This is automatically generated from our internal data but this data comes with no guarantees -- do not expect it to be comprehensive for how complex the game is.

This list will be maintained by an automated process combined with manual publishing with Updates (not all Hotfixes). We update often and new game systems may or may not be covered here.
—Disclaimer on drop table site

Digital Extremes publishes WARFRAME's drop tables on their website, which is automatically generated from the game's internal data. It covers the drop rates of most items in the game obtainable through bounties, caches, missions, relics and enemies. Since the game updates frequently, some game systems (especially new ones) may or may not be covered.

Due to the length of the full list, the official website for the drop rate tables can be found here or https://www.warframe.com/droptables.

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Based on the official drop table repository, one can deduce several rules that apply to all drop tables in the game:

  • All individual drop chances of items in the same drop table must add up to 100% (there may be rounding issues due to drop chances rounded to the two decimal places).
  • Each drop table has its own chance of rolling a reward from its reward pool (separate from item drop chance). This chance can be over 100%, meaning that a player may roll a reward from said drop table more than once. Mod drop tables are an exception and are capped at 100% drop table chance.[citation needed]
  • There are multiple drop table types in the game that have an independent chance of rolling rewards. These types do not necessarily restrict the type of contents that a drop table may reward. For example, a Sigil drop table can drop resources despite there being a Resource drop table type.

Rarity Classification[]

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The following article/section is conjecture. Content is subjected to change/removal as the game progresses. Please do not use this article for critical in-game information.

In the official drop table repository, each possible reward that can be randomly pulled from a drop table has a rarity classification based on their individual drop chance. Rarity weighting is a separate concept independent from classification and is used by the game internally to calculate an item's individual drop chance.

Drop Table Repository
Rarity Classification
Rarity Class Drop Percentage Range Possible Values In Drop Tables
Very Common 60.00% ≤ x ≤ 100.00% 100.00%, 91.67%, 86.44%, 77.78%, 77.44%, 75.50%, 68.18%
Common 33.33% ≤ x < 60.00% 56.34%, 50.00%, 48.71%, 38.72%, 33.33%
Uncommon 10.00% ≤ x < 33.33% 28.57%, 26.09%, 19.35%, 15.10%, 14.29%, 12.90%, 12.65%, 11.06%, 10.84%, 10.00%
Rare 2.00% ≤ x < 10.00% 9.68%, 8.70%, 7.69%, 7.14%, 5.88%, 5.50%, 4.35%, 2.58%, 2.00%
Ultra Rare 1.00% < x < 2.00% 1.84%, 1.58%, 1.36%, 1.01%
Legendary 0.10% < x ≤ 1.00% 1.00%, 0.85%, 0.67%, 0.50%, 0.40%, 0.37%, 0.34%, 0.22%, 0.18%
Beyond Legendary x ≤ 0.10% 0.00% (rounded to the nearest ten thousandths)

However, in-game, rarity classification of rewards in Codex entries, Sortie menu, Bounty menus, and Void Relics use different systems that are visual in presentation and are based on internal rarity weights after normalization. This classification applies to all items in the same rarity rather than individual drop chances.

Sortie Rarity Classification
Rarity Weight Approx. Color Scheme Hex Code Drop Percentage
(rounded two decimals)
IconCommon Common #bd9177 55.91%
IconUncommon Uncommon #d1d0d1 33.91%
IconRare Rare #ece175 10.00%
IconLegendary Legendary #b996db 0.18%
Total 100%
Relic Rarity Classification
Rarity Weight Approx. Color Scheme Hex Code Drop Percentage
(rounded two decimals)
Intact Refinement
IconCommon Common #bd9177 76.00%
IconUncommon Uncommon #d1d0d1 22.00%
IconRare Rare #ece175 2.00%
Total 100%
Exceptional Refinement
IconCommon Common #bd9177 70.00%
IconUncommon Uncommon #d1d0d1 26.00%
IconRare Rare #ece175 4.00%
Total 100%
Flawless Refinement
IconCommon Common #bd9177 60.00%
IconUncommon Uncommon #d1d0d1 34.00%
IconRare Rare #ece175 6.00%
Total 100%
Radiant Refinement
IconCommon Common #bd9177 50.00%
IconUncommon Uncommon #d1d0d1 40.00%
IconRare Rare #ece175 10.00%
Total 100%
Codex Rarity Classification
Rarity Weight Approx. Color Scheme Hex Code Drop Percentage
(rounded two decimals)
Common #bd9177 Varies based on rarity weightings present
Uncommon #d1d0d1 Varies based on rarity weightings present
Rare #ece175 Varies based on rarity weightings present
Total 100%
Common, Uncommon, and Rare present
(e.g. Elite Lancer and most enemies)
Common #bd9177 75.88%
Uncommon #d1d0d1 22.11%
Rare #ece175 2.01%
Total 100%
Common and Uncommon only
(e.g. Detron Crewman)
Common #bd9177 77.44%
Uncommon #d1d0d1 22.56%
Rare #ece175 0%
Total 100%
Common and Rare only
Common #bd9177 97.42%
Uncommon #d1d0d1 0%
Rare #ece175 2.58%
Total 100%
Uncommon and Rare only
(e.g. Feral Kavat, Battalyst, Kela De Thaym)
Common #bd9177 0%
Uncommon #d1d0d1 91.67%
Rare #ece175 8.33%
Total 100%
Rare only
(e.g. Torment, Corpus Cestra Target, Ved Xol)
Common #bd9177 0%
Uncommon #d1d0d1 0%
Rare #ece175 100%
Total 100%
Uncommon only
(e.g. Demolisher Nox)
Common #bd9177 0%
Uncommon #d1d0d1 100%
Rare #ece175 0%
Total 100%
Common only
(e.g. Kosma Gokstad Crewship, Vorac Crewship)
Common #bd9177 100%
Uncommon #d1d0d1 0%
Rare #ece175 0%
Total 100%
Bounties Rarity Classification
Rarity Weight Approx. Color Scheme Hex Code Drop Percentage
(rounded two decimals)
IconCommon Common #bd9177 Varies based on rarity weightings present
IconUncommon Uncommon #d1d0d1 Varies based on rarity weightings present
IconRare Rare #ece175 Varies based on rarity weightings present

Drop Table Types[]

Any enemy may have more than one drop table to pull rewards from. For example, a Heavy Gunner has both a mod drop table and a blueprint/item drop table, each with an independent chance of rolling a drop from their own reward pool.

