fixed the Vitoplast orb container not disappearing for Clients after exiting Void Flood Undercroft missions in Duviri.
  • Fixed Maw Feeding while the “Herd the Tamms” objective is active causing the Tamms to disappear and making it impossible to complete.
  • Fixed simultaneous Tamm herding objectives causing players to lose function.
    • To prevent this issue from recurring, there can now only be one instance of Tamm herding occuring at a time.
  • Fixed recently herded Tamms disappearing upon completing the objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed players losing objective UI in Duviri after triggering another nearby side objective.
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck in the Undercroft after Host triggers migration by immediately completing the mission.
  • Fixed rare case where players could get booted back to the Undercroft lobby after dying.
  • Fixed Undercroft missions as a main Spiral stage automatically completing after Host migration occurs while a Client is waiting in the lobby while others are still in the landscape.
  • Fixed rare issue where Clients could lose their HUD after entering Duviri from Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed Drifter Melee weapon selection in Teshin’s Cave not saving for Clients after Host migration.
  • Fixed Host having a randomized loadout upon rejoining the previously left Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed the Orowyrm’s Health UI for its rings not updating as it is being damaged for Clients.
  • Fixed several issues with the offering rotation timing in Acrithis’ Shop:
    • Fixed the Rare Decree offering not be available for purchase most of the time. It will now appear more regularly.
    • Fixed Origin System Resources and Ship Decorations (with the exception of the Watchful Paragrimm) appearing for shorter durations than intended.
    • Fixed the aforementioned items showing less than 5 items at all times. It is intended for each category to have 5 rotation options available at all times.
  • Fixed being unable to cleanse Conservation animals in Duviri if “Melee with Fire Input” is enabled.
  • Fixed enemies not spawning after Host migration occurs while Clients are in the Undercroft lobby.
  • Fixed loss of function after Host migration in Duviri.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to grapple to Orowyrm with Orvius more than once in a row due to randomly switching to Drifter Melee in the process.
  • Fixed being unable to throw the Orvius on foot if another player grabs it at the same moment you are performing a quick shot with the Sirocco.
  • Fixed Client being revived automatically if downed while Host is dead in Duviri.
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck in the Duviri loading screen after Host forces extraction while they are riding Kaithe in an open landscape.
  • Fixed Clients being stuck in the previous Undercroft stage and UI after Host migration.
  • Fixed Clients respawning with a weapon other than the intended Sirocco after being downed on Kaithe in the second phase of the Steel Path Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed dying immediately after joining an in-progress Orowyrm fight and opening the chest.
  • Fixed cases where the camera would aggressively shake while latched to the Orowyrm in the first stage of the fight (especially after opening the pause menu).
  • Fixed being able to use Transference (to Origin System Drifter/Operator) during the Kaithe phase of The Steel Path Orowyrm fight after Host migration.
    • Also fixed being able to use Last Gasp during this stage if downed.
  • Fixed Orowrym fight coming to a halt after killing Wyrmlings right as they spawn.
  • Fixed Host migration towards the end of the Kaithe phase in the Steel Path Orowyrm fight causing the Wyrmlings to respawn.
  • Fixed the fish not glowing while Maw Feeding if playing in a Squad.
  • Fixed players' minimap icon being displayed off the map while Maw Feeding, making it difficult to teleport to them.
  • Fixed players in the Duviri landscape seeing other players' names while they are still in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed FOV randomly changing to the minimum while flying on Kaithe in Duviri.
  • Fixed projectiles shot from Dax enemies in Duviri applying Status Effects to the player even if they had successfully parried it.
  • Fixed the Drifter becoming unarmed when switching Appearance Configs at the mirror in Teshin's Cave.
  • Fixed Kaithe not automatically gliding by default (when no directional input is active) like it does in Duviri when spawned into other Open Landscapes.
  • Fixed soft-lock occuring after unlocking a Drifter Rank and selecting another category.
  • Fixed another case of being unable to make purchases from Acrithis’ wares in Duviri using resources gained from the active session.
  • Fixed the Shawzin UI in The Duviri Experience displaying the icons of the last Status Effect inflicted onto Drifter instead of the correct button callout.
  • Fixed active “Defend Prisoner” side objectives causing issues for the new Host that joins the squad after Host migration.
  • Fixed the Duviri Spiral timer being stuck at 1 hour 59 minutes if you return to your Orbiter after completing a mission while playing Solo.
  • Fixed Clients getting booted back to Orbiter with a mission failure screen after Host leaves and forces migration right at the start of the Wyrmling phase in the Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed new players on the Paradox Path getting a “Purchase Failed” error when attempting to purchase items from the Dormizone Arsenal mirror.
  • Fixed Acrithis’ subtitles overlapping with the “Browse Wares” UI box.
  • Fixed a script error caused by using Yareli's Merulina in Teshin's Cave.
    • The ability is now disabled in the Cave to prevent further issues.
  • Fixed the Watchful Paragrimm decoration having its eye glow VFX in the menu preview.
  • Fixed Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability losing its VFX and SFX when casting it back to back.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to see the blue light VFX when shooting the discs and correctly matching them in the Paragrimm co-op Enigma.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to create and see a wisp when casting Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability.
  • Fixed Clients seeing two wisps instead of one when Host casts Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability.
  • Fixed Drifter’s Guiding Hand wisp not appearing after dying and being revived in Duviri.
  • Fixed all squad members being able to hear the Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability SFX and see the camera “pull back” effect when cast.
  • Fixed the Warframe/Drifter VFX when approaching the portal in Teshin’s Cave applying even when it is not active.
  • Fixed the VFX from Teshin’s Cave portal appearing and persisting in the options menu background for the duration of your stay in Duviri.
  • Fixed the mirrored Operator in the “Table for Two” objective in Duviri T-posing whenever emotes are used.
  • Fixed hitching issues in Duviri.
  • Fixed small hitches that occur when a Client selects a Decree.
  • Fixed an issue with Clients where Duviri NPCs would sometimes snap into their cowering idle animations without a transition.
  • Fixed the texturing on the masks of Duviri NPCs.
  • Fixed issues with Client Operator appearance in the Ghost Mirror objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed broken cave textures near Northwind Village in Duviri.
  • Fixed decorations near The King's Palace clipping into a building.
  • Fixed Warframe lingering on screen after interacting with and exiting the mirror in Teshin’s Cave as Warframe.
  • Fixed UI breaking if Host and Client both spam to open the mirror in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed nearby players getting dragged into the air if a squad member interacts with the Tubular Bells in Duviri.
  • Fixed Warframe lingering on screen after interacting with and exiting the mirror in Teshin’s Cave as Warframe.
  • Fixed UI breaking if Host and Client both spam to open the mirror in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed some terrain texture near Watershed Hamlet in Duviri sticking out from an overhang.
  • Fixed an Enigma spawning into the ground by Fair Shores Hamlet in Duviri - making it non interactive.
  • Fixed a floating Kovnik deposit by The Citadel in Duviri.
  • Fixed a floating Dacroot deposit by Fort Wyrmsoul in Duviri.
  • Fixed floating Tasoma deposit in a cave by Moirai Crossing and the Lunaro Court in Duviri.
  • Fixed a blank square icon appearing in the HUD at the start of Defense and Excavation Undercroft missions.
  • Fixed some clipping issues in the Archarbor in Duviri.
  • Fixed Host crashing after Client force quits the game when the Wyrmlings spawn in the Steel Path Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Host forcing migration by leaving during stage one of the Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Undercroft portals in Duviri.
  • Fixed crash related to Defense missions in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed a crash caused by controlling the Orowyrm in the first stage of the fight in Duviri.
  • Fixed crash after trying to rejoin a squad doing the Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed a script error in the “Defend Prisoner” Duviri side objective.
  • Fixed a script error related to Host migration and Acrithis in Duviri.
  • Fixed a script error in Undercroft Survival missions.
  • Fixed a script error related to the “Assemble the Shrine” objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed a script error caused by waypoints in Duviri.
  • Fixed a script error when flying the Orowyrm into the portal during the first phase of the fight.

