The developers at Digital Extremes have done another installment of their Livestream Developer Q&A.

The stream started on February 7, @ 2pm EST.


Credit goes to BuildMyPaperHeart on Reddit.


  • New Wiki redesign (working with the this Wiki!) "Phresh"
  • PS4 Update 12: Coming after three critical patches. Patches will begin deployment next week.
  • WARFRAME has passed Sony Certification in Japan, and will launch with the PS4 in that region!
  • Update 12 Happened, lots of cool stuff

Redistributed Void Drop Tables

  • They have been deployed!
  • Defense & Survival: 15 Minute rewards are actually 20 minute rewards; mistype from 4am deployment of U12. Live since yesterday

Snowglobe Nerf

Snow GlobeSnowGlobe130xDark.png Snow Globe was nerfed heavily, making players worried that other useful end-game frames (Nova, Vauban) will also be nerfed. Irrational fear? Follow up: a lot of powers have power/damage changes depending on armor/enemy stats, but others (Loki's Radial Disarm) are not. Balance issues?

  • Scott: I noticed a lot of times I played Frost, I got bored; I get brought on missions to hit 3. Is this the perfect solution? Maybe not, but we wanted him to be more dynamic, and we're taking your suggestions
  • Frost Power Utility: freezing and damage

HUD Customization

  • We are looking into more customization options for the HUD! Keep up the suggestions!
  • They've heard your feedback, they're working on it!
  • Give your support to Dorian and Pablo, the HUD gurus!

Melee 2.0

  • Aiming for end of February release
  • Programmers, Sound Design, other elements are overloaded
  • The new Grineer Hammer was given polearm animations as a placeholder, will be replaced


  • VIDEOS of "some crazy stuff," most of it leaked via Design Council. Three potential projects!
  • NOTE: Another summary was posted on the Design Council, check out the leak here!
  • REMINDER: These are just ideas, nothing finalized yet!


  • find a lens/paths/skill trees, basically, that affect Warframe/Weapon performance or skills.
  • "Find a Warrior Lens, excess XP goes to Warrior Points, then based on Mastery you can unlock points to use in the skill trees.
  • Will not be like mods" "Focus state: BEAST MODE?"
  • "Per player account, not just gear-focused! Upgrading YOU as a Tenno, not just your gear"
  • The economics of it aren't "awesome" right now, will be improved upon

Proxy War

  • Trying to make good on Battle Pay: side allegiances will be tracked with factions
  • Clans gain alliances with the factions
  • SECRET ORDERS: "Red Veil; a guild of assassins" - "The Oracles of Saturn; collecting information about the Warframe Universe"
  • Secret orders will give standing points and rise in the ranks of those organizations.
  • Interesting cosmetic items, exclusive mods as rewards for secret order missions
  • More of a sandbox game for newer players, rather than restrictive "progression" style
  • A "lore buffet" - "vor's prize"
  • If you are enemy #1 with the Corpus, or revered with the Red Veil, players can have a personality for their Tenno


  • Locations in Starchart that are ADDED to the game, unaccessible until a large clan (or alliance of small clans) can cooperate to build a SOLAR RAIL
  • Once a clan builds a Solar Rail in that location, everyone can take the Solar Rail to this new location! However, there is a tax!
  • Clan/Alliance can control the mission tax/toll. Toll road
  • Badlands will have better mod drop rates, higher resource concentrations, perhaps rarer enemy types
  • Another Clan/Alliance can oppose the current Solar Rail by building their own and "Challenging" it. Territory conflict
  • Battle Pay-like system where users will fight for the side they support! Similar to ===Invasions===
  • Doesn't seem to be PVP, no indications of Player vs Player. More likely PVE with clan impact
  • Special bonuses on clan help/membership; reduced or removed toll
  • The Badlands will have NO EXCLUSIVE ITEMS

Corpus On Starchart

  • Harvester is a primary cause: "Attack on Tenno"
  • We can't tell exactly what we're doing... but play Darvo's mission and you might find out! "Project Tethra?"
  • "We are very aware of it, we have heard the Grineer are maybe doing something..." -Scott

Concept Art For Inspiration?

  • Yup! Zephyr concept was very inspiring for us!
  • Dive Bomb is getting looked at; we know there's an issue. Damage may be going through the floor of the mission

Utility and process of node-to-node progression?

  • "I can't believe you're showing this today" -Sheldon
  • VIDEO of the VESPER RELAY: Screenshot gallery
  • Stations in each planet (in this case, Venus). Different stations for each planet!
  • "The beginning of the Death of the StarChart" -Steve. We're taking the UI and putting it into the game. "Stations" to connect missions. A new large-scale lobby, like Phantasy Star hubs/Citadel in Mass Effect where all players can hang out and chat before going into missions
  • No more kneeling on weird circle things, but in a real place to dock your ship and travel between areas!
  • Emotes will be implemented here primarily
  • In-game Market as well! The game currently has no sense of "presence." Want to make the game more immersive
  • Simple UIs for quick travel and basic functions, but a place to hang out and have a character
  • Wall-mounted Alert system
  • Trading stations in-station as well!

Brakk, Event Exclusive Or?

  • The "Disney Vault" of Warframe, many items will return in the future
  • Founders' Exclusives will remain exclusive, and will not ever be available again: Excal, Lato, Skana Primes
  • Brakk codename: "Little Mermaid"

PS4 Performance

  • You can expect at least double framerate or more in the Void (we'll also fix this for PC as well)

Thoughts For Warframe Abilities/Mods?

  • No release date yet, but 2014 has brought code support for abilities that work for any Warframe
  • Players can start to customize their Warframes further
  • Idle packs to be used on all frames: Rhino in the Ember pose, "let's embrace it" -Geoff. "Sexy Rhino" -Steve
  • Embrace the customization


  • Ember Codex entry
  • Darvo's new mission
  • Hyenas are going to be in the Codex soon, sorry about that!

Serration Retirement!?

  • No, we're not retiring Serration, but we do want to increase damage diversity
  • Circumstantial Damage buffs? Ex. Damage+ on headshots, Damage+ on unaware enemies, etc.

Next Primed Warframe

  • 90% Chance with it being Rhino or Loki!
  • Will launch with Melee 2.0, end of February

Warframe Merch Store Coming Soon!

  • OH MY GOD!
  • "Squeaky clean and oh so sexy"
  • Gangster Lotus

New Art and Tilesets

  • VIDEO of the Shipyard set, very dark
  • Tenno Katana/Wakazashi (Lotus symbol at the bottom of the guard)
  • Lever-Action rifle/dual pistol concepts! Cool Terminator style reloads! May come next week
  • Corpus Freeze Ray Gun
  • Grineer Acid Rifle concept
  • Primary Tenno Crossbow
  • Grineer Death Squad drops new weapons?
  • Melee Contest stuff is coming as well!

More Mini-event like Oxium thing?

  • Yup. Yep. Yes.
  • Tied into the Proxy War system or Planetary Stations
  • The Darvo Alert had some cool concepts as well

Darvo Alert, replayability?

  • They agree with us, we want to find a way to put them back in!
  • Codex entries for replay options?
  • We will figure it out!


  • Banshee tweaks, "Silence" and Stealth
  • Once Stealth features are implemented, Silence will become OP, so we're working on finding a balance -Scott

Parkour 2.0

Councilor Vay Hek

  • Still getting rigged
  • Don't have a release date, complexity is much higher than anticipated
  • More complex boss fights coming in the future


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