Devstream #55 started on June 26, 2015, @ 2 PM EST

Warframe Devstream 55

Warframe Devstream 55


Starting with little sound problems and 5 minute mime-show, on the couch from left to right we had:

  • DE Sheldon ( Studio Manager )
  • DE Geoff ( Animation Director )
  • DE Rebecca ( Community Manager)
  • DE Steve ( Creative Director )
  • DE Scott ( Design Director )

And as a bonus a cameo from DE George ( Sound staff )


  • They are getting looked at, some will get 2-3 times more damage
  • For now, the idea is to make dmg fall-off to be capped at 50%
  • Changing the feel - make enemies split into parts on being shot, instead of just "holding my arm, now I'm dead"


  • Mod TT 20pxGreedy Pull dominates power usage, used 4 times more than any other power
  • Using cooldowns as a way to solve this received a "no-go" from DE Scott
  • Selfish Pull / Less-Greedy Pull (Not sure where does it come from)


  • Armour concept arts made into models (
  • Cosmetic only? Kubrow-arcane-stuff from raids? Who knows.
  • U17
  • 5th type of kubrow - retriever type, not a catbrow, but with feline parts
  • Catbrows are type of kubrows

Cloth PhysicsEdit

  • More cloth physics on frames *great idea
  • New frames has a ridiculous amount of physics
  • Also, PBR pass on frames will happen gradually, will bring material-hotness to all existing content
  • Capes + cloth physics are a thing

Grineer technological advancementEdit

Parkour 2.0

  • Pretty much everything is a surface for you to jump on, from, or to latch on, even enemies (
  • Hard to control at start, you have to turn off muscle memory
  • You can just hang around at walls and "feel ninja"
  • Less speed, but more control and fidelity
  • Double jump, you can reuse it any time you make a contact with jump surface, i.e. wall → double jump → wall → another double jump
  • Shiny frames, use channeling effect to indicate usage of parkour moves
  • Make yourself a bullet, close the distance to group of enemies and slash them
  • Bouncing/backflipping off enemies knocks them down, or outright kills lower-lvl ones
  • potentially moddable aspect of Warframe
  • Removing auto-pilot copter, giving players a way to go from A to B in a way that requires more involved playing
  • Reminder about removing of stamina, no word about Toxin-Chroma after patch rolls out
  • Air-dodge, new mechanics, increased survivability in air

J3-Golem TrialEdit

  • Massive infested quadrant of space (
  • When he moves, you have to fly inside his intestines (?), within limited space get to his belly and from there make him vulnerable, while outside team keeps him busy (
  • If you fail you get ejected
  • There will be introductory fragments of raid, showing you what to do before you confront him
  • No sound the first time we saw it, reason why George was crying ( *Notes: We wouldn't want to blame George because he is trying to be best as he could*

Guide of Lotus programEdit

  • Launched today officially
  • Purple text for guides
  • Recruitment open based on staff/existing guides suggestions
  • 10 per month, will require you to be a bit of an expert on Warframe

Star-map 3.0Edit

  • Looks like celestial atlas, mapped out by Tenno (
  • Uses mythology and lore of Tenno
  • Regions named after Tenno clans of yore, after which cores are named
  • New lore with star map fragments unlocks

Melee weaponsEdit

  • DEMios Mios in progress, probably 17.5
  • Nun-chucks *to be continued, but definitely coming

Frost reworkEdit

Warframe APPEdit

Other stuffEdit

Bonus :

  • Pistol Gambit to receive a hotfix

Platinum winners : Silverbolt122, Rizy99, Veradis619, Kergen696, Mastergamefreak2012 *congratulations.

And big thanks from Warframe Reddit and a guy who made his gifs: and Vertiago

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