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*** Higher {{Icon|Proc|Puncture|text}} damage (14.0 vs. 4.2).
*** Higher {{Icon|Proc|Puncture|text}} damage (14.0 vs. 4.2).
*** Higher {{Icon|Proc|Slash|text}} damage (52.5 vs. 35.7).
*** Higher {{Icon|Proc|Slash|text}} damage (52.5 vs. 35.7).
** Slower attack speed (1.17 vs. 1.2).
** Higher critical chance (15.0% vs. 5.0%).
** Higher critical chance (15.0% vs. 5.0%).
** Higher critical damage (2.0x vs. 1.5x).
** Higher critical damage (2.0x vs. 1.5x).

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Dual Kamas Prime
Weapon Slot Melee
Weapon Type Dual Swords
Normal Attacks
Impact wImpact 3.5
Slash wSlash 52.5
The sensual lines of these golden Kamas have long been celebrated as a masterwork of Tenno weapon smithing.

The Dual Kama Prime are the Primed versions of the Dual Kamas, featuring enhanced stats.

Manufacturing Requirements
N/A Blade

Time: ? hrs
Rush: Platinum64 ?
MarketIcon Market Price: N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: N/A
Drop Locations

BlueprintTower III Survival C
BladeTower III Capture
HandleDerelict Defense A
Derelict Defense C



Lith/Meso/Neo/Axi refer to Void Relics
(V) Denotes Vaulted Void Relics
(B) Denotes Baro Ki'Teer Exclusive Void Relic


This weapon deals primarily Slash b Slash damage.


  • Jump attack knocks down enemies.
  • Basic attacks have momentum, preventing stagger from enemy attacks.
  • High Slash bSlash damage is advantageous against Infested enemies.
  • Stance slot has Naramon Pol polarity, matches Crossing Snakes stance.


  • Robotic enemies resist Slash b Slash damage.
  • Comparatively low Impact b Impact and Puncture b Puncture.
  • Small jump attack radius.
  • Short reach.
  • Low critical chance.


  • Dual Kamas Prime, compared to the Dual Kamas:
    • Higher base damage (70.0 vs. 42.0).
      • Higher Impact b Impact damage (3.5 vs. 2.1).
      • Higher Puncture b Puncture damage (14.0 vs. 4.2).
      • Higher Slash b Slash damage (52.5 vs. 35.7).
    • Higher critical chance (15.0% vs. 5.0%).
    • Higher critical damage (2.0x vs. 1.5x).
    • Higher status chance (20.0% vs. 7.5%).
    • Additional Madurai Pol Polarity.


  • The Dual Kamas Prime are the first Prime dual swords to be introduced.
  • The Dual Kamas Prime was accidentally revealed ingame upon the release of Update 17.5, with its parts temporarily being made available as drops in the Orokin Void. This was later patched out in Hotfix 17.5.1.

See Also

  • Dual Kamas, the non-prime counterpart of this weapon.
  • Kama, the single, non-prime version of this weapon.
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