Consumed to upgrade Railjack Grid and Avionics

—In-game description

Dirac is a resource introduced in Update 27.0 that is used to upgrade the Railjack's Avionics.


  • Dirac can be found throughout Empyrean missions either as rare environmental drops or as end-of-mission bonus reward.
  • Scrapping duplicate or unwanted Railjack wreckage modules. For MkI/MkII/MKIII you get 75/150/225 Dirac respectively.
  • Scrapping duplicate or unwanted Avionics.
  • Can be directly purchased in 400/1000 bundles in the Market for Platinum.


  • This resource is most likely named after Paul Dirac, a British theoretical physicist known for his vital contributions to early quantum mechanics and his attempts to unify it with relativity theory.
  • Before release, Dirac was labeled "Avionic Endo" as a placeholder.

See AlsoEdit

  • Endo, the Mod equivalent of Dirac.
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