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Devstream #4 aired on April 24, 2013 @ 2pm EST

The Art of Warframe: Livestream #4!

Join us as we sit down with Warframe's illustrious Art Director, Michael Brennan a.k.a Mynki!

When? Wednesday, April 24th @ 2PM EDT!

What? We will answer some burning community questions on just how Warframe gets its unique look, while learning about the process of creating the art of the Warframes. Also Joining us will be Animation Director, Geoff Crookes, to chime in on bringing the Warframes to life.

Get ready for never-before-seen art and insight from the Art Director himself!

Who? Michael Brennan a.k.a Mynki, Geoff Crookes, and Rebecca!

Where? Our Twitch Channel!

See you all there :D!

P.S: 3 $50 Platinum Prizes will be given to lucky viewers!

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