Deep under the Uranian depths lays a flooded supply lab belonging to a Grineer gene researcher and his beloved Tubemen.

Docking Bay is a map for Team Annihilation and Annihilation type Conclave missions. This battlefield is themed after the Grineer Sealab tile set which offers a medium sized map of stalagmites, flood lights, and three levels of verticality. This map is also available in the Rathuum Arena mode on the planet Sedna.


Detailed Map of Docking Bay.

Dock-Map Detailed

Red Dots:Health Orbs

Blue Dots: Energy Orbs

Yellow Squares: Ammo Boxes


  • In the top-right corner of the map (below the spawning point in a Rathuum match), the room connecting to the top middle is unavailable, the reason behind it is unknown.


  • Old Version of Docking Bay
  • Old Version of Docking Bay
Warframe Conclave Annihilation Docking Bay-1

Warframe Conclave Annihilation Docking Bay-1

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