Devstream #46 started on February 6th, 2015, @ 2 PM EST


Warframe DevStream 46


On The Couch From LEFT to Right:

  • Studio Manager | Brady Bunch! Sheldon!
  • Animation Director | Mystery height Geoff!
  • Creative Director | Pushing people around Steve!
  • Statue | Facing the Camera Excalibur!
  • Horsey | Shy Butterscotch!
  • Community Manager | "Internet month is like 30 seconds" Rebecca!
  • Design Director | Third Eye Googly Scott!

And of course the awesome Livestream crew (Tom, Dean, Warren, Conner, Danielle, Arthur, Jake), Megan, and everyone at DE!

General Announcements[]

TennoLive in 4 weeks at PAX East! Got some cool secrets to show you! Tickets no longer available, invitations will be sent to applicants in about a week

PS4 update will come on Tuesday, XB1 update planned for Tuesday but may come later! The Next Warframe

Scott: We're allowed to? "DRAGON THEME"

  • Energy color determines element of attacks!
  • "Will players with more color palettes have more abilities?" Hopefully not! Should work with just the standard colors, might be a few bugs


And news on FushPishers? Archwing Underwater?[]

  • Level design team is working on the new tileset now!
  • "Polish pass" for Archwing coming as well. Changes to Archwing based on dual-medium-movement (space/water)

What specifics of J3-Golem fight will encourage players to fight him frequently?

  • Usual plan is to finish the work, then implement rewards
  • Sheldon: "Yes there is, not revealing it yet!"

Squealed in happiness when Hek was moved! Will Infested Alad get the same treatment?

  • It's been met with great reactions. Perhaps!
  • We hear player complaints about grind; it grinds on us as well!
  • Warframes in a quest really reduces RNG, might be the way forward for most frames.
  • Originally, Warframes came from bosses, but they were RNG, and now that boss ambition has grown immensely, we had to and still are looking for ways to make acquisition better
  • Early release pattern of bosses tied to planets. Then WFs outpaced bosses. Time to revisit all the systems in the game!
  • Anyone can go back and check this stuff. Thank DE_Ben for the Hek-to-planet change!

    Teaser of 8 Player Raid, showing 8 Warframes


  • MATCHMAKING: 1 host, 7 clients currently. Still working on MM
  • Potentially open lobbies, but also need teamwork (no Leeroy)
  • There will be puzzles AND bosses! Bosses with puzzles!
  • (Fluff) Forma looks like puzzle pieces? 8 player jigsaw puzzles?
  • More demand for thinking, coordination
  • We will not shy away from making these missions hard!
  • Very interesting reward structure! New rewards you've never seen before! Some folks might be familiar with them...
  • Focus system took another black eye; one more Focus idea put into a different concept!
  • This is the year of QUALITY, not QUANTITY. More interesting stuff to do, rather than more stuff to power up.
  • "Focus has become our Half-Life 3" -Reb

Where did Baro go?[]

  • UI Bugs, we're fixing them now, had to take him out to fix them!

Player concept enemies? Role in new content?

  • MANIC render and animations! Standing! Kicking! Lunging! Flailing! FACE-SLAPPING!
  • Sub-boss type enemy; stealth unit. Can drop on you, super fast
  • How will new enemies scale with high-level gear? If it's in a Raid, you will cry!

If the destroyed relay stations are rebuilt, will anything be new?

  • There's more stuff going into Relays! New areas! Different tiers of relays

For U16, new relay characters: NEW CEPHALON. Designates specific enemies for "collection;" like scanning and trapping.

  • New gear, codex (Dematerializer). New playstyles and tools to capture these units! "Building a Virtual reality Noah's Ark"
  • (Fluff) Capture target Chooluthu
  • Trapping leaderboards!
  • When the whole community finishes the mission, everyone gets new lore
  • New players will be able to do old and new missions
  • All Mastery Tests you've done (plus your upcoming one) in game can now be practiced in the Library!
  • Unique rewards: "a syndicate without enemies." Neutral entity

And the CONCLAVE MASTER (PvP Progression)

  • Neutral syndicate
  • We're working on PvP because we want to make it better. Progression is important, unique PvP
  • In order to balance multiplayer, only starter frames and MK1 weapons (plus all Braton variants) have been balanced and available to play.
  • Separate PvP loadouts will be available. Only mods balanced for PvP will be available for use
  • More frames/weapons/mods unlocked as balance implemented and updates roll out!
  • Dark Sectors in their current state will be removed in the future
  • Our small PvP team is working super hard on this! Give them props!

Parkour 2.0 changes? Climbing, takedown "like in other games?"

  • Not when we first launch it. Polish passes for animation smoothness and increased mobility options
  • We might need to adjust some tilesets


  • Factions: SUN (Team Rebecca) vs. MOON (Team Sheldon) Primetime vs. Devstream!
  • Capture the Flag: First to 5 captures wins
  • Clan logos will be seen in bases!
  • Icons above enemy player heads
  • Energy is a resource to be controlled on the map
  • HIGHLY WIP! Nothing is finished!
  • (Fluff) Rebecca Beast Mode!
  • Flow of battle: fight, build energy, use abilities! But you might not live long enough to use it!
  • Weapon/Frame XP can be earned in PVP!
  • First Bug: Oh no unauthorized frames!
  • NOT A FORCED MODE. PVP will be optional, no significant content locked behind
  • Warframe's mobility really adds a new dynamic
  • Proper death animations added
  • Abilities might work differently in PvP due to balancing, but should match general use
  • All weapon/frame/mod balances for PvP will be for PvP only; PvE effectiveness won't be affected
  • There will be specific PvP mods for PvP only
  • There will be a kill-feed of who killed who
  • No teleporting on map-fall; counts as death
  • (Fluff) Sheldon is cheating! Has Infinite Energy and Invincibility on! "Only K/D that matters is real life" -Rebecca
  • Hoping for U16 launch! No idea if it'll be one node, or fully deployed across system

PvP Loadout: Where the Archwing button used to be, there is no ARCHWING, COOP, PVP.

  • Mods appropriate for PvP will have a diamond on them. The UI will filter them for you when in PVP Loadout
  • You will have loadout setups you can switch between during PvP matches
  • If a particular loadout becomes OP we will balance it

U16 release date?[]

  • Soon TM! "Just around the corner!"

Prime mods? Cores farming? Drop adjustments?

  • Adjustments are coming, no more "just Survival"

Every Update has a unique feature that changes the game. U13 was Dark Sectors, U14 Ships, U15 Archwing. U16 is?

  • RAIDS and PVP. Two new game modes that will expand on the player experience
  • And the new Warframe too! "Feels very different"
  • "Remember when the Updates were about the frames, now it's just a feature of them!"

Flow particles? Tech improvements?

  • "Reverb!" -Steve
  • All these graphical updates! PBR! Lipsynch! Flow Particles!
  • Console framerate issues being worked on

Greatsword stance?

  • Coming soon!

Darvo's market?

  • Coming U16!

Syndicate standing halving: Daily Cap determined by Mastery Rank. Medallions & Syndicate missions no longer count towards this, however, so you can farm those.

  • The ratio of earning has been brought down for balance; don't want players to just press 4 and get Mastery
  • Early MR folks can earn a bit more now
  • We are talking about it, so changes may still come


  • Glen's still working on Strict NAT issues!
  • We're going to get around Strict NAT, "destroy University firewalls!"

Will Raids have a Mastery Requirement?

  • Yes!

Juicing or unjuicing of weapons?

  • No comment!
  • New animations in the works

Cover system?

  • No; we will improve movement and parkour
  • We tried cover way back when, it didn't work at all