Drover Bursa is one of the three types of Bursa introduced in Operation: False Profit, geared toward heavy artillery. The back side of a Drover Bursa holds a hackable console, which can only be accessed after the Bursa is defeated, and which allows Tenno to turn it against the enemy for a short duration before expiring. They have been added as regular enemies in Hotfix 18.4.10 and have a high chance of spawning whenever alarms are triggered in a Corpus mission of level 20 or higher.[1]


  • Shooting the Console, located from its behind, yields tripled damage to the Bursa variants.
  • Bursas have notably less maneuverability compared to the MOA variants as they require to tuck themselves before turning with their wheels in combat.
  • All four of Limbo's abilities are fully effective on all 3 variants of Bursa with no duration reduction or diminishing returns. By using Banish or Cataclysm (preferably Banish, if playing Solo, as it's less likely to get caught in a Nullifier bubble) to push them into the Rift Plane, followed by Stasis to disable them, and a cast of Rift Surge to ensure they remain in the Rift Plane, a squad or even a solo player may easily dispatch Bursas.
  • The Drover Bursa is equipped with a variety of heavy weapons, which include missile launchers and grenade launchers capable of launching volleys of explosive proximity-detonated mines. The detonation range of these mines carries a visual effect similar to the orbs deployed by the Sapping Osprey.
    • Among the three Bursa types, this makes the Drover Bursa an offensive type.
  • The Drover Bursa uses two Riot Shields which it can deploy by huddling them together to prevent being stunned or knocked back by Warframe powers and abilities. Unlike its two other counterparts, the Drover Bursa can move even with its shields deployed, albeit at a slower pace than normal.
  • Drover Bursa do not run as often as other Bursas, instead they opt to slide as they keep their shields facing the Tenno as best they can.
  • Drover Bursa projects a short-range aura that reduces Tenno armor.
  • Drover Bursa has increased resistance against stunning and crowd control abilities.


  • Once alarms are active, a random Bursa can spawn within 30 seconds Needs more testing. After the initial Bursa is killed, a random Bursa will spawn every 60–180 seconds until alarms are reset.
    • Because finding the Capture target puts the mission on a lockdown equivalent to alarms, without actually having alarms active, this will continue to spawn Bursas with no way to disable them from spawning.
    • Due to recent changes to Capture mission mechanics, shortly after the capture target is downed a timer will begin. If the capture target is not collected before that timer expires, the mission will fail. After the capture target is collected, alarms are disabled and bursas will stop spawning. It does not appear enemies have the ability to reactivate alarms after the capture target is collected.Needs more testing
  • Bursa will not spawn on normal missions below level 15 – Venus, Phobos and Jupiter. This stipulation is ignored if it is a Nightmare mission or an endless mission (Defense, Excavation, Interception, Survival).
  • Initiating and failing a hack sequence will result in a Magnetic b Magnetic proc that drains the Warframe's energy.
  • Successfully hacking any defeated Bursa unit will cause it to immediately drop whatever loot it is carrying, rather than dropping its loot upon death.
  • As of Update: Lunaro, hacked Bursas will now have a higher chance of dropping mods.


  • The Bursa was originally known as the Riot MOA, and is one of the winning fanmade designs from the Enemies of the Tenno contest, created by player Volkovyi aka Liger Inuzuka.[2]
  • Bursa is a Medieval Latin word meaning "purse", this may be a reference to it 'closing up' to engage its defensive state. It also means "stock exchange" in several languages.
  • They made a reappearance during the Black Seed tactical alert as allies in the final mission against the Juggernaut Behemoth.
  • The Drover appears to possess a propulsion system stationed beneath the main body. This could be what allows it to move while huddled, since this is absent on the other two models.


  • Using Parasitic Link on allied bursa, will revert it to hostile state.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 18.4.10
  • Re-introduced as normal enemies.

Update 16.4

  • Introduced as part of Operation: False Profit.

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