The developers at Digital Extreme have done another installment of their Livestream Developer Q&A ([1]).

The stream started on November 1st @ 2 PM EDT (6 PM GMT)
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Livestream 17 - Dev Q&A

Livestream 17 - Dev Q&A


  • @00.17.30 PS4 Accounts
    • PC accounts will get a one time migration to PS4
      • gear/weapons/warframes/etc will be copied over to the new PS4 account
      • Platinum and Dojos will not be transferred
      • Will only be available when the builds align
    • PC and PS4 accounts can play together when the builds align
  • @00.21.00 Experimental mods will be heavily nerfed and monitored until official release
  • @00.22.00 Primed Chamber will be released at a later time
  • @00.25.00 Warframe in the future
    • Working on new Audio for the upcoming trailer
    • Whip weapon - Corpus and Infested
    • New enemy type (looks similar to Alad V's pet)
    • Grineer Forest tileset
    • Grineer polearm - work in progress
    • Corpus "flak cannon" - charged shotgun (more accurate as charged)
  • @00.30.00 Dev team talks about their take on the previous event
  • @00.39.00 Ruk is going to get an update
    • Looks like he has an Ignis type weapon now
    • Should be out next update
  • @00.40.30 Invasion will be returning possibly as random alerts
  • @00.41.00 Talking about the Inbox
  • @00.42.00 Corpus event weapons probably won't be released soon, but might be in the future?
  • @00.42.40 Damage armor model
    • goal is to fix rainbow builds by making elemental combinations and have strengths/weaknesses of each build
  • @00.45.00 Pull will be balanced
  • @00.46.00 Day of the Dead skins will be fixed soon
  • @00.47.00 Trading is on the Dev server and is working
    • Trading is a Dojo building - "Trading Kiosk"
    • Mod cards, Keys, Parts/components can be traded
    • Rarity for Rarity trading
  • @00.49.30 Scarf physics are going to be updated eventually
  • @00.52.00 Codex functionality
    • Right now its a gear item that you can scan things with
  • @00.56.00 New Player experience
    • New additions to the tutorial
      • Covers first mod, wall running, etc.
    • Segregation of new players from the older players
    • Usage of the inbox system - Lotus tips, equipment, and weapons when the player finishes Mercury
    • Easier transition from Mercury to the other planets
  • @01.00.00 Independent humans do exist - It's who the Tenno are supposed to be protecting
  • @01.04.00 Grineer Concept art


  • "Whip" weapon WIP featured on Livestream #17
  • Trading Post concept featured on Livestream #17
  • Flak Cannon concept art featured on livestream #17
  • Corpus Figures Bidding On A Mag Warframe
  • Mag Captured By Alad V
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