Tennolive 2015 (Devstream #48) started on March 6, 2015 @ 8PM EST

Seated from LEFT to Right:

  • Community Manager | Rebecca!
  • Creative Director | Steve!
  • Design Director | Scott!
  • Creative Director | Geoff!
  • Studio Manager | Sheldon!

And the Livestream Crew!

Prize Winners!Edit

A mix of RAZER Mice and / or NVidia Graphics Cards! If your entry is marked as ONLINE, please send your mailing address to Warframe's Twitch Page and you will be sent your prizes!

  1. BladePhoenix for the Drawing Contest!
  3. TheBungieRanch for ONLINE!
  4. Unnamed "Tenno 3" for the Narta Contest!
  5. SpeedyToastKing for the Alphabet game!
  6. MZenox for ONLINE!

General AnnouncementsEdit

  • Starting 9PM EST: 3 day Orokin Catalyst Alert!
  • Update 15.16 coming to consoles soon!
    • Wyrmius!


  • A while back there was a contest for community melee weapons, to be put in the game, there's one that has not been introduced into the game yet, the DEMios Mios, by RedSkittlez.
  • We now have something to show for the Mios!
    • Still in its mesh stage, animation part to be completed soon!

New Dex weapon!Edit

  • Two handed, Dual Longsword type weapon!
  • Comes with a catalyst and slot pre-installed.
  • Get it for free during a week-long window in March 2015!

New Puncture Melee!Edit

  • More Puncture type melee weapons will be considered in the future, as Warframe lacks them at the moment.

Charge Attacks!Edit

  • Charge attacks - They may return.
    • New charge attacks are being prototyped.
    • Stance cards will be revisited, charges (Possibly more than one!) will be fitted into existing combos.
  • Once a system is committed to we'll see them come to the game.
  • Because of the Glaive, a charge attack slot exists in combos already!

New Prime Warframe!Edit

The Void Is Changing!Edit

  • The Void might be changed soon!
  • This is being done to prevent fatigue form only playing the void tileset and encourage more enjoyment of regular starchart nodes.
    • Before this, the lack f rewards discouraged people from playing star-chart nodes
  • The void will be changed so that keys can be used to obtain prime parts on normal star-chart nodes
  • New rewards might be added to the Void to be relevant.
  • Lore-wise, the void will be destroyed, but it can still be played in.

Update 16 Is Coming!Edit


  • Will have a PvP / Conclaveelement
  • PvP team is hard at work and cautious at adding new items.
    • Starts with starting weapons, and balancing is branched out from there
  • 3 maps planned!
  • New PvP gamemode, Cephalon Capture!
    • Warframe spin on capture the flag
  • Conclave master character, Teshin!
    • He offers an alternative perspective to the player / Lotus point of view.
    • He has a PvP specific syndicate, neutral to all current syndicates

8 Player Raids!Edit

  • 3 stages in every raid, 3 acts.
  • The Upcoming Raid called the Law of Retribution
  • A pushback for Eyes of Blight, its a plot for revenge against the Grineer.
  • Prizes will be Arcane that can be fused into cosmetics like Syandanas and Helmets.
  • Something active has to happen to trigger the enhancement.
  • Raids cannot be played solo. Requires at least 4 players.
    • Difficulty will be the same between 4 and 8 players.
  • Players have to figure out themselves what to do, without the constant guidance of the Lotus.


  • Mod TT 20pxSanctuary will be another Neutral syndicate, located in the upper level of the Relays.
  • Headed by Cephalon Simaris, who instructs Tenno to capture targets for Synthesis
    • He provides weekly goals and captures to complete.
    • When Synthesis is complete, lore will be unlocked.
  • Cephalon Simaris has a god-complex, he intends to create an afterlife for creatures that are synthesis
  • The new Dragon Frame has a quest tied to Sanctuary and Cephalon Simaris.

New Warframe!Edit

  • New warframe revealed, he is dragon themed, and called ChromaIcon272 Chroma!
  • Chroma will be an elemental frame, energy colour determines what his abilities do
    • Reds and oranges - Fire element
    • Blues - Electricity
    • Whites - cold
  • Chroma's colours morph what his powers do!
    • Abilities are similar, but change slightly depending on energy colour.
  • Lucky Dragon theme - Support buffer

Parkour 2.0 / Sentient Reveal Trailer, Tombs of the Sentient Update teased!Edit

Warframe - Tombs of the Sentient Trailer-0

Warframe - Tombs of the Sentient Trailer-0

Parkour 2.0 / Sentients Reveal


Would DE be willing to revisit tilesets if real life discoveries are made about locations?

  • Warframe used to have a single art set.
  • Tilesets assignments were done ad-hoc and randomly.
  • Improving how sensible the tilesets are is a target under the Year of Quality umbrella.

Archwing is still away from the rest of Warframes gameplay, how is archwing-regular gameply integration coming along?

  • Scale problems still need to be corrected
  • An early prototype for Archwing had a prototype transition between regular and Archwing gameplay
  • The reason J-3 Golems' rework is taking so long is because of the transitions needed to be done between Archwing and on-foot gameplay
  • Space scaled infested boss will involve fighting him both on the inside and outside
  • Archwing will need be polished for transitions between both types of gameplay

With Parkour 2.0, will wall-catapulting be removed?

  • Wallrunning is starting to be refined
  • Momentum of wallrunning is being improved
  • Devs are experimenting on new features to allow better control and decision-making while wallrunning
  • Catapulting is like coptering, it wasn't an intended feature but exists because of the physics of the game
  • Plans to raise quality game-wide

Credits Edit

Recap credits to AM-Bunny on Warframe Forums!


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