The developers at Digital Extreme have done another installment of their Livestream Developer Q&A ([1]).

The stream started on October 18th at 2:00pm EST
On Twitch
5min Highlight


  • There will be a Codex systems which demonstrates the enemies of each factions. The first enemy to be shown in the Codex is the Fusion MOA.
    • The Codex is filled via a new item called "Data Samples". Shoot a "Data Sample" at an enemy, and you will eventually reveal the Mod drops, level range, their rarity, and other information! Once you get the maximum number of scans on a given enemy type, you get a Critical Bonus.
      • If you find and scan Stalker enough, you will unlock the lore of the Stalker!
    • Mission Type Mainframes! "Data Samples" can be shot at mission objectives as well, for Mission-specific drop tables!
    • Plays into the "hacking" or "reverse engineering" themes of the game.
  • Charges will have their own combo to combine with normal combos for dynamic melee system. Some of the animations will also be reworked.
  • DE claims to want to try implementing trading system: "Trading will be tied to the clan's dojo, and must require a kiosk or item of some type to use. Eventually, anyone can be invited to dojo to trade.
    • Trading is locked at Mastery 3 and above for the time being.
    • Trading is like-for-like: you must trade amounts equal to the rarity of the mods being traded (Rare-for-rare)
    • Darvo will be the notary of the trade, plus a little of his tax for the trading prices.
  • Valkyr will be the next warframe.
  • The reputation system will be rolling out soon, the team claims to never will release kicking system since it can be griefed itself.
    • There will be synergy bonuses to similarly rated Tenno.
  • Halloween skins will be released a bit before Halloween.
  • Another tutorial is in the work.
  • One of the new missions will be possibly faction assisting, which is a mission where you team up with either Corpus or Grineer and work against the opposing faction. mission node faction changes were hinted at, as well as rewards for particularly faithful assistants of either side.
  • Steve claimed that there will be no new galaxy system. This was done in a sarcastic manner that would indicate otherwise. Similarly, hints were dropped about the entities that destroyed the Orokin.
  • The grappling hook is once again denied by the team, seeing as how Tenno is already atlethic enough to reach a lot of places.


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