Hotfix 33.0.14 (2023-05-29)

  • Fixed Clients infinitely falling through the map after completing the Orowyrm fight if they were riding a Kaithe upon entering the portal from the landscape.
  • More fixes towards enemies not spawning after Host migration in the Undercroft during Void Flood missions.
  • Fixes towards Hidden Chests (notably ones near The King’s Palace and Fort Wyrmsoul) failing to open after completing the hacking mini-game.

Hotfix 33.0.13 (2023-05-26)

  • Changed the descriptions of the following Decrees based on feedback from the changes in Hotfix 33.0.11.
    • Venomous Touch:
      • Old: “Every third melee attack deals X% Toxin Damage.”
      • New: “Every third melee attack deals X% Toxin Damage with Status."
    • Critical Frost:
      • Old: “Critical Hits deal an extra hit with X% Cold Damage.”
      • New: “Critical Hits deal an extra hit with X% Cold Damage and Status.”
        • With how damage works with Decrees (always guaranteed Status), we removed the “guaranteed Status Chance” in the description originally. But since that was not an obvious detail outside of the Decree description, we’ve re-added that Status is indeed still involved in a short but comprehensive way.
  • Fixed objective text disappearing after Host migration during Undercroft Defense missions.
  • Fixed infinite enemy spawning in the Undercroft after Host migration - causing issues with “kill X enemies” objectives as they would just continue to spawn after reaching the required number of kills.
  • Fixed resource rewards earned from Spiral stages in Duviri not saving for Clients after Host migration.
  • Final fix for enemies not spawning in the Undercroft (Circuit and Duviri) after Host Migration - causing failure in Survival and Void Flood missions.
  • More fixes towards Shrine pieces not dropping if Client starts an “Assemble the Shrine” objective while Host is far away.
  • Fixed the Venomous Touch Decree not granting a guaranteed Toxin proc.
  • Fixed Host getting stuck as Drifter in the Orowyrm fight arena after dying and using Transference.
  • Fixed Wyrmlings spawning on top of each other in the second phase of the Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed the Rank 1 Endurance Intrinsic “Fortifying Decrees” (Each active Decree grants +25 Health to Drifter) granting more than +25 Health if there are several of the same Decree already active.
    • In other words, if you had 2 of the same Decree and selected a third, it would count each individual one into the Health granted (+75) upon selecting the third Decree, instead of the intended +25 for the one.
  • Fixed always getting the base Hek in Teshin’s Cave offerings even if you own the Kuva or Vaykor Hek.
    • It is intended that the more powerful variants of a weapon you own appear in the Cave.
  • Fixed crash caused by Kaithes that would trigger on Host migration.
  • Fixed enemies ignoring players and standing still if they hit a certain crate in the Undercroft tileset.
  • Fixed the Decree UI prompt overlapping various other UI elements in Teshin’s Cave if you have Rank 3 Opportunity Intrinsic “Lucky Opener” (Gain a free Decree when you enter Duviri).
  • Fixed the weapon select and customize context actions in Teshin’s Cave overlapping briefly when walking away from the trigger.
  • Fixed the Kaithe’s wings not being attached to their body in the Duviri loading screen.
  • Fixed crash that would occur when piloting the Orowyrm and entering the portal to the 2nd phase of the Orowyrm boss fight as Host.
  • Fixed script error that would occur when piloting the Orowyrm and entering the portal to the 2nd phase of the Orowyrm boss fight as Host.
  • Fixed a potential script error that could occur in Teshin’s Cave.

