Drusus Leverian is a mysterious character and the narrator of GaussIcon64 Gauss's story in the historical exhibit known as the Leverian, which he is the curator of.


First VisitEdit

  • "Hello there. So, first time then? Drusus Leverian. Welcome to my humble cabinet of curiosities. Drop any donations in the little box. Now, the Leverian is a bit of a work in progress, but please do look around. I only ask you be gentle with the collection. The displays are quite valuable, quite rare, and some may still be... armed."

Gauss: The Saint Of AltraEdit


  • "Ah, Gauss. Where to begin, where to begin... Well, the Ceres excavation of course. The site of the ancient tower of Altra. Blastcrete emplacements, air sentries... its fields saturated with tremor mines. A great fortress for the Great Lords of Ceres... until they were pitched from the roof, immortal bodies erupting on the dread mines below. An insurgency, from within. The Dax sent to reclaim Altra fared no better. Those that ran the gauntlet of bore-guns were soon cindered in the field beyond... That's when they called in our fleet-footed friend here."


  • "Dual sidearms pulled from Altra's outer ring of blastcrete bunkers. Something crashed through those bunkers at great speed, the impact scattering stone and flesh all the same. An utterly kinetic shockwave. Those insurgents with the misfortune of surviving the initial blast must have seen the Akarius for themselves."


  • "The Acceltra, a rapid-fire micro-missile launcher. The smooth polycarbonate barrels still carry a vague stench of ozone. Some think Gauss was a blunt instrument, all speed, with as much versatility as a cannonball. But the Acceltra implies more. It implies surging in, inviting the enemy to consider the blade, then rebounding to let missiles answer their confusion."

Gauss Mag HelmetEdit

  • "Not the standard dress helm. This one has specialized control surfaces, angled plating. Supreme streamlining. It catches the light in a curious way, doesn't it? When it shines just so, I see myself atop Altra, a hostage perhaps, peering out across the desolate field... and then, I'd see it. A pale glint of light."

Altra SyandanaEdit

  • "Dax of the day had a saying, 'That which cannot be hit, cannot be killed'. I can only imagine what they thought when they saw Gauss that day. A gleaming bullet, this syandana pinned rigid like a flag in a maelstrom, streaking toward Altra."


  • "Gauss. Front edge: smooth heat-resistant composites. Trailing edges: streamlined, foiled, this particular one vaguely warped by extreme heat stress. The Saint of Altra. If the mind wanders, what do you see? I see a vivid Lord-like Festival, the tremor mines bursting in a blinding wave, rising toward Altra. And Gauss - a smear of light, just ahead of the thermal avalanche - fast as fire. No... faster."


Upon receiving a Credits64Credit donation from the player: (requires more testing for ranges)

  • 1~999
"Mmm hmm"
"That's fine"
"Well... anything helps."
  • 1,000~9,999
"I will put it to good use."
"Thank you."
  • 10,000~99,999
"Oh? Humbled, truly."
"Very generous! Thank you."
"Unexpected... I'm speechless."
  • 100,000~?
"This is too much... but I will accept it."
"Are you... sure? My sincerest thanks. "
"A real patreon of history! I am honoured. "
  • 1,000,000+
"You must be insane! A pleasure to meet you!"
"Well- I um...R-Really...? Um...T-Thank you..!"
"Ahh... with that... I could buy my-- A lavish gift for the Leverian!"


  • Though the subtitle only says "I could buy my--", one can hear that Drusus actually says "my bo--".
    • It is likely the word Drusus was about to finish was "body", which implies he might be a Solaris.
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