Devstream #97 aired on August 18, 2017 @ 2pm ET

The Devs are back on the couch with another behind-the-scenes look at what’s coming in the world of Warframe.

What’s to come? The Glass Warframe? Plains of Eidolon? A new and improved Arcane System? You bet!

Learn about these new developments and more in the full stream on our YouTube channel:

Warframe Devstream 97

Warframe Devstream 97

Those of you looking for the TL;DW version, keep on reading below.


The Gift of the Lotus, and Design Council created Challenge Alert are live on all Platforms for 24 hours!

  • The “Rising Tide” Hydroid Captura Contest is on until August 24. Enter and learn more here:
  • The deadline for our Halloween-Themed round of TennoGen is August 31.
  • TennoGen Round 9 will be in the next Console update.
  • We’re going to have our very own booth at PAX West, so be sure to stop by if you’re attending!
  • Oberon Prime Access ends August 29th!
  • A new application process is coming for the Guides of the Lotus. Stay tuned!
  • Our second game, Keystone, has been renamed to The Amazing Eternals. Sign up for the Closed Beta here:

Plains of Eidolon TidbitsEdit

  • Resource collection and extraction systems are still being finalized, but we’re looking into ways for your progress to be saved while you’re out on the plains so you don’t need to keep coming back to town to save loot.
  • You will be able to take ‘jobs’ from NPCs to be completed in the Plains.
  • Eidolons will disappear in the daytime (or revert to a different version).
  • Targeting mid-September, but still a lot of work to do before we can ship.
  • Prospecting being added – a bit of mining for gems will be added. This will play into the Ostron modular weapons!
  • Plains-specific Grineer forces (“Tusk” Grineer) will not be available on different tilesets, much like how Arid Grineer are limited to the Grineer Settlement tileset.

Gems and ArcanesEdit

On top of fishing, we’re adding a prospecting system with the Plains of Eidolon where players will be able to acquire Gems. These Gems can be refined and added to the Balances from Hok’s Anvil as their own exclusive set of Plains of Eidolon Arcanes. If you want more information about the custom weapon system coming with Hok’s Anvil, you can read about it in the Devstream #96 Overview here.

Here’s some early concept art of the Gems:


Here’s a final mock-up of what they’ll look like in the Balances:


These Gems are one small part of a larger Arcane rework, where we are looking to give players new ways of obtaining them and using them. Trial Arcanes will still exist, but we are looking to add more ease-of-use features to the existing Arcanes.

An exclusive set of Operator Arcanes are coming as well.

Deluxe SkinsEdit

At the time of writing, there are 3 Deluxe Skins we have revealed on-stream that haven’t been released yet: Mag, Ember, Zephyr. We figured we’d give you an update

Here’s a look at our progress on the Mag Deluxe Skin:

  • Zephyr Deluxe Skin is a passion project for someone working on the Plains of Eidolon, so we have no progress to share.
  • We aren’t using the original concept for the Ember Deluxe Skin, so progress has stopped there as well. We are working on a new concept.

Nekros is getting his own Deluxe Skin, hopefully this year.


Glass WarframeEdit

Her acquisition will be tied to the Plains of Eidolon somehow.

Nothing concrete to share about her abilities yet.

Here’s a look at her customization and model in-game. The glass tints aren’t set up yet!

Hydroid (Prime)Edit

In reference to the recent changes to Hydroid, there are no plans on changing the existing kit synergy or adding new Abilities. We’re still open to making tweaks and revisions, so please feel free to share any feedback you have with us!

Hydroid Prime is coming soon! You can see Reb show him off in the Arsenal and take some Captura shots with him here.

New Event Weapon SkinsEdit

  • Traditional-looking weapon skins are coming in a future event. Those of who you played Dark Sector might recognize them!
  • Five skins in total have been confirmed, but only those for the Lato and Bronco were shown.

Other TidbitsEdit

  • Riven Transmutation was discussed, but we don’t feel comfortable adding even more RNG to an existing RNG-heavy system.
  • Concept work is already being done on our next Landscape, hopefully on Venus. We’re hoping to highlight a new culture separate from the Ostrons.
  • We’re looking into increasing Mod Config slots to accommodate the different factions, but we are limited by our database. One small change for millions of players isn’t that small after all.
  • The Devs might be looking into making Magnetic and Parasitic Chargers more viable against your enemies.
  • We’re looking to include the Design Council for more Augments in the future. Maybe not a poll, but idea sharing!
  • Nothing to share with the state of the Nef Anyo rework. Plains of Eidolon is our main focus in the studio currently.
  • Nemesis System is not coming with the Plains of Eidolon. While it’s in a workable state, we want to make sure it is more fleshed out before its release. Again, POE is our priority.
  • No current plans to change the log-in reward mechanic.

Source: Devstream #97 Overview

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