Hotfix 33.0.11 (2023-05-24)

  • Made the following changes to how Mod Configs appear in Teshin’s Cave:
    • Warframes and Weapons now default to Mod Config A if it uses 40+ capacity (raw drain of Mods installed), rather than defaulting to another Config with the highest capacity. If Config A is not using 40+ capacity, it will default to the highest capacity Mod Config as before.
      • Our original intentions were to always default to the Config with the highest capacity with the theory being that Config was the most effective. After reviewing feedback, this choice caused some confusion, so we have swapped Mod Config A to be the default as commonly Config A is the “main” Config.
    • Mod Configs with Aura and Stance Mods that cause capacity drain are no longer disqualified from being the default.
  • Added the total number of active Decrees when selecting a new one to better see your collection at a quick glance.
  • When “Melee with Fire Weapon Input” is enabled in the settings, using the default Melee input will now trigger Drifter's Quick Shot while in Duviri.
    • This is a follow up change to the fix from Hotfix 33.0.1 (Fixed “Melee with Fire Weapon Input” preventing Drifter from being able to perform Quick Shots), as Quick Shot was able to be performed but was still using the fire input instead of the intended melee input while this setting was enabled.
    • Also fixed the Drifter Melee “Combat Tips” incorrectly saying to use weapon fire input for Quick Shot when the “Melee with Fire Weapon Input” is enabled.
    • It will now correctly call out the Melee input binding when toggled on.
  • Changed the descriptions of the following Decrees to highlight the differences between their mechanics and improve readability (shorten):
    • Venomous Touch:
      • Old: “Every third melee attack deals X% Toxin Damage with guaranteed Status Chance.”
      • New: “Every third melee attack deals X% Toxin Damage.”
        • Note: The guaranteed Status Chance still occurs!
    • Critical Frost:
      • Old: “Critical Hits deal X% Cold Damage with a guaranteed Status Effect.”
      • New: “Critical Hits deal an extra hit with X% Cold Damage.”
        • Note: The guaranteed Status Chance still occurs!
  • Changed Luscinia’s line after being defeated as Orowyrm - you’ll just have to fight her again during the Sorrow Spiral to hear it!
  • Improved the VFX on Drifter’s “Guiding Hand” ability.
  • Fixed being unable to interact with the Kaithes that spawn in the second phase of the Steel Path Orowyrm fight - causing inability to complete it.
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck as Duviri Drifter (instead of Focus Drifter if unlocked) in the Undercroft after getting pulled in from Landscape and using Transference.
  • Fixed pick-up rewards from completing the Enigma near The Archarbor falling off the island, leaving Clients unable to recover them.
  • Fixed case where some of the co-op bridge Enigma VFX elements would not show up.
  • Fixed some Enigma interactive elements having a very small trigger.
  • Fixed the Rank 2 Endurance Drifter Intrinsic “Restorative Decree” (gaining a Decree fully restores Health and Energy) not applying to Warframe in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed the Rank 1 Endurance Drifter Intrinsic “Fortifying Decree” (each active Decree grants +25 Health to Drifter) not applying until after you dismount from Kaithe.
  • Fixed the “Irresistible Bombardment” Decree (each shot briefly increases fire rate by +10% cumulatively) increasing fire rate from melee attacks.
  • Fixed Clients at times seeing other players’ Drifters without bodies after loading into the Duviri landscape or Undercroft.
  • Fixed Kaithe remaining in the landscape without a rider after Client leaves the squad.
    • Also fixes Host being able to ride the Kaithe and it going invisible and returning Client going invisible after dismounting that same Kaithe.
  • Fixed dead players seeing the Undercroft countdown timer (as they cannot participate themselves).
  • Fixes towards enemies not spawning in the Undercroft (Circuit and Duviri) after Host Migration - causing failure for missions like Survival and Excavation that require you kill enemies for Life Support Capsules.
    • More fixes to come for this as it has not been fixed 100% - there is also the related issue of the UI objective text disappearing as well that we are looking into.
  • Fixed the Sprint binding for Kaithe not updating in the UI callouts if changed to something other than the default.
  • Fixed binding callout to throw Enigma disk being incorrect while in Melee-only mode in Duviri.
  • Fixed Drifter spawning on the other side of the bridge with no Kaithe in The Duviri Paradox Quest after jumping off of it - causing halt in quest progress as Kaithe is required to complete further stages.
  • Fixed the Primary and Secondary weapons in Teshin’s Cave not being selectable when standing right on top of them in “The Prince of Fire” stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Fixed previewing Protovyre customizations on your Drifter in Teshin’s Cave granting the ability to make progress on and even complete the associated challenges. Completing the challenge would send the next evolution’s item, even if the base version was not owned.
    • We are working on a script to address affected accounts - we will update you here once we have the details and start time.
  • Fixed rare case of player loading back into Duviri (after rejoining session) with a completely random loadout.
  • Fixed being unable to summon Kaithe after being pulled into the Undercroft while trying to complete a Ghost Mirror Enigma.
  • Fixed double clicking the “Reroll Decrees” button displaying your newly rolled Decrees upside down.
    • ¿uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sƃuᴉɥʇ pɐǝɹ oʇ ǝq plnoʍ ʇᴉ pɹɐɥ ʍoɥ ǝuᴉƃɐɯᴉ noʎ plnoƆ
  • More fixes related to the Komi issue from Hotfix 33.0.2 that was causing a script error when attempting an “illegal” move (diagonal placements for example).
  • Fixed players being unable to summon their Kaithe after dying during the Drifter combat tutorial in The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Fixed Client experiencing staggered mobility and movement interruptions after using Grendel’s Feast on Dax Arcus as they are casting an ability.
  • Fixed permanently staying as Warframe after entering Maw Feeding while Transference Surge is active in Duviri.
  • Fixed the extraction portal VFX disappearing after completing the Orowyrm fight and leaving the King’s Palace area.
  • Fixed Guiding Hand’s VFX using incorrect colors during its first appearance in The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Fixed the Orowyrm’s fire breathing VFX flashing in the final stages of The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Fixed being unable to make purchases from Acrithis’ wares in Duviri using resources gained from the active session.
  • Fixed further issues with resources and rewards collected in Duviri not saving after Host migration:
    • Fixed resources and rewards not saving after a new Host leaves Duviri after a previous Host migration.
    • Fixed Host migration causing the new Host to lose resources and rewards after earning a new Decree and extracting using the “Leave Duviri” option.
    • Fixed losing any resources gained since your last decree if a Host migration occurred while riding Kaithe.
  • Fixed getting stuck on the hurdles in the cave near Farbreeze Hamlet in Duviri while riding Kaithe.
  • Fixed case where wave numbers would be mixed up when two or more combat objectives were occurring at the same time in Duviri.
  • Fixed Protea being unable to pick up her Grenade fans while in the Undercroft.
  • More fixes towards being able to use Titania’s Razorwing on any Warframe if she is available in Teshin’s Cave and the ability is cast before selecting a different Warframe.
  • Fixed rare case of being unexpectedly teleported into the Undercroft.
  • Fixed being unable to chat link all Duviri resources (Rune Marrow, Pathos Clamps, Maw Feeding resources, etc.).
  • Fixed being unable to purchase multiples of the same Decoration available from Acrithis’ Wares.
  • Fixed Kaithe’s take flight jump SFX occasionally not playing.
  • Fixed the Illumina Judicium Emote missing its SFX if performed in Duviri.
  • Fixed script error in Ghost Mirror objectives in Duviri.

