The developers at Digital Extreme have done another installment of their Livestream Developer Q&A ([1]).

The stream started on November 15, @ 2pm EST (7pm GMT)
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Developer Livestream 18 - Update 11, PS4 Launch, and more!

Developer Livestream 18 - Update 11, PS4 Launch, and more!


  • Codex system development has progressed well. It will enable players to pull out a scanner and scan enemies before they kill them. The higher the exp gain from the enemy, the less scans are required to gain complete information about them.
  • Grapple Hook will be regarded as one of the abilities instead of parkour tool. It is said that it'll grapple target, and then slice it into two by pulling it. This was realized in ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr's RipLine130xDark Rip Line.
  • Armour/Damage 2.0 will also affect the way enemies deal damage.  This includes Grineer Sawmen (now Butcher) dealing Slash damage.
  • All enemies will be visually different.  Melee units such as Corpus melee and Grineer melee units will also be given different animations.
  • Completion of the Star Chart will now give Mastery, along with other means of attaining mastery being implemented.  "Players that do not like using Shotguns will no longer have to rely on shotguns for mastery if they don't want" - DE
  • Titan Extractor are being worked on (and is now released). They can be set up on a planet that you are not on, or when you are offline, and it will farm resources from that planet.  When it is full, you can claim the resources it has mined, or risk it getting destroyed by the enemies on that planet.
  • Derelict Dragon Keys are now going to give a greater warning that you have it equipped.  This is so you do not enter a normal mission with a dragon key equipped with any negative effects.
  • Vor's Prize is still being worked on.
  • Syandanas are going to receive better physics, along with warframe mesh cloth physics at a later date.
  • Trading system will enable players to exchange mods and keys. The higher the mastery rank the more trades per day are possible. (Sheldon stated a 1:1 ratio) Blueprints and parts are now unable to be traded.
  • Two new Warframes will be available with the addition of Update 11: ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr and Ember Prime. New art for both was shown.
  • There will be an event with the launch of Update 11] revolving around some lore and, The Hunt For Alad V.

Other InformationEdit

  • Rebecca accidentally leaked info about Jupiter, hinting that the gas planet tileset will become the tileset of Jupiter, along with Alad V as the boss. Unknown where Volt will be moved to however if this is true, but the other DEVs pretty much confirmed it by telling her she was "giving away spoilers".  (It could be that a separate node path will lead to the second jupiter boss, Alad V, with all of those second path nodes having the new tileset.  This is pure speculation).


  • Berserker Warframe Art
  • Berserker Warframe 4 ability Animation (a flurry of hits)
  • Grineer Factory Concept
  • Gas city concept #1
  • Gas city concept #2
  • Fomorian concept art
  • Resource Drone
  • Ship yard concept art
  • Scanner UI
  • Whip Animations (standard attack)
  • Whip stealth attack on a Charger
  • Main codex screen, as of now
  • New Lotus portrait
  • Warframe Codex - Look at Berserker name, it's Valkyr
  • Sniper scope (Vulkar)
  • Ember Prime
Warframe - Developer Livestream 18 - In A Nutshell

Warframe - Developer Livestream 18 - In A Nutshell


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