Not to be confused with Dax.

Dex weapons are special variants of weaponry obtainable for a limited period of time during the game's yearly anniversaries, either freely given out to players when logging in or by completing special alerts. Featuring a glossy purple color scheme and adorned with Lotus-themed decorations, these modified weapons feature enhanced stats.

Dex WeaponsEdit

Weapon Name First Release
DexFuris Dex Furis March 26, 2014
DexDakra Dex Dakra March 25, 2015
DexSybaris Dex Sybaris March 22, 2016

Dex AccessoriesEdit

Item Name First Release
Dex Nouchali Syandana March 28, 2017
Excalibur Dex Noggle March 27, 2019
File Dex Raksaka Armor Set March 6, 2020

Dex SkinsEdit

Item Name First Release
Excalibur Dex Skin March 14, 2018
Liset Dex Skin March 27, 2019


  • While TitaniaIcon272 Titania's Razorwing130xDark Razorwing form possesses weapons called the EWDexPixia Dex Pixia, these proprietary firearms have no relation to the anniversary weapons.
  • All Dex weapons share a theme of two; the Dex Furis and Dakra are dual-wielded weapons, while the Dex Sybaris fires two-shot bursts.
  • In addition to the physical Lotus-shaped decorations, the Dex Furis and Sybaris have Lotus-shaped muzzle flashes that are purple by default, and the Dex Dakra has Lotus particles emanating from the guards.
  • The glowing lines near the handles where the respective weapons are held represent the annual generation when they are released (i.e. the outer spinning rims of Dex Furis has 1 line, while the Dex Dakra in each hand has 2 and the Dex Sybaris 3 between the handle and the barrel).
  • In Dark Sector's trailer, a woman named Dex is seeing pilot a Liset, possibly serving as the inspiration for the Dex equipments name.
  • In 2017, for the first time, the weapons were awarded for completing special Tactical Alerts with Sortie-like conditions.[1]
    • Anniversary rescue target has a unique model seen only during this event

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