Hotfix 33.0.10 (2023-05-12)

  • Fixed script error that would cause players to lose functionality for the ‘Guiding Hand’ ability in the Quest and in regular Spiral missions.

Hotfix 33.0.8 (2023-05-11)

  • Improved the Drifter to Warframe (and vice versa) Transference animation while in Teshin’s Cave to be more fluid.
  • Made a couple slight adjustments to the VFX upgrades to the Shrine Assemble elements from earlier this week.
  • Fixed several Host migration issues related to the final stages of the Orowyrm fight that would cause phases to skip - ultimately causing the fight progress to come to a halt.
  • Fixed Host migrating during the extraction countdown in the Undercroft leading to players returning to Duviri with no objective markers, causing the mission to not progress.
  • Fixed crash caused by Host migration during the final stages of the Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed crash caused by player controlling Orowyrm at the same time that other players are Maw feeding in Duviri.
  • Fixed issues of the Orowyrm being stuck in place if too many different players took control of it in the first stage of the fight.
  • More fixes towards Clients that load back into Duviri from Host migrating after completing the Orowyrm fight being unable to extract via portal.
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck in place after attempting to interact with Acrithis in Duviri after a Host migration.
  • Fixes towards Clients having to replay the same completed Circuit stage mission after Host migration - causing a progress halt.
  • More fixes towards squad getting indefinitely stuck in the Undercroft loading area after Client switches from Drifter to Excalibur Umbra after entering portal - causing halt in progression of Spiral and Circuit stages.
  • Fixed being unable to open a Hidden Chest with a Dax patrol if you move far away from it and trigger another objective - causing a halt in Spiral stage progression.
  • Fixed being able to use Titania’s Razorwing on any Warframe if she is available in Teshin’s Cave and the ability is cast before selecting a different Warframe.
  • Fixed instances where Clients would see the Host’s selected language in their UI during the Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed the portal “dissolve” VFX in Duviri causing a strange visual effect on Drifter during the Anger and Envy Spirals.
  • Fixed instances where localized text in reward pop-ups in Duviri would be cut off.
  • Fixed localized text in the Combat Tips UI overlapping in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed Host using Transference Surge in the Duviri landscape forcing Clients that are still in Teshin’s Cave to use Transference as well.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when the Ripkas were unequipped while in Teshin’s Cave, among other scenarios.
  • Fixed rare script error that would occur when grappling to the Orowyrm.
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur with the Dax Herald’s ranged damaging field ability.

