Drifting Contact is a rare Melee mod that extends the duration of the Melee Combo Counter and increases status chance.


Rank Combo Duration Status chance Cost
0 +2.5 sec +10% 2
1 +5 sec +20% 3
2 +7.5 sec +30% 4
3 +10 sec +40% 5


  • Drifting Contact is additive with similar mods. For example, a Galatine o Galatine with a max rank Drifting Contact and Melee Prowess will have a 20% × (1 + 40% + 15%) = 31% status chance.
  • Obtained from medium Nightmare Missions, which can be found on Phobos, Jupiter, Saturn, Void, Lua, Europa, Ceres and Kuva Fortress.
  • At max rank, Drifting Contact increases the total melee combo counter time to 13 seconds (15 seconds for WukongIcon272 Wukong).
    • Combined with Body Count and Gladiator Rush, the counter time is increased to 31 seconds (33 seconds for Wukong).
    • With "Power Spike" (Naramon Focus node) the Melee Combo Counter decreases by a certain amount (at Rank 1, 20) each time that the Counter would run out. So, with a maxed Drifting Contact, it decreases the Counter every 13 seconds (Wukong 15 seconds instead). Without mods, the Counter gets decreased every 3 seconds (5 for Wukong)
  • Can be stacked with Melee Prowess, Volcanic Edge, Vicious Frost, Voltaic Strike, Virulent Scourge, and Enduring Strike for a 355% increase in Status Chance while Channeling. On weapons with at least 22% base Status Chance, this allows them to achieve a total Status Chance value of 100%, allowing every strike to deal Status Effect procs.
    • Weeping Wounds can further increase the Status Chance depending on the Melee Combo Counter.
  • Works well with other mods affecting Melee Combos like Weeping Wounds, Body Count, Gladiator Rush, Blood Rush, Rising Storm and Surging Dash.

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Patch HistoryEdit

Update: Recurring Nightmares
  • Introduced.

Hotfix 24.1.2

  1. Fixed Chilling Reload, Streamlined Form, and Drifting Contact missing from Alerts.