Heavy Gunner Mod Drop Table[1]
Heavy Gunner Mod Drop Chance: 3.00%
Slip Magazine Uncommon (18.97%)
Magazine Warp Uncommon (18.97%)
Blunderbuss Uncommon (18.97%)
15 Endo Uncommon (18.97%)
Shell Compression Uncommon (11.06%)
50 Endo Uncommon (11.06%)
Decisive Judgement Ultra Rare (1.01%)
80 Endo Ultra Rare (1.01%)
Heavy Gunner Blueprint/Item Drop Table[1]
Heavy Gunner Blueprint/Item Drop Chance: 1.00%
Gorgon Blueprint Very Common (100.00%)

According to the official drop tables, the following drop tables types are available:

Over 100% Drop Chance[]

If a drop table has over a 100% chance to have a reward chosen from its reward pool, then that means it will have a chance to grant another reward from the same pool in addition to the guaranteed roll(s). For example, the Exploiter Orb has a Sigil Drop Table with a 300% drop chance, meaning it will choose a reward three times independently (with replacement).

Exploiter Orb Sigil Drop Table[2]
Exploiter Orb Sigil Drop Chance: 300.00%
Synathid Ecosynth Analyzer Uncommon (16.67%)
Tromyzon Entroplasma Uncommon (16.67%)
Charamote Sagan Module Uncommon (16.67%)
Zodian Uncommon (16.67%)
Thyst Uncommon (16.67%)
Longwinder Lathe Coagulant Uncommon (16.67%)

Over 100% drop chance can also be achieved by using a Resource Drop Chance Booster with a Clan Dojo Pigment research active, causing pigment drops to be doubled since pigments are guaranteed to drop from the corresponding enemy.

Note that Mod Drop Tables and Resource Drop Tables of Bosses or boss-like enemies cannot go over 100% drop chance unless hard-coded by the developers like in the case of Tusk Thumper Doma. This means despite being in the Mod Drop Table, Arcane Enhancement dropped by Eidolons will not drop more than once per enemy, even with a Mod Drop Chance Booster on or with The Steel Path Mod Drop Chance bonus.

Rerolling Drop Tables[]

Players will gain another chance at rerolling the loot drop table of a particular enemy that is affected by the abilities below. These abilities may act on the same enemy more than once to produce multiple loot drops. However, abilities of the same class (e.g. Mod TT 20px Pilfering Swarm and Mod TT 20px Pilfering Strangledome) cannot stack to produce more than two loot drops.

Bosses and boss-like enemies are not affected by these abilities.

Rolling drop tables on Living Enemies
Rolling drop tables on Petrified Enemies
Extra drop table rolls upon Enemy Kill
Rerolling drop tables on Enemy Corpses
Rerolling drop tables of Storage Containers

Calculating Item Drop Probability[]

On the wiki, drop chances of individual items in a drop table are represented as probabilities which are calculated from the drop table's drop chance multiplied by the individual item's drop chance in said table.

For example:

  • The probability of getting one Mod TT 20px Slip Magazine (18.97% chance) from a Heavy Gunner (Mod Drop Chance: 3.00%) is 0.03 * 0.1897 = 0.5691%
  • However, it is a little more complex to calculated the probability of getting atleast one SynathidEcosynthAnalyzer Synathid Ecosynth Analyzer (16.67% chance) from Exploiter Orb (Sigil Drop Chance: 300.00%) since probability is more complex than it seems. To considerate the fact that the loot table is rolled 3 times, the probability is 1 - (1-0.1667)^3 = 42.1366%

Expected Value[]

Using the item drop probability, one can calculate the expected number of drop table rolls before a player sees at least one of that item:

This assumes that the probability distribution of the number of rolls that a player experiences before getting at least one specific item drop follows a geometric distribution.

Wiki Drop Tables[]

Main article: Module:DropTables/data

Patch History[]

Hotfix 9.5.2 (2013-08-12)

  • Fixed boss drop tables. A blueprint will no longer drop 100% of the time being a “Chassis”. Every Blueprint has a chance to drop, but you may not get a blueprint every time.
  • Please see DE_Steve’s post regarding Drop Tables 2.0, issues we are working on, and how Fusion Cores and Mods fit into this.

Source: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/94177-drop-tables-20/

Warframe friends-

The crusty Titans of the old RNG have been defeated by new RNG Gods. Update 9.5 (with subsequent adjustments coming in the next hot-fix) features a completely new loot table implementation.

OLD: Per-faction massive table with hundreds of entries of varying rarities.

NEW: Per-enemy table with half a dozen entries of varying rarities.

Yes, rare Mods are still rare. Yes, we still are tuning values (it's raining Chassis blueprints)! No, farming Xini will not yield every Mod in the game anymore... you gotta mix it up.

Thanks for your patience as we tune the new system!


-Blueprint and Resource drops from bosses is out of wack.

-Some UI to learn this stuff.

-Fusion Cores rarity.

-Proper attenuation for harder enemies dropping rarer stuff.

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