Hotfix 33.0.7 (2023-05-09)

  • Made the following changes to the Shrine Assemble objective:
    • Changed the VFX for the Shrine Assemble pieces to red so that they are easier to find.
    • Updated the orb that travels from player to Shrine after picking up pieces to make it much easier to see. It is now a big ball of red energy - much harder to miss now!
    • Made some optimizations to the Shrine Assemble objective.
  • Adjusted the radius and gain of Luscinia’s singing cue in the Undercroft.
  • Made slight updates to the Orowyrm’s attack VFX.
  • Fixed the Hidden Chests near the Throneguard Barracks and Titan’s Rest areas of Duviri spawning underground - causing a halt in Spiral progression as they were inaccessible.
  • Fixed the Hidden Chest near The Agora not opening during Spiral stages - causing halt in progress.
  • Fixed casting Shadows of the Dead during the Orowyrm fight causing Host migration.
  • Fixed Host migrating while in Teshin’s Cave leaving Clients without proper objectives in Duviri.
  • Made fixes towards being unable to use Drifter’s Restorative ability when prompted to in The Duviri Paradox Quest - causing a halt in Quest progress.
  • More fixes towards Host migrating during Undercroft Excavation missions leading to enemies no longer spawning - causing mission progression to come to a halt (even after collection 300 Cryotic).
  • Fixed getting indefinitely stuck in the Undercroft after Host Migration without a countdown timer.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to complete the Shrine Assemble objective after Host migration using the pieces that were dropped beforehand.
  • Fixed Clients that load back into Duviri from Host migrating after completing the Orowyrm fight being unable to extract via portal.
  • Fixed becoming invincible after interacting with the mirror in Teshin’s Cave with the Rank 10 Endurance Intrinsic “Cheat Death”.
    • Also fixed interacting with the mirror before entering Duviri causing the Endurance Ranks 2, 4, 7 and the Combat Rank 10 Intrinsics not working.
  • Fixed Hosts in a full squad losing rewards and resources after crashing or closing the game.
  • Fixed Clients Transfering to Drifter from Excalibur Umbra while waiting to load into the Undercroft causing the entire squad to get permanently stuck in the loading area - causing halt in progression of Spiral and Circuit stages.
  • Fixed crash that could occur if the chest after the Orowyrm fight is opened while a player is spectating after being downed.
  • Fixed crash with Host migration while playing The Duviri Experience.
  • Fixed crash related to the dynamic skies in Duviri when the Spiral changes.
  • Fixed case where you could enter Duviri as Warframe instead of Drifter from Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed cases where an entire portion of the Duviri map could completely disappear after completing the Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed being able to lock onto and teleport to Defense Target with Stalker’s Teleport ability (Rank 10 Opportunity Drifter Intrinsic) - causing Stalker to clip through the target.
  • Fixed opening the pause menu while encountering the Dax Equitem causing it to linger on screen after exiting.
  • Fixed players not being able to use the customization mirror in Teshin’s Cave at the same time.
  • Fixed interacting with mirror in Teshin’s Cave as Warframe creating a Warframe x Drifter abomination.
  • Fixed positioning issues for Acrithis and Luscinia in Duviri.
  • Fixed long hitches that would occur when leaving Teshin’s Cave back to the Orbiter.
  • Fixed public matchmaking to Duviri loading players into the Dojo or Zariman instead if they were at those locations when joining a Duviri session.
  • Fixed the Drifter Melee weapon purchase context action in Teshin’s Cave overlapping with the Decree UI prompt.
  • Fixed the “Tactical Repositioning” Decree using the same icon as “Morale Boost”. It now has its own!
  • Fixed a certain teleport volume in Duviri near the Orion Tower that would trap players in a falling loop.
  • Fixed script error related to Acrithis respawning in the courtyard after defeating the Orowyrm and Host migrating.
  • Fixes towards potential script errors from Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability.

Hotfix 33.0.6 (2023-05-04)

