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Devstream 72

Devstream Overview recaps the best parts of our bi-weekly Devstreams, giving a breakdown of what's in store for the future of Warframe's development. The focus this week was on upcoming Star Chart and Warframe reworks, as well as new augments and Operator customizations that players can look forward to having in the future.

You can watch all the antics, explanations, and demonstrations live on our YouTube channel. If you just can’t wait to see what’s coming next in-game, we’ve laid out some of the highlights below:[1]

Warframe Around the World[edit | edit source]

TennoCon is coming on July 9th at the London Convention Center in London Ontario, with all ticket proceeds going to charity. If you’re unable to come visit us in our homeland (or see our 1pm panel at PAX East on April 22nd), don’t fret! The DE crew will be touring the globe all throughout 2016, as outlined in this handy graphic:

18.5.6 Console Release[edit | edit source]

Folks over in console land have been incredibly patient for the 18.5.6 release and we’re happy to announce that it’ll be going live on April 7. With it comes the Season 4 Sortie reward pools, which you can check out on the wiki. Be sure to assess your Nitain horde in the next few days, so you can get your hands on the Staticor and Inaros ASAP.

Prepare yourselves, Tenno. This update comes with 28 pages of notes and over 4GB of goodness.

Operators[edit | edit source]

Mynki was kind enough to show us the new Operator customizations that are in the works. Tenno can look forward to extra hair styles, faces, outfits and even facial accessories to take their customizations to the next level.

Star Chart 3.0[edit | edit source]

Steve revealed more of the Star Chart’s new facelift, which might look familiar to Warframe veterans. Travelling between nodes will have more of a roadmap feel, making it easier for new players (and old!) to work through Warframe's various planets. The relationship between missions and nodes is also set to change, where missions will now ‘spawn’ at nodes at random or set times. All of this is subject to change – we still want players to be able to access the breadth of mission diversity at a click once they've cleared the Star Chart.

A few more fun tweaks include some lighthearted verbal abuse from Bosses when players choose assassination quests. Clan members will also gain the ability to pick their Dojo's location throughout the Origin System.

Changes Introduced before U19[edit | edit source]

We have a few changes enroute before the U19 release. Players can look forward to reworks of Volt, Mag, and Mesa before the next big update. Passives will also be introduced to the remaining frames who don't have them. Tenno should be sure to keep an eye out for Kela de Thaym and pet Kavats pre-U19 as well!

Volt[edit | edit source]

  • Travel distance between attacks causes bonus electrical damage on next attack, thanks to the new Static Build Up passive.
  • Shock remains untouched as it’s a pretty great first ability.
  • Speed may create a portal/pickup that gives buffs to players when they come in contact with it, instead of giving all Tenno an instant (and sometimes unwanted) buff. We're still working on the depth of change here.
  • Shield will be receiving a graphic overhaul to improve the look of casting, ambient effects, and its effect on projectiles that pass through it. Shock + Shield = barrier of doom (AI that passes through will be damaged).
  • AI that come into contact with Overload are turned into stationary Tesla Coils that will zap nearby enemies in range. Damage is dealt to the Coil and its targets, lasting as long as the Coil has health. Loot crates can also be turned into Coils, but they only have one charge. Casting shock on Tesla Coil causes an AOE burst.

Mag[edit | edit source]

  • Pull remains mostly the same as before. If an enemy is magnetized, bonus damage is dealt. Kills have a bonus chance of dropping energy, while causing a damage deformer (like Valkyr's grapple).
  • Magnetize (previously Bullet Attractor) will root the target in place. Damage over time is dealt to all enemies within a set radius, with the amount of damage based on how far from the center they are. A percentage of the damage of absorbed bullets/projectiles/shrapnel will be used to increase the DOT.
  • Polarize now spreads like Nova’s Molecular Prime. Targets with shields will take shield damage, while targets with armour take health damage and a permanent armour debuff. Targets will emit a piece or two of shrapnel.
  • Crush will deal bonus damage to magnetized enemies.

Mesa[edit | edit source]

  • Secondary weapon mods will now affect Peacemaker (but the ability will receive a balance pass). This change is more of a remedy of an inconsistency, as other Warframes with unique weapons all have scaling.

Augments[edit | edit source]

New syndicate offerings are coming down the pipeline. Ivara, Wukong and Nezha will be receiving Augments thanks to the help of the Design Council. The following weapon augments are also in the works, but they are still subject to approval and change.

Steel Meridian

Bubble Shredder (Miter): Each Miter Blade has up to 90% chance to immediately pop a Nullifier Bubble. + 1 'Justice'.

Arbiters of Hexis

Silva & Aegis: While Blocking, 50% of incoming projectiles are absorbed and released as extra damage for next Charge Attack. + 1 'Truth'.

Cephalon Suda

Obex: Lethal Channeled Ground Finishers cause enemy to explode dealing up to 1000 Blast Damage. + 1 'Entropy'.

Red Veil

We are replacing what we mentioned on stream, so this is to-be-determined!

Perrin Sequence

Flight Denier (Lanka): Killing air units turns their corpses into enemy-stunning-arc traps (behave exactly like Arc-Traps on enemies). + 1 'Sequence'.

New Loka

Disarming Blade (Panthera): Enemies hit by Panthera's alt fire have a chance to be disarmed. + 1 'Purity'.

General[edit | edit source]

  • We're introducing temporal anti-aliasing as a part of general graphics clean up.
  • Banshee Deluxe Skin to be released in April on PC.
  • More information was released concerning the Fusion Rework, which will include a system influenced by loot collection systems where the combination of treasure yields greater results.

References[edit | edit source]


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