TennoCon 2017 arrives in a month – and that means we will use every hour before TennoCon’s arrival to prepare! Devstream #94 will be our last Devstream until July 8th when we reappear for TennoLive 2017!

Who: Rebecca, Steve, Sheldon, Scott, and Geoff!

What: Sworn to secrecy to preserve the excitement for TennoLive, we bring some teases this week as well as some usual Dev Build antics. Lurking on the calendar is Harrow’s release, and we’ll cover the contents of that update! As always we’ll get some Q&A in, so post your questions below!

Prizes? There will be prizes! Oberon Prime Access will be given out to a lucky viewer as well as 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes!


When: 2 p.m ET on June 16th. Time Zone Converter:

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