  • Resource Boosters now apply to Duviri fish resources obtained from Maw Feeding.
    • We are still working on having Resource Boosters also apply to Rune Marrow from Runic Compacts in the Undercroft.
  • Slightly increased the range that Tamms will react to players and increased their movement speed while being herded.
  • Fixed cases where resources and pick up rewards were not saved after using the “Leave Duviri” option in the pause menu (as mentioned in yesterday’s hotfix).
  • Fixed players getting permanently stuck underwater after teleporting to other players using the Rank 10 “Herd Travel” Riding Intrinsic while they are Maw Feeding.
  • Fixed being able to interact with the Drifter and Kaithe customization in Teshin’s Cave while riding Kaithe - causing players to be unable to interact with customization options as they are still mounted.
    • In order to fix the above issue and prevent any further, Kaithe is no longer able to be summoned in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed Host migrating during Undercroft Excavation missions leading to enemies no longer spawning - causing mission progression to come to a halt (even after collection 300 Cryotic).
  • Fixed Host Migration during Undercroft Defense missions halting enemy spawns.
  • Fixed a script error in the Undercroft that would cause it to not recover properly after Host Migration.
  • Fixed the “Ranger’s Reload” Decree (Rolling reloads the equipped weapon) not activating the “Duelist’s Advantage” Decree (Your first shot after reloading deals +X damage) if both are owned.
  • Fixed Duelist’s Advantage not activating on a weapon when it’s currently activated on another (e.g. reload Primary, activate Decree on Primary, reload Secondary, Decree does not activate on Secondary).
  • Fixed the “Fearsome Bonanza” Decree (Gain +X Damage for every enemy affected by Status within 20m) applying its damage increase to other damage increasing Decrees - causing an exponential damage increase cycle with certain Decree combinations.
    • Example: Bombastine’s Malice (On Headshot, 30% chance for enemies near the target will be inflicted with X% Toxin) spreads Toxin using the damage from the shot you hit to trigger it. If Fearsome Bonanza was triggered at the same time, it would double down on the buffs.
  • Fixes towards a crash that could occur if you were pulled into the Undercroft while a member of your squad was doing Conservation efforts in Duviri.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when aborting The Circuit.
  • Fixed case where the Orowyrm could get stuck on the massive Dominus Thrax hands in the sky upon summoning.
  • Fixes towards the Vitoplast Drone from Void Flood stages lingering after exiting the Undercroft.
  • Fixed crash that could occur at the end of a Void Flood round.
  • Fixed crash from dealing critical damage to Enigma elements in Duviri.
  • Fixed flying into Undercroft portal with Kaithe not teleporting you into it and simply dismounting you back into the Landscape.
  • Fixed weirdness with enemy waves in the Undercroft and Shrine Assembly objectives.
  • Fixed the Dax Equitem’s animations lagging during attacks for Clients.
  • Fixed Dax Equitem getting stuck somewhere and not being able to figure out how to get unstuck, causing some funky animations.
  • Fixed crash related to Spiral changes happening during Host Migration.
  • Fixed Runic Compact not appearing on the mini-map with Loot Detector Mods equipped.
  • Fixed playable-Stalker (from Rank 10 “Stranger in Black” Opportunity Intrinsic) not having his own custom squad minimap icon.
  • Fixed the glow VFX when entering an Undercroft portal not applying to most weapons and attachments.
  • Fixed the glow VFX lingering after entering a portal (Teshin’s Cave or Undercroft) when using Transference beforehand.
  • Fixed the Tysis’ “tail” piece floating above the weapon weirdly when it appears in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed players hearing each other’s Guiding Hand audio FV when cast.
  • Fixed a rare crash while riding Kaithe.
  • Fixed script error related to Decree rolling.

Hotfix 33.0.5 (2023-05-03)

  • Added a new dissolve VFX when approaching Undercroft portals.
  • Made the following changes to the Sun Silph (and its Silphsela resource) in Duviri:
    • There are now 4 Silphsela “seeds” that float in the air around where the Sun Silph is located.
    • Approaching a Sun Silph within 8 meters will cause it to let out a burst of 3 Silphsela “seeds” into the air that slowly descend overtime before blowing away with the wind.
    • Also fixed being able to get unlimited Silphesela by standing near Sun Silphs.
  • Made the following changes to the Dax Equitem to make the fight more engaging and challenging:
    • Increased the rate at which they use abilities and improved their targeting logic when fighting against a squad.
    • Slightly increased base health.
    • Updated animations after performing abilities/leaps.
  • Made micro-optimizations to interactions with Duviri citizens.
  • Fixed only 2 of the 3 required fragments dropping for the “Assemble the Shrine” side objective if the Client initiates it while the Host is very far away - causing a halt in Spiral stage progress.
  • Fixed Defense Target not spawning if Host Migration occurs - causing waves to halt indefinitely.
  • Fixed cases where a player with many Decrees attacking the Dax Equitem could break the fight and potentially crash.
  • Fixed resources collected (and rewards from Enigmas) after the Orowyrm fight not being saved upon extracting.
    • We are also investigating the same issue when using the “Leave Duviri” menu option.
  • Fixed permanent screenshake and cleansing prompt when interacting with a Conservation animal while Transference Surge is active.
  • Fixed Clients getting permanently stuck controlling the Orowyrm after Host Migration - causing halt in progressing through the rest of the fight.
  • Fixed the Undercroft portal VFX missing when approaching while riding Kaithe - causing players to think that it is not functioning.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when Host Migrating during Hidden Chest objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed permanently losing your thrown melee weapon if you throw it just before entering an Undercroft portal.
  • Fixed getting randomly teleported away to a totally new location in Duviri while flying on Kaithe around the edges of the islands.
  • Fixed Clients seeing the Dax Equitem standing inside of their horse after Host Migration.
  • Fixed respawning in unexpected locations after Host Migration.
  • Fixed minor hitches in the Undercroft during Host Migration.
  • More fixes towards hitching issues in Teshin’s Cave for Clients - potentially causing players to disconnect from the squad.
  • Fixed minor hitches across other areas of Duviri.
  • Fixed certain Mods not appearing in Teshin’s Cave Mod Configs - notably Warframe Augment Mods for subsumed abilities.
  • Fixed turning into a Kaithe monstrosity after using emote at the exact moment you summon Kaithe.
  • Fixed Maw flying out of the pond and roaming around after using the /unstuck command while feeding.
  • Fixed the meteors during the Anger Spiral in Duviri not moving for Clients and immediately despawning.
  • Fixed framerate drops when activating some of the side objectives in Duviri.
  • Fixed dialogue not playing for page 3 of the “Scholar’s Landing” Lost Islands of Duviri Codex entry.
  • Fixed Clients’ Drifter A-posing while bleeding out in Duviri.
  • More fixes towards Duviri citizens not reacting at all to the Orowyrm. Stone cold.
  • Fixed players and Duviri citizens at times floating a bit off of the ground.
  • Fixed arrow sticking out of the Zhuge when it is available in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed script error after leaving Duviri is a Client is in the middle of hacking a Hidden Chest.
  • Fixed script error when cleansing animals in Duviri and leaving.
  • Fixed script error caused by petting the animals in Duviri after cleansing them.
  • Fixed several script issues with the “Assemble the Shrine” side objective.

Hotfix 33.0.4 (2023-05-02)

  • Fixed Clients being unable to see or interact with Enigmas if the Host has not been in proximity of it - potentially causing progress stops in the Spiral stages.
    • Also fixed Clients being unable to see VFX on certain Enigma elements.
  • Fixed potential crash when dying while pushing Enigma elements.
    • Also fixes Hosts seeing Clients do wonky animations when they attempt to push Enigma elements.
  • Fixed being unable to pick up the Glyph plate for Enigmas near the Artisan Hamlet.
  • Fixed cases where the Orowyrm could become invulnerable after Host Migration.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when Host Migrating during the Orowyrm fight cinematics.
  • Fixed Wyrmlings no longer following the Orowyrm’s path after Host Migration - causing them to wander around Duviri.
  • More fixes toward crash that could occur due to dealing high levels of damage in Duviri.
  • Fixed being unable to complete “Guide Reflection into Light” encounters in Duviri due to the objective beams being blocked by the environment - potentially causing a halt in progress for Story stages.
  • Fixed losing UI after entering the Orowyrm arena if you had the “Prefer Default HUD as Drifter” option enabled.
  • Fixed spot loading issues in Teshin’s Cave for both Host and Clients - potentially causing players to disconnect from the squad.
  • Fixed some Shrines in Duviri spawning into the ground.
  • Fixed receiving an empty Inbox message after collecting all of The Lost Islands of Duviri Fragments.
  • Fixed the top row of The Lost Islands of Duviri Fragments in the Dormizone getting cut off when using a menu scale lower than 100.
  • Fixed the last page selected in the Codex while viewing The Lost Islands of Duviri Fragments carrying over to other pages.
  • Fixed Kaithe being able to interact with Enigma components that are Drifter only (pressure plates).
  • Fixed the Enigma below Titan’s Rest in Duviri missing the pressure plate required to start it.
  • Fixed the Windmills for Power Grid encounters spinning their blades even if the power has yet to be restored.
  • Fixed Duviri citizens not cowering in fear in the presence of the Orowyrm (The Duviri Paradox Quest and Spirals).
  • Fixed script error with activating/deactivating the Dax Equitem.
  • Fixed script error during the finisher animation of the Dax Equitem.
  • Fixed script error that could occur if you killed a Liminus the moment it spawns.
  • Fixed script errors with several Enigma elements.
  • Fixed several script errors with Ghost Mirror Enigmas.
  • Fixed script error after interacting with Acrithis after fighting the Orowyrm.

Hotfix 33.0.3 (2023-04-28)

  • Made a slight visual update to show rings in the Duviri Region screen.
  • Fixed objective waypoint disappearing for Story stages after defeating a Chest Guardian.
  • Fixes towards falling off map and not respawning in the Orowyrm Arena and Undercroft.
  • Fixed Tamms disappearing in the Story herding stage if the player falls to their death - causing inability to complete the rest of the stages.
  • Fixed the Bombastine’s Malice Decree (On Headshot, gain x damage for 3 seconds) at times being triggered by Critical Frost’s bonus Cold Damage.
  • Fixes towards white flashing when transitioning from lobby to mission in the Undercroft. As reported here.
  • Fixed Krubies (Duviri Conservation animal) spawning where a Hidden Chest might have otherwise. There is enough space for the both of them!
  • Fixed issues with Enigmas in Duviri if affected by damage done by Decrees that create radial/aoe damage (Tumbling Frost for example).
  • Fixed Clients not seeing Enigma elements, such as:
    • The laser discs ricochet effect if Host is more than 40 meters away from the Enigma.
    • Various elements when the disc is taken out of the area.
    • Mnemonic Adjutant scanner.
    • Certain statues - making it impossible for Clients to activate them.
  • Fixed clipping issues with Acrithis’ carriage horses.
  • Fixed script error when a Hidden Chest ran out of possible waypoints to spawn the chest.
  • Fixed script error when picking up a Shrine piece when the Shrine itself had already despawned after completion.
  • Fixed script error in the Ghost Mirror Enigmas - this was likely caused by Host Migration.
  • Fixed script error when cave encounters start/resume too close to one another.
  • Fixed script error in Undercroft portal.
  • Fixed script error when players joins or leaves an in-progress Duviri session and rewards are being given.

Hotfix 33.0.2 (2023-04-27)

  • Improved visibility of the context action to pick up a Lost Islands of Duviri Fragment.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability.
  • Fixed a crash related to players leaving Duviri back to their Orbiter during a Host Migration.
  • Fixed issues with Host Migrations when entering the Undercroft.
  • Fixed completing any side objective in The Duviri Experience defeating a Dax enemy patrol forcing your main Story objective waypoints to disappear, leaving you unaware of where to progress.
  • Fixed experiencing a progression stop when attempting to play Komi in The Duviri Experience.
  • Fixed entering the Undercroft as a unarmed Excalibur Warframe if the following occurred:
    • A Client selects the countdown for the Circuit to start and the Host has not selected anything for their loadout.
    • A Host invites a Client and goes through the portal and the Client has accepted the invite but not yet loaded into the session.
  • Fixed some visual VFX from the Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability.
  • Fixed Tubular Bells (Enigma in Duviri) having broken VFX.
  • Made fixes towards script errors when solving Enigmas.

Made fixes towards script errors related to Undercroft Portals.

  • Fixed a few script errors related to Tamm herding.
  • Fixed script error related to picking up Shrine Fragments.
  • Fixed script error related to the final step of cleansing in Conservation.
  • Fixed script error related to the Mirror Portal puzzle in Duviri.
  • Fixed script error related to a successful open of a Hidden Chest.
  • Fixed script error that resulted from failing the Duviri Hacking Puzzle minigame.

Hotfix 33.0.1 (2023-04-27)

Duviri Experience Changes:
  • Made several improvements to the Drifter animations during the Orowyrm fight:
    • Polished the Drifter’s landing animation when hopping to the last node on the Orowyrm.
    • Updated the Drifter to Orowyrm transition with brand new VFX and SFX - it is much more epic now!
  • Reduced the window of time that Dax enemies can be stunlocked after perfect parrying.
Duviri Experience Fixes:
  • Fixed Client crash when Host Migrating during the Orowyrm stage transition (entering the portal).
  • Fixed white screen and progstop when a player is dead while loading into the Orowyrm arena.
  • Fixed an issue where Clients joining a new Host on Host Migration wouldn’t have their Decrees tracked properly.
    • Their selected Decrees would be restored, but not their stacks - which was causing further issues with the formerly stacked Decrees if they were popped up again as an option.
  • Fixed Kaithe having orientation issues after using Herd Travel to jump to other players on the map.
  • Fixed being able to teleport to Materliths (Riding Rank 4 Intrinsic) while controlling the Orowyrm.
  • Fixed certain Glyph Enigmas not showing Glyphs after shooting at discs (particularly when spawned next to towns in Duviri).
  • Fixed Drifter bleedout/revive status missing in HUD.
  • Fixed Exalted Weapons in Teshin’s Cave not using the same Mod Config as the chosen Warframe and instead using the Default Mod Config.
    • Exalted Weapons use the builds in your selected Mod Configs for your Warframe (i.e. it will use your custom Mod Configs if you choose them, or Default Mods should you go that route instead).
  • Fixed spot-load hitch when taking control of the Orowyrm in the final stage of the Spiral.
  • Fixed Clients being stuck as Drifter (and being unable to Transference back to Warframe) in the Undercroft after losing connection to the session.
  • Fixed using Protea’s Temporal Anchor right after entering the Undercroft rewinding you back into the waiting area - causing you to be unable to leave or rejoin the Undercroft mission.
  • Fixed having the “Melee with fire weapon input” toggle ON preventing Drifter from being able to perform Quick Shots while in Duviri.
  • Fixed the Emergence Savior Arcane causing Clients in the Undercroft to be invincible.
  • Fixed being unable to purchase from Acrithis in her Duviri locations using resources you collected during that session.
  • Fixed “Unowned” tag appearing in the Default Mod Configs in Teshin’s Cave when you own the Warframe and all of the Mods in the Default Config.
    • It should only appear when you don’t own one or more of the Mods listed.
  • Fixed hint marker for Hidden Chests disappearing during combat.
  • Fixed issue where respawn animations would get canceled in Duviri when Transferring between Warframe and Drifter (using Transference Sync from Rank 3 Combat Drifter Intrinsic).
  • Fixed Dax enemies not following their patrol paths and wandering off.
  • Fixed the radius of the Dax enemies’ AOE attack during Envy Spiral not making contact when it looked like it should.
  • Fixed Orowyrm beam attack not being colored properly to match the active Spiral.
  • Fixed Orowyrm playing a repeated animation during the cinematic in the second phase of the fight.
  • Fixed Enigma activation VFX clipping through geometry and giving away the solutions from a distance.
  • Fixed Clients seeing their Kaithe’s tail doubled in the loading screen sequences.
  • Fixed Void Flood Ruptures in the Undercroft missing VFX when depositing Vitoplast.  
  • Fixed straw in the barns around Duviri being unlit and pitch black.
  • Fixed extra large minimap markers for “Purge Limnus” encounters in the Duviri Landscape.
  • Fixed script error when selecting a Warframe in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed script error if Host Migrating while tethering to the Orowyrm.
  • Fixed script error when attempting to speak to citizens around Duviri.
  • Fixed script error caused by Last Gasp while fighting Orowyrm.
  • Fixed script error related to Ghost Mirror encounters.
  • Fixed script error with the Dax Equitem interacting with Dax Heralds.
  • Fixed script error with Sirocco’s charged shot.

Update 33.0 (2023-04-26)

  • Introduced.