Disarm is a debuff that makes affected units lose their currently equipped weapon. Disarm works with slight differences depending on the unit affected:

  • Afflicted enemy units that use firearms but can engage in melee combat have their weapons permanently removed or disabled and replaces them with a GrineerCombatKnife.png Sheev if Grineer or Prova8point2.png Prova if Corpus, forcing said enemies to engage in close combat. If said enemies already have a secondary melee weapon, they will be forced to use that weapon.
  • On ranged enemies without a secondary melee ability, Disarm permanently shuts down their weapons, making them incapable of attacking.
  • Applied to players, Disarm removes the weapon currently held by the Warframe. The player can still switch to any remaining weapons they may be carrying. The Warframe's disarmed weapon will be dropped on the ground, indicated by a blue waypoint, and can be retrieved.

Disarm does not work on dedicated melee units, who will retain their melee capabilities, and on Bosses.

Sources of Disarm[edit | edit source]

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