Devstream #71 aired on March 18th, 2016, @2pm EDT

Devstream 71

Devstream 71

Welcome to our Devstream 71 Overview, where we take a look at our latest developer Livestream to cover those awesome details you may just have missed! Devstream 71 had a lot of exciting things to show, but two of the biggest announcements came in the form of some excellent in-game demonstrations: Mag's Ability rework and our upcoming audio FX improvements.

Although we're definitely going to give you the rundown here we highly recommend checking out the work in progress as it was shown live via our Youtube Channel. Our sound team's new audio features are really going to make a huge difference to Warframe's immersive action, and it's really exciting to see it all come together in real time.

Otherwise, if you're looking for just the facts here's what you need to know:[1]


+ PAX East

  • TennoCon will take place July 9 at London Convention Center in London, Ontario.
  • Those who are coming to visit should dress for warm weather, because Canada is not a frozen wasteland (all of the time).
  • Before TennoCon arrives you can find us at PAX East, where we have a panel set for April 22 at 1pm. IF you can`t make it to PAX you can catch all the action at

Excalibur UmbraEdit

We unfortunately don`t have any new information to share on Excalibur Umbra, but we know you guys are still clamoring for him! We`ll provide more details as to his arrival the moment we have more details on his release.

PS4 ThemeEdit

We have a new premium theme that will be available for PS4 Tenno! It looks incredible, and is being released for CERT for approval soon.

New Audio FeaturesEdit

Sound 2.0

  • Improvements are being made to the way audio FX are heard all throughout Warframe
  • Audio FX distance isn't simulated very well in game, and currently sound FX like weapon firing or footsteps sound the same no matter how far you away from the source.
  • This new update will have audio FX in the distance actually sound as though they`re further away, making Warframe will feel more realistic.
  • Doppler FX are already implemented in game, and these audio improvements will definitely improve echo audio in game.
  • These changes will only effect NPCs, weapons and other moving objects – not caches.

Archwing ImprovementsEdit

  • One area of feedback we've received is that larger enemies are more satisfying to hit, so we're implementing enemies that are going to be larger and more imposing to fight.
  • Other enemies will be scaled up to help make them both easier to hit and more enjoyable to fight against.
  • New Archwing gear, the healing-oriented Archwing, is on the way.
  • New weapons will also be added, including a 'hook gun' and a melee weapon.
  • We've also lower the requirements and 'grind' required to obtain an Archwing.

Updated Companion SystemEdit

  • Reviewing the new player experience we realized that Sentinels are incredibly useful, but there's no real tutorial that teaches players how to use them.
  • We're implementing a quest that will also introduce a new Sentinel for players to get to know.
  • The new Sentinel is more defensive in nature.

Focus ConvergenceEdit

We know there are still some changes that need to be made to Convergence, including some alteration to Convergence drops spawning in locations that are out of the way of Mission objectives. More improvements are on the way to help make Convergence a bit more reasonable for every Mission type.

New Melee Weapon TalkEdit

Conditional Weapons

We like the idea of introducing new weapon-specific buffs, and you'll start to see more weapons that have unique bonuses in combat in addition to their normal damage. There's definitely an interest in revisiting older weapons to give them an extra bit of pizazz, we just need the time to do it.

Mag ReworkEdit

Multiple changes are being made to Mag to help give her Abilities more synergy. A friendly reminder, these adjustments are definitely still a work in progress and are subject to further changes.

  • We were still very happy with Pull, but wanted to give it more synergy with Mag's other Abilities.
  • Mag's 2 is no longer Shield Polarize, and it acts like an improved version Bullet Attractor (temporarily called Magnetize).
  • Magnetize will make a spherical dot around a target, drawing in and damaging enemies while also drawing in weapon fire.
  • This power will linger after an enemy has been slain.
  • After it expires it will explode, dealing improved damage on top of what it`s been fed.
  • Pulling a Magnetized enemy will do bonus damage, in addition to giving a higher chance at getting an Energy drop.
  • Shield Polarize has been moved to 3, and now works on armored enemies, giving a permanent armor debuff.
    • Shield Polarize will also create shrapnel bits from armored enemies. These bits of shrapnel will be pulled into Magnetized points, increasing the amount of damage Magnetize will do.
  • Her current passive gives players a passive vacuum while bullet jumping, but it is still subject to change.
  • Crush hasn't seen an overhaul as of now, but we do feel it has more synergy with these new Ability reworks.

Dark Sector ReworkEdit

Dark Sector's redesign are still a work in progress, but we do have some details we would like to reiterate:

  • Dark Sector will be reduced to a single activity on the start chart.
  • We've increased the stakes while removing the PvP focus to help get everyone involved.
  • Solar Rails will still be a part of this new change.

General CleanupEdit

  • Adjustable weapon holster positions are still in the works, including a 'Play Animation' in the Arsenal will show what holster animations look like.
  • Remaining Warframes will be that have not received a PBR will get what they deserve... soon.
  • TennoGen round 2 should be live in early April.
  • Dex Sybaris will be this year`s anniversary weapon! PC players will get it first, however console Tenno will receive the weapon in their next update.
  • Oberon and Banshee`s Deluxe skin are on the way, but Oberon may release before Banshee does.


  1. Official Devstream 71 Overview

Join us this Friday, March 18th for Devstream #71!

Who: The usual crew is back on the couch!

What: We'll be talking about and demonstrating our WIP prototype for Mag's ability rework, as well as taking general Q&A! We have some cool new game sound features to listen to, so join us with your ears at the ready!

Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes during the Livestream!

Where: Find us at:

When: Join us this Friday, March 18th at 2 p.m. EDT! Time Zone Converter:

This thread closes at 10 a.m. on Friday, March 18th! Get your